RXC did fall in love with CSW

The rates is still not stable, and everyone is still discussing BCH

  1. Bitcoin Cash Planned Network Upgrade Is Complete
  2. Richard Stallman does not like Bitcoin for it's lack of privacy but he also does not want total privacy. So let's work hard on cashshuffle and have BCH be the coin that offers the best balance between privacy and transparency while giving the user the control over the balance between the two.
  3. Ohio to accept #bitcoin for taxes, appears to be a first for a U.S. state (by the way you can read more here)
  4. At the moment people can no longer access their mnemonic seed on yours. You better not be stealing people their BCH and BSV Ryan. I advice everybody that if you do have your yours seed, so use Electron Cash to move both the SV and BCH connected ASAP. If you don't have the seeds get them.

I took my few bucks out a while back by using Electron Cash and inputing my Yours seed. After some fiddling, I sent it to my main wallet, having to send it twice with different servers so as to get on both the forks. My main wallet holds keys in a Trezor and I use Electron Cash with it. It can access both forks by selecting servers

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