Top ICOs raising funds, Week 24 ’18

Top ICOs raising funds, Week 24 ’18

GoNetwork has raised the largest amount of funds compared to other completed ICOs of the past week. Projects have raised over $572.7M via ICOs in June so far.

GoNetwork (GOT)

GoNetwork is creating a mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum.


FANTOM is the DAG based smart contract platform. With FANTOM platform, team aims to solve the issue of scalability and confirmation time of the blockchain technology.

Digital Ticks (DTX)

Digital Ticks is a decentralized commodity cryptoexchange.

Alchemint (SDT)

The SDT (special drawing token) operated by Alchemint project is initially a smart contract platform on NEO.

DAV Network (DAV)

DAV is a blockchain-based transportation platform which enables vehicles to discover, communicate and transact with one another using DAV tokens.

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