Stop Saying ‘Crypto’ When You Mean ‘Bitcoin’

Today’s hot threads: TRX will be listed soon, explanations about crypto, Apple in the mobile crypto war. Choose one and join the discussion, or make your own

  • @justinsuntron: #TRX will be listed on @exchange_cross, you can deposit $TRX at 12:00, Feb, 27, 2019(SGT), trade TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT at 12:00, Feb 28, 2019(SGT)’
  • @nwoodfine: ‘The “closed-minded” were right about:
    - utility tokens being an absolute failure with no real usage or adoption
    - Ethereum being a centralised insecure dumpsters fire
    - classic, unlimited & s2x being futile attacks on bitcoin led by bad actors
    - ICOs making zero economic sense!’
  • @RampCapitalLLC: ‘The single best explanation of crypto I’ve heard’
  • @iamjosephyoung: ‘Apple has a lot of work to do now. Some next level stuff by Samsung including crypto private key storage.’

Replying to @iamjosephyoung @RobertBagley

Yes ! come on@tim_cook is apple coming out with a crypto wallet or do I have to by a Samsung ? I sure hope you do as my family loves apple

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