South Korea to Test Run Blockchain for Online Voting

South Korea to Test Run Blockchain for Online Voting

The country’s Ministry of Science and information and communication technology (ICT), together with the National Election Commission (NEC) will try to integrate blockchain with voting

The system will first be tried in surveys conducted by Blockchain Society and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA). It is set to happen in December.

The NEC will decide if the system can be used for online voting following the test run.

Blockchain Voting System

With the country’s newest voting proposal, local voters can vote through their mobile phones or through a computer. The data will be saved on a distributed network. Results can then be viewed in real-time.

Blockchain technology will be used in authenticating voter identities and for storing results data. The South Korean government says this will amplify the voting system’s transparency and security.

The NEC has further plans to boost the system by adding advance technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data.

Territories that Plan to Use Blockchain for Voting

US State of West Virginia revealed a blockchain voting app last September for their mid-term elections.

Tsukuba, a city in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, introduced a blockchain-based, online voting system to avoid data falsification.

The government of Catalonia is prospecting blockchain for online voting. The system is planned to be introduced in 2020.

South Korea’s Blockchain Ambition

In August, the government publicized its ‘growth through innovation’ economic strategy for 2019 where over $880 million was allocated for the development of blockchain and other innovative technologies.

In September, the country launched a Blockchain Development Course to train the first batch of future blockchain specialists.

In October, Kakao Corporation’s blockchain platform, Klaytn, entered testnet phase. Kakao Corporation owns the country’s popular mobile messaging app KakaoTalk.

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