The ‘Store of Value’

This week Reddit froze in anticipation. Discussing Bitcoin, BCH and trying to make some cryptopredictions with redditors

Bitcoin on Twitter: "The "store of value" narrative promoted by BTC maximalists like @saifedean looks a lot more ridiculous now that BTC is down nearly 80% YTD. It was irresponsible to ever promote Bitcoin as a "store of value." Bitcoin is p2p cash, not a get rich quick scheme."

Bitcoin Cash The Revolution: my attempt to reach out to Edward Snowden.

BSv (it really isn't Satoshi's Vision): TWO scammers actively destroying everything the white paper stands for while spewing bullshit claiming the opposite in order to acquire wealth. That's all it is.

Bitfinex'ed: ‘Who the hell sends money to Bitfinex to buy Bitcoins at 3-4% over spot? Seriously, who does that?’

We'll remember it alright, but not for the reason you are implying.

I predict 2020 (or whenever the next crypto bull run is) will be the year the first altcoin ever dethrones BTC's #1 place in market cap.

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