The Existing Reality

This week the Redditors are discussing Bitmain’s development and the reasons for adoption BCH for everyday payments, asking a rhetorical question among with Paul Sztorc… And other hot threads are on our weekly Reddit-digest

Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining, delivering breakthrough energy efficiency

I though you guys where bankrupt after Jihan went berserk and ate all of upper management while mumbling "must kill all bitcoin".

I read this on crypto twitter so it must be true.

  • u/money78: ‘5 Reasons Why I Plan to Adopt Bitcoin Cash for Everyday Payments [and You Should Too]’
  • Paul Sztorc: ‘Will people really spend $70-$700 to open/modify a lightning channel when there's an Altcoin down the street which will process a (USD-denominated) payment for $0.05 ? Many people seem to think yes but honestly I just don't get it’

The reason these people think this way is because they are convinced BTC is going to $1M and everything else is going to zero, and when BTC goes to $1M then fees will naturally rise a few orders of magnitude. The reason they think this is good is because they plan to convert their BTC to lambo on the way up to $1M so the fact that it's going to be unusable onchain isn't really their problem.

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