Top upcoming and active ICO projects, Week 36 ’18

Top upcoming and active ICO projects, Week 36 ’18

In the below list you'll find some new ICO projects which have to be paid attention to: NEONEXCHANGE, DAEX, DeepCloud. We have also prepared the list of Top ICOs that are on Token-Sale and Pre-Sale: Carry protocol, Soundeon, and Cryptyk

Upcoming ICOs


Financial services and trading: complex platform on NEO blockchain.

Rating —  Investment rating: Positive; Hype score: High; Risk score: Low — Very high interest — High

  • Token Sale: 3—14 Sept ’18
  • Token type: NEP5
  • ICO Token Price: $1
  • Fundraising Goal: $25,000,000
  • Total Tokens: 25,000,000
  • Accepts: NEO
  • Whitelist: No (ended)


Blockchain infrastructure: ecosystem for cryptoexchanges.

Rating — Hype score: Medium — N/A

  • Token Sale: 9 Sept — 9 Oct ’18
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: $0,07
  • Fundraising Goal: ref. website
  • Total Tokens: 2,000,000,000
  • Accepts: BTC, ETH, NEO QTUM
  • Whitelist: Yes

DeepCloud AI (DEEP)

Platform for decentralized applications via cloud solution, powered by AI.

Rating — Hype Score: Low — N/A — Medium

  • Token Sale: from 10 Sept
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: $0,25
  • Fundraising Goal: $8,000,000 (soft cap) — $15,000,000 (hard cap)
  • Total Tokens: 200,000,000
  • Accepts: ETH
  • Whitelist: No (ended)

Top Active ICOs

Carry Protocol (CRE)

E-commerce: personal data for consumers, marketers and merchants complex solution.

  • Token Sale: till 8 Sept ’18 (6 days left)
  • Token Price: 1 CRE = $0.0094
  • Fundraising Goal: 47,000 ETH
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

Soundeon (SOUNDEON)

Blockchain music ecosystem with Smart ticketing platform, Exchange and Music player.

  • Pre-Sale (till 29 Sep)
  • Token Sale: 30 Sept — 30 Oct ’18
  • Token Price: 1 SOUNDEON = $0.056923
  • Fundraising Goal: $3,000,000 (hard cap) — $37,000,000 (soft cap)
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

Cryptyk (CTK)

Cyber-security and cloud storage data processing platform (file sharing, document editing, messaging, etc).

  • Pre-Sale (till 25 Sep)
  • Token Sale: 26 Sept — 31 Oct ’18
  • Token Price: 1 CTK = $0.125
  • Fundraising Goal: $8,000,000 (hard cap) — $25,000,000 (soft cap)
  • Total Tokens: 750,000,000
  • Accepts: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC


Ended on 31 Oct, 2018
$ 7M of 8M raised


Ended on 9 Oct, 2018


Ended on 30 Oct, 2018
$ 600k of 3M raised

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Huobi Global Selects the First Korean Altcoin 'Carry Protocol' for Fast Track 6

Carry token skyrocketed to 2370% when listed on Upbit, Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange Carry has high potential to become blockchain's first real-world use case as it partnered with corporations with the major retail and offline presence Carry Protocol (CEO: Grant Sohn, Richard Choi), a monetization platform for consumer data, has been selected by Huobi Global for Fast Track 6 and will be listed on Huobi Global accordingly. Fast Track Phase 6 Voting will start at 9 pm (GMT +9), Aug 7th, 2019. The winning project will be listed on Huobi Global's USDT, BTC, and HT market, on the same day right after the voting is finished. Other projects will be listed on Aug 9th. When Carry token (CRE) was listed on Upbit, Korea's largest exchange, earlier this year, the price of CRE jumped to 2370% and recorded the highest trading volume of the day, exceeding that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since the announcement of investment from top-tier investors ...Full story available on
Benzinga Announces Primary Listing Partnership with DeepCloud AI (DEEP) ( has announced the primary listing of DeepCloud AI (DEEP), an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform that provides a marketplace for companies and individuals to share excess capacity of computing and storage resources via decentralized cloud.  DeepCloud AI is planning to launch its token pre-sale for users on July 18 EDT. Being the […] The post Announces Primary Listing Partnership with DeepCloud AI (DEEP) appeared first on CCN Markets
CCN Announces Primary Listing Partnership with DeepCloud AI (DEEP)

Coinspeaker Announces Primary Listing Partnership with DeepCloud AI (DEEP) ( has announced the primary listing of DeepCloud AI (DEEP), an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform that provides a marketplace for companies and individuals to share excess capacity of computing and storage resources via decentralized cloud.DeepCloud AI will launch token pre-sale for users expectedly on July 15th EDT. As the organizer, DeepCloud takes full legal responsibility for its token pre-sale. As part of the listing collaboration, will provide technology and execution support for this pre-sale.About DeepCloud AIDeepCloud AI is exploring the new market of decentralized solutions by offering users a blockchain-based decentralized cloud service option. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage resources, DeepCloud AI can offer a revolutionary cloud infrastructure for decentralized applications, especially IoT and Web 3.0 apps. With the democratization of cloud computing, resource providers and application developers have a level playing field to run decentralized applications cost-effectively.The platform will provide a fully functional marketplace for computing and storage resources for companies and individuals – enabling them to share their excess capacity via a decentralized cloud.A core differentiator of DeepCloud AI is the use of AI for doing the resource matching between the network resource providers and application developers. A state-of-the-art matchmaking algorithm allocates resources for computation requests in the most optimal way. It is based on several parameters such as information from network user requests, location of usage, and the network contributors’ states in the master modes.This application marketplace for developers with pre-validated applications will speed up development of end-to-end solutions. Security comes from a layer of protection built around Intel’s SGX technology and deploying real-time monitoring of the platform to prevent fraud.DeepCloud AI is blockchain agnostic which means it allows multiple different chains to decentralize control and increase trust. The goal is to have a high throughput of transactions with low transaction costs.The ecosystem is composed of network resources providers, decentralized application developers, application marketplace providers and the AI controller. Network resource providers are people who provide resources to the network and earn DEEP tokens. Application developers can customize user-services for their applications through their user dashboard and select dApps from the predefined applications from the application marketplace. The AI controller manages the resources, analyzing every transaction and its effect on the network. The AI Matching Engine matches the network resource providers and application developers.A Wide Range of Use CasesDeepCloud AI’s made significant efforts to establish partnerships with leading institutions and established enterprises in a variety of international markets. The development team is led by CTO Geeta Chauhan, a former Nokia and Lucent Alcatel executive, and has committed substantial resources into developing custom solutions for a variety of projects.IoT applications need edge computing close to the source. With DeepCloud’s matching machine, the right resources can be matched to the right applications based on real-time analysis of data across the network.Smart cities: Local governments can build core infrastructure for smart cities and use DeepCloud AI’s resources close to the edge for running and deploying applications.Tracking supply chain transactions: Deploying blockchain-based applications on DeepCloud AI fabric allows tracking of complex supply chain transactions with a full audit trail that’s tamper-proof and secure.Service providers, such as TV companies, can rely on DeepCloud AI’s decentralized services such as local caching during large audience events (for instance during the Olympics and football season).DeepCloud AI already has a contractual agreement with the Mexican government and is creating an immutable, distributed vehicle database in Coahilla. A trial run will take place in July 2019, after which it will be decided whether a nationwide rollout will take place.About ( is the industry’s next-generation digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of financial products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. This innovative trading platform was founded by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans and built upon the core values of blockchain, transparency and reliability, to deliver high-quality client services and trading always strives to provide its global users with a comprehensive set of trading products. enabled margin trading on Feb. 14th, 2019. The margin trading function is another step forward from a product-offering perspective to better serve their dynamic trading needs. For users who understand and acknowledge the risks involved in margin trading, they are now able to leverage their tradable asset for potential higher return on investment through margin trading with sound risk management. The list of digital assets that can be traded on margin has increased from initial four to 18 different tokens, even including BTMX. It’s another pioneering move for to enable margin trading in its own native token. It expands the utility functions of BTMX, and incentivizes liquidity on the platform. (The margin trading function of is not available for North American markets.)Similar to the innovative margin trading launched on, introduction of this unique Volatility Card has again showcased the team’s deep understanding of inner working of capital market and their advanced expertise in financial product design. Volatility Card is the first volatility-linked derivative product of this platform that allows global users to forecast and trade off price fluctuation of underlying major coins during preset time windows in a simple yet effective way. Named as Turtle and Bunny Card after Aesop’s fable – the Tortoise and the Hare, the card has quasi-option structure for underlying trading pairs yet largely simplified payout form. User can purchase different card for the prediction of price movement either within certain range (Turtle Card) or above certain range (Bunny Card). Those who predict correct range of price movement will receive the payout equivalent to notional value of the card. Volatility Card uses simplified payout form without complication of settlement and clearing issues common for real currency options. Users just simply select which card to purchase to trade on their view of volatility of underlying asset either within or above certain range. It is easy to understand and use for all types of traders with need for either very short-term momentum trading or partial risk hedging against outsized price swing in very volatile market has experienced significant growth since its launch 2018 and is deeply committed to providing a high-performance, client-centric trading platform to its global client base. Currently, the platform has over 180,000 registered users, with over 50,000 active community members. The listing of DEEP broadens its trading pair scope, as well as provides more diversified global exposure to DeepCloud AI.For more information, follow on: Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Announces Primary Listing Partnership with DeepCloud AI (DEEP)

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