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Robinhood App Encroaches on Banking Turf with High-Yield Money Tool

Libra isn't the only payment system that stands to threaten the banks. Popular stock market and crypto trading app Robinhood is going after legacy banks with the relaunch of a cash management feature. Robinhood COO Gretchen Howard is cited in Fortune as saying: "We’re going to come out with a cash management account soon." The […] The post Robinhood App Encroaches on Banking Turf with High-Yield Money Tool appeared first on CCN Markets

JP Morgan CEO Does Not Think Libra Is A Threat To The Banking Or Credit Card Sector

JP Morgan Does Not Think Libra Is A Threat To The Banking Sector Libra, the nascent cryptocurrency project of social media giants Facebook has created quite a storm among policymakers and regulators all around the globe. As soon as Libra’s whitepaper released, regulators from around the globe started sharing their concern on how the project […]
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Lloyds Banking Group Introduces New Credit Card Freeze Options

Lloyds Banking Group customers now have a greater range of options to control where and how they use their credit card From today customers will be able to access ‘card freeze’ through their mobile app, allowing them to stop their credit card being used in a number of different ways. Flexible and dynamic, Card Freeze lets customers choose which types of transactions are allowed from their mobile app. Customers who may have mislaid their card, at home or abroad, can simply “freeze card” transactions. Once they find it, they can just “unfreeze” with ease. Customers can also exercise greater control over any additional cards, avoiding unexpected spending sprees and choosing which transactions can or can’t be made on all cards linked to their account, including online purchases. These new options are in addition to the control services introduced for debit cards in August 2018, which allow debit card customers to freeze usage abroad, online and remote, and freeze at tills or terminals. Customers will see information pop-up on how to make use of the new functionality when they log in to their mobile app. These features are easy to use, simply “switching” on or off the buttons in the card management area of their mobile app. Freeze card: Stops all card based transactions Freeze abroad: Stops all point of sale transactions and ATM withdrawals outside of the UK Freeze online and remote: Stops all transactions where the card is not physically present Freeze at tills and terminals: Stops transactions where the card is present Freeze ATM withdrawals: Stops withdrawals at ATMs  Stephen Noakes, Retail Transformation Director at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “The latest features help customers make the most out of their mobile banking put more control at their fingertips when it comes to managing everyday finances. Behind the scenes in our technology labs, we are constantly testing new ideas with customers, so that they can help us from the beginning to design the look, feel and function of their mobile banking.” The post Lloyds Banking Group Introduces New Credit Card Freeze Options appeared first on The Fintech Times.
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Why Thinking In Terms Of Crypto Doesn't Work

The developers of Samurai wallet removed fiat conversions, explaining that people should understand that by sending Bitcoin they send Bitcoin, not dollars, so there's no need to think in fiat terms. But this seems like an improper decision...

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Ways of Raising Capital for Startup

There are many ways of raising capital for your startup. You must consider all options and choose the one that best suits your particular venture. Here we provide an overview of seven common ways of funding to help you weigh the pros and cons of each source and make an informed decision.

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Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Turkish stock exchange applies blockchain, Belgium offers ICO regulation, new deadline for Visa crypto cards issue, Greek's big plans for BTC-ATMs, an opinion of representative from the Royal Bank of Canada on Goldman Sachs's policy, and Kraken's assurances on its stability

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This weekend was pretty calm. The market still continues to decline, and, as usual, the voices of bulls are becoming more and more faint. Meanwhile, it turns out that the Bitcoin name was trademarked for at least 10 years in the UK. Read further to know what's going on.

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All in this week’s News Digest: McAfee still has a lot of faith in crypto, Robert Shiller explains the roots of this faith, more new exchanges are coming, an investigation into Bitcoin price manipulation, and Verge is hacked again.

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Minor and major recent milestones in Top-50 coins and tokens, except for meetups and hackatons.

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Centra Tech's founders are sentenced to jail, Marc O’Brien joined Crypterium, ETF is launhed, Jack Dorsey’s opinion, Binance adds TrueUSD, China published its crypto rating, electricity consumption, Sberbank used Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, Microsoft joins the crypto ban, JP Morgan talks about crypto, Wozniak supports blockchain, ETH futures, Taihuttu still holds BTC, IBM’s token, crypto education in France

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What does it take to be part of the next wave of Bitcoin Billionaires? Tim Draper answers

As crypto ecosystem consistently redefines its new peak in terms of adoption, fiat investors and new players are seeking opportunities to be a part of the next wave of Bitcoin Billionaires. One of the early birds, Tim Draper leads this space in terms of making sizable investments and returns in Bitcoin. Having complete faith in Bitcoin’s […] The post What does it take to be part of the next wave of Bitcoin Billionaires? Tim Draper answers appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Bitcoin Law Review - Blockstack's Reg A+, CFTC vs Bitmex, Gov't vs Libra/Crypto by @ToneVays Topic 1: Reg A+ & Blockstack Leads into Topic 1a on Broker-Dealers & Custody Topic 2: Government vs Libra/Crypto Topic 3: Crypto Exchanges Topic 3a - Update on Bitfinex vs NYAG Topic 4: Crypto & Taxes (Time Permitting) Topic 5: Other - Time Permitting Closing Moment of Zen: Honorable Mention: Please Support via Affiliate Codes: Unlimited Trading for $9 a Month at LVL: Deribit to save 10% on Trading: Buy/Sell Bitcoin at Paxful: Trading View: TorGuard VPN 50% off code & link = tone50: Ugly's Lifetime Subscription: Audio Podcast: See Regulation overview in each state here: Tone Vays is available for Corporate Consulting at the rate of 0.3 btc per hour. Please email for additional info.
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Reminder: Bakkt is Launching Bitcoin Futures in the Coming Day

Bakkt is Finally Here That’s right, Bakkt is finally here. After months upon months of deliberation, hype, and odd regulatory setbacks, the cryptocurrency venture that has been backed by the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, and Starbucks is launching. Starting Monday, July 22nd, the exchange will be testing physically delivered Bitcoin futures, which will be one of the first product of its kind to be regulated in U.S. markets. It is currently unclear who will be testing the product, or in which way the contract and custody solution will be tested. But, this development marks a huge step in the right direction for the cryptocurrency market. Bakkt confirmed the launch date for its testing period at a recent summit that was held in the New York Stock Exchange, whose chief executive is wed to the head of Bakkt. Per first-hand recounts of those in attendance, the cryptocurrency startup has also confirmed that it will be fully launching its Bitcoin futures product by the end of Q3, should nothing go wrong during testing of course. A Catalyst for Bitcoin & Crypto Growth In a recent Fundstrat Global Advisors research note posted to Twitter, Sam Doctor of the market research firm explained his thoughts on the conference. Citing the buzz being emanated by the over 150 investors and institutions in attendance, Doctor argues that there is “institutional anticipation” for the exchange’s Bitcoin futures. He expounded: “As we have written before, Bakkt tackles many of the barriers to adoption for traditional investors seeking to expand their mandate to include crypto.” Doctor adds that “appears to be a critical mass of adopters ready to come on board on Day 1 of the Bakkt launch”, noting that the firm’s sales team is starting to ramp up discussions with everyone from brokers and market makers. He thus confirms that should the hype translate into actual investment, the long-expected launch of the Bitcoin product, which will give many institutions their first taste of so-called “physical” BTC, could be a “huge” catalyst for the growth of this already budding market. Institutions Are Buzzing Per Placeholder’s Chris Burniske, the venture capitalist author of industry primer “Crypto Asset”, the overall feel of the room was rather bullish. He wrote the following, making the case that Wall Street has its eye on the cryptocurrency space once again. All in all, the @Bakkt event signals great things for #bitcoin and #crypto at large, even if I did miss some of the funk of OG days.— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) July 18, 2019 Title Image Courtesy of Samson Creative Via Unsplash The post Reminder: Bakkt is Launching Bitcoin Futures in the Coming Day appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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