Top ICOs Raising Funds, Week 45 ’18

Total raised funding amount comes to $36.3M, which is -55.4% in comparison with the previous week ($81.4M)

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the past week (45 Week of 2018) ranked below in order of money raised: ARAW, nOS, BitSong, JCASH and LeadRex.


ARAW is a payment platform. It provides services for daily payments with ARAW-token 'cashback', based on an existing off-chain product, now powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Raised funds: $11,601,000 (32%)

nOS (nOS)

Raised funds: $9,185,751 (25.3%)

nOS is a NEO-powered virtual operating system. It embraces a browser, dApps marketplace, wallet and exchange.

Ended with $9,185,751 of $16,800,000 raised.

BitSong (BTSG)

Raised funds: $6,715,990 (18.5%)

BitSong is Ethereum-based platform for musicians, audience and advertizers to interact without intermediaries.

Ended with $3,357,995 of $31,000,000 raised.


Raised funds: $4,506,670 (12.4%)

JCASH is a platform to make a bridge between merchants and their possible local users. JCASH token is designed as incentive to use the dApp. An Ethereum-based platform.

Ended with $4,506,670 of $44,800,000 raised.

LeadRex (LDX)

Raised funds: $3,152,440 (8.7%)

LeadRex is a AI-powered lead generation platform which helps to make the ad campaigns more efficient.

Ended with $3,150,000 raised.

Other ICOs raised 3.2% ($1,146,000) by Week 45

The data is taken from websites with open data, at the moment of publication. The given information helps to grasp an overall dynamics of the market at large. Keep in mind, some data can be updated with delay. If you are an investor, we recommend you to turn to the ICO representative for real-time data.

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