The Perfect Time to 'Be Greedy' and Invest (Investment and Partnership Digest, Dec 20 — 26)

Traditional Investors shift to OTC Bitcoin markets, Pantera Capital raises $115M, Peter Thiel backs a $2.1M seed round for Layer1, Medici Ventures acquires shares of Chainstone Labs, Vostok Project secures $120M, Ubique Networks partners with SLT, INCX launches in partnership with Bittrex, Issuance partners with Prime Trust, Coinbase and TokenSoft partner up, TRON Arcade to work with Gumi Cryptos

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Adam Draper, Crypto Mainstay, Discusses How Coinbase Will Impact the Bitcoin Ecosystem

The mainstream implementation of the crypto industry has been constantly brought up in the news over the last few years. The goal of the proponents of the market appears to be the assurance that the digital assets will find their place in the economy, while explaining the origins of the crypto space’s foundation. This subject […]
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Bitcoin [BTC] proponent Adam Draper talks about Coinbase investment and its impacts on the cryptocurrency market

The proponents of the cryptocurrency market have been in the news multiple times to assure users that digital assets will be integrated into the workings of daily life as well as explain the origins of what is considered as a foundation in the cryptocurrency space right now. This was the point in focus during the discussion between Anthony Pompliano, the Founder of the Morgan Creek Digital Capital and Adam Draper, the Managing Director of BoostVC and one of the first investors in Coinbase. Adam Draper was of the opinion that most cryptocurrency start-ups have no idea who the end customer is and that affects the scale at which companies can grow. He further added that the breakdown in details can show companies how far they have come and then stake the claim for mass adoption. He added: “When I first started investing and building companies, I realized that the Securities and Exchange Commission only care about regulations if we make money off a service. That is why I made a platform that would match Venture Capitalists with entrepreneurs.“ Pomp also questioned Draper on his experience in the world of cryptocurrencies before his investment in Coinbase and after his venture into the Brian Armstrong led company. Draper stated: “ I will be very honest with you, before Coinbase happened I had no experience in crypto at all. What happened was I got sent a list of companies for investments and out of that one said ‘marketplace of digital currencies’ and I had no idea what that was. After this I wrote a mail to Brian sounding better than I was.” During the discussion, Draper talked about the reason why he invested in Coinbase, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of users. The BoostVC founder stated that Brian Armstrong’s comment that “at some point, the entire world is going to run on a single infrastructure” was mind-boggling and intriguing. He further stated: “Brian told me Coinbase would be to crypto what Netscape was to the internet. After my discussions with him, I talked to many other people in the crypto space which included Bill Barhydt who later went on to become the founder of Abra.” The post Bitcoin [BTC] proponent Adam Draper talks about Coinbase investment and its impacts on the cryptocurrency market appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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