The idea of crypto has gone mainstream

The idea of crypto has gone mainstream

Twitter does not have any space for empty conversations. The most important topics only, you need just to choose which one to support!

The paradox of #smartcontracts: their most important characteristics (impersonal, rigid, self-enforcing, immutable) are in stark contrast  with the expectations of flexibility, adaptability, upgrade-ability of the hyper-innovative #blockchain environment they must exist in.

  • @_Kevin_Pham is indignant: Congressman Bob Goodlatte has disclosed in his annual report that he holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • @CaitlinLong_ 9h9: ‘Fractional-reserve #bitcoin suppresses #BTC's price. It offsets BTC's real-world scarcity by creating unbacked claims to BTC (ie, more paper claims to BTC than there are real BTC), causing BTC's price to drop, all else equal. We have entered the era of fractional-reserve bitcoin.’

How does VISA processing time compare to Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin does 3.3 transactions per second while VISA does 3,526. So, VISA is over 1,000 times faster. So much for Bitcoin as the 'future' of money.

  • Yesterday @elonmusk published a very strange tweet. And it was not a joke. The billionaire is actually going to buy Tesla from the stock exchange if the company's shares rise in price to $ 420. And all in order not to distract employees from the work process due to jumping stock prices. As a result, yesterday the company's quotes jumped from $ 340 to $ 380 — by 11%. Crypto enthusiasts did not stay away and immediately began to parody the tweet.

Crypto enthusiasts parody the tweet published by @elonmusk

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