The World Thirsts for Crypto: Proved by Polls

The World Thirsts for Crypto: Proved by Polls

The survey by Sage shows that 31% of respondents would like to receive a part of their salary in cryptocurrency

Another 37% said that they would agree to have 1-20% of their earnings paid to them in cryptocurrencies. Also it shows that men are more open to receiving crypto salary than women.

Many polls show that many people know what crypto is. And more and more people are owning it now. We can look at other polls.

50% of those South Africans, who aren't invested in crypto, have plans to buy it in 2018, a poll by Old Mutual. A poll, conducted by Avast, indicates that 30% of Brazilians want to buy crypto. A poll by Wells Fargo shows that 72% of respondents don't have plans to but it, but it means at the same time, that 28% are ready to invest or did it already.

These numbers coincide with the results of this poll. Approximately 30% of all respondents in all polls tell that they are ready to adopt it. Many of them are millennials. As time passes, we'll see these numbers increasing, as more young people will be joining the working generation. They don't trust banks, they understand the concept of cryptocurrencies, how they work, so it's not surprising that they are ready to receive a part of their salary in cryptocurrency. The only thing that's left — to provide them with reliable services to convert it or the infrastructure to spend it.

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