Top Crypto Releases to Watch in The Middle of Sept '18

Top Crypto Releases to Watch in The Middle of Sept '18

If you follow tech updates, then you may pay attention to ZClassic, Waves, EOS and Obsidian

ZClassic (ZCL) — ANON Hard Fork is scheduled for September 10, 2018

The co-fork will occur using BTC and ZCL, to attain the new forked coin, Anonymous Bitcoin. ANON hard fork has so far failed to lift the price of ZCL in the way that expectations of the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) hard fork caused a historical price pump. ANON is very similar to BTCP with additional features of a Master Node which requires 500 Coins to be stake for added passive income.

Waves (WAVES) — Smart Contracts MainNet was released on September 10, 2018

Waves is taking a different approach to smart contracts. Whilst the platform is ultimately planning to develop highly-versatile Turing complete contracts, their initial iteration will include limited functionality. The idea is to release smart contracts that cover the most popular use cases, built into the client so that everyone can deploy them, regardless of whether they have any programming knowledge or understanding of smart contracts themselves.

Eos (EOS) — Platform Launch and  Airdrop is scheduled for September 14, 2018

EOS also has a number of interesting developments this month which include the WORBLI Airdrop during the middle of the month. The WORBLI team will be dropping 1 Billion ‘WBI’ Tokens to the EOS Community.

Obsidian (ODIN) — ODIN Blockchain will be launched on September 17, 2018

ODIN Blockchain launch and PoW Premine start is scheduled for September 17 (according to roadmap).

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