Not to Miss Out #2

Briefly on the new EIP for Constantinople, generalized mining initiative and Global Open Network launch in Japan

  • Buterin revealed CREATE2, an EIP 1014 for the Constantinople release — ‘a keystone for the state channel framework of off-chain work.’

This minimizes on-chain operations to those necessary for validating the cooperative effort/communications and not performing unnecessary calculations on the blockchain itself.

Tim Cotten on Medium

  • Japanese MUFG (payment network services) and Akama (high-speed content and apps e-transfer) are launching Global Open Network:

The new company will utilize MUFG’s presence in the payment business and Akamai’s intelligent edge platform, which offers world-class speed and security, with the aim of providing an open payment network in Japan based on new blockchain technology by the first half of 2020.

CoinFund and Placeholder [funds, that became partners for the case — ed. note] have both spoken previously on the use of generalized mining as a differentiated strategy for cryptofunds to directly engage networks and generate return

CoinFund on Medium, referring to Coindesk

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