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Dragonchain and Hurify partner to accelerate IoT and blockchain adoption

CryptoNinjas Dragonchain, a blockchain technology company with operations in four business segments: enterprise services, entertainment, education, and project incubation/acceleration has announced a new partnership with Hurify Digital Markets to transform decentralized IoT... Dragonchain and Hurify partner to accelerate IoT and blockchain adoption

Ripple, SBI, And Tangem team up to Expand Crypto Ecosystem and Speed up Mass Adoption

Last year, Tangem, the Swiss crypto wallet company introduced physical ways to spend and trade cryptocurrency. “Smart cards” and “smart bank notes” are physical representations of cryptocurrency that could be carried and spent by users. The idea is that with an actual physical representation of cryptocurrency, people can simply hand the note over and make even simpler, no fee transactions. With the adoption and actual spending of cryptocurrency in mind, Ripple, along with financial backer and partner SBI are investing $15 million to accelerate the amount of Tangem Notes that enter circulation. Tangem already had vending machines, ATMs, money exchangers and wider acceptance at retail outlets on the radar for 2019, and this influx of money will speed up these plans. Yoshitaka Kitao, President and CEO of the Japanese investing firm SBI, thinks Tangem’s product is an important factor in bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency to the masses. “The Tangem hardware wallet, which is highly secure and affordable, is an important tool to promote the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain. We believe utilizing Tangem will help stimulate the demand for other blockchain services provided by SBI.” SBI has been partnered with Ripple since 2016 and their crypto exchange VCTRADE started allowing XRP deposits late in 2018. VCTRADE is also set to become the first regulated exchange for Japanese residents so they seem to be pushing for the usage and adoption cryptocurrency from multiple angles. Ripple has recently confirmed that 27 companies would be adopting the use of XRP, with 13 more using Ripple’s xRapid system. While many in the space have spoke of Ripple as a company that will help businesses interact with each other without the use of banks, the team at Ripple doesn’t want the public to lose focus on how XRP and Ripple’s platform can help average people making small everyday transactions. The post Ripple, SBI, And Tangem team up to Expand Crypto Ecosystem and Speed up Mass Adoption appeared first on ZyCrypto.
ZyCrypto partners with DESICO to accelerate adoption of tokenized securities

CryptoNinjas DESICO, a platform to issue and trade tokenized securities announced today its partnership with Blocktrade, a trading facility for security tokens, crypto assets, crypto traded indices and other tokenized assets. Both... partners with DESICO to accelerate adoption of tokenized securities

Bitcoin is Going Global: Here’s the Top Countries Leading Crypto Adoption From Around the World

Since the advent of blockchain technologies a decade ago, the adoption rate of the technologies has taken root across the world. Governments around the world are embracing blockchains and cryptocurrencies or putting in place regulations to ease the growth of the industry. However, there are some governments that are strangling the development process of blockchains and digital assets in their country. The introduction of cryptocurrency debit cards and an increase in the number of merchants accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment has also contributed greatly in boosting the adoption rate. Below is a list of the five countries across the world that have the best environment for cryptocurrency adoption. Japan Japan represents one of the most conducive environments to develop blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The third largest economy in the world made cryptocurrencies a legal tender and exchanges must register with the Financial Services Agency. Despite the strict regulations, Japan is home to a number of cryptocurrency companies such as NEO and cryptocurrencies are exempted from capital gain tax. Nigeria Google trends searches placed “Bitcoin” as the top word searched in 2018. Furthermore, Bitcoin has also seen a significant increase in number of word searches across developing countries. The top 3 countries on Google Trends for “Bitcoin” searches hail from Africa: South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Blockchain are tipped to take center stage in developing economies hence the huge interest in the field by the countries. Chart showing the top counties in “Bitcoin” searches in the past 12 months (Image: Google Trends) Nigeria’s government in particular has started to dwell into regulating the field. Nigeria is the top country in Africa in terms of BTC volume traded. According to Localbitcoins statistics, a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange platform, Nigeria controls 4% of the total volume traded on the site placing the country 6th in the world. Switzerland The capital of cryptocurrencies in Europe resides in Zug, Switzerland. The Crypto Valley was ranked as the fastest growing tech hub in Europe with digital assets playing a huge role in the rankings. The Swiss also pay some employees using cryptocurrencies. Kenya The inclusion of yet another developing country should not be suprising. Kenya, home to the first ever mobile payment service, MPESA, has the highest Bitcoin per individual rate in the world. The government has launched the first fintech regulatory sandbox in Africa to put into place benevolent regulations aiding development in the industry. Venezuela The ailing economy of Venezuela has degraded the Bolivar to almost nothing. The state of the bolivar has seen most of the Venezuelans turn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the form of payment. The government is trying to boost the adoption of the national cryptocurrency, Petro, but to no avail. Venezuela ranks among the top countries in the number of people adopting cryptocurrencies for real use in daily activities. Other: Rest of Europe While Europe is not a country, the region as a whole is seeing massive growth in the number of blockchain companies coming up. Countries such as Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus have become hotspots for blockchain startups and mining due to cool temperature and cheap electricity rates.
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There are 4k crypto ATM worldwide, according to Сoinatmradar. The leader is North America with 71.3% of all machines installed, following by Europe (25%) and Asia (2.56%). The most popular altcoins are LTC and ETH, correspondingly. Rates come up to 8.85% buying rate and 7.9% selling rate on average

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Why Thinking In Terms Of Crypto Doesn't Work

The developers of Samurai wallet removed fiat conversions, explaining that people should understand that by sending Bitcoin they send Bitcoin, not dollars, so there's no need to think in fiat terms. But this seems like an improper decision...

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Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Turkish stock exchange applies blockchain, Belgium offers ICO regulation, new deadline for Visa crypto cards issue, Greek's big plans for BTC-ATMs, an opinion of representative from the Royal Bank of Canada on Goldman Sachs's policy, and Kraken's assurances on its stability

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R3 And ING Bank Make 5-Year a Deal for Unlimited Corda Blockchain Development

The consortium startup Corda and the Dutch banking group ING have recently decided to make a 5-year partnership for the usage of the Corda blockchain. The announcement was made by R3 and the deal is set to let the ING group use an unlimited number of licenses for the platform. This way, the bank will be able to use the blockchain technology freely and CorDapps (Corda Distributed Applications) across all kinds of services. CorDapps is used to help in many activities like trading, finances, capital markets and identity. R3 CEO David Rutter has affirmed that ING will take full advantage of the technology created by the consortium and that the company is looking forward for this partnership so that they can help the bank to achieve better results with more efficiency, profitability and productivity. Annerie Vreugdenhil, head of innovation for ING, describes the deal as a huge milestone for the company and in the transition for a more distributed economy instead of a centralized one. According to her, the bank is on the verge of deploying DLT solutions for clients which will improve greatly the quality of the banking services. ING And R3 Have Partnered Before This is not the first time that these two companies are partnering up. ING, together with Commerzbank, Natixis and Rabobank (all banks from Europe) have used the Corda blockchain last year to make a commercial paper transaction worth $100,000 EUR. ING has also partnered with R3 in February 2018, when the companies used Corda to complete a proof of concept project together with Commerzbank and BNP.
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Top 5 Investment Strategies for 2019 plus Plus Enjin and Japanese Amazon - Crypto News

There are many different ways to invest in crypto. Mattie talks about the 5 best investment strategies for 2019. He also gives you the latest from Enjin and news regarding Amazon in Japan. This is a daily segment! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT OUR PODCAST: New episode every Monday and Friday! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out Altcoin Buzz Ladies! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets? Check these out: BitLox: CoolWallet S: Trezor: Ledger Nano S: KeepKey: Read about them here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- References: Top 5 Strategies in Crypto Investing Right Now Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 from The Altcoin Buzz Team Tips on Masternodes & Staking: First Crypto ETF Has Been Approved In Switzerland! Amazon of Japan, Rakuten, likely to introduce Bitcoin payments 楽天が4月に組織再編:決済事業の子会社を新設、みんなのビットコインの仮想通貨事業も統括 Enjin Announces Token Swap Functionality for Its Mobile Wallet Enjin Update How Can Blockchain be Applied to The Healthcare Industry? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER The information discussed on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Ladies YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Podcast or other social media channels including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram chats, Instagram, facebook, website etc is not financial advice. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information and advice or investment strategies are thoughts and opinions only, relevant to accepted levels of risk tolerance of the writer, reviewer or narrator and their risk tolerance maybe different than yours. We are not responsible for your losses. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence and consult the financial advisor before acting on any information provided. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Haven Protocol [XHV]’s “exit scam” put on hold as developer comes back to shoo away the FUD

The Haven Protocol community panicked as they believed that the developer might have abandoned the project and it could turn out to be yet another “exit scam”. The panic was thwarted as the developer came back from what seemed like a long absence and confirmed that the exit scam was just FUD. The developer’s Twitter handle @havendev was tagged in a thread on January 21, 2019, by a user @cryptoblkbeard saying that Haven Protocol was an exit scam. The thread contained a screenshot of a Discord chat of user @news.ctuler who seemed distraught due to the absence of the core developer of the project. news.cutler said: “Consider this project dead unless some devs take it over. @havendev is apparently the only person with access to the code repository was asked weeks ago to open it up so other contributor could help out and review the code. Ever since then we haven’t heard from him.” He continued saying that the developer was asked to make the dev fee transparent and there was still no reply from the core developer. news.cutler said that he would be gone even if the core developer showed up. Another Discord user @donjor said that he concurred with news.cutler and that they could fork the repository if need be and as long as it helped the Haven community. He said that he would try and connect with @havendev and gain access to the code. After all the commotion on Twitter and Discord, the developer reached out to the community and put an end to the FUD of Haven Protocol being an exit scam. He said: “Haven development has been ongoing. I have still been working on the offshore code through Christmas and new year. I stepped down from running the Discord and social networks 4-6 months ago and handed that control over to @donjor and @news.cutler. In light of the insane amount of FUD, and although I want to keep the offshore code under wraps I will prepare it and hand it all to the team so that they can hire new devs to work o nn it. I will continue to help the team where I can.” More updates from the community about the code repository are yet to surface. The price of XHV dropped on January 21, 2019, and it has spiked up from $0.3097 to $0.3679. The 24-hour price change shows a massive 9.17% increase after the positive news about the dev. The post Haven Protocol [XHV]’s “exit scam” put on hold as developer comes back to shoo away the FUD appeared first on AMBCrypto.

S. Korean Exchange Accidentally Sends $5 Million Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) In Error During Airdrop

An airdrop mishap worth $5 Million in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies was sent to customers of the South Korean exchange of CoinZest. The exchange was meant to send an airdrop of We Game Tokens (WGT) but a computer error resulted in users not only getting BTC and other cryptocurrencies, but deposits in the fiat currency of the Won. The exchange posted the following notice on its website as soon as the incident was identified: The WGT token airdrop process caused a computer error that incorrectly reflected the deposit details of some customers’ assets … we took measures to immediately check the server to prevent any additional damage as a result of the sales and purchases of some misappropriated assets by some customers. Some Users Tried to Sell or Withdraw Their ‘New Funds’ Initially, 400 members were meant to receive the WGT tokens but the computer error resulted in the aforementioned deposit of $5 Million worth of BTC, other cryptocurrencies and fiat into their wallets. About 10 members tried to sell about $530,000 worth of cryptocurrencies or to withdraw money denominated in the Korean Won. The value of BTC and affected cryptocurrencies fell significantly on CoinZest as the users tried to sell their new fortune. The value of BTC managed to drop to around $883 at around 7pm, January 18th. After the incident was identified, CoinZest halted trading and performed necessary checks on its servers. Trading was resumed the next day with trading activities restored to 6:33 pm, January 18th, and right before the incident happened. The exchange identified this time as when there was the last normal transaction on the exchange. CoinZest went ahead and requested users to return the assets sent to their accounts by mistake. A majority of them have promised to return them. A representative of the exchange explained this as follows: More than 10 members have tried to pay about KRW 600 million worth of passwords and withdrawals worth KRW 600 million even though they have noticed a mistake in deposits and computer errors. We immediately contact the customer to request asset return.  Coinzest CEO Jeon Jong-hee, apologized about the incident and promised to increase the platform’s system response to such emergency situations. He is quoted as saying: I am extremely sorry that I have caused an unexpected computational error to customers … I am very sorry for my customers. What are your thoughts on the computer error that caused a massive airdrop of BTC and other cryptos to users of CoinZest? How can it be avoided? Could you have returned the airdroped digital assets? Please let us know in the comment section below.  [Image courtesy of Shutterstock] Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any additional opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you. The post S. Korean Exchange Accidentally Sends $5 Million Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) In Error During Airdrop appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Multiple Exchanges Announces Support For Tron’s BitTorrent Token (BTT) Airdrop

The BitTorrent Foundation intends to conduct several BTT airdrops to owners of Tron (TRX). Multiple Crypto Exchanges has started announcing support for Tron’s BitTorrent Token (BTT) airdrop. One of the first major exchange to announce it will be supporting the airdrop was OKEx. The team at the exchange announced that they will be taking a snapshot of the Tron network at block 6,600,000 which is predicted to occur on the said date of 11th February. World’s leading crypto exchange, Binance, has also announced support for Tron’s BitTorrent Token (BTT) airdrop. They too will be taking a snapshot of all TRX balances at block height 6,600,000 on the Tron blockchain. Tron (TRX) holders who have their tokens stored on Binance, will automatically be eligible for the airdrop, and will not need to do anything to participate as Binance will handle the airdrops. A list of exchanges and wallets that have also announced their support for the BTT airdrop can be found below. OKEx Binance Huobi and Huobi Wallet WazirX Koinex Coin Tiger FCOIN KuCoin Bithumb Coinex Bitpie Wallet Cobo Wallet The airdrop is set to commence on 11 February 2019. The airdrop is set to continue until 2025, with allocations dispersed yearly. The first airdrop taking place next month, will see 1.1% of the total BTT token supply airdropped. This will occur at block height 6.6 million on the Tron Blockchain. The airdrop ratio is currently set at 1 TRX = 0.11 BTT. The BitTorrent Foundation will later provide details about the exchanges that will underpin the BTT airdrops mentioned above. So far, Indian exchanges Koinex and WazirX are in.
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