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Tesla Reigns Supreme as Abra’s Bitcoin-Based Stock Trading Heats Up

Barely a month after launching a crypto trading app for its global clients, Abra is back with lots of eye-opening information. The investment firm has been busy collecting reviews and responses to its Bitcoin-powered stock and ETF site. And the outcome so far is positive, highlighting a massive demand for timely and affordable investment solutions. […]
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Bitcoin Based Stock Trading Trending Hot: Abra

Around a month ago investment firm Abra launched its crypto trading app to the world. Since then the company has been collecting data and responses to its Bitcoin-based stock and ETF platform. Findings have been positive emphasizing a strong demand for convenient and affordable investing solutions. Abra Allows Bitcoin For Stock Trading The concept is simple but effective. Enable Bitcoin as a medium for stock and ETF trading for non-US customers. Since its launch in late May to over 150 countries, Abra has eased the process of stock trading and decentralized access to financial services, and on-boarded active users in 82 countries. The app allows customers to invest in stocks such as Tesla, Uber, Alibaba, and Facebook, in addition to ETFs like the gold SPDR, with Bitcoin. In a series of tweets, the company revealed a few statistics about the first month of product usage around the world. 1/ A few weeks ago, Abra launched stock and ETF investing for users (outside the US) using #bitcoin. Here are a few things we’ve learned about how the world invests…#defi #cryptocurrency #blockchain — Abra (@AbraGlobal) June 25, 2019 The revolutionary service has shown how bitcoin can be used to break down borders and enable traders to access markets otherwise closed to them. Abra claims that 43% of its users stated that Bitcoin has made investing in financial markets more accessible while 35% said they can now afford to invest in popular stocks, thanks to fractional investing. CEO and founder of Abra, Bill Barhydt, was overwhelmed by the response to the product, telling Bitcoin Magazine: “We opened our waitlist in February and only just launched the product for general availability to Abra international customers at the end of May, so it’s only been live for a few weeks. In just a few weeks, we have nearly 14,000 equity wallets in the system from 154 countries around the globe and growing.” Millennials Love Tesla The survey revealed that the most popular stock investors wanted since the product was launched was Tesla. 3/ So what happens when you enable the world to turn $BTC into stocks? They go long on $TSLA. #tesla #teslalove #bitcoin — Abra (@AbraGlobal) June 25, 2019 ‘The world is bullish on tech and overwhelmingly loves Tesla’, added the firm in its Global Investor Insights report published this week. The median investment in Tesla is also a lot higher than that invested elsewhere on the platform. Barhydt attributed this to millennial investors adding: “We think this is a reflection of the new millennial investor that puts their money where their beliefs are. And it’s clear they believe in the vision that Elon Musk is building,” The top five countries going big on Tesla are Musk’s home nation of South Africa, France, Argentina, Austria, and the Philippines. Other popular investment assets include Amazon, Apple, Google, and Alibaba. The results are a clear indication that there is a substantial demand across the globe for tech stock investing using cryptocurrency as the conduit. Would you use Bitcoin to buy tech stocks? Add your thoughts below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Abra The post Bitcoin Based Stock Trading Trending Hot: Abra appeared first on

Abra report shows investors using its app are betting big on Tesla

Elon Musk’s automotive giant Tesla seems to be the world’s favorite stock to invest in, according to a report from crypto investing app Abra. “The world is bullish on tech and overwhelmingly loves Tesla,” Abra said in its “Global Investor Insights” report published Tuesday, sharing preliminary analysis of over 12,000 equity investors who invest via its app. Abra unveiled its blockchain-based investment app in February to allow global users (barring the U.S.) to own fractions of high-priced stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The app officially went live in May. The app allows users to invest in stocks such as Tesla, Uber, Alibaba and Facebook, as well as ETFs like the gold SPDR with bitcoin. Tuesday’s report showed that Tesla stock is the number one choice of investors followed by Amazon, Apple and Google. The median investment amount in Tesla is also 191% higher at $71.64 as compared to the overall median investment on Abra at $24.65, per the report. The minimum investment amount via the app is $5.  “We think this is a reflection of the new millennial investor that puts their money where their beliefs are. And it’s clear they believe in the vision that Elon Musk is building,” Abra CEO, Bill Barhydt, told The Block. South Africa (Musk’s home country), France, Argentina, Austria and the Philippines are the top five nations going big on Tesla, according to the report. It is important to note that the equity investing feature in Abra app is currently not available in the U.S.  Abra wanted to roll it out in the country, but was held up due to regulations. Many market observers said at the time that Abra was offering the feature as the issuance of an equity derivative, which is a financial product and must be regulated with U.S. authorities. Interestingly, Australia and Canada by contrast seem to be betting on gold as an investment, per the report. “We were surprised by some of the early trends too. We thought there may be a correlation with users in more distressed economies investing in gold but it’s not playing out that way so far,” Barhydt told The Block. The preliminary results confirm that there is “indeed a market for decentralized finance, and that Bitcoin can deliver on the promise of global financial inclusion,” Barhydt added.  He further said that the results are “so compelling” that Abra will be publishing the report every quarter starting later this year.
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Monero (XMR) Might Finally Be Integrated to Abra, According To the Crypto Wallet’s CEO

Monero may have made headlines when it became the first crypto asset to obscure users’ identities when providing quicker, safer transactions. It was an idea that was both puzzling and fascinating back then. But, while such isn’t fresh news anymore, XMR yet again stole the headlines after botnet attack which increased the average mining costs […]
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Abra CEO Bill Barhydt hints at Monero’s native integration to platform

Monero [XMR] made headlines after becoming one of the first digital assets to obfuscate users’ identities, while also offering secure and faster transactions. The decentralized cryptocurrency recently recorded a value correction, following a botnet attack which was used to mine XMR worth $250,000. The attack resulted in increased competition among existing miners, eventually taking a toll on the ecosystem. Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder of Abra, had recently announced an AMA session and tweeted, “The @AbraGlobal product team is hosting an AMA right now. This is a rare opportunity to go right to the source of Abra wisdom.” Willie Wang, VP of Product, and Matt Helmer, PM at Abra, highlighted their intention to discuss the latest feature that opens a way for non-U.S. users to invest in stocks and equities using Bitcoin. Further, the company’s CEO, Bill Barhydt, discussed synthetic assets with Douglas Tuman, host of Monero Talk. It was during this podcast that Barhydt hinted at the expected integration with Abra, a renowned platform for global investments using Bitcoin [BTC]. To expand operations globally, the app-based company kicked off 2019 by starting its fractional investment services through BTCs that are currently available only for non-U.S. customers across 150 countries. Abra’s development team has worked towards building an all-in-one app for money transfers and payment practices such as investing, lending and borrowing. The crypto-startup worked on decentralized platform using delta neutral business strategy for investments through crypto-coins as a collateral, which can be used for building synthetic assets. Abra team is looking forward to patent this new method as they look at non-fungible property of Bitcoin to be disadvantageous in the offing. Also, it will drive Abra as steward of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and programmable money. Abra’s CEO said, “You just put a bunch of bitcoin in the app, you can convert the bitcoin to Monero and then literally press withdraw to an external Monero wallet.” Bill added, “Users can now withdraw XMR over Abra to use it as money, send purchases or use it for withdrawal into hardware wallets.” When one of the Redditors asked Abra about the format of their backup keys and wallet compatibility, the Abra team clarified, “We use HD deterministic key as master key and derive other keys from that. It is our desire to build a tool to allow our users to extract their key for different native wallets (BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH) that we support. Unfortunately, that work has not made it unto our product roadmap yet.” Abra’s representatives also clarified that synthetic assets like ETF and stocks were locked in a multi-sig Bitcoin contract, and added, “Therefore, unless a user has both keys (user’s key AND Abra’s key), you can’t spend it.” The post Abra CEO Bill Barhydt hints at Monero’s native integration to platform appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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Coin Source Will Bring Dai to Its ATM Users

Stable currencies are all the rage as of late, primarily because they aren’t prone to the price swings and volatility one often witnesses with mainstream digital assets such as Ethereum and Litecoin. If you want to invest in crypto but are nervous about the prospects, stable currencies could be the answer. Now, they’re earning an even larger boost through companies like Coin Source, a Texas-based operator of cryptocurrency ATMs. Coin Source Brings Stability to Crypto The venture recently announced that it would be adding the stable asset Dai to its many ATMs located throughout the southern United States this summer. The addition of the coin is “in preparation” for what the company calls a widespread remittance program, in which workers will be able to send money home to their families in the form of Dai or other cryptocurrencies that they can trade or sell. Travis Gough, chief product officer at Coin Source, comments: In remittances, people want to save as much value and they don’t want to be subjected to the high volatility that you’re seeing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that can be very speculative. Price swings are a persistent worry in the crypto space, and likely never to leave enthusiasts’ minds fully. At the same time, it’s easy to suggest that currencies like bitcoin are suddenly easier to accept given these swings are now traveling north. Since April of this year, bitcoin has been enjoying a serious bull run, having jumped by nearly 200 percent in just the last three months alone. After a lengthy period of traveling through the doldrums at the mid-$3,000 range, the currency began its new string of price spikes last April with a sudden (and unexpected) jump to $5,000. The good news this time around is that bitcoin’s sudden behavior is likely being sparked more by market trends, which will make this bull run more stable than the one that occurred in 2017, reportedly the subject of manipulation by users of the stable currency tether. Along with bitcoin, currencies like Litecoin have also surged in price, heightening the crypto space’s present levels of legitimacy. A New and Improved Way to Send Money The Coin Source remittance service – which will at first be available to customers only in the United States – will allow ATMs to transfer Dai and other digital assets between wallets. Once a customer receives funds, they can forward them to the wallets of selected parties granted those parties have satisfied all of Coin Source’s know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. Receiving individuals can then confirm the funds and trade or sell them accordingly. All transactions occurring by way of Coin Source are recorded onto the Ethereum blockchain. At press time, the company operates more than 230 ATMs in nearly 30 states and in Washington D.C. The post Coin Source Will Bring Dai to Its ATM Users appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
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Amun AG Launches New Exchange-Traded Product With Data Provided By Bitwise Crypto Index

The fintech firm based in Switzerland, Amun AG, released its new plans to launch an exchange-traded product (ETP) using Bitwise 10 Select Large Cap Crypto Index as a benchmark. The Swiss SIX Exchange has already allowed several other ETPs to operate in the country. Amun AG Works On New ETP Bitwise Index Services has just […]
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OmiseGo Price Analysis OMG / USD: Burning The Stash

OmiseGo has a bullish short-term bias, with the cryptocurrency rallying to a fresh 2019 trading high The four-hour time frame shows the OMG / USD pair has invalidated a bearish pattern The daily time frame time highlights that bulls are attempting a major technical breakout Fundamental Analysis OmiseGo has gained momentum after GO.Exchange announced that it is planning to use its profits to burn OMG tokens. GO.Exchange is a new blockchain project from OmiseGo team, and it marks a major milestone for the OmiseGo ecosystem. OmiseGo / USD Short-term price analysis OmiseGo has a bullish short-term bias, with the cryptocurrency performing a bullish breakout on the four-hour time frame. The four-hour time frame shows that OMG / USD bulls have invalidated a head and shoulders pattern, with price now testing back towards the head of the bearish pattern. Technical indicators on the four-hour time frame are bullish and continue to issue a buy signal.   OMG / USD H4 Chart by TradingView                                                                                  Pattern Watch Traders should note that the upside target of the invalidate bearish and shoulders pattern is located at the November 14th, 2018 swing-high. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator on the four-hour time frame is bullish, although it is now extremely overbought.                                                                                  MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the four-hour time frame is bullish and continues to issue a buy signal. OmiseGo / USD Medium-term price analysis OmiseGo has a bullish medium-term trading bias, with the cryptocurrency attempting a major breakout on the daily time frame. The daily time frame is showing that OMG / USD bulls are trying to ignite a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern. The attempted bullish breakout has so far proved unsuccessful, with price slipping back towards neckline support. Technical indicators across the daily time frame are bullish and continue to issue a buy signal.   OMG / USD Daily Chart by TradingView   Pattern Watch Traders should note that the November 2018 trading high is the overall upside target of the bullish pattern on the daily time frame. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator is also bullish on the daily time frame, although it is correcting from overbought conditions. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator is bullish on the daily time frame and continues to issue a buy signal. Conclusion OmiseGo bulls have successfully invalidated a bearish head and shoulders pattern on the four-hour time frame, opening-the-door for further short-term gains. Medium-term bulls now need to ignite the large bullish pattern on the daily time frame or they risk the prospect of a failed technical breakout.   Check out the OmiseGo coin guide.   OmiseGO ChartChart byCryptoCompare baseUrl = ""; var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName("script"); var embedder = scripts[ scripts.length - 1 ]; var cccTheme = { "General":{"borderWidth":"0px","borderColor":"#FFF","showExport":true}, "Tabs":{"borderColor":"#FFF","activeBorderColor":"rgba(28,113,255,0.85)"}, "Chart":{"fillColor":"#222","borderColor":"rgba(28,113,255,0.85)"}, "Conversion":{"lineHeight":"10px"}}; (function (){ var appName = encodeURIComponent(window.location.hostname); if(appName==""){appName="local";} var s = document.createElement("script"); s.type = "text/javascript"; s.async = true; var theUrl = baseUrl+'serve/v3/coin/chart?fsym=OMG&tsyms=USD,EUR,CNY,GBP'; s.src = theUrl + ( theUrl.indexOf("?") >= 0 ? "&" : "?") + "app=" + appName; embedder.parentNode.appendChild(s); })(); #ccpw-ticker-24546 .ccc-chart-header { background: #1c71ff} #ccpw-ticker-24546 #ccc-chart-block .exportBtnTop, #ccpw-ticker-24546 a.tabperiods.tabperiods_active, #ccpw-ticker-24546 .coin_details { color: #1c71ff; background: rgba(28,113,255,0.15); } #ccpw-ticker-24546 .coin_details { border: 1px solid rgba(28,113,255,0.16); } .ccpw-container_chart #ccpw-ticker-24546 .coin-container:after, .ccpw-container_four #ccpw-ticker-24546 .coin-container:after {border-color:#ccc !Important;}   The post OmiseGo Price Analysis OMG / USD: Burning The Stash appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Approval For Settled Bitcoin Futures On LedgerX

The New York-based LedgerX LLC is “a US-regulated trading platform for physically-settled digital currency derivatives” and has had its application for designation as a contract...
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