Time is More Valuable Than Money

The Twitter community started this week with a lot of questions (the essence of blockchain, etc.) Talks of privacy issues are here again: some people mistakenly believe privacy is designed for people who have something to hide. And, of course, a lot of tweets from Kevin Pham

@nic__carter :’The war on cash is another form of creeping authoritarianism, one that the large intermediaries support through a subversive campaign. Cash is dis-intermediated, permissionless, and private. We cannot let it die. Outstanding work from Coin Center’

  • @_Kevin_Pham: ‘I want to hash everyone single one of my tweets to the bitcoin blockchain using @money_button.
    This will be how I will leave my indelible imprint on society.’
  • @block_hedge invites you to vote: Best platform on crypto, give your opinion.
  • @balajis: ‘Blockchains aren’t about trusting no one. They are about giving you a choice of who to trust. The addition of that choice — the ability to exit from monopoly institutions that previously had no alternative, like banks — unlocks value that justifies all the technical complexity.’

Blockchain is an anti-monopoly technology, whether the monopoly arises from state licensing, network effects, or other forms of concentrated power. By incentivizing decentralization, the profit-maximizing equilibria is no longer fully centralized. There is always an exit.

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