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Ethereum is mostly a browser plug-in for Bitcointalk, says Director of Research at Tierion; Vitalik Buterin replies

Recently, Paul Sztorc, Director of Research at Tierion, commented on Ethereum [ETH], the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and a leading smart contract platform. This comment eventually grabbed the attention of Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, who replied to his statement. Paul Sztorc had tweeted, This is just what Ethereum does all day After BTC popularized Lightning, Eth “invented” Raiden, confidentially the name (if you didn’t know) of a video game character that fights with lightning bolts — Paul Sztorc (@Truthcoin) May 27, 2019 The Bitcoin Researcher went on to state that it was possible that Ethereum “had invented *nothing* at all,” further asking whether there was any Ethereum idea that was not previously discussed on Bitcointalk. He remarked that Ethereum was “mostly a browser plug-in for bitcointalk.” This was however countered by Cyrus Younessi, Risk Management Lead at MakerDAO, who affirmed that execution was everything, implying that neither where it came from nor who thought of it was important. He further added that whether Ethereum invented anything or not did not really matter. However, Vitalik Buterin disagreed with the remarks made by Cyrus Younessi, adding that ideas were indeed easily copyable, “but it’s also true that nuggets of insight can lead to epochal leaps of progress in a field.” He added, The bitcoin whitepaper itself was arguably a major instance of that. The code quality was apparently quite bad, see thread; but the idea was powerful enough to bring in people who could fix it. — Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) May 27, 2019 This was followed by Buterin listing ideas invented by people working on Ethereum. This included the gas mechanism, Casper FFG, Casper CBC, several concepts in blockchain sharding, Plasma MVP, concepts in state channel design, data availability proofs, and constant product market makers. The post Ethereum is mostly a browser plug-in for Bitcointalk, says Director of Research at Tierion; Vitalik Buterin replies appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Busted: Bitcointalk User Publishes Evidence of LocalCoin DEX Plagiarizing Whitepaper

A Bitcointalk user ICOEthics has brought up issues concerning a whitepaper plagiarism by decentralized crypto exchange Localcoin. The exchange has come under attack since then as users have created a discussion thread on the matter, with the aim of finding out the truth behind the issue. In their defense, a representative of the exchange said […]
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IOTA Introduces Permanode Tech For Long-Term Data-Storage

The IOTA Foundation is taking a major step towards ensuring permanency in the Tangle, announcing a “Permanode” technology called Chronicle. IOTA is designed as a protocol for the permissionless and frictionless exchange of value between machines and humans, with the Tangle acting as a distributed ledger. Using the new permanode technology, users will be able to securely store data, where it will be  “verifiable to third parties for free.”   While some data doesn’t need to be stored for years, decades, or lifetimes, certain sorts of data require greater permanence. “For example,” the IOTA blog explains, “financial data must be stored for 10 years in some cases, and identity data needs to be kept for the lifetime of the identity.”  The IOTA Foundation describes the new permanode technology as a “crucial building block” for enabling these types of use-cases. The Foundation describes Chronicle as the “official permanode solution,” enabling easy access to the Tangle’s entire history, which is stored indefinitely via the technology.  The system is described as a “distributed fault-tolerant permanode that scales out and up…”     source: IOTA Foundation   Chronicle has some unique and interesting use-cases for community members and businesses, such as offering “query as a service.” Node owners might find a new stream of revenue charging IOTA tokens to access Tangle data. Further services could be added through “Multiplex networks,” offering “microservices… that can communicate with public and private dataset(s) under different policies.”  Chronicle is due for a third-party audit to ensure it is ‘water-tight’ before it is released to the public. The IOTA Foundation invites community members to take part in the work, with grants available for “developing and expanding the notion of permanodes.”   source: CoinMarketCap   IOTA joined the altcoin surge today, enjoying a healthy bump of more than 14% in value against USD and BTC over the past 24 hours. The token has enjoyed a positive week, with over 10% growth in USD price over the past seven days.   The post IOTA Introduces Permanode Tech For Long-Term Data-Storage appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

HUGE Altcoin Updates! Stellar, Binance US, Tomochain, Digibyte, NEO, Monero, Bitcoin Bakkt

Binance Adds BNB to Binance US A brief history of the world of crypto. Plus, all of the latest news and updates from the Stellar Developers ecosystem How TomoChain’s TomoZ intends to take on Ethereum market share! Virtual Rehab with Virtual Reality is now solving real-world problems Celer Network and NEO Are Launching a Partnership Bitcoin #Bakkt Tweet Big! #Monero ready to use Zcoin’s Privacy protocol #digibyte lists on UpHold #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoin #altcoins #crypto #btc $BTC #bitcoinprice #ethereum #electroneum #cardano #enjin #hpb #digibyte #bitcoinnews #btcnews #libra #chainlink #ripple #xrp #xrpripple #binance #bitcoinnewstoday #cryptonews #litecoin #cryptocurrencynews #news Bitcoin cryptocurrency altcoin altcoins crypto btc $BTC bitcoin price ethereum electroneum enjin cardano digibyte bitcoin news btc libra chainlink ripple xrp ripple Binance bitcoin news today crypto news Litecoin cryptocurrency news hpb high performance blockchain $xrp $enj $etn $ltc $dgb $ada NOTE The information discussed on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube or other social media channels is not financial advice. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information and advice or investment strategies are thoughts and opinions only, relevant to accepted levels of risk tolerance of the narrator and their risk tolerance maybe different than yours. We are not responsible for your losses. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence and consult the financial advisor before acting on any information provided. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Celsius Network Offers up To 12% APR on USDC, TUSD, USDT and Other Stablecoins

The Celsius app offers the industry highest rates and supports six different stablecoins all eligible to earn up to 12.03% annually with interest paid out weekly Celsius Network (, the industry-leading cryptocurrency platform, announces today it has increased interest rates for stablecoin deposits to 12.03% APR. Users who choose to earn interest in Celsius Network's blockchain-based CEL token can earn up to 30% more than the 9.25% depositors who are paid in-kind on their coins. Celsius is raising its rates because it is consistently earning higher returns on its deposits and distributes 80% of its income to its depositors; as it earns more, it distributes more. Unlike other platforms, ...Full story available on

VanEck, SolidX Pull Bitcoin ETF Filing From SEC Consideration

Less than two weeks after VanEck and SolidX rolled out the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust ETF (XBTC), a bitcoin exchange traded product aimed at institutional investors, the firms said they're withdrawing plans for bitcoin exchange traded fund aimed at a broader swath of investors. What Happened The ETF issuer and the fintech firm pulled the filing from consideration by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Sept. 13. The agency had delayed an ultimate decision on that product, as it has with various other bitcoin ETF proposals, several times, but was facing a hard and fast deadline of Oct. 18 to approve or disapprove the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust. “Tuesday’s filing marks the second time VanEck and SolidX withdrew the proposed ETF. ...Full story available on

IOTA Introduces Chronicle Permanode to Amend Scalability Issues

IOTA, a permissionless trust protocol designed to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem by facilitating a frictionless exchange of value between machines and humans, has announced the launch of Chronicle, a permanode solution the team hopes will give node operators an unlimited amount of storage space in their Tangle distributed database, according to aRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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