Top ICOs Raising Funds, Week 36 ’18

Top ICOs Raising Funds, Week 36 ’18

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (36 Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised: Carry Protocol, Photochain, RAWG, Infinitus and Alfa-Enzo.

The data is taken from websites with open data, at the moment of publication. The given information helps to grasp an overall dynamics of the market at large. Keep in mind, some data can be updated with delay. If you are an investor, we recommend you to turn to the ICO representative for real-time data.

Carry Protocol (CRE)

Raised funds: 38.2% ($13,600,000)

Carry Protocol makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants. Ended, hard cap is reached.

Photochain (PHT)

Raised funds: 15.0% ($5,040,000)

Photochain is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer stock photography platform. Ended with $5,040,000 raised.


Raised funds: 14.8% ($5,000,000)

RAWG is an online service with a database of games from all popular platforms and a recommendation system. Ended with $5,000,000 raised.

Infinitus (INF)

Raised funds: 7.4% ($2,500,000)

Infinitus is a blockchain-based storage application that allows users to encrypt and store a variety of alphanumeric data, including wallet passwords. Ended with $2,500,000 raised.

Alfa-Enzo (NZO)

Raised funds: 5.4% ($1,826,218)

Alfa-Enzo is a fully built Social Marketplace that combines a patented social network design with a Proof-of-Activity multi-chain ecosystem to let anyone earn money from their time spent on the network. Ongoing.

Other ICOs raised 19.1% ($6,443,143) by Week 36


Ended on 15 Mar, 2019

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Ethereum Investors Should Take Advantage Of These 5 ERC20 Token Airdrops

There are many ERC20 tokens being created on top of the Ethereum network every month. As a promotional move, many companies make airdrops, which let you earn some money in very easy ways. However, we know that it is a waste of time to simply take all the tokens without paying attention to which are the ones that are more interesting for you. Because of this, we created a list of the hottest tokens that are offering airdrops right now. Take Advantage Of These 5 ERC20 Token Airdrops BioCrypt BioCrypto, whose tokens are valued at $0.05 USD is making an airdrop. The clients of the company have 16 days to claim their tokens by participating in the promotion. While it is hard to predict the price of the token because there is no information about the total supply or how many tokens will be airdropped, this company looks like a worthy investment. The main focus of the token is providing consumers and businesses with the power of leveraging the blockchain technology. Infinitus Infinitus is a smart designation repository that is currently making airdrops. Each user will receive 16 INF tokens if they give them their ETH address. At the moment, the tokens are priced at $0.24 USD, but the company is expecting them to have a market price of $3.8 USD. The airdrop will still last for 28 days. ScientificCoin Although its name is surely kind of silly, ScientificCoin is a new blockchain platform for scientific projects that uses a decentralized evaluation system to determine which projects are the best. The company will give 3 tokens (each one costs $4.50 USD) for the people who participate in the airdrop. You can participate for the next 27 days. CYBR This token is an Ethereum-based token that actually requires the users to go to social media and help in the campaign before they are able to retrieve their tokens. In exchange for their effort, the people who decide to be a part of the airdrop will receive 50 CYBR tokens, each one valued at $5.60, so you will actually get a lot of money from this one. CYBR is focused on cybersecurity, but there is not a lot of information of the platform available right now. AXEL This blockchain platform was created to redefine distributed exchange protocols actually has a very interesting service and the goal of becoming one of the most valuable ETH-based tokens. The user who participate in the airdrop will have 1300 AXEL tokens with the value of $26 USD in their wallet. 5 ERC20 Token Airdrops Conclusion You have only 27 days to claim the tokens and have to download the app of the token to get the money so you should consider whether you are interested or not.
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5 Current Ethereum Airdrops to Take Advantage of

The Ethereum network will receive its fair share of airdrops for quite some time to come. New ERC20 tokens are coming to market every single month, and a lot of those tokens will be distributed to ETH users free of charge. The following 5 airdrops are worth keeping an eye on, and they are ranked by their perceived value at current prices. #5 BioCrypt The current expected value of the BioCrypt airdrop is impossible to predict. This is primarily because the price per token sits at $0.05, yet the total supply or airdropped tokens per user remains rather unclear. Even so, Users still have 26 days to claim this token. BioCrypt wants to provide consumers and businesses with the power to leverage the blockchain. #4 Infinitus This smart designation repository is airdropping ERC20 tokens to Ethereum holders as of right. Users will receive 16 INF token to their Ethereum address, assuming they jump to a few hoops prior to getting them. It is expected these tokens will have a market value of $3.8, which makes it worthwhile to check out. At the current price, each token is valued at $0.24. The airdrop will expire in 28 days. #3 ScientificCoin Although the name does not necessarily instill a lot of confidence, ScientificCoin is a blockchain platform for scientific projects with a decentralized evaluation system. Users will receive 3 tokens for participating in the airdrop, which equals to a value of $4.5. This airdrop will run for another 27 days at the time of writing. #2 CYBR This is by far one of the more mysterious Ethereum-based airdrops to take note of. CYBR is a cybersecurity ecosystem and utility token. Users will need to go through a few hoops to claim their tokens, including active social media participation. In exchange for this effort, users receive 50 tokens, currently valued at $5.6. It may be an interesting platform to keep an eye on, as cybersecurity plays an increasing role of importance. #1 AXEL This native blockchain deployment redefining distributed exchange protocols service is very keen on becoming one of the most valuable ERC20 airdrops to date. As soon as users follow the steps to claim their 1300 AXEL tokens, they will have a “free” value of $26 in their Ethereum wallet. It is rather uncommon for airdrops to give away such a high value, but it’s interesting regardless. Considering how users still have 27 days to claim these tokens, time may be of the essence. This is also the only airdrop on the list requiring users to download an application, which may or may not be subject to potential problems later on. Always do your own research prior to installing unknown applications, even if its simply to claim ERC20 airdrop tokens. The post 5 Current Ethereum Airdrops to Take Advantage of appeared first on NullTX.

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