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Tax Evasion: Belarus Regulatory Chief Concerned about the Role of Cryptocurrency

The regulatory body in Belarus are concerned about the role cryptocurrency is playing in tax evasion in the country. Local news outlet reported on June 4. The Chief of the regulatory agency in Belarus, Aleksandr Konyuk expressed his concern at the International Prosecutors Association’s regional conference hosted in Belarus. The chief prosecutor stated that […]
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Belarus General Prosecutor Warns About Cryptocurrency’s Use in Tax Evasion

Belarus General Prosecutor Warns About Cryptocurrency’s Use in Tax Evasion Belarus’ general prosecutor has raised concerns about the role cryptocurrency could be playing in tax evasion, local daily news outlet reported on June 4. Speaking as Belarus hosted the International Prosecutors Association’s regional conference, Aleksandr Konyuk said the time had come for all attendants’ […] Cet article Belarus General Prosecutor Warns About Cryptocurrency’s Use in Tax Evasion est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Relex Investment Platform Gets Backing by Development Project, Additional Support from Belarus Authorities

A seaport development project “endorsed” the Relex platform with $637 million. Now, Relex has formally requested promotional support from the Belarus National Bank and two other entities. The cryptocurrency industry is constantly seeking ways to be welcomed into mainstream use. Relex, which is a crypto-friendly investment platform, recently helped to improve the market’s reputation, receiving […]
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Global crypto-adoption: National Bank of Belarus could invest in $637M seaport project in Vietnam via Relex crypto model

The cryptocurrency ecosystem received a major validation in terms of adoption as it was announced that Relex, an investment platform which uses virtual assets, was “endorsed” by a massive $637 million seaport development project. The investment platform joined hands with the My Thuy International Party family and formally requested the National Bank of Belarus, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, and the Governor of Vitebsk for additional support in the form of a $220 million promotional investment. On May 30, Keith Hilden, the Founder of Relex, officially signed the letters requesting investment from Belarus in Ho Chi Minh City with the My Thuy International Port Joint Venture Company [MTIP], for the My Thuy International Port. The development project was personally approved by Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime of Minister of Vietnam for initiating the request for investment from Belarus. The official letter stated, “Thanks to Relex and its model we became aware that the Republic of Belarus has set itself on a course to implement new financial instruments through digital technologies and digital economies. We are hoping that Relex and the unique institutional status/position of its model in Belarus will allow us to provide the financing and provide legitimacy to protect the rights of our investors.” Oksana Lozytskaya, Relex Belarus’s CEO, would be leading the digital investment proposals in Belarus. In the medium post, it was mentioned that the MTIP was very grateful of Relex’s actions for making the International port project, it’s first within the Republic of Belarus, which included the implementation of a new “digital economy” through the Relex crypto model. The announcement suggested that Belarus’s effort to highlight the introduction of virtual assets was still very prominent. Earlier this year, the country launched a platform which allowed users to buy shares, gold, and other traditional assets with the help of crypto. The regulated tokenized securities exchange project was spearheaded by two IT-focused investment companies, VR Capital and Larnabel Ventures. The post Global crypto-adoption: National Bank of Belarus could invest in $637M seaport project in Vietnam via Relex crypto model appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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OKEx’s Token Will See 17x Growth in Price, Blockchain Investment Firm Forecasts

The recent popularity Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) have been experiencing over the last few months has brought what it appears to be like a new bull run. An incredible example of success is the OKB token issued by OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume in the world, which has impressed the market beyond expectations having experienced an increase in the price of 163% since launched. Shinobi Capital, a leading blockchain advisory firm and also an investor in early-stage start-ups, has released its latest evaluation report estimating that the OKB price will grow further to US$30.75, 17 times the current price, by the end of 2020. According to Jason Hill, the founding partner of Shinobi Capital:  Exchanges tokens will be the powerhouse of the development of the digital asset market and even blockchain technology. Following a series of IEOs powered by exchange tokens in H1 2019, the market is marching to the next round of bull run. OKB, as a market leader of exchange tokens, is also welcoming its own uptrend. Backed by a number of use cases and a large user base of OKEx, OKB has demonstrated a huge potential of growth. The established blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory firm is well-known for its extensive experience in start-up investment. In their evaluation report of OKB, Shinobi Capital lays out the two most important factors that will affect OKB’s future trading volume, the development of the OKChain mainnet and the overall the crypto market condition. Furthermore, the report also establishes a comparative evaluation model with other major platform tokens, including Binance Coin (BNB), EOS, and TRON (TRX). This comparative evaluation studies different aspects of each token such as trading volume, price patterns, and usage demand. The latest OKB buy-back & burn program is also taken into account to evaluate the token’s future price trend. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the price of OKB will reach USD30.75 and its market capitalization will be about USD7.068 billion. There is a significant growth lag in OKB at this stage, and the potential of price growth needs to be further released. In the next round of market recovery and boom, OKB is likely to become one of the fastest-growing assets in the market. Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release The post OKEx’s Token Will See 17x Growth in Price, Blockchain Investment Firm Forecasts appeared first on NullTX.

Ethereum Classic presents roadmap to improve DApp development and overall infrastructure

Experts of the cryptospace are making use of DApp services to simplify the entire blockchain process. Along these lines, Ethereum Classic’s [ETC] core development team has put forth an initiative to revamp its existing ecosystem. Moving forward with an aspiration for refinement, ETC’s team is developing fresh features over blockchain technology, a development that will […] The post Ethereum Classic presents roadmap to improve DApp development and overall infrastructure appeared first on AMBCrypto.

David Marcus Grilled During Facebook's Senate Hearing

During the first of two congressional hearings regarding Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, project lead David Marcus went as far as to say he'd be willing to take his salary in Libra after intense grilling from Senator Sherrod Brown.
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David Marcus Questioned Over Libra by Congress

Facebook is finally facing its reckoning as David Marcus, head of the company’s blockchain division and the leader of Libra, the venture’s new cryptocurrency, was grilled by Senate members who refuse to believe in Facebook’s allegedly noble financial plans. Libra: A Congressional Issue? Many people have a hard time believing in Facebook’s morality following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Discovered in 2018, Facebook had allegedly been selling users’ private data for years to third parties for advertising purposes. Following Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing last year, trust in Facebook has fallen to an all-time low. In many ways, this new “congressional step” for the social media conglomerate should serve as a huge learning experience. When you’re a company of Facebook’s size and you do anything to compromise the safety or privacy of your customers, you can bet it’s going to take a long time to earn their trust back. Facebook is learning this lesson in spades right now, as several Senators taking part in the hearing commented about the lack of trust they feel towards the company and its executive team. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from the state of Ohio, commented:  Facebook has demonstrated through scandal after scandal that it doesn’t deserve our trust. We’d be crazy to give them a chance to let them experiment with people’s bank accounts. Senator Martha McSally, a Republican from Arizona, stated that Facebook is simply trying to shift gears and get people to focus on something else entirely, in this case cryptocurrency. Rather than seriously attempt to fix its reputation, it’s working to divert people’s attention with an entirely new product. She says: I don’t trust you guys. Instead of cleaning up your house, you are launching into a new business model. In addition, Facebook is also being criticized for its complete lack of coordination with policymakers. Throughout the early development of Libra, Facebook’s executive team failed to make any contacts with regulators or legal authorities to potentially understand how the cryptocurrency could better satisfy present financial laws and terms.  Trust Takes a Long Time to Build At least David Marcus isn’t lying to himself. He acknowledged during the hearing that it would likely take a while before the company can earn people’s trust well enough that they would provide their banking details. He states:  I want to make it clear that we are only at the beginning of the journey. We expect the review of Libra to be one of the most extensive ever. Facebook will not offer the Libra currency until we have addressed the concerns and receive appropriate approvals… We will not control Libra and will be one of over 100 participants that will govern over the currency. We will have to gain people’s trust if we want people to use our network over the hundreds of competing companies. The post David Marcus Questioned Over Libra by Congress appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
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Waves CEO Has Sold His Stake At Vostok, A Waves Blockchain Affiliated Project

Alexander Ivanov, the founder, and CEO of Waves has recently decided to fully sell his stake of Vostok, blockchain spin-off of the Waves platform. According to a recent press release, now only the GHP Group, which bought all the stakes, will be the owner of the project. The CEO also affirmed on the press release that […]
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