Top Crypto Releases to Be Aware of (Oct 31—Nov 01, '18)

If you follow tech updates, then you may pay attention to SiaCoin, Tokenomy, RavenCoin, Cardano and Lisk

Everything we know indicates that a substantial majority of Sia’s users — its renters, hosts, traders, and developers — support forking to escape the grip of unethical mining manufacturers.

SiaCoin team

The team has however clarified that the Hard Fork will not result in an airdrop or free tokens from Siacoin.

Tokenomy (TEN) — IOS exchange app will be launched on October 31

Roadmap: launch exchange app for IOS and test launch of primary token sale.

Ravencoin (RVN) — Mainnet activation is scheduled for October 31

The newer Ravencoin reference client will start watching the mainnet blockchain for newer version numbers indicating that miner's have upgraded. Starting at the next difficulty adjustment, it will watch for 1632 of 2016 blocks (~80%) with the new version number. Once that threshold has been hit, the changed will be ‘locked in’, but not activated for another 2016 blocks (~1.4 days).

Cardano (ADA) — Roadmap will be updated on November 1

The Cardano team announced that they will update their Roadmap with their newest objectives on November 1.

Lisk (LSK) — Reward reduction (Halving) is scheduled for November 1

Reward reduction from 4 to 3 LSK at block 7451520 (T minus 16925 blocks).


0.09184 USD


0.05377 USD


2.12 USD


0.003498 USD


0.04905 USD

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