The Death of Debt-based Money

Whether to join the total sale of bitcoins in January or not, record your own crypto podcast or speculate about the rates jumps – this is what reddittors are discussing this week.

  1. Tobacconists in France authorized to sell Bitcoin in January 2019
  2. BCH boys at 46:32: ‘Whatever happens in November I will follow the longest chain’
  3. Mike Novogratz: A $136 million loss is negligible compared to projected crypto returns in 2019
  4. BSV's ONLY reason for existing is ‘protocol set in stone’. If BSV ever updates the protocol for *any* reason, will any BSV supporters admit that BSV got it wrong?

Just who would be those Tobacconist's customers? Not advised to invest on these permabearish markets.

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Reddit’s Bitcoin Community Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

While Bitcoin’s price has been on a continuous downward slope since November, the cryptocurrency’s official subreddit, ‘r/Bitcoin’, has achieved one of the biggest milestones on Reddit, reaching 1 million subscribers on December 2, 2018. Bitcoin’s Subreddit Reaches an Important Milestone Despite the raging bear market that has been shaking the crypto industry since early November 2018, there are certain aspects...Read More. The post by Priyeshu Garg appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
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Bitcoin On Reddit Sees /r/Bitcoin Reach 1 Million Subscribers In New Milestone

The Bitcoin subreddit /r/Bitcoin reached a new milestone after surpassing 1 million subscribers on December 2nd. The information was released in a Reddit post by the moderator ibelite. The /r/Bitcoin community was founded back in September 2010, two years after the release of the popular Bitcoin white paper. Although Bitcoin has lost around 80% of its value, the community continues to grow and show a big support for the development of the most popular virtual currency. The subreddit explains that it is fully dedicated to Bitcoin and its community. They provide a brief explanation of how Bitcoin works: “Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics.” Although the /r/Bitcoin subreddit was able to achieve this important milestone, there were some issues that marked /r/bitcoin’s history. Another subreddit called /r/btc was created in order to support new discussions related to block size increase. There were some individuals complaining that /r/Bitcoin moderators were censoring some topics related to the debate about scalability. The /r/Bitcoin moderator theymos informed that all the post related to the block size debate will be deleted if they do not provide new ideas about the subject. One of the dissenting redditors asked how is it possible to build and discuss the issue if the topic is banned. Additionally, Roger Ver, a supporter of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork and bigger blocks, mentioned that /r/Bitcoin is completely censored. Although /r/btc has fewer subscribers, they have also experienced an important growth over the last year. At the time of writing, the /r/btc subreddit has around 231k subscribers. The discussion about block size and how to scale the Bitcoin network continues in the market. Bitcoin Cash has also experienced a hard fork a few weeks ago. Bitcoin SV split from the Bitcoin Cash network with the intention to become the ‘real Bitcoin’ promoted by Satoshi Nakamoto.
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