Top crypto releases to watch at the end of July 2018

Top crypto releases to watch at the end of July 2018

Don't forget to mark these dates on your calendar: pay attention to Bytecoin, Waves, and Syscoin

Bytecoin (BCN) — the High Load Resistance will be released on July 23, 2018

There will be presented an internal guard mechanism (payment queue) that will be able to bear any high load instances on the network without losing transactions that get displaced from pools. There will be also introduced a reworked wallet cache which is expected to help increase the blockchain scanning performance.

Waves (WAVES) — DEX & Wallet Beta Release is planned to be completed on July 24, 2018

Syscoin (SYS) — Aibb Pre Sale is scheduled for July 25, 2018

AiBB is an all-in-one application performing tasks, trades or retrieve information about anything crypto related. Syscoin will change to SYSCOIN’s blockchain to allow for greater numbers of transactions and improved transaction speed in the next phase.


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