The BTC Maximalism

This week the Redditors are discussing cryptokitties phenomenon, exploring BCH mining decentralization scheme and trying to understand if the current financial system is going to the end… or not. These and other hot threads from the last week till today — in our Reddit-digest

If only bitcoin had direct control over its hashrate..

CryptoKitties and the blockchain, explained.
u/MemoryDealers: Small blockers claim Moore's law is dead while in reality things keep on improving: 1TB microSD cards are now on sale.

u/SweetSweetCrypto:  The current Financial System is coming to an end - Patrick Byrne

u/daniilgor: Libertarians can, and should, reject Bitcoin maximalism

Bitcoin on Twitter: ‘[...] BTC is no longer an electronic cash system, and if it continues moving in the direction of LN, will stop being peer to peer as well.’

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