The Death of Debt-based Money

Whether to join the total sale of bitcoins in January or not, record your own crypto podcast or speculate about the rates jumps – this is what reddittors are discussing this week.

  1. Tobacconists in France authorized to sell Bitcoin in January 2019
  2. BCH boys at 46:32: ‘Whatever happens in November I will follow the longest chain’
  3. Mike Novogratz: A $136 million loss is negligible compared to projected crypto returns in 2019
  4. BSV's ONLY reason for existing is ‘protocol set in stone’. If BSV ever updates the protocol for *any* reason, will any BSV supporters admit that BSV got it wrong?

Just who would be those Tobacconist's customers? Not advised to invest on these permabearish markets.

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Mysterious Reddit Post Reveals That Not All Is Well at Dash

In a mysterious reddit post, a user with the handle u/dashlabs has claimed that Dash Labs is closing down following months of inactivity and development on the Dash blockchain. This ends the two year relationship with Dash ecosystem for the technical team in Dash Labs. Unconfirmed: “Dash Labs is Closed and All Employees Have Been Laid Off” Per the post, Dash Labs, a core development on the Dash platform (together with Dash Core), has closed down its offices and laid off their staff. The organization has been slowly dying out in the past few months and it was finally time to shut its doors. The post read, “I was perfectly happy to just let this thing die off slowly but someone seems to have found my main account, and even asked me about the company on other forms of social media – since I don’t want this to follow me forever Dash Labs is closed and all employees have been laid off.” The post further requested the community to offer the team members space from the Dash, Dash Labs, and Evan Duffield, the founder of Dash. “I’d appreciate it if anyone who has found our actual identities keeps it to themselves, as we do not wish to be further involved with Dash, Dash Labs or Evan,” the post reads. “What Evan does with Dash Labs now is up to him as we have no further contact.” The identity of the redditor who posted has not been revealed. Also, the news has not been publicly confirmed by Dash, the parent company of Dash Labs. In August 2017, months before the mega bull run, Evan Duffield announced Dash Labs’ first employee, a software engineer, to run the organizational aspect of their businesses. Back then, he had also announced that Dash Labs and Dash Core are planning to set up an office in Hong Kong. More on Dash Ecosystem In October, Dash came under fire for its alleged non-compliance with FATF’s travel rule causing a number of exchanges including OKEx, and Coincheck to consider delisting the privacy coin from their platforms. Since hitting a yearly high of $185 USD in June, the privacy based coin, has slipped more than 60% to a current price of $70.12 USD, as at time of writing. The slip cannot be solely attributed to Dash Labs stopping its technical developments as the market in general slipped in lieu with Bitcoin’s price reversal below the $9,000 level. The post Mysterious Reddit Post Reveals That Not All Is Well at Dash appeared first on Coingape.

Live Brainstorm on Reddit

We are currently printing Issue 21 and for one issue we’ll be changing gears and brainstorming a Reddit-themed issue live on Reddit. The issue will have stories that introduce reddit to those who aren’t familiar with the site, talk about the Bitcoin subreddit’s influence on Bitcoin, and much more. We’ve gotten a great response from our writing team and redditors already. The ideas popping up are already being worked on because they are just that good. Head over to the live brainstorm, jump in on the discussion, and vote for ideas you like. You might win a prize. The post Live Brainstorm on Reddit appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.
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