Top ICOs raising funds in June ’18

Top ICOs raising funds in June ’18

Have a look at the data on Top 5 ICO projects of June 2018 ranked below in order of money raised: HybridBlock, GoNetwork, FANTOM, MoneyToken, Acudeen

HybridBlock (HYB)

Raised funds: 4.2% ($47,830,000)

HybridBlock is an innovative trading and education platform for leveraging the disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space.

GoNetwork (GOT)

Raised funds: 4.2% ($46,789,656)

GoNetwork is creating a mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum.


Raised funds: 3.5% (39,400,000)

FANTOM is the DAG based smart contract platform. With FANTOM platform, team aims to solve the issue of scalability and confirmation time of the blockchain technology.

MoneyToken (IMT)

Raised funds: 3.3% ($37,189,195)

MoneyToken is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem providing crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized exchange service.


Raised funds: 3.1% ($35,000,000)

Acudeen is an online technology platform that connects Small and Medium Enterprises to Financial Institutions through Invoice Discounting.

Other ICOs raised 81.7% ($919,791,149) in June

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