Top ICOs raising funds, Week 29 ’18

Top ICOs raising funds, Week 29 ’18

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (29th Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised: TravelBlock, Liquidity.Network, Nauticus, Fysical

TravelBlock (TRVL)

Raised funds: 30.3% ($25,200,000)

TravelBlock helps connect consumers to vacation providers.

Liquidity.Network (LQD)

Raised funds: 28.4% ($23,613,233)

Liquidity.Network is an off-chain payment ecosystem.

Nauticus (NTS)

Raised funds: 20.4% ($16,916,000)

Nauticus is an Ethical Global Bank and Transparent eCommerce.

Fysical (FYS)

Raised funds: 2.1% ($1,750,000)

Fysical is a decentralized location data protocol. Fysical system allows suppliers of data to share information on various levels.

Other ICOs raised 18.8% ($15,614,544) by week 29

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