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Dollar Recovers After Dropping Due to Federal Reserve Surprise Announcement

A recent announcement by the U.S. Federal Reserve surprised the world to the point where the dollar dropped significantly on Wednesday. The announcement stated that the Fed does not foresee any new rate hikes in 2019. However, while the announcement may have been quite disruptive, there are already signs of recovery, particularly in Asia. The global and domestic growth was slowing, which caused the Fed to flag it as the benchmark rate — typically ranging from 2.25% to 2.50% — changed. This was when the central bank decided that the rate hikes should remain off the table for the rest of the current year, thus sending the US Dollar Index to lower against multiple currencies around the world. The news shook the financial industry briefly, but, as mentioned, the index is already making signs of recovery. The losses are slowly being nullified as the index continues to grow by around 0.9% to 95.382. In addition to the announcement, the Fed also gave a forecast for the future of economic growth and inflation. They stated that the global economic and financial development, as well as inflation pressures, have led the Committee to the conclusion that patience is the best course of action at this point, at least until it determines what adjustments to the fund’s rate target range is appropriate. This statement came as a surprise as well, as it stands in contrast to the central bank’s stance from three months ago. Back then, the Fed predicted two interest rate hikes in 2019. Meanwhile, Joseph Capurso, the CBA’s senior currency strategist, stated that the dollar upside would be limited due to the downgraded economic outlook in the US, as well as because the more caution is necessary at the moment. However, he added that it is questionable whether the USD will truly depreciate to a significant extent, considering that the economic growth outlooks remain soft not only in the US but in Europe, Australia, as well as parts of Asia, such as Japan and China. The Brexit dilemma The USD is also somewhat supported by the drop in the value of the pound due to fears that the UK might damage the EU if March 29th passes without a deal. In addition to this, the EU allegedly stated that it would agree to Brexit’s short delay only if the UK lawmakers support the withdrawal agreement of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen, although many are doubtful since May proposed her plan twice in the past, and was rejected both times. She stated that she hopes there might be a way for the lawmakers to accept the deal she created during her negotiations with the EU. May believes that her deal is the best one that can be achieved, under the circumstances, and that she will continue to work on securing the support. However, she also pointed out that the furthest delay of Brexit she is willing to accept is the 30th of June. Meanwhile, some of the USD trading pairs are still damaged by the drop of the dollar, such as the USD/CNY, which dropped to 6.6823 (0.1%). On the other hand, the AUD/USD pair grew by 0.4, reaching 0.7145 even after Australia’s jobless rate suddenly dropped to the lowest point since June 2011, according to new data. The post Dollar Recovers After Dropping Due to Federal Reserve Surprise Announcement appeared first on - Daily Cryptocurrency and FX News.

Crawling down Binance's announcement of delisting currencies

Strategy purpose: On February 15, Binance announced the taking off announcement of the CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB, WINGS. After the announcement, the currency involved immediately began to fall, generally down 15% in an hour, with more and more users knew the news, the decline continued and there was no rebound, and it has fallen by half so far. If you can sell the coins held in the first time after the announcement, you can recover a lot of losses. This strategy runs on the FMZ quantitative trading platform (formerly BotVS Idea: Crawling down the Binance security announcement pages and observe the information of the nearest two times of announcement. The specific format is “Binance will delist CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB, WINGS”, “Binance will delist BCN, CHAT, ICN, TRIG”. The strategy will use the "will delist" as a keyword to crawl the new release announcement, of course, does not rule out the Binance change notification format, you can refer to this strategy to improve. Since the crawler task is too simple, it will be written in simple JavaScript. After crawling down the delist currency, the account information will be checked. If there is a delist currency, it will be sold at a lower price. If there is an uncompleted order, it will be revoked first. Until the sale of the remaining coins is completely sold. Crawling code: var html = HttpQuery('')//Announcement page html = html.slice(html.indexOf('article-list'),html.indexOf('pagination')) // Article list section if(html.indexOf('will delist')>0){ if(html.slice(html.indexOf('will delist')+3,html.indexOf('</a>')) != title){ //crawl only the first delist information var title = html.slice(html.indexOf('delist')+3,html.indexOf('</a>')) var downList = title.split('、') Log('New announcement is detected, the currency will be delist:', title, '@')//WeChat push release announcement } } Revoking order code: function cancellOrder(){ var openOrders = exchange.IO('api', 'GET', '/api/v3/openOrders')//Get all unexecuted orders for (var i=0; i<openOrders.length; i++){ var order = openOrders[i]; for (var j=0;j<downList.length;j++){ if(order.symbol.startsWith(downList[j])){ var currency = downList[j] + '_' + order.symbol.slice(downList[j].length); Log('There is a delist currency order exist, revoked', currency) exchange.IO("currency", currency)//To revoke a order, you need the trading pair information, so you must first switch to the trading pair. exchange.CancelOrder(order.orderId) } } } } Check account code: function checkAccount(){ var done = false while(!done){ account = _C(exchange.GetAccount) done = true for (var i=0; i<account.Info.balances.length; i++){ if(downList.indexOf(account.Info.balances[i].asset)>-1 && parseFloat(account.Info.balances[i].free)>pairInfo[account.Info.balances[i].asset+'BTC'].minQty){ Log('delist currency will be emptied', account.Info.balances[i].asset) sellAll(account.Info.balances[i].asset, parseFloat(account.Info.balances[i].free)) done = false } } Sleep(1000) } Log('Sale completed') } Placing order code: var exchangeInfo = JSON.parse(HttpQuery('')) var pairInfo = {} //Trading pair information, storing transaction progress, minimum trading volume and other related information, placing order will needed if(exchangeInfo){ for (var i=0; i<exchangeInfo.symbols.length; i++){ var info = exchangeInfo.symbols[i]; pairInfo[info.symbol] = {minQty:parseFloat(info.filters[2].minQty),tickerSize:parseFloat(info.filters[0].tickSize), stepSize:parseFloat(info.filters[2].stepSize), minNotional:parseFloat(info.filters[3].minNotional)} } }else{ Log('Failed to get transaction information') } function sellAll(coin, free){ var symbol = coin + 'BTC' exchange.IO("currency", coin+'_BTC') //switching trading pair var ticker = _C(exchange.GetTicker) var sellPrice = _N(ticker.Buy*0.7, parseInt((Math.log10(1.1/pairInfo[symbol].tickerSize)))) var sellAmount = _N(free, parseInt((Math.log10(1.1/pairInfo[symbol].stepSize)))) if (sellAmount > pairInfo[symbol].minQty && sellPrice*sellAmount > pairInfo[symbol].minNotional){ exchange.Sell(sellPrice, sellAmount, symbol) } } To sum up: The above code is only for demonstration, the complete code can be found at FMZ.COM. The announcement page can be crawled once in a minute, which will have enough time to sell before the ordinary user. But there may be some problems, such as crawling being blocked, announcement format changes, and so on. If the currency is not on the Binance, you can also refer to this strategy to other exchanges. After all, the delist currency will affect all platforms.

Ontology [ONT] surges by 27% on the back of giveaway announcement and partnerships

The cryptocurrency market saw a massive resurgence after several altcoins shot up by double digits. The latest cryptocurrency to ride the bull wave is Ontology [ONT], with the coin’s price surging after multiple listings and developments. Source: CoinMarketCap At the time of writing, Ontology [ONT] was rising by 27.64% on the 24 hour spectrum, and 4.46% on the hourly charts, while trading at $1.41. The cryptocurrency held a market cap of $683.024 million, with a 24 hour trading volume of $183.25. A majority of the volume was split between Bit-Z and Huobi Global, two popular cryptocurrency exchanges. While Bit-Z contributed $31.928 million, Huobi contributed ONT transactions worth $26.483 million. Source: CoinMarketCap According to the charts, the value of the cryptocurrency shot up in a matter of hours, with an almost perpendicular rise lifting the value from $1.12 to $1.34. Many speculate that the surge is due to the giveaway of 200,000 Ontology Gas among 50 traders, announced by the organization to celebrate the anniversary of its Binance listing. The giveaway will be based on their trading volume on Binance, between 14 and 21 March. Ontology also partnered with MovieBloc, a project driven by the South Korea-based Pandora TV, which will use Ontology’s Blockchain Infrastructure. Chris Kan, the Chief Executive Officer of MovieBloc had this to say about the development, “Streaming technology and platform operation experiences from, the huge active user base of KMPlayer, and Prism’s experience in the AD market are the key strengths of MovieBloc to achieve its vision. With a close partnership with the Ontology Foundation, MovieBloc will bring change to the video industry.” The post Ontology [ONT] surges by 27% on the back of giveaway announcement and partnerships appeared first on AMBCrypto.

IBM Announcement Pushes BTC And XLM

The markets have seen a small amount of positivity over the past few weeks, though when we say small, note that we do mean small....

Dormant XLM whales active after World Wire announcement by IBM, Jed McCaleb

Stellar Lumens, the Ripple and XRP competitor, announced that they were open to business with banks and financial institutions from around 72 countries around the world with the launch of their proprietary product, ‘World Wire’. The news caused an upheaval among enthusiasts as large sums of XLM were moved on March 20, 2019. Whale Alert, a Twitter page that posts massive transactions, caught the movement. 1,000,000,000 #XLM (113,592,881 USD) transferred from #SDF Direct Signup to Unknown wallet Tx: — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) March 19, 2019 In the first transaction, a whopping 1 billion XLM was moved on March 20, 2019, at 1:03 AM. The transaction was sent from the wallet GDKI to GDQP.  The second transaction was initiated from GDQP, where 1,000,000,331 XLM was moved to GBDU two minutes after the first transaction. The first transaction, at press time, was worth $111.157 million, with the second also worth almost the same. According to Stellar Expert website, the GDKI wallet is the richest Stellar Lumens wallet in the ecosystem and has an excess of 43.641 billion XLM. Moreover, the receiver of the first transaction, GDQP, is a wallet on Coinbase and currently holds a balance of 39.9999 XLM. The sender i.e., the richest wallet, was created on August 10, 2016. The richest wallet held a total of 47.364 billion XLM on August 30, 2016, but the balance has since reduced. The recent announcements caused the price of Stellar Lumens to pump 40.79%. However, the World Wire announcement has caused everyone hanging on to the edge of their seats. Since World Wire is a direct competitor to Ripple’s xRapid, fans across the community have started to argue which of the solution is better. @goodtexture, an XLM enthusiast, tweeted: “My guess is the additional liquidity is necessary to keep price from getting out of control once an announcement is made. I.e. something big like a Facebook $FB token launch. *speculation only” Another Twitter user, @ryptobob, commented: “Don’t think its to hamper a rise in price due to an announcement. Nowhere near this sort of size would be needed to accomplish that.” The post Dormant XLM whales active after World Wire announcement by IBM, Jed McCaleb appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Google (GOOGL) Stock Rises on the Stadia Game Streaming Service Announcement

Coinspeaker Google (GOOGL) Stock Rises on the Stadia Game Streaming Service AnnouncementThe new platform will be powered by chips made by AMD (AMD) and will launch sometime this year. With this announcement, Google (GOOGL) obviously is showing their plans to upend the $140 billion gaming industry dominated by Sony and Microsoft saying this is a “game platform for everyone.”Google stock climbed 1.2% to 1,202.46 and overall has gained 15% in 2019.Stadia will allow players to instantly join games they view on YouTube via a “Play Now” button in the corner of the screen. Games will be available to play on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, TV sets and phones without requiring a console. Google has also made a custom Stadia Controller that connects directly via Wifi to a Stadia game-playing session; it will have one button to share content with other users, and another to connect with Google Assistant.Will Amazon and Microsoft Follow?Along with the service, Google unveiled a new gaming controller device that links to cloud services directly via Wi-Fi. Via the controller, users can share gaming experiences on YouTube.Google didn’t disclose how much its gaming controller will cost. It’s expected to be significantly less than the current cost of gaming consoles, which now range from $250 to $400.The streaming service makes set-top box-type consoles unnecessary, possibly heralding a major shift in the future of gaming.While Google was first to introduce a streaming video game service with Stadia, there’s wide speculation Microsoft (MSFT) could follow in late 2019. Furthermore, (AMZN) is expected to launch a similar service in 2020.Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are the biggest players in cloud computing services. Their cloud infrastructure — data centers packed with remote computer servers — gives them an edge in streaming video games.Another contender could be telecom firm Verizon Communications (VZ). Verizon reportedly is developing a gaming platform using Nvidia (NVDA) technology.Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) spiked 11.8 percent. The rally brought AMD’s market cap to roughly $26.1 billion, adding about $2.7 billion in value. AMD has jumped 127.5 percent over the past year, although it’s still off from its peak price of almost $33 last September. AMD closed the day trading at $26 per share.Morgan Stanley said AMD has a “significant opportunity” from cloud gaming chips citing its “surprise” success in winning part of Google’s gaming initiative.The firm estimated AMD had $50M in cloud-gaming revenue in Q4.Analyst Joseph Moore said:“We continue to be impressed by AMD’s progress at using innovative approaches to expand its markets in all segments.”Moore maintains his Underweight rating and $17 PT, seeing the stock as “ahead of itself” as cloud gaming won’t get AMD back to the Q4 high watermark at any point in 2019.Google vice president Phil Harrison, who joined the company a year ago after working at Microsoft and Sony’s video game divisions, told the GDC audience that Google had partnered with AMD to build a custom GPU to power Stadia. The GPU will be inside Google’s data centers that run Stadia and will provide 10.7 teraflops of power, compared to 6 teraflops for Microsoft’s Xbox One X console unit, and 4.2 teraflops for Sony’s PR4 Pro, according to Google.At launch, Google said that Stadia would be able to provide up to 4K streams at 60 frames per second, along with HDR and surround sound.Google (GOOGL) Stock Rises on the Stadia Game Streaming Service Announcement
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Ravencoin Grows 20% And Continues to See RVN Token Surge in the Crypto Market

There are several altcoins that are registering interesting growth rates in the last weeks. This time, Ravencoin (RVN) was able to pump once again over 20% in just 24 hours. Although Bitcoin keeps being traded sideways, there are some altcoins that are behaving very positively. Ravencoin Spikes 20% Ravencoin was able to grow 20% and […]
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Bitcoin [BTC] Futures in good stead against its Spot equivalent: Bitwise Report

Bitcoin [BTC] Futures were thought to be a snippet of the overarching cryptocurrency market, though meager in comparison to the larger spot market. A recent report from Bitwise Asset Management, the crypto-centric investment firm has stated otherwise. In a March 20 report presented to the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], Bitwise analyzed the Chicago Mercantile Exchange [CME], and the Chicago Board Options Exchange, with ten prominent cryptocurrency exchanges’ in terms of their trade volume. Prior to shedding light on their Futures versus Spot findings, it must be noted that the report revealed that 95 percent of the trading volume of unregulated exchanges were seemingly “fake and/or non-economic wash trading”. Taking into account this disparity, the percentage of futures volume to their spot equivalent increases from 1.51 percent to 33.33 percent. Reported Spot volume totaled $6 billion, but after removing the “suspicious exchanges”, the actual volume recorded dropped to $273 million, in comparison to the futures market volume of $91 million. Furthermore, the increase in futures’ volume as a percentage of the spot market has been steadily increasing. From November 2018 to January 2019, the futures market was just over 15 percent, and almost doubled in February 2019 to 33 percent. Since the Futures contracts were approved in December 2017, only on two occasions did the Futures volume, in comparison to the Spot market, shoot above 20 percent; this was in May and August 2018. Futures Volume expressed as a percentage of their Spot Equivalent In terms of their stand-alone trade volume, the CME and the CBOE are in good stead against the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. The daily volume the CME, which brings in $84.82 million, ranks second behind Binance’s $110.5 million and ahead of Bitfinex, which records $38.06 million in daily trade volume. The CBOE also fairs well, taking the ninth spot on the ladder, ringing in $6.12 million in daily trade volume. Gemini takes the eight spot with $8.11 million and itBit caps off the top-10 with $5.58 million in daily volume. Notable, among the top-12, eight exchanges are registered within the United States. Despite the CBOE’s comparative success against the spot exchanges’, it has not been performing well against its cross-town rival, the CME. This slump forced the CBOE to delist their Bitcoin Futures [XBT] for March 2019. However, the XBT futures that are yet to expire later in the year will not be off-loaded prematurely. Bitwise also points out that the CME Futures Price tracks the Global Spot Price based on an arbitrage model. Given below is a chart attesting the same: Arbitrage between the CME Futures price and the global Spot price The post Bitcoin [BTC] Futures in good stead against its Spot equivalent: Bitwise Report appeared first on AMBCrypto.

How Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Fiasco Can Lead to Bitcoin ETF Approval

The SEC has held the ETF approval for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for a couple of reasons. The most significant reason for the same has been the unregulated marketplace. While decentralization in Bitcoin is an attribute that makes it an ideal asset class, the market places or Exchanges that provide for conversion of FIAT to Cryptocurrency is still controlled by independent entities. A recent report by Bitwise Asset Management published by the SEC inferred that more than 95% of the cryptocurrency volume is being faked. Hence, according to that, the ‘actual spot volume’ on cryptocurrency exchanges is a little above $270 million. Moreover, the reported volume of CME and Cboe Bitcoin Futures is more than one-third of the ‘actual spot volume’ estimated by Bitwise. According to Bitwise Asset Management, This is good news because it means CME— a regulated, surveilled market— is of material size, which important for an ETF. The case of a Bitcoin ETF Approval Now CME Bitcoin Futures reported a spot trading volume of $85 million. Moreover, according to Bitwise Asset Management, the actual trading volume of the Crypto-to-FIAT Exchanges is around $273 million. Hence, according to this statistic the Futures Trading Volume of CME alone accounted for 31.1% of the ‘Actual Exchange Volume.’ Moreover, there are other Bitcoin Futures market active in Europe and Japan as well. Hence, going by the above statistic, it can be said that the institutional investment might be in parity with the unregulated investment in Bitcoin. However, the Exchanges have reported total spot volumes total to the tune of $6 billion. This can necessarily raise doubts on its demand being higher than $100 billion. However, it does not directly affect the total market capitalization of a cryptocurrency.   Parity Between Spot Trading of Bitcoin and Gold The spot trading volume of Gold is 0.55% of its total market capitalization, while according to Bitwise statistics spot ‘actual spot trading on Bitcoin is 0.39%. If the CME Futures volume is included in this data, the percentage will increase to 0.51%. The OTC trading volume on most exchanges is also not added in the Exchange Data. All this suggest that the institutional investment in Bitcoin is considerably more significant than one expects. It is not only healthy in volume but also agrees statistically with the closest relatable asset class, i.e., Gold. Hence, a new form of informational mechanics for the trading of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in regulated Exchanges could alleviate the doubts around the Bitcoin ETF approval.   The post How Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Fiasco Can Lead to Bitcoin ETF Approval appeared first on Coingape.

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: ONT, ADA, ETC, BCH, IOTA

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: ONT, ADA, ETC, BCH, IOTA The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision. The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange. […] Cet article Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: ONT, ADA, ETC, BCH, IOTA est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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