Top upcoming and active ICO projects, Week 33 ’18

Top upcoming and active ICO projects, Week 33 ’18

In the below list you'll find some new ICO projects which have to be paid attention to: Hedera Hashgraph, MultiVAC, CertiK. We have also prepared the list of Top ICOs that are active: Moonlight, Opiria

The List of Upcoming ICOs

Hedera Hashgraph (HHC)

Hedera Hashgraph will be governed by a council of renowned enterprises and organizations, across multiple industries and geographies.

Telegram: 39941 members, last comment — August 13, 2018

Rating —  Hype score: Very High — High

  • Token Sale: August 16
  • Token type: Own Wallet
  • ICO Token Price: TBA
  • Fundraising Goal: $120,000,000
  • Total Tokens: TBA
  • Sold on presale: $100,000,000
  • Whitelist: Yes

MultiVAC (MTV)

MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computation.

Telegram: 22778 members, last comment — August 13, 2018

Rating —  Hype score: Medium — High — 7.6 (of 10)

  • Token Sale: Soon (no exact dates)
  • Token type: Own Wallet
  • ICO Token Price: TBA
  • Fundraising Goal: TBA
  • Total Tokens: TBA
  • Accepts: ETH
  • Whitelist: Yes

CertiK (CTK)

CertiK is a formal verification framework for Smart Contracts and Blockchain Ecosystems.

Telegram: 41217 members, last comment — August 13, 2018

Rating —  Hype score: High

  • Token Sale: Soon (no exact dates)
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: TBA
  • Fundraising Goal: TBA
  • Total Tokens: 100,000,000 CTK
  • Accepts: ETH
  • Can't participate: China, United States
  • Whitelist: TBA

The List of Top Active ICOs

Moonlight (LX)

Moonlight is a decentralized platform, built on the NEO network, that aims to change the way people recruit and scale their workforce.

  • Token Sale (August 11 — 31, ‘18): ends in 18 days
  • Raised: $4,125,000 (50%)
  • Goal: $8,300,000

Opiria (PDATA)

Opiria & PDATA is a decentralized marketplace to create a passive income stream by selling personal data.

Basic review by

  • Token Sale (June 16 — September 30, ‘18): ends in 48 days
  • Raised: $13,427,000 (45%)
  • Goal: $30,000,000


Ended on 14 Jul, 2018
$ 12M of 35M raised

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Universal Protocol Alliance Launches Interoperable Bitcoin - Universal Bitcoin (UPBTC)

First Institution grade, Ethereum-based Bitcoin, supported by leading blockchain alliance The Universal Protocol Alliance, a group of leading blockchain companies including Bittrex International, Brave, Blockchain at Berkeley, Uphold, Cred and CertiK, announced the launch of Universal Bitcoin (UPBTC) the first Ethereum-compatible Bitcoin that earns an annual ten percent return through CredEarn. "Universal Bitcoin is an important innovation because it makes Bitcoin accessible and seamlessly convertible through a single blockchain network. We are bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum in the form of a secure proxy token that can now reason with any Ethereum application," said Dan Schatt, Chairman of the UP Alliance. "UPBTC is the safe, convenient way for anyone to hold and interact with Bitcoin and benefit from the same consumer safeguards, code integrity, transparency and interoperable properties as the Universal Dollar (UPUSD) and every other Universal Token issued through the Alliance." ...Full story available on
Benzinga Chain [CRO] Soars 145% New Value Following New Indonesian Exchange Listing Chain-Token (CRO) which has recently listed on Bittrex exchange is continued on breaking the new records. At press time, the coin hits a new high – gaining 145 percent over the past 24 hours. Source: As per the data from Coinmarketcap, Chain-Token or CRO is on the urge to gain growing volume – the coin can be spotted on 46th position. Currently, it trades at $0.036 against US dollar with an average trading volume $124,010,620. Crypto.Com Passes Certik Verification Following the quick listing of CRO token on Bittrex International Exchange, Certik, a smart contract verification platform has confirmed the authenticity of the coin after successful completion of the auditing process. With this, Certik states that CRO token will be listed on its partnered exchange. @certikorg has successfully audited Chain (CRO)! With this successful audit, the CRO token is secure to be listed on our partnered exchanges. Thank you for taking security seriously, @cryptocom, and congratulations for passing CertiK's verification! — CertiK (@certikorg) March 11, 2019 Indodax Exchange To List Beside listing on Bittrex, Chain officially announced their new listing on Indonesian bitcoin exchange, Indodax. The official blog reads that the platform is further partnering with Yoshugi Media Group, Indonesian dropship e-commerce company that would enable them to implement pay. Hello Indonesia!🇲🇨@cryptocom's $CRO(with IDR pairs)will be listed on @IndodaxOfficial, the leading exchange, while Pay will be implemented with the Yoshugi Media Group. Bringing crypto to 260 Million more wallets! More here- #crypto — (@cryptocom) March 12, 2019 Per the announcement, CRO token deposit will begin from March 13 at 17.00 GMT whilst trading will take place the next day, on March 14 at 17.00 GMT. Furthermore, the announcement reads that; “Indonesia is a vibrant market with over 260 million people. We look forward to developing closer ties with both Indodax and the Yoshugi Media Group as we seek to serve our customers in the rapidly growing ASEAN market. We see Pay driving the adoption of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and CRO token as the ultimate way to settle cross-currency payments instantly and inexpensively.” Concerning the similar listing, Indodax Exchange officially unveiled that Chain or CRO token will be paired with Indonesian rupiah (Indonesian fiat) on its platform. We are excited to announce that we will list Chain (CRO) with Rupiah pair in Deposit starts from 13 March 2019 at 05.00 PM (UTC+7) and trading starts from 14 March 2019 at 05.00 PM (UTC+7).More information — Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange (@IndodaxOfficial) March 12, 2019 The post Chain [CRO] Soars 145% New Value Following New Indonesian Exchange Listing appeared first on Coingape.

Universal Protocol Alliance Launches Interest-Paying Stablecoin UPUSD

A consortium of blockchain companies including Bittrex International, Brave, Cred, and Bitgo is launching a new stablecoin. Universal Protocol Alliance’s Universal Dollar (UPUSD) is a dollar-pegged token whose holders will earn interest, just like a regular savings account. The consortium has announced ambitious plans to launch UPUSD in Africa and Latin America first, to attract “the next 100 million users into cryptocurrency.” Also read: Turkish Real Estate Agency Sells 9 Houses for BTC Crypto Assets That Pay Interest Are So Hot Right Now Competition for the USD ticker is fierce these days. In addition to TUSD, GUSD, and USDC, the stablecoin economy now has UPUSD. Universal Protocol’s stab at a stablecoin, developed with the backing of Bittrex International, Uphold, Brave, Cred, Blockchain at Berkeley, Bitgo, and Certik, is an ERC20 token that will allow its holders to earn interest for staking. In that respect, there are clear parallels to be made with Blockfi’s crypto interest account, which launched this week promising BTC and ETH holders 6 percent per year. Dan Schatt, president of Cred, told that UPUSD will pay quarterly interest as high as 10 percent annually. What distinguishes the Universal Dollar from the competition is the target market it’s designed for. Countries crippled by weakened national currency, such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe, will purportedly be among the first beneficiaries of UPUSD. The Universal Dollar stablecoin promises a “competitive annual rate of return” and it is anticipated that uptake will be particularly strong in countries with high inflation or limited access to traditional banking. Dan Schatt explained: Today, Uphold and Cred service hundreds of thousands of users in developing and high-inflation countries. Many Venezuelans use Cred’s service, looking for the same returns and stability as the rest of the world. The difference is they are in a country with a 10 million percent inflation rate. A Passive Income for Token-Holders The UP platform will enable users to lend their USD-pegged assets and earn interest via Uphold’s Cred Earn application. UPUSD will also be rolled out in developed countries, where it will permit users to store their digital assets on a 1:1 basis at FDIC-insured banks. The token will launch on March 8 on Uphold, whose UP platform has been praised by UPUSD backer Brendan Eich, co-founder of Brave, for its “usability and familiarity.” The platform incorporates a number of features designed to enhance its user-friendliness, particularly to non-technical users who may be new to cryptocurrencies. This includes key recovery, using a 2-of-3 private key-sharing system that will enable the wallet owner and one of their approved third parties to restore a lost wallet. Users can also delegate control over their assets to a third party such as a centralized exchange for temporary trading, before taking back custody of the funds and restoring them to their personal wallet. The development of UPUSD is the latest example of crypto assets taking on the form and features of the legacy financial system that they were originally designed to leave behind. What are your thoughts on interest-paying cryptocurrency accounts? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Universal Protocol Alliance Launches Interest-Paying Stablecoin UPUSD appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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