This is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10

This is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10

All the redditors’ activity was focused on the latest news: the rate to jump and fall these days. The Finrazor team picked the hottest discussions — and here you are:

  • ‘The problem is the meteoic (we do not change the original quotes — ed. comment) rise in value comes out of nowhere. The rise after the remebdous fall will come very slowly due to losers casing out and speculators along the way’ — says redditor mrj0ker. And now look at the picture and tell us your opinion, won’t you? So, what would you do?
  • That's why you come here or how it feels when you don’t have friends who are in crypto. A little bit of humor during the downfall in the market.
  • ‘Watch and learn boys; this is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10’  — lifehack from u/RpgDiagonal
  • ‘After my technical analysis, bitcoin still looks very bullish.’  — the next debate about bitcoin leaves no one indifferent. ‘This guy need to create a YouTube account and get famous,’ — suggest relgueta-redditor. Such a good analysis? Or people like to believe in the best…

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/R/ Cryptocurrency Reddit Review (Shocking)

My time spent on /R/Cryptocurrency Subreddit today was both enlightening, and made me feel more stupider. My Twitter/Instagram: @Crypto_Daily Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin
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Credential stuffing attack prompts Reddit to force password reset

Some Reddit users found themselves locked out of their own accounts earlier this week after an apparent credential stuffing attack compelled the popular website to invoke password security measures. An admin post published on Reddit’s Help subreddit this past Wednesday advises users that a “large group of accounts were locked down” due to anomalous activity suggesting unauthorized access. Consequently, affected users were informed they would have to rest their passwords to regain access. In a credential stuffing attack, malicious actors attempt to use passwords previously stolen from one source to illegally access other, unrelated websites and online services, in hopes that the user entered the same credentials. The Reddit admin, Sporkicide, implored users who were resetting their credentials to choose strong, unique passwords and employ two-factor authentication. According to security expert Graham Cluley via the Tripwire blog, Reddit experienced complications while responding to the threat. For starters, Reddit misinformed certain users that their accounts were suspended when they were actually just locked out as a precaution. The website later corrected this mistake. Secondly, “Unlike many other websites, Reddit allows users to access the site without initially setting a password, meaning that there can be no password to reset,” Cluley explained in the post. “In such instances, users are advised to occasionally revisit the site in their browser to see if their access has been restored.” Moreover, Cluley reported that Reddit users are not required to link an email address their accounts, meaning the website does not have a way to directly alert these particular users of the security issue. The post Credential stuffing attack prompts Reddit to force password reset appeared first on SC Media.
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Dark Overlord Hacker Group Stays On Reddit After Twitter Suspension For Bitcoin Donations for 9/11 Secrets

The Dark Overlord Group Continues Operating Using Reddit After Twitter Suspension The Dark Overlord Group, a team of hackers that has revealed important information about different topics, informed that it keeps working using Reddit after being banned from Twitter. The Dark Overlord captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and the whole world when they announced that they were ready to share confidential information about 9/11. The cybercriminals were asking for Bitcoin to release this information that was hundreds of documents that were able to gather from different companies involved in the 9/11. Indeed, they released the first documents but their account on Twitter was immediately after suspended. The Dark Overlord has also been asking a ransom of an unspecified amount in order to stop releasing documents. The companies involved were mentioned by the group. Some of them are Hiscox Syndicated Ltd, Lloyds of London and Silverstein Properties. The criminal group seems to continue its operations using Reddit. A few days ago, they released a new post in which they mentioned that they are operating using the r/hacking subreddit. However, the post has been already eliminated. In a message uploaded to Pastebin, they inform that US law enforcement agencies tried to silence them from their releases. They wrote about it: “United States law enforcement agencies have attempted to silence us from our releases by requesting Twitter to suspend our account. An appeal to Twitter has gone unanswered. We’d like everyone to know that we’re still here. We’ve taken to Reddit at current under r/hacking. We’ll provide updates as we have them.” Now The Dark Overlord says they will use the r/hacking subreddit to communicate with the outside world — Greg Otto (@gregotto) January 2, 2019 In order to release the documents, the group was asking for Bitcoin (BTC) to be paid to their address, that currently received around $12,000. Until now, the documents released did not have any particularly damaging evidence. The documents show information about how affected parties could claim damages from. There are many speculative stories about what happened during 9/11 and who was behind the attacks. However, everything is just suppositions and nothing proved. The Dark Overlord has also been banned from Steemit. But the group continues to use in order to post to the Steem blockchain. According to the hackers, they have more than 8.279 files related to the terrorist attack that changed the world. Back in 2017, the hackers demanded Bitcoin to release ten episodes of the popular Netflix show ‘Orange is the New Black.’
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