Shine Bright: Blockchain to Track Diamonds, Crypto to Affect Politics (Daily Digest, Oct 30)

US voters equate crypto with fiat, Alrosa joins blockchain, Bitstamp is acquired by NXMH, Coincheck has a great revenue decline, Phil Chen presents HTC Exodus 1, StarkWare receives huge investment

  • StarkWare Industries got 30M investment not from ICO, but from huge investors. StarWare develops zk-stark solutions for blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Zero-knowledge proofs are believed by some to be a key primitive for blockchain scalability and privacy. Zk-starks, unlike zk-snarks, have no need for a trusted setup and do not rely on elliptic curves, which means that they have a much better chance against attackers with quantum computers, should those come around in the nearest future. However, zk-starks come with a big downside the size of proofs which can go up to as high as a few hundred kilobytes. Sometimes the cost will not be worth it, but at other times, particularly in the context of public blockchain applications where the need for trust minimization is high, it may well be.
  • BTC is trading at the price of $6,309, ETH slightly drops to $196.11 at the moment of writing.
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