Top ICOs Raising Funds, Week 51 ’18

Total raised funding amount on Week 51 comes to $61M, which is +64.7% in comparison with the previous Week 50 ($21.5M)

Have a look at the data on several ICO projects of the Week 51 of 2018 ranked below in order of money raised: HashByte, Terawatt, Sylo, Zichain, Litenett.

HashByte (HSB)

HashByte is developing a green energy driven crypto mining ecosystem.

Raised funds on Week 51: $17,000,000 (27.7%)


Terawatt (LED)

Terawatt​ is a patent-pending, renewable energy blockchain startup, with a strong focus on monetization and driving global L.E.D. adoption.

Raised funds on Week 51: $10,675,350 (17.4%)

Active, ends in 4 days.

Sylo (SYLO)

The Sylo Protocol is a decentralised communication protocol that facilitates safe and standardised connectivity between users and Connected Applications on the Sylo network.

Raised funds on Week 51: $10,600,000 (17.3%)


Zichain (ZCN)

Zichain creats a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and institutional investors, combining practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies.

Raised funds on Week 51: $6,848,000 (11.2%)


Litenett (LNT)

Litenett is a decentralized social network with built-in music and video portals as well as a payment system.

Raised funds on Week 51: $2,450,500 (4.0%)

Pre-sale, ends on January 20, '19

Other ICOs raised 22.5% ($13,795,766) by Week 51

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