There's no reason to shit on Bitcoin technologies

There's no reason to shit on Bitcoin technologies

Redditors, as before, can’t finish discussing the r/Bitcoin politics, and even some crypto-celebs spoke up. Also, that week agenda includes pros and cons on Ross’s liberation, and many, many more things

ALL charges of murder-for-hire vs. Ross are now dropped. After almost 5 years, gov't has moved to dismiss final MD indictment based on evidence from corrupt agent now in prison.

That story was likely a parallel construction to keep the NSA wiretapping evidence from being discovered and challenged in court. Seems unlikely that he would be this foolish given that he was successful for many years.
Sign the petition to Free Ross & discuss it you can here.

Carl Mark Force and other govt agents infiltrated the Silk Road by getting admin status all the way back in 2012. Perhaps the censorship imposing mods Bashco and Theymos on /r/Bitcoin are just government agents intentionally delaying crypto currency adoption.

  • Breaking News: 70% of merchants in Cyprus will start accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. BCH will be added to a leading POS system.
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