Top ICOs Raising Funds, Week 44 ’18

Total raised funding amount comes to $81.4M, which is +44.8% in comparison with the previous week ($56.2M)

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (44 Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised: Tixguru, CitiCash, TrustedCars, Module and CargoCoin

Tixguru (TIX)

Raised funds: 10.4% ($8,431,924)

Tixguru is a digital asset management platform based on blockchain and big data quantiative analysis.

Ended with $8,431,924 raised.

CitiCash (CCH)

Raised funds: 6.4% ($5,226,197)

The CitiCash digital currency has been developed to allow ordinary people to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

Ended with $5,226,197 raised.

TrustedCars (FLEX)

Raised funds: 6.1% ($5,000,000)

TrustedCars aims to change car ownership: with TrustedCars Flex client can choose any vehicle he or she wants from the available inventory of participating car dealers within the TrustedCars Flex network, digitally sign for it in the app, and client is ready to go.

Ended with $5,000,000 raised.

Module (MODL)

Raised funds: 5.8% ($4,699,950)

The Module is a blockchain-based platform offering an asset of free mobile device storage. Module platform allows users to mine and rent unused GB even from small portable devices, which means that any mobile phone owner will be able to participate in the Module business and earn.

Ended with $4,699,950 raised.

CargoCoin (CRGO)

Raised funds: 1.5% ($1,247,819)

CargoCoin platform the interaction amongst importers, exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, ship owners, booking agents and other parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes.

Ended with $1,247,819 raised.

Other ICOs raised 69.8% ($56,849,669) by Week 44

The data is taken from websites with open data, at the moment of publication. The given information helps to grasp an overall dynamics of the market at large. Keep in mind, some data can be updated with delay. If you are an investor, we recommend you to turn to the ICO representative for real-time data.

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Bitcoin’s massive gain this year has again brought the innovative asset in the purview of mainstream media. The news of Bitcoin’s price breaking $8000 with more than 100% gains has had many financial experts weighing in on it. Bitcoin is not an entirely unregulated asset as it was in 2017, Bitcoin Futures contracts are being actively traded on CME and other Exchanges all around the world. Reportedly, the daily volume of trading on Bitcoin Futures on CME is above $1 billion. Mike Novogratz, a Bitcoin perma-bull reiterated the ‘digital gold’ case for Bitcoin in a recent CNBC interview. He said, “Bitcoin has really won store of value ‘digital gold.’ Gold has an $8.5 trillion market cap. Bitcoin has about $130 billion… got a long room to go.” Bitcoin’s Total Market Capitalization This Year (Coin360) Bitcoin’s correlation with other cryptocurrencies might be the only thing that adds burden to its price, currently. The total dominance of Bitcoin over the cryptocurrency markets is around 60%. Mike also emphasized on the growing credibility of Bitcoin in the FinTech industry. Microsoft recently announced an identity tool on the Bitcoin blockchain which established the authority of Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies.  He said, “Microsoft and Facebook are One of the biggest companies in the world ‘creditializing’ Bitcoin.” He added, “I think when you look back at 2017. One of the problems was everything was else was trying to bitcoin… Instead of 21 million bitcoins, we had a zillion of them. And that’s how the price collapsed… Bitcoin has become a social construct.” Furthermore, Bitcoin is at around 40% of its all-time high currently, and it’s market dominance it approximately 60%. If the momentum continues, Bitcoin could soon be looking at a healthy dominance which will open space for successful projects to grow and prosper. Meltem Demirors, Founder at Coinshares and an analyst, also reiterated the same fact in a separate interview with CNBC fast money. According to her, Microsoft building a product on it and other institutional platforms entering the space are all positive signals for Bitcoin. She pointed out that, “This years’ narrative is Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin. Its the largest crypto by market cap. Its the asset people know best, and most importantly, Bitcoin has the most secure network.” She also listed all her reasons which build a strong positive case for Bitcoin in this Twitter thread. Tom Lee, the Co-Founder at Funstrat Global, also emphasized on the same facts in another update from the CNBC futures market. He said, “Bitcoin’s been rising pretty steadily that that recently looked parabolic. We’ve got the largest crypto-conference in NewYork this week. This year we’re seeing it bringing quality because we don’t have much scams and ICOs… Bitcoin is the epic digital gold.” Also Read: Bitcoin Intrinsic Value Debate: Anthony ‘Pomp’ Vs Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Tom Lee also suggested that Bitcoin could soon retest its all-time high near $20,000. Apart from these more popularly known crypto-traders, Oz Pearlman also bet big on Bitcoin saying it could reach $12000 by January next year. Do you think as well that Bitcoin is a better replacement for gold or it is just hype? Please share your views with us.  The post Bitcoin is ‘Digital Gold’, A Fact Now Echoing Across the Financial Investment Industry appeared first on Coingape.

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