Tech, Week 18 ’18

Minor and major recent milestones in Top-50 coins and tokens, except for meetups and hackatons.

New Circle Crypto Payment app adds Monero

The new listing brings the total number of tradable coins on the platform up to seven. Fellow privacy coin, Zcash (ZEC), was added last week.

Neurotoken (NTK) secures listing on HitBTC exchange

Neuromation, recently featured in Wired magazine, is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform which develops solutions for the AI sector.

The NTK will be listed with three trading paris: NTK/ETH, NTK/BTC, and NTK/USD.

Vertbase is about to be released

The Vertbase team is working on finishing the bank integration into the platform and finalize their testing and QA. Expecting to start onboarding their first US-based users on June 1st.

OriginTrail development update: v0.7a Zond released on May 7th

The OriginTrail devteam brings latest code release, dubbed Zond, version 0.7a of the alpha stage of the OriginTrail Decentralized network (ODN). They are 3 releases away from the launch of the test net and are quickly approaching a fully functional test network.

Ethereum transacting $166 Million per hour, 53% to Smart Contract Dapps

Ethereum is processing $166 million worth of transactions every single hour, translating to some $4 billion a day, according to Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata. Douglass further said 53.5% of all those transactions during the past 7 days, thus around $2 billion per day, are to smart contracts, up from 39.4% in the last six months.

Fantom ICO High Performance Blockchain Preview

Fantom aims to be the first platform to disrupt the existing payments and supply-chain management paradigm. The Fantom ICO offers a DAG-based blockchain protocol for higher speed and infinite scalability. The proposed transactions per second (TPS) on Fantom is 300k TPS.

Ripple Net can communicate directly with SAP & Oracle ERP systems using xVia Cardano’s blockchain to be used in Ethiopia’s Agritech Industry

Cardano is planning to help the Ethiopian economy and its workforce by ‘training blockchain developers’. GDP of Ethiopia has been rising steadily and recorded an all-time high of $72.37 billion in 2016. Based on several reports, the developing country has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Radar Relay opens for Chinese and Korean markets

Radar is dedicated to removing barriers and providing access to as many people as they can. A large part of that process comes in the form of localizing their products and content.

They are excited to announce that Radar Relay is already translated into Korean and Chinese.

Interoperability: sidechain POA network to bridge to Ethereum Mainnet

Last week POA announced the launch date for its cross-blockchain bridge to be on May 10 – They say this bridge a step toward what it calls the ‘Internet of Blockchains.’

Binance adds Ripple (XRP) / Tether (USDT) pairing trade

Binance 3 trading pairs for Ripple (XRP); XRP/Bitcoin (BTC), XRP/Ethereum (ETH) and now XRP/Tether (USDT). The fee for trading will be 0.1% of the total transaction. There will be no fees applied for depositing money. The minimum withdrawal for XRP is 22 XRP and the transaction fee is staked at 0.25 XRP.

Monero: official ledger support with GUI ‘dropping soon

Riccardo Spagni, one of Monero’s core team members, says the final firmware update for XMR support is ‘dropping soon.’ The final release will include GUI support for the Ledger Nano S.

TRON has completed TRX airdrop to the Ethereum (ETH) community

TRON Foundation decided to make a 30 million TRX airdrop for the benefit of the Ethereum community. Tron provided this for the Ethereum accounts who have kept their profiles active since 1st January 2018 with a balance of more than 1 ETH in their accounts. Meanwhile, TRON mainnet is launching on 31st May.

Bitcoin-ABC incident report

On April 26 Bitcoin-ABC developers were notified by an anonymous individual of the vulnerability of Bitcoin-ABC 0.17.0.

Verge (XVG) presented the new wallet UI

Verge (XVG) delivered performance, falling in accordance with recent promises made by its Founder, Justin Vendetta. From Verge, it’s just one announcement after the other.

Zebpay announces the launch of 0x (ZRX)

Zebpay adds 0x (ZRX). ZRX wallet is now open. Starting 8th May 2018, 1:00 PM IST, clients will be able to buy, sell and trade 0x (ZRX) from their Zebpay account. Zebpay recommends you to move your ZRX to your Zebpay wallet as soon as possible to avoid facing delays in transferring ZRX after trading starts.

Bitmain’s newest ASIC can mine Bitcoin Gold, Zcash

On Thursday, May 3, Bitmain announced its new Antminer Z9 Mini, an ASIC able to mine any cryptocurrency running the Equihash algorithm. This includes Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Komodo, ZClassic, ZenCash, Hush, and a few others cryptos.

The Antminer Z9 Mini runs at a costly $1999, (while other hardware typically goes for anywhere between $ 500 and $ 700). The closest is comes is the Ethereum-mining E3 ($2150).

IOTA (MIOTA) is ready to be supported on ledger hardware wallet & Porsche partnership

At the moment, the official IOTA wallet is one of the options to store MIOTA. But users are experiencing some problems when they use it, including issues when sending, receiving or broadcasting transactions.


3,941 USD


134.06 USD


0.2988 USD


1.01 USD


0.2875 USD


0.006621 USD


0.05636 USD

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