Top ICOs raising funds, Week 32 ’18

Top ICOs raising funds, Week 32 ’18

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (32nd Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised: 4NEW Limited, Origo, Usechain, DREP, FOAM.

The data is taken from websites with open data, at the moment of publication. The given information helps to grasp an overall dynamics of the market at large. Keep in mind, some data can be updated with delay. If you are an investor, we recommend you to turn to the ICO representative for real-time data.

4NEW Limited (KWATT)

Raised funds: 28.9% ($45,000,000)

4NEW is Waste to Energy treatment plant that will provide services across the entire supply chain of converting waste to energy. 4NEW functions as a wholesaler of waste and energy.

Origo (ORIGO)

Raised funds: 19.2% ($29,862,157)

Origo is a scalable privacy-preserving solution for decentralized applications.

Usechain (UST)

Raised funds: 18.8% ($29,325,735)

Usechain is a public blockchain ecosystem built on Mirror Identity Protocol.


Raised funds: 12.7% ($19,800,000)

DREP enables Internet platforms to quantify, monetize, and share reputation value. 


Raised funds: 10.6% ($16,548,796)

FOAM is an open protocol for Proof of Location on Ethereum.

Other ICOs raised 9.7% ($15,145,779) by week 32


$ 19M of 19M raised


Ended on 10 Aug, 2018
$ 15M of 24M raised


Ended on 10 Aug, 2018

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Poloniex Becomes First Digital Asset Exchange to Accept FOAM Tokens

Circle, the global crypto finance company, has been on quite a roll since its acquisition of the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. Fast forward, and the firm is now focused on bringing an array of diverse and compelling assets to its newly acquired trade platform. That includes digital assets with strong business models, fundamentals, technology, and market dynamics. The Listing In the official blog post, Jed Breed, Digital Assets Lead at Circle, announced the introduction of FOAM into the Poloniex exchange. The move signifies a significant step for Poloniex in including new tokens in its crypto family, with more exciting announcements set for later this month. He writes: “The addition of FOAM to Poloniex on the launch of its availability represents another milestone for our team this year. Thank you for your ongoing support as we grow the Poloniex family of assets to include new, innovative projects.” We are delighted to welcome #FOAM to the #Poloniex family! @foamspace — Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) December 10, 2018 FOAM, the token underwent a scrutiny process that saw it achieve clear standards set out within Circle's Asset Framework. The Asset Framework provides Circle with an approach to understanding the potential of each digital asset. The structure would pose questions across fundamentals, people technology, business model and market dynamics to the new listing. That happens by filling out an Asset Listing Form whereby the asset's score in each category is determined through publicly available data points and information. However, the framework is not a comprehensive checklist but rather a measure through which Circle can prioritize new listings according to their potential. Currently, the Poloniex is offering deposits and withdrawals, with customers now able to post limit orders. However, orders will not match for a minimum of one hour. The Post-only mode allows Poloniex's order books to fill before opening trading for the day. Such a move helps avoid the dramatic price swings experienced in the market. The exchange also went ahead to confirm that full trading in BTC and USDC pairs will be available for the crypto traders. FOAM Protocol The FOAM protocol empowers a reliable and resilient world map that uses smart contracts as a basis to achieve consensus. Of a sort, the system introduces a “Proof of Location” model. Users and autonomous agents get to record authenticated location data without the need to use external third-party sources such as GPS. FOAM, the native token, works to power a variety of services for geospatial data like participating in the Token Curated Registry of verified location data. The overall FOAM Network and protocol launched back in September 2018, but the tokens were initially under lock due to a Proof of Use period. The period ended on December 10, and now the FOAM token is transferable across the Ethereum blockchain. About CIRCLE CIRCLE is a cryptocurrency fintech company that allows people from around the world to create and share value through leveraging blockchain technology and digital assets. The firm, founded in 2013, tries to reinvent the image of cryptocurrency based finances through its main products: Circle Invest, Circle Pay, Circle Trade and its new addition Poloniex.
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Altonomy Taurus Index Fund as an OTC Sell-Side Crypto Trading Desk Launches to Rival Ease of S&P 500 Buying

Cryptocurrency asset management firm Altonomy recently launched its crypto index fund, the Altonomy Taurus Index Fund, which targets investors looking to get in on cryptocurrencies without having to bet on a single coin. The company has more than 40 ICO project clients ranking in the top 200 by a market cap like INS and Origo as well as some of the biggest crypto hedge funds in the world like New Global Capital. Altonomy also works with other major global OTC trading partners to share liquidity and is a key contributor to the trueDigital Bitcoin and Ether pricing indices, which provide the transparency and confidence needed to enable institutional-grade derivative products. Altonomy Taurus Index Fund provides a way to track the performance of the crypto markets as a whole by holding a single crypto asset. Index funds have consistently beaten the average managed fund since their inception. The initiative is part of the company’s recent move to target a more select group of high-stakes players and institutional investors. In that respect, it will be less similar to an ETF and more like the private placement investments which are sold to accredited investors to enable them to have exposure to cryptocurrencies in traditional financial accounts. “Before founding Altonomy, we saw a huge need for a dedicated OTC sell-side trading desk in order to provide ICO issuers and crypto hedge funds more liquid trading options,” said Ricky Li, co-founder of Altonomy. “Until now, there hasn't been an independent, sell-side trading desk to provide effective crypto asset and liquidity management services. Altonomy fills this gap by consistently delivering the most favorable spreads in OTC markets given time and liquidity constraints for different token dynamics, even long-tail ones, in highly volatile markets.” Altonomy empowers clients with a number of unmatched benefits through its “Altonomy Hybrid IQ,” a combination of deep human crypto market expertise and proprietary algorithms that ensures OTC trades are executed in volatile markets with the best spread given time and liquidity constraints for different token dynamics, including: Premier Liquidity Management – Altonomy meets KPIs for exchange listings and liquidity management, even in extreme market conditions. High-Value OTC Trading – With 24/7 access to its global liquidity pool across Asia, Europe and the U.S, Altonomy delivers transparent, OTC transaction services for crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto with extended coverage to illiquid tokens. Transparent Pricing – Transparent, all-in price quotes with free listing and exchange advisory services. Protection of Client Interests – Altonomy's independent trade execution model helps protect client's best interests by aligning pricing with trading performance, and separating investment and trading practices. Proprietary Macro Market Analysis – Altonomy advises client on the impact of sentiment and various events on the macro crypto market through proprietary analysis. “When setting out to launch, we realized holding all of our assets in one token was risky,” said Baron Gong, Founder and CEO of Origo Network. “Altonomy helped us successfully diversify our portfolio through Altonomy Taurus Index Fund, advised us on the best exchange listing strategy and covered our operation expenses by providing OTC crypto to fiat trading services.”
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KR1 Jumps Into The Spotlight With New Etherisc, FOAM And Althea Mesh Investments

Public funding blockchain investment company KR1 has jumped into the limelight with several new acquisitions. More than $200,000 kicked off the investment party when they purchased over 3.5 million FOAM coins. Operating on a Proof of Location, FOAM is used to give power to users through a permissionless-based, autonomously run the network. Through an advanced radio wave beacon system, the company provides users with geo-location services which are not operated on a centralized network. FOAM’s token helps fuel the system, so users on it can continually use it for profit. KR1’s new investment into FOAM was made last year with an initial investment of $100k in FOAM tokens. The company now holds nearly 6.5 million of the company tokens, likely investing even more in 2018. More so, KR1 made an initial investment of $100,000 into Alpha Mesh, a project started through Hawk Networks. Alpha Mesh uses ALGT Tokens to fuel their software platform that is known for helping groups gain access to the internet through a decentralized network. ALGT tokens are used to purchase service and needed equipment in which owners are rewarded for making personal contributions to the system. The platform operates autonomously to find users the best cryptographic bandwidth in their area from multiple service providers on one singular platform. Users on the platform surf the web with anonymity, so their identity is never compromised – thereby reducing the risk of theft or fraud. ALGT tokens can be bought or sold to encourage more people to use the system. “Working with KR1 has been a smooth process. They are thesis-driven and decisive. We are proud to be in their portfolio, among innovative companies such as FOAM, Funfair, and Cosmos.” Jehan Tremback, Chief Executive of Althea Mesh KR1’s last investment was made for $100,000 into Etherisc. DIP tokens on the network are used to buy and sell insurance on the decentralized system. Other uses of the network are to incentivize users to create and build new products related to insurance. Coverage on the network is designed for everything imaginable, including flights, health, and loans. “Even in a market that has cooled significantly in recent months, we continue to see new teams forming, projects getting off the ground and the rate of innovation gaining yet more momentum. We’ve known the Etherisc team since the project’s inception and consider them to have what it will take to pioneer the way forward into decentralizing the insurance market, a potentially huge area for growth. With Althea Mesh we felt the team, the traction, and the technology were all in a strong position, and as blockchains have now potentially opened up this avenue of accessing the internet, we consider this model of sharing bandwidth will over time, become how we access the internet. Generally, we’re still very excited for what’s to come as blockchain technology continues to branch out and disrupt many business verticals and other areas of our society.” George McDonough, Chief Executive Officer of KR1 What do you think of KR1’s new purchases? Leave your comments in the section below.
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