The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

This week Twitter users have a lot of topic for discussion: Tom Lee states to Central Bankers, BTC needs support, Coinbase and Bitcoin adoption — all this in this digest

  • @fundstrat: ‘Tom Lee to Central Bankers: Do You Like SWIFT Because It’s Backwards-Compatible With the Abacus?’
  • @WallStrWhales:

Most of you will probably know how money is created but for those who don't, or want to refresh their memory, this video explains it nicely. This evil repeating cycle is the foundation for our support in BTC. Make sure you understand and never forget!

  • @Xentagz: ‘Brazil Gives Investment Funds Green Light to [Indirectly] Buy Bitcoin’
  • @MrHodl: ‘Coinbase is literally doing everything they can to suppress Bitcoin's adoption.’
  • Parity added the first shasper code to its developer platform. @gavofyork: ‘Yup, we've started building Shasper on Substrate.’
  • Gavin Andresen says that the main problem with POS is the problem of honest initial distribution of tokens:

I think the biggest downside of PoS is how to distribute the tokens fairly (or, equivalently, who are the initial stakers?

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin developer


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