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The First Crypto Physical Backed ETF Will Not Be BTC, but Aidos Kuneen (ADK)

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is founded by Ricardo Badoer, a man who owns shares in banks and is a member of the Bank Board in Kenya Sumac Microfinance and Hakika Microfinance from Tanzania. Besides investing in the banking sector, he owns two soccer clubs, the Spanish CD Ursaria, and Kenya FC Wazito, and through his company, Badoer Investment also invests in construction and new technologies. Ricardo Badoer met with representatives of Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) before Christmas to discuss details of listing the first crypto backed ETF scheduled to run in the first quarter of 2019. ADK uses an Imesh algorithm based on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) and solves insufficient scalability and the future problem of quantum computers. Using the AK shuffle mechanism, this cryptocurrency also becomes entirely anonymous. Transactions have zero fees, and after the PoW Cuckoo implementation, the transaction speed should be a few seconds. This implementation is scheduled in the coming weeks after an audit of the source code by Kudelski security, which ranks among the top companies in cybersecurity. The backbone of the whole project is an offshore banking network where ADK will play a key role. The use of the banking network services will be conditional on the possession of a certain amount of ADK. When a customer wants to register a bank account and have a payment card, he will have to pay a fee in ADK, or if he wants to use the savings accounts (providing a much higher interest rate than in Europe, America, Asia) in fiat currencies, he will have to pay a fee in ADK. Banks are fully regulated, and if a customer wants to use them, they have to go through KYC, this process solves the problem with bank account freezing “due to suspicious cryptocurrency transactions” as we witnessed in the past, when users sent funds from crypto to their bank accounts through Exchange Offices or Crypto Exchanges. The size of the offshore market is over 30 trillion dollars, 300 fold than the current market capitalization of the entire crypto market. The ADK ETF is another way to open the door to crypto space for big players who are afraid of constant hacker attacks and complicated handling with cryptocurrencies. Listing the ETF on the NSE is just the first step that should follow the listing on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange), which is the 17th largest in the world, and then final path into major business centers like London and the largest New York Stock Exchange. Another exciting goal – at the turn of spring and summer, we should know the details about the new bank in Europe that will provide services for ADK and will be fully regulated according to the legislation in force. ADK is currently available for trading on 8 exchanges, but most of the trading activity is on Aidos Market. This exchange was created a safe place for ADK investors because ADK has initially been tradable on CryptoDao, which disappeared in the form of an exit scam in summer 2017. In the coming months, Aidos Kuneen project will be abundantly mentioned across all media, and it is undoubtedly one of the few projects that is worth watching in detail. The original article appeared at, the portal about cryptocurrencies. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. The post The First Crypto Physical Backed ETF Will Not Be BTC, but Aidos Kuneen (ADK) appeared first on NullTX.

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) Offers Five Percent Of Its Bank Network To Any Top 20 Crypto Exchange

As the launch of the Aidos Kuneen (ADK) network comes closer, the Madrid-based company is offering any credible top 20 crypto exchange a five percent share in its upcoming bank network for a more honest and transparent experience. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article ADK to Bring Forth a Safer Crypto Environment While many centralized exchanges have brought recognition of cryptocurrency to new users across the globe, many are criticized for their lack of transparency when it comes to holding customer funds. In a market where exchange hacks are common and result in massive losses, ADK is looking for any crypto exchange wanting to do something about this. The project already owns 16 percent of shares of Kenya-based Sumac Bank, as well as 23 percent in a Tanzanian Bank. ADK will soon also launch an EU-based bank to not only compliment their growing network of banks but to also offer remote accounting opening and debit card services. In step two of its platform implementation, ADK will focus on making transactions faster and more secure. Thanks to a recent upgrade in core software, proof-of-work transactions clear in under three seconds, even on mobile devices. Once the AKshuffle upgrade is introduced, transactions will be harder to track as they will be shuffled and mixed before being sent. The underlying network is based on a directed mesh network using I2P to anonymize user identities from prying eyes. AKshuffle touts keeping its users 100 percent invisible and untraceable. ADK’s founder, Ricardo Badoer, said that: “Since its launch in June 2017, the ADK project prides itself as one the few credible in the industry not to have conducted neither an ICO nor airdrops or pay for unnecessary hypes. Rather, it has been positioning itself to be the go-to platform for, among other things, offshore banking which projection says will produce more than 90 percent of crypto value in the next decade.” Offshore Deposits to Account For 90 Percent of Crypto Market Value This 90 percent statistic comes from research done by independent equity research provider, Satis Group, with the studies published by Bloomberg. If the study is accurate, the crypto market is expected to have a market capitalization of $3.6 trillion USD by the year 2028. The amount of money that is flowing in from offshore deposits is expected to begin rising as quickly as within the next year or two, due to increasingly uncertain global factors. In comparison, the entire crypto market is currently worth around $205 billion USD, so this would mean the market would have to grow by 18 times in the next ten years. This includes increasing capital restraints by various governments, preventing investors from moving money outside of a citizens own borders. Devaluation of fiat currencies, typically through hyperinflation as seen in unstable countries like Venezuela, will also be a contributing factor. To learn more about the project, visit Aidos Kuneen’s website here. For technical details and to take a look at their code, check out their GitHub. For their white paper, check out the document here. To view them on AidosMarketWatch, check out their page here. For social media updates, follow them on Twitter. The post Aidos Kuneen (ADK) Offers Five Percent Of Its Bank Network To Any Top 20 Crypto Exchange appeared first on NullTX.

Open Source Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is offering First-of-its-Kind Free Share Offer to Exchanges

Open Source Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is offering First-of-its-Kind Free Share Offer to Exchanges Aidos Kuneen (ADK), an open source project, is offering a unique free share offer to exchanges in a bid to improve cryptocurrency exchange services for cryptocurrency projects that are genuine and credible. It’s providing top 20 credible cryptocurrency exchanges an opportunity to get 5% share in its upcoming bank network, helping them create a more transparent and honest experience. According to Ricardo Badoer, the founder of ADK, this opportunity is first-of-its-kind geared towards creating a safer environment for crypto users because it eliminates the lack of transparency. The project is reaching out to various exchanges as they inch closer to launching their EU-based bank after getting similar approvals with two banks based in Africa. Currently, ADK owns 16% shares in Kenya’s Sumac Bank and 23% in an undisclosed Tanzanian bank. By adding more partner banks in the EU will boost the company’s efforts in creating an enviable banking network that’s crypto-friendly. Badoer says that: “Since its launch in June 2017, the ADK project prides itself as one the few credible in the industry not to have conducted neither an ICO nor airdrops or pay for unnecessary hypes. rather, it has been positioning itself to be the go-to platform for, among other things, offshore banking which projection says will produce more than 90% of crypto value in the next decade.” ADK Future Plans Moving forward, ADK is moving to the next level of its platform implementation. Following a recent upgrade on ADK’s system, its proof-of-work transactions will now process in under three seconds, even when using mobile phones. The Step 2 implementation is expected to make the system more anonymous, with the platform’s looking to use AKshuffle to mix and shuffle transfers. About Aidos Kuneen (ADK) Founded in 2017 by Ricardo Badoer, the ADK is basically an open source platform that features zero transaction fees and scalable without blocks. Transactions on the network are based on a directed mesh with the underlying network layer being I2P. This system protects the identities of users from being revealed. Its AKshuffle keeps all users anonymous, with transactions being 100% untraceable and invisible.
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Aidos Kuneen (ADK) Says Their Crypto Banking Network Is The Most Friendly

Press release: Aidos Kuneen now provides options to solve cryptocurrency exchanges, even as their banking needs dwindle. This company is offering users the chance to put their wealth in a decentralized platform with quick and simpler access to fiat money. Madrid, Spain—August 27, 2018: Aidos Kuneen (ADK) is an open source project that embraces privacy, scalability, and decentralization. It also focuses on the network of three banks, two in Africa, and one in Europe. This enables it to provide a private, secure, and untraceable solution to the problem that has plagued the crypto industry for a long time—lack of financial privacy. ADK can process digital currencies to fiat money in seconds. ADK On Growth Mode Ricardo Badoer, the founder of ADK, currently owns 16 percent shares in Kenyan-based Sumac Bank and a further 23 percent in a Tanzanian bank. Badoer also hopes to launch another bank in the EU in a period of five months. He is a member of the board of directors of the said banks, whose mandate is to initiate crypto-friendly banking network. “Our goal from the start has been to offer a full working tech like ADK and have it connected to a fully working banking system…We feel offering a trustless tech like ADK that is connected with a banking network is something that is missing in the crypto world,” Badoer said. With its own banking wing in the EU, holders of ADK will have the opportunity to acquire personal IBAN accounts. This will enable them to conduct transactions between ADK and Euro. Besides, each ADK holder will acquire a free debit card that is linked to his or her bank account. According to Badoer, ““The crypto world is broken. It is not regulated. Though some of the “products” (e.g. coins / tokens) are OK, the whole ICO system and the exchange which is the most important infrastructure in the ecosystem are very bad. The crypto world today is a landscape filled with scammers, fan boys and exchange admins that just want to fill their pockets to list any coin that is willing to pay. I am the only person in the crypto space at the moment that is transparent. I have been audited by two central banks and will soon be audited by a third.” ADK will enable its users to spend their digital assets freely and privately. About Aidos ADK is a decentralized and Quantum-secure platform. It focuses on zero-fee transactions and scalability. Transactions on Aidos operate on an underlying layer that protects the identity of the users. Transactions are purely hidden and untraceable. Aidos is a brainchild of Ricardo Badoer, who has more than 16 years of experience in banking, finance, and cryptocurrency trading. Official website: ADK Github: ADK Whitepaper: AidosMarketWatch: Twitter handle: Media Contact Name: Ricardo Badoer E-mail:
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