Top ICOs raising funds, Week 31 ’18

Top ICOs raising funds, Week 31 ’18

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (31st Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised:, FarmaTrust, Kairos, Codex Protocol, Gramaton

The data is taken from websites with open data, at the moment of publication. The given information helps to grasp an overall dynamics of the market at large. Keep in mind, some data can be updated with delay. If you are an investor, we recommend you to turn to the ICO representative for real-time data. (OIO)

Raised funds: 39.3% ($47,201,871)

The Online (OIO) token is a digital asset that will be implemented to unleash the Internet from ads, malware and tracking software.

FarmaTrust (FTT)

Raised funds: 12.5% ($15,000,000)

FarmaTrust is a web-based, peer to peer platform designed to keep an immutable record of every legitimate drug ever produced.

Kairos (KAIROS)

Raised funds: 10.9% ($13,050,000)

Kairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in face recognition.

Codex Protocol (CODX)

Raised funds: 10.0% ($12,000,000)

Codex is a decentralized registry for assets like art, fine wines, watches and more. 

Gramaton (GRAN)

Raised funds: 5.8% ($7,000,000)

Gramaton is a crowdfunded token with an adjacent mining operation.

Other ICOs raised 21.4% ($25,718,108) by week 31


We contacted with ICO representative, and they provided us with fresh releases:

  • FarmaTrust reached the hard cap of $20,300,000 on 31st of July, 2018

Finrazor team regularly monitors the status of ICO projects and may update information anytime soon.

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