This is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10

This is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10

All the redditors’ activity was focused on the latest news: the rate to jump and fall these days. The Finrazor team picked the hottest discussions — and here you are:

  • ‘The problem is the meteoic (we do not change the original quotes — ed. comment) rise in value comes out of nowhere. The rise after the remebdous fall will come very slowly due to losers casing out and speculators along the way’ — says redditor mrj0ker. And now look at the picture and tell us your opinion, won’t you? So, what would you do?
  • That's why you come here or how it feels when you don’t have friends who are in crypto. A little bit of humor during the downfall in the market.
  • ‘Watch and learn boys; this is how you turn 20 bitcoins into 10’  — lifehack from u/RpgDiagonal
  • ‘After my technical analysis, bitcoin still looks very bullish.’  — the next debate about bitcoin leaves no one indifferent. ‘This guy need to create a YouTube account and get famous,’ — suggest relgueta-redditor. Such a good analysis? Or people like to believe in the best…

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