Top ICOs raising funds, Week 28 ’18

Top ICOs raising funds, Week 28 ’18

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the 27th Week of 2018 ranked below in order of money raised: Sparkster, Mandala, Cruisebit, IP.Gold, Intiva Health

Sparkster (SPRK)

Raised funds: 29.9% ($30,000,000)

The Sparkster Platform empowers the people running the business with the tools to build the business process of the future that will ultimately keep them competitive. Sparkster makes software development accessible to the 99% who do not know how to code, and don’t want to learn.

Mandala (MDX)

Raised funds: 17.9% ($18,000,000)

Mandala is a digital asset exchange. MDX tokens are vital to utilizing the full capabilities of the Mandala platform. Users will be able to unlock exclusive premium features on the Mandala platform and receive up to 80% discounts on trading fees by utilizing the MDX Token.

Cruisebit (CRBT)

Raised funds: 16.0% ($16,000,000)

CruiseBit is making its presence known as a Web portal, E-commerce and Gaming system with its cryptocurrency. It intends to develop a functional ecosystem made up of numerous competing coins and fiat currencies.

IP.Gold (IPG)

Raised funds: 13.0% ($13,000,000)

IP.Gold is an IP address management and investment company that aims to maximize the monetization and market value of IP address assets.

Intiva Health (NTVA)

Raised funds: 12.0% ($12,000,000)

Intiva Health is an integrative platform for healthcare professionals. The platform provides videos and resources for medical professionals to use, as well as facilities and medical groups.

Other ICOs raised 11.3% ($11,286,014) by week 28

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