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Usage Analysis for the ERC-20 and ERC-721 Tokens

by Paul Arssov (disclosure — I am developing an automated cryptocurrency trading system at arstech.biz)1. IntroductionThis is a technical article — as such represents less of a personal opinion and more of facts based on actual data at the time of the article was written (May 2019).The ERC20 is a smart contact standard, basis for programs that are executed on the ETH and some derivative blockchains (EOS,Telos…). ERC721 is a newer version of the standard.The article answers the following questions -- how many ERC20 and ERC721 tokens are listed on the ETH blockchain? How many of them are the newer ERC721 type of tokens?- how many of these ERC20/721 tokens are actually listed on centralized crypto-currency exchanges?The Ethereum ecosystem is buzzing with activity. The impression of an ordinary person is that there are hundreds if not thousands of smart contracts and coins — new ones popping up every day.2. How many ERC20 and ERC721 tokens are listed on the ETH blockchain? How many of them are the newer ERC721 type of tokens?The following information was obtained by a program calling the REST API set of — blockscout.com and obtained from the Ethereum blockchain.The initial version of the program did return a list of several hundred smart contracts and the following list of 165 symbols. Then I found a bug in the program!Here is the initially found list of tokens -0 sym-SNX / Synthetix Network Token ERC-201 sym-WETH / Wrapped Ether ERC-202 sym-REP / Reputation ERC-203 sym-OCN / OCoin ERC-204 sym-PLANET / 0xUniverse ERC-205 sym-XYO / XY Oracle ERC-206 sym-SNX / Synthetix Network Token ERC-207 sym-WETH / Wrapped Ether ERC-208 sym-REP / Reputation ERC-209 sym-OCN / OCoin ERC-2010 sym-PLANET / 0xUniverse ERC-2011 sym-XYO / XY Oracle ERC-2012 sym-0x9f8f…. / 0x9f8f…. ERC-2013 sym-NKC / NeworkCoin ERC-2014 sym-REN / Republic Token ERC-2015 sym-MANA / Decentraland MANA ERC-2016 sym-EDN / Eden Coin ERC-2017 sym-KBC / KaratBank Coin ERC-2018 sym-BQTX / BqtX Token ERC-2019 sym-MLBCB / LucidSight-MLB-NFT ERC-72120 sym-ANET / ANET ERC-2021 sym-CK / CryptoKitties ERC-72122 sym-OLT / Oneledger Token ERC-2023 sym-GEM / Gems Token ERC-2024 sym-GCC / GameCell ERC-2025 sym-NEXO / Nexo ERC-2026 sym-GST2 / Gastoken.io ERC-2027 sym-CTN / Crypton ERC-72128 sym-P3D / PowH3D ERC-2029 sym-PKG / PKG Token ERC-2030 sym-nCash / NucleusVision ERC-2031 sym-Ù¨ / Dentacoin ERC-2032 sym-OMG / OMGToken ERC-2033 sym-MB / MonsterBit ERC-72134 sym-MTC / Medical Token Currency ERC-2035 sym-RBLX / Rublix ERC-2036 sym-TFD / TE-FOOD ERC-2037 sym-CASH / Cash ERC-2038 sym-WPR / WePower Token ERC-2039 sym-LAND / Decentraland LAND ERC-72140 sym-EVN / Envion ERC-2041 sym-JEIG / JeiCoin Gold ERC-2042 sym-DTA / Data Token ERC-2043 sym-RGS / Rusgas ERC-2044 sym-TOL / Tolar Token ERC-2045 sym-MAN / MATRIX AI Network ERC-2046 sym-CBF / Chibi Fighters ERC-2047 sym-SUPR / SupeRare ERC-2048 sym-BEAT / BEAT ERC-2049 sym-EMONT / EtheremonToken ERC-2050 sym-EMPR / empowr ERC-2051 sym-CP / CryptoPony ERC-72152 sym-KEY / SelfKey ERC-2053 sym-0x86fa0… / 0x86fa0… ERC-2054 sym-MXM / Maximine Coin ERC-2055 sym-ATL / ATLANT Token ERC-2056 sym-ETHBOT / Etherbots ERC-72157 sym-C8 / Carboneum ERC-2058 sym-BCPT / BLOCKMASON CREDIT PROTOCOL TOKEN ERC-2059 sym-FISH / Fishbank ERC-72160 sym-BUNNY / BunnyToken ERC-2061 sym-BWT / Bittwatt ERC-2062 sym-ARB / ARBITRAGE ERC-2063 sym-SCC / SiaCashCoin ERC-2064 sym-LMM / Link Managenent Chain Token ERC-2065 sym-BTCG / BitcoinGalaxy ERC-2066 sym-TREK / TrekChain ERC-2067 sym-SINOC / Sinoc ERC-2068 sym-EOP / EOSpace ERC-2069 sym-CET / Dicet ERC-2070 sym-ETIT / ETH.TOWN Token ERC-2071 sym-GAT / GAT Token ERC-2072 sym-DOG / DOG: The Anti-Scam Reward Token ERC-2073 sym-DATP / Decentralized Asset Trading Platform ERC-2074 sym-WAB / WABnetwork ERC-2075 sym-WNK / Woonk ERC-2076 sym-EX / EXtereum ERC-2077 sym-BXT / BITFXT COIN ERC-2078 sym-ETC7 / Ethereum Legend Coin ERC-2079 sym-HYDRO / Hydro ERC-2080 sym-LPK / Kripton ERC-2081 sym-CMT / Crypto Miner Token ERC-2082 sym-ZTH / Zethr ERC-2083 sym-BDT / BitDATA Token ERC-2084 sym-PDATA / PDATA ERC-2085 sym-O2O / O2O ERC-2086 sym-OPEX / Optherium ERC-2087 sym-XBD / Bit Dinero ERC-2088 sym-EON / EOS Network ERC-2089 sym-QZT / QZ Token ERC-2090 sym-PRCLS / PRICELESS ERC-2091 sym-BCT / BCT Token ERC-2092 sym-PYT / Payther Token ERC-2093 sym-BMAX / BitcoinMax ERC-2094 sym-DW1STR / Dark Winds First Edition Cards (Revisited) ERC-2095 sym-CPR / Casper ERC-2096 sym-TBE / TowerBee ERC-2097 sym-YEED / YGGDRASH ERC-2098 sym-TUP / turepay ERC-2099 sym-ZTHG / ZethrGame ERC-20100 sym-GEX / GREENX ERC-20101 sym-NN / Neodium Network ERC-20102 sym-MORPH / MORPH ERC-20103 sym-GVINE / GVINE ERC-20104 sym-IOG / IOGENESIS ERC-20105 sym-POC / ProofOfCommunity ERC-20106 sym-RST / REGA Risk Sharing Token ERC-20107 sym-CCN / CryptoCurrencyNetwork ERC-20108 sym-XMT / Marijuana ERC-20109 sym-BABC / Business Alliance Business Coin ERC-20110 sym-ONTOP / On Top Coin ERC-20111 sym-NOE / NoteOfExchange ERC-20112 sym-EML / e-Mal Token ERC-20113 sym-OGO / OGO Coin ERC-20114 sym-ETA / ETA ERC-20115 sym-ZUR-D / Zur Drafts by Zurcoin Core ERC-20116 sym-0x2c2391f… / 0x2c2391… ERC-20117 sym-DMX / Dreamex Token ERC-20118 sym-JEANS / Jeans Token ERC-20119 sym-CLM / Caelum Token ERC-20120 sym-MGC / Magic ERC-20121 sym-ProductionUnit / Production Unit | Moon, Inc. ERC-20122 sym-UBN / Ubricoin ERC-20123 sym-PWM / POWM ERC-20124 sym-CM / CM ERC-20125 sym-POCG / CraigsABitch ERC-20126 sym-BIT / 8thereum ERC-20127 sym-DDT / DailyDivs ERC-20128 sym-STEEM / Steem ERC-20129 sym-RMB / LIYAN ERC-20130 sym-SB / 赏币 ERC-20131 sym-0xbb991… / 0xbb991… ERC-20132 sym-ETD / Ethereum Diamond ERC-20133 sym-TKBC / Token Bit Coin ERC-20134 sym-UFT / Unoflix ERC-20135 sym-SST / SocialStake ERC-20136 sym-J20 / JIL Coin ERC-20137 sym-GBT / GitBit Token ERC-20138 sym-AL / ALpay ERC-20139 sym-LUKE / LUKE ERC-20140 sym-0xa6ff73… / 0xa6ff73743… ERC-20141 sym-SCALE / SCALE ERC-20142 sym-Snow / Snow ERC-20143 sym-WE.R.LIVE / Polymath Test Token ERC-20144 sym-WTOA / WeTrust Token of Appreciation ERC-721145 sym-FUNDS / FUNDS ERC-20146 sym-YMOM / Your MOM ERC-20147 sym-SYTZ / 三元通证 ERC-20148 sym-BATCoin / BATCoin Token ERC-20149 sym-EIX / DeniX ERC-20150 sym-GLASS / sharespost ERC-20151 sym-LINKURL / UrlLinkCoin ERC-20152 sym-XRH / xurihong ERC-20153 sym-TT / Tiger Token ERC-20154 sym-BC12 / Bavli Coin ERC-20155 sym-IDOL / IDOLCOIN ERC-20156 sym-DRGN / Dragon ERC-20157 sym-BAX / BAX ERC-20158 sym-0xBTC / 0xBitcoin Token ERC-20159 sym-ESS / ESSENTIA ERC-20160 sym-ABC / ABC — Anti Bureaucracy Coin ERC-20161 sym-EVO / Evolution ERC-20162 sym-FSBT / Forty Seven Bank Token ERC-20163 sym-MNZ / Monetize Coin ERC-20164 sym-UBEX / UBEX Token ERC-20165 sym-HOT / HoloToken ERC-20After running again of the program, with the fix of the bug, I have got a list with a little more than 110,000 smart contracts. It took several days of the program running to actually get how many tokens represent these 110k smart contracts.Some of the tokens/smart contracts do not put symbol and name, and are listed as — 0x….. Maybe they represent the development stage of an old or a upcoming new token.Out of the 110k smart contacts the program did find about 7150 tokens. Some of the names of the tokens in the list match popular crypto coins — BTC,LTC,BCH,DOGE… For ex. for XRP(Ripple) I did find these tokens -…3050 XRPC — Ripplecash / ERC-20…3420 XRPE — Ripple EOS / ERC-20…3897 XRPB — RIPPLE BLACK / ERC-20..5735 IXRP — iRipple / ERC-20…7102 XRP — Ripple / ERC-20This is pretty deceptive ! A user buying one of these tokens residing on the Ethereum blockchain may think it relates somehow to Ripple and its chain when most likely there is no relation at all.What is also surprising for me is the tiny number of new ERC721 tokens. It seems like only the most successful tokens in the ETH ecosystem like — CK (Crypto Kitties) and few others are based on ERC721 standard.3. How many of the ETH blockchain ERC20/721 tokens are actually listed on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges?The information to answer the question was obtained by a program browsing the data from our automatic cryptocurrency trading system at arstech.biz .The system collects information from 36+ major centralized crypto-exchanges located worldwide, non-stop 24/7/365 .A centralized crypto exchage is a more or less regulated business which operates and has to comply with laws in the country of registration. Such exchange normally has the capability to exchange crypto-coins to/from fiat (USD,EUR,JPY,KRW…) currency.In contrast, there are few smart contracts on the ETH blockchain with capabilities of a de-centralized crypto-exchange. They allow exchange between any ERC20/721 tokens on the same ETH blockchain.Here is the list of ERCxxx tokens which are actually listed on centralized crypto-exchanges, taken from the above list of 165 tokens, followed by exchanges and symbols -0 SNX — kucoin- SNX-ETH, 1 REP — hitbtc- REPETH, bitfinex- REPETH, bithumb- REP, binance- REPETH, coinone- rep, simex- REP_ETH, 2 OCN — hitbtc- OCNETH, bithumb- OCN, kucoin- OCN-ETH, huobi- ocneth, lbkex- ocn_eth, 3 XYO — kucoin- XYO-ETH, 4 HOT — bitfinex- HOTETH, quoine- HOTETH, kucoin- HOT-ETH, binance- HOTETH, huobi- hoteth, 5 UBEX — bitforex- eth-ubex, 6 REN — huobi- reneth, 7 MANA — hitbtc- MANAETH, kucoin- MANA-ETH, binance- MANAETH, bibox- MANA, huobi- manaeth, okex- mana_eth, 8 EDN — kucoin- EDN-ETH, 9 KBC — hitbtc- KBCETH, digifinex- eth_kbc, bitforex- eth-kbc, 10 OLT — kucoin- OLT-ETH, bitforex- eth-olt, 11 NEXO — hitbtc- NEXOETH, huobi- nexoeth, 12 OMG — hitbtc- OMGETH, bitfinex- OMGETH, exmo- OMG_ETH, digifinex- eth_omg, bithumb- OMG, kucoin- OMG-ETH, binance- OMGETH, coinone- omg, huobi- omgeth, simex- OMG_ETH, okex- omg_eth, 13 MTC — kucoin- MTC-ETH, bibox- MTC, lbkex- mtc_eth, dobitrade- mtc_eth, 14 RBLX — quoine- RBLXETH, 15 TFD — kucoin- TFD-ETH, 16 WPR — bitfinex- WPRETH, binance- WPRETH, huobi- wpreth, 17 DTA — bitfinex- DTAETH, huobi- dtaeth, coinbene- DTAETH, 18 TOL — hitbtc- TOLLETH, dobitrade- tol_eth, 19 MAN — bitfinex- MANETH, lbkex- man_eth, 20 BEAT — bitforex- eth-beat, 21 KEY — kucoin- KEY-ETH, binance- KEYETH, bibox- KEY, 22 MXM — coinbene- MXMETH, bitforex- eth-mxm, 23 BCPT — hitbtc- BCPTETH, binance- BCPTETH, idcm- BCPT/ETH, 24 FISH — bcex- IFISH, 25 GAT — quoine- GATETH, bcex- GAT, 26 WAB — binance- WABIETH, 27 HYDRO — bitforex- eth-hydro, 28 CMT — digifinex- eth_cmt, bithumb- CMT, binance- CMTETH, bibox- CMT, huobi- cmteth, coinbene- CMTETH, idcm- CMT/ETH, okex- cmt_eth, 29 GEX — idcm- GEX/ETH, 30 MORPH — hitbtc- MORPHETH, 31 MGC — idcm- MGC/ETH, 32 BIT — hitbtc- BITETH, 33 STEEM — bithumb- STEEM, binance- STEEMETH, huobi- steemeth, 34 GBT — bitforex- eth-gbt, 35 DRGN — kucoin- DRGN-ETH, 36 BAX — kucoin- BAX-ETH, 37 ESS — bitfinex- ESSETH,As the list show the majority of the listed ERCxxx tokens are listed on a single exchange.A small group of tokens are listed on more than 3 crypto-exchanges — as highlighted. However further analysis is need to find the spread and trade volume.High spread — difference between buy and sell price discourages initial purchase and then trading of a crypto-coin. Low (or absent) 24hours trading volume shows low popularity and interest in trading in the specific crypto-coin.Still, all the coins on the list show the courage to break from the Ethereum blockchain bubble and become trade-able on public crypto-markets.4. ConclusionAs I pointed in the beginning, the article contains less of opinions and more of facts. The 2 lists can be used as a reference in trading of a specific crypto-coin and/or in investing in the business which issued the specific crypto-coin.Cryptocurrencies are the type of a ‘disruptive innovation’ as defined by professor in business Clayton Christensen.We are witnessing creation of a new market which is disrupting the financial markets and which has the potential to ‘eat the lunch’ of the traditional stock market.Topics for upcoming articles -- What is the price, the spread, and the volume of each of the listed ERC20/721 tokens on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges?- Analyzing the source code and the functions of successful ERC20/721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchainUsage Analysis for the ERC-20 and ERC-721 Tokens was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

0xGames Partners With Tron Arcade (TRX) In Their New Blockchain DApp Game, 0xWarriors

0xGames Partners Tron In Their New DApp Game, 0xWarriors Following the success of their Blockchain-powered space strategy game, 0xUniverse, the legendary maker of blockchain-based games is at it again, although with a new partner on board. 0xGames is teaming up with Tron in a bid to take over the blossoming gaming industry again, this time with 0xWarriors. Ever since its release, 0xGames’ incredible strategy game, 0xUniverse has been topping the charts. This, therefore, insinuates that the amount of expectations from its adherents, especially with Tron’s blockchain platform in the mix, is indescribable. The new battle game has been tipped to revolutionize the everyday gaming experience. Given the fact that it’s another great game from a gaming company that has earned itself a name amongst lovers of decentralized gamers, 0xWarriors will truly be an exciting one. Tron will be credited for the DApp platform that helped design the game. You can take advantage of the presale that’s ongoing! A Little About The 0xWarriors Of course, it’s another exciting blockchain-powered game. However, that aside, we can simply describe it as ‘battler’ game whereby you will have to fight your way up if you are to be honored and celebrated. Essentially, it is a tournament game where, in order to win, you must get armored accordingly. The good thing though is the various prizes along the way. You collect gaming bonuses – items that you may later trade for useful goodies. The ability to personalize your warrior by giving him skills and looks of your preference is a great feature too. However, it is the ability to form multiple Blockchain troops and enter into alliances with other warriors for a profit that makes the whole game a lot more exciting! 0xGames – The Journey So Far It’s only the other day, specifically in early 2018, that 0xGames, a Cypriot outfit, finally became a success. It is when their 0xUniverse game shot to fame and announced them to the world as a serious maker of decentralized games. The subsequent 0xUniverse upgrades, as well as the start of 0xBattleships, cemented their status as a world-class gaming company. Later, the release of 0xWarriors, albeit in a Beta version, was another win. And as they team up with Tron, this not only signifies their quest for greatness, but also the fact that they have their clients at the heart of everything. As Sergey Kopov, the company’s CEO, says, having DApp platform at the core of their games goes a long way in ensuring that Blockchain is accepted in the future. Tron is a new partner, but it isn’t a surprising choice. The Tron’s devs believe that it will help their company get more exposure, earn more users and eventually increase the use of TRX, their very own cryptocurrency. More Gaming Companies Are Choosing Tron! 0xGames isn’t the only one partnering with Tron though. Two other famous brands namely TronGoo (or EtherGoo) and KuaiXiYou – a Chinese online game, has pitched camp on the Tron platform. There’s no doubt more brands will be joining in soon, as well! Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (Ripple), and EOS Price Analysis Watch (Feb 7th)
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Multi-blockchain Battler: Crypto Game Allows Warriors To Get Equipped From Two Platforms

Multi-blockchain Battler: Crypto Game Allows Warriors To Get Equipped From Two Platforms Crypto game developer 0xGames, creator of blockchain-based space strategy 0xUniverse has created a new multi-blockchain competitive battler, titled 0xWarriors. The company says that 0xWarriors is one of the first multi-blockchain based games where players can use different blockchains, starting with EOS and Ethereum, […] Cet article Multi-blockchain Battler: Crypto Game Allows Warriors To Get Equipped From Two Platforms est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Blockchain Video Game Development has Limitations Despite Huge Potential

Blockchain Game Development – The Limitations in Practice While blockchain gaming is still an ecosystem dominated by engineers and crypto-enthusiasts, it is gaining an increasing level of attraction from those otherwise outside of these two demographics. With a significant hype being whipped up thanks to 0xUniverse, Etheremon and Gods Unchained late this year, gaming is fast becoming known as an innovator within the blockchain world, and mainstream developers are steadily coming to grips with it. And it's no real surprise that the mainstream is starting to follow the flow; blockchain technology opens up the potential for elements like complete individual ownership of games and assets, with some real use cases for blockchains offering a great deal of interoperability, literally allowing players to pull items out of their games, and use them in another. But while cryptocurrencies in, and blockchain-backed games do come off as ‘the next big thing', especially when you look at the trading volumes for games like Cryptokitties, it's a product of overly ambitious thinking at the moment. Taking a look at State of the Dapps or Dappradar demonstrates impressive trading volumes, but user bases ranging from a few hundred, to just a couple. In their defense, most other Dapps, not just games, demonstrate a very similar scope of user levels, but if it is some appreciated consolation, for an area that's so young to already have major developers and businesses watching it, is nothing short of astounding. But what we need to be pragmatic of is this: widespread adoption is further off than optimists may care to think. In addition, blockchain already has a number of development issues that hold it back somewhat that need to be addressed before it can hope to obtain the numbers it's very capable of getting. Just one of them is the matter of scalability, and when we refer to this, we take into consideration that with a larger user base, there's a far greater demand on the blockchain and its accompanying network. No scaling solve? No game, that's the case with mainstream games and blockchain games are certainly no exception. Video games, like any major project, require a lot of operations going on in tandem, from concept, to development and beyond. The gaming system needs to have adequate enough processing power to render the graphics, meanwhile, the gaming system needs to able to seamlessly execute any actions the player wants to make. It's incredibly easy to fall short of this, exasperating and even resulting in players swearing off a game entirely, we see it in the mainstream gaming world all the time. Hypothetically, if you were to drop blockchain in its current state into the mainstream world of an FPS or RTS right now, it would need nothing less than miracles to make sure it worked at the same capacity. It's this complex structure that explains why most blockchain games are relatively simple in-game style from architecture to playing them. Many blockchain games operate with relative similarity to casual mobile games that we've seen in the past and present when it comes to their gameplay and appearance. Same applies for the likes of ETH Town and CryptoKitties, the former functioning much like a mobile game with separate min-games attached, while the latter serves as a repository and marketplace for digital assets. While blockchain technology represents a powerful force for the future of gaming, the COO of Constellation Labs, Ben Jorgensen, points out that its relative simplicity due to blockchain's complexity, represents a significant roadblock to its future implementation. “Centralized game development solutions, like Unity, and existing cloud storage/computing infrastructure needed for the high graphic rendering are still the most successful and reliable solutions. If blockchain is going to be used by game developers, a scalable architecture and a reliable network that can manage high image rendering and massive user adoption is necessary.” Jorgensen continues on to highlight the fact that blockchain gaming, particularly its architecture, in its current form, “is cumbersome and cannot support consumer-grade applications that have large user bases,” nor does it “easily integrate into existing gaming platforms.” One example of this is the spike in activity from CryptoKitties, which happened from December 2017, and while only consisting of a few hundred players, it still “took down the [Ethereum] network for a moment.” While seeming innocuous, it was enough for challenger blockchains like EOS or Zilliqa to pull away game developers from Ethereum due to the subsequent issues faced by this spike. Jorgensen continued on say that blockchain's current gaming infrastructure, especially in the case of Ethereum “is not deployable to common programming languages, like Java.” And while this, he recognises, may be of benefit for mobile development, it presents an unnecessary barrier to integration for platforms. “No game developer wants to have to learn a new programming language, like solidity with Ethereum,” he elaborated. Alongside the issue of video game architecture, there's also a serious matter surrounding the costs. Statistically speaking, every company, whether they're interested in blockchain or not, always want to know about how it can save money. Blockchain gaming is just another example of this. Jorgensen explained: “The cost structure to use decentralized and distributed networks needs to show significant cost savings for the industry to shift its attention and tech stack onto blockchain-like solutions.” If we were to take into consideration, these same limitations, the current market for blockchain gaming is focused predominantly on one type of video game, and that's one based around buying and trading collectibles, CryptoKitties being the prominent example. A further example would be Loom Network's Zombie Battleground, which is a trading card game based off the likes of Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. The game itself operates using the Loom sidechain in conjunction with the mainchain, and is not subject to the same limitations that . blight the likes of Ethereum. Because Zombie Battleground is connected to both the Main and side chains, it means players can use cryptocurrencies and NFT's within the game, while also storing their unique assets off chain, preventing any issues with latency or scaling. It's in this particular way that games can exist as part, and apart from blockchain technology; being able to interact with it, but not being potentially constrained by it. Out of all the probable applications of blockchain, this one appears to be the most feasible, at the very least because it has a real-use case which functions well. This also could be an explanation for why most blockchain games center around, or include to some extent, a digital asset marketplace in order to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. Digital asset trading is something that is definitely not going anywhere when it comes to the future of blockchain gaming. He regards it as something that is highly applicable to the world of eSports that we see at the moment. “Whether it be real-world items that have been created to have a unique digital clone, or something like digital baseball cards, [digital assets have] an opportunity to transcend eSports gaming crowds and usher in a new social gaming experience that is an evolution from the social gaming boom we saw in 2010.” This upward trend of growth, in tandem with its competitive costs in order to render online games and graphics would also lead to a “new wave of connected gaming,” suggests Jorgensen. Inevitably, video games are otherwise complex creations, which involve a large number of moving parts. And integrating blockchain technology into gaming systems in a convenient and seamless way will require a great deal of elbow grease in order to accomplish, now whether that relates somewhat to improving the scaling their internal architecture, or mitigating the costs associated with rendering graphics. Even with these accepted limitations, the blockchain gaming market is one that is steadily evolving, and it's definitely going to continue to grow and see investment by venture capital and players.
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Crypto Wallet Provider Lumi Launches New App For Collectibles And Game Assets

The cryptocurrency wallet provider Lumi has launched a application to store collectibles and different game assets. Lumi Collect is a separate platform that has been totally designed to run on Android and iOS devices. This is a completely different solution compared to the ones that are now available. Currently, there are some apps based on built-in browsers that are less secure than Lumi Collect. The company explains that the solution that they have built is much more secure than other apps working on built-in browsers. Lumi’s wallet shows all the collectible assets of a specific Ethereum address. In addition to their collectibles, users can see their ETH and token activity in Lumi Collect. In the future, users would sign all smart contract transactions with just a mobile Ethereum wallet. Lumi Collect’s users would have even more functionalities in their wallets. The team behind Lumi is working in order to add a marketplace for tokens, ownership history and prices paid to the crypto wallet. “We might enable smart contract functions inside the app – breed, gift, etf.,” the company explains. The company wants to increase its profits by selling additional slots for new games. With Lumi’s wallet it is possible for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to keep all their collectibles in just one place. In general, the assets are related to games such as characters or objects. At the moment, it is possible to use Lumi Collect for CryptoKitties and Blockchain Cuties. The next games added will be Mycryptons and 0xUniverse. From September 10 to September 14, 2018, Lumi will be airdropping free Cuties if users open new reports. In addition to the collectibles wallet, Lumi is also offering a wallet compatible with ERC-20 assets. The wallet can be used both in mobile version or in desktop. With it, users can see their value in BTC, ETH and US Dollars. At the moment, the app is available using Apple’s App Store and Google Play.
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Lumi Crypto Wallet Releases “Lumi Collect” App to Save Collectibles and Digital Assets

Lumi Releases “First Real App” For Investors to Store Collectibles in Digital Wallet Lumi offers crypto wallets for users that want to store their tokens, but they have recently decided to expand the scope of what they do. There have not been any other applications like this so far, even in a browser format. The new project, which is being called Lumi Collect, will give users the option of putting all collectible items in one wallet, even their game assets and other unique assets. When users open up the app, which is designed for both Android and iOS, they will have a full list of all the collectible assets that the user has associated with their Ethereum address. It is found at the My Collection tab, where they can see their ETH and token activity. There is an additional release planned, during which time the company will be giving the option to sign smart contracts, using the Lumi wallet. By doing so, users can more easily send the products from their collectible games and secure them. There will be additional profits available soon, which will be promoted under the Explore tab on the app. The whole point of the new wallet is to maintain “unique collectible characters in one place.” The majority of the assets that will be stored here will come from games that allow users to collect characters and store them in one place, like the “adorable creatures” from CryptoKitties, along with the items that come from Blockchain Cuties. There are two other games coming soon that Lumi Collect’s wallets will be available, which will be Mycryptons and 0xUniverse. In a recent announcement, Lumi also told investors that there is an airdrop planned for September 10th to September 14th this year. If the user does not need a collectible wallet, Lumi has kept their ERC-20 compatible wallet in place, both with their website and the involved application. Users can maintain their tokens from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum in the wallet. They can even evaluate the collectibles and digital assets to estimate their worth in the above currencies.
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OKEx’s Token Will See 17x Growth in Price, Blockchain Investment Firm Forecasts

The recent popularity Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) have been experiencing over the last few months has brought what it appears to be like a new bull run. An incredible example of success is the OKB token issued by OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume in the world, which has impressed the market beyond expectations having experienced an increase in the price of 163% since launched. Shinobi Capital, a leading blockchain advisory firm and also an investor in early-stage start-ups, has released its latest evaluation report estimating that the OKB price will grow further to US$30.75, 17 times the current price, by the end of 2020. According to Jason Hill, the founding partner of Shinobi Capital:  Exchanges tokens will be the powerhouse of the development of the digital asset market and even blockchain technology. Following a series of IEOs powered by exchange tokens in H1 2019, the market is marching to the next round of bull run. OKB, as a market leader of exchange tokens, is also welcoming its own uptrend. Backed by a number of use cases and a large user base of OKEx, OKB has demonstrated a huge potential of growth. The established blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory firm is well-known for its extensive experience in start-up investment. In their evaluation report of OKB, Shinobi Capital lays out the two most important factors that will affect OKB’s future trading volume, the development of the OKChain mainnet and the overall the crypto market condition. Furthermore, the report also establishes a comparative evaluation model with other major platform tokens, including Binance Coin (BNB), EOS, and TRON (TRX). This comparative evaluation studies different aspects of each token such as trading volume, price patterns, and usage demand. The latest OKB buy-back & burn program is also taken into account to evaluate the token’s future price trend. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the price of OKB will reach USD30.75 and its market capitalization will be about USD7.068 billion. There is a significant growth lag in OKB at this stage, and the potential of price growth needs to be further released. In the next round of market recovery and boom, OKB is likely to become one of the fastest-growing assets in the market. Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release The post OKEx’s Token Will See 17x Growth in Price, Blockchain Investment Firm Forecasts appeared first on NullTX.

Ethereum Classic presents roadmap to improve DApp development and overall infrastructure

Experts of the cryptospace are making use of DApp services to simplify the entire blockchain process. Along these lines, Ethereum Classic’s [ETC] core development team has put forth an initiative to revamp its existing ecosystem. Moving forward with an aspiration for refinement, ETC’s team is developing fresh features over blockchain technology, a development that will […] The post Ethereum Classic presents roadmap to improve DApp development and overall infrastructure appeared first on AMBCrypto.

David Marcus Grilled During Facebook's Senate Hearing

During the first of two congressional hearings regarding Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, project lead David Marcus went as far as to say he'd be willing to take his salary in Libra after intense grilling from Senator Sherrod Brown.
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David Marcus Questioned Over Libra by Congress

Facebook is finally facing its reckoning as David Marcus, head of the company’s blockchain division and the leader of Libra, the venture’s new cryptocurrency, was grilled by Senate members who refuse to believe in Facebook’s allegedly noble financial plans. Libra: A Congressional Issue? Many people have a hard time believing in Facebook’s morality following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Discovered in 2018, Facebook had allegedly been selling users’ private data for years to third parties for advertising purposes. Following Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing last year, trust in Facebook has fallen to an all-time low. In many ways, this new “congressional step” for the social media conglomerate should serve as a huge learning experience. When you’re a company of Facebook’s size and you do anything to compromise the safety or privacy of your customers, you can bet it’s going to take a long time to earn their trust back. Facebook is learning this lesson in spades right now, as several Senators taking part in the hearing commented about the lack of trust they feel towards the company and its executive team. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from the state of Ohio, commented:  Facebook has demonstrated through scandal after scandal that it doesn’t deserve our trust. We’d be crazy to give them a chance to let them experiment with people’s bank accounts. Senator Martha McSally, a Republican from Arizona, stated that Facebook is simply trying to shift gears and get people to focus on something else entirely, in this case cryptocurrency. Rather than seriously attempt to fix its reputation, it’s working to divert people’s attention with an entirely new product. She says: I don’t trust you guys. Instead of cleaning up your house, you are launching into a new business model. In addition, Facebook is also being criticized for its complete lack of coordination with policymakers. Throughout the early development of Libra, Facebook’s executive team failed to make any contacts with regulators or legal authorities to potentially understand how the cryptocurrency could better satisfy present financial laws and terms.  Trust Takes a Long Time to Build At least David Marcus isn’t lying to himself. He acknowledged during the hearing that it would likely take a while before the company can earn people’s trust well enough that they would provide their banking details. He states:  I want to make it clear that we are only at the beginning of the journey. We expect the review of Libra to be one of the most extensive ever. Facebook will not offer the Libra currency until we have addressed the concerns and receive appropriate approvals… We will not control Libra and will be one of over 100 participants that will govern over the currency. We will have to gain people’s trust if we want people to use our network over the hundreds of competing companies. The post David Marcus Questioned Over Libra by Congress appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
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Waves CEO Has Sold His Stake At Vostok, A Waves Blockchain Affiliated Project

Alexander Ivanov, the founder, and CEO of Waves has recently decided to fully sell his stake of Vostok, blockchain spin-off of the Waves platform. According to a recent press release, now only the GHP Group, which bought all the stakes, will be the owner of the project. The CEO also affirmed on the press release that […]
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