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World latest news Outlines Plans For Funding Voice Post-Launch

Though the launch of's decentralized social media platform, Voice, has yet to be announced, the company is hard at work figuring out how it can profit from the inflation of the platform's token and use those profits to fund Voice's development.
Ethereum News CEO: Top Influencers Will Get $50-100M in Revenue for Switching to EOS-based Voice

Coinspeaker CEO: Top Influencers Will Get $50-100M in Revenue for Switching to EOS-based VoiceAccording to Brendan Blumer, CEO of, top social media influencers will have an opportunity to get a revenue of $50–100 mln on EOS’s new social media platform Voice. It has become known from the disclosed screenshots of Blumer’s messages. The CEO stated that those influencers with 100 mln followers who will be able to bring an audience of 50 mln people to the new platform will get quite impressive amounts in revenue. He also added that the project will be seriously concentrated on attracting powerful influencers. It will be one of the key priorities of its marketing strategy.Big If True 🤯 #Voice #eos #eosio— eosioAlabama (@eosioalabama) June 10, 2019Nevertheless, Blumer still hasn’t officially confirmed this information. What We Know about positions Voice as a transparent social media platform where the value of content is used to sustain the community.  As Coinspeaker has already reported, the platform will run on the EOS blockchain network. It means that all the content published and recorded will be open to the public. Creators of content will get rewards in the VOICE tokens. It will be impossible to buy the VOICE token or to mine it. But a daily airdrop will give a chance for everyone to become VOICE owner. The team staying behind the platform believes that the way of distributing tokens via an airdrop is the fairest distribution. Whether it really will be so, only time will show. Nevertheless, it’s already clear that now the company tries to attract content creators. And it strives to offer them real opportunities to get significant Works with a Lobbying FirmIt has been revealed that the company is now a client of international law firm Holland & Knight LLP. The firm provides with lobbying services. The lobbying issues cover the policy related to blockchain. And it is known that has contributed $30,000 for these activities.One of the specialists who will act as a lobbyist for is Scott Mason who previously served as the director of congressional relations for Donald Trump’s administration.In 2018, the number of lobbies dealing with the issues related to blockchain in Washington D.C. tripled. It reached a mark of 33 projects in the fourth quarter of 2018. Nevertheless, according to experts, blockchain firms still have a lot to do to get supporters in CEO: Top Influencers Will Get $50-100M in Revenue for Switching to EOS-based Voice
Coinspeaker CEO expects $50-100 million payday for top influencers on EOS Voice

A screenshot of what appears to be a message from CEO Brendan Blumer reveals that he expects top social media influencers to be able to generate $50–100 million dollars in revenue from Voice,’s new social media platform. In the message, Blumer suggests that top influencers capable of bringing 50 million followers to the new service would be able to generate tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars and redefine their net worth. He adds that attracting such influencers to the platform will be a central focus for the project’s marketing efforts. CryptoSlate reached out to and Brendan Blumer to verify the message. So far, neither has provided comment. Making money on Voice described their vision for the platform in a recent press release: “Voice is a more transparent social media platform for the world, where the value of good content gets circulated right back into sustaining the community, not corporate bottom lines.” Developed on EOS, all content posted to Voice will be publicly recorded on the blockchain. The platform will leverage the VOICE token to reward content creators and let them promote their content. To minimize spam, all users will be subject to an identity check requiring a government-provided ID. Users will not be able to mine or purchase the token directly but instead receive a daily airdrop of VOICE tokens they can use to promote their content. As CTO Dan Larimer explains, “We believe everyone deserves a voice. This is why the voice token has the fairest distribution in the world,” Whether or not a daily airdrop of VOICE tokens results in the “fairest distribution in the world,” it’s clear that’s leadership wants to appeal to content creators who believe the platform could provide them with a significant source of income. has yet to elaborate on how the company itself will profit from the platform. A long way to 100 million It’s difficult to imagine who Blumer might have in mind when referencing influencers with a hundred million followers. Even the Instagram accounts of top influencers like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry don’t top a hundred million followers, though they do come close at 90.7 and 78.2 million, respectively (as of April, 2019). When sorted by reputation, the top accounts on Steemit, Larimer’s previous social media platform, only have follower counts in the tens of thousands. If the strategy for Voice sounds familiar, that’s probably because it echoes the approach used to promote Steemit. Launched in 2016, Steemit enticed content creators by featuring wealthy users able to generate sustainable incomes by investing in the platform’s tokens. The platform promised to improve the curation of content by rewarding users for posting and curating content using a set of tokens. Steemit gained a modest following among the cryptocurrency community but has failed to generate widespread appeal. The website currently has a little over a million users and the company laid off 70 percent of its workforce in the fall of 2018. Will Voice be able to succeed where Steemit has failed? With $150 million invested in the project, is making a serious effort to do so. The post CEO expects $50-100 million payday for top influencers on EOS Voice appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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Digital tokens resurrect with value addition after crypto winter

According to OnChainFX, the top 1o legitimate exchanges deliver the trading volume for measuring the real trading volume of the digital assets. Data collected from the LONG HASH website revealed that the majority of tokens had declined to half of their value since attaining the ATH. The most shocking results came out for ETHLend, based on the Ethereum blockchain that used the digital tokens in the form of collateral for transactions. LONG HASH quoted that ETHLend offered a decentralized peer-to-peer smart contract lending in the crypto-ecosystem. The ETH-based token was trending as the investors were constantly using ETH for transactions, which led to its surge before the bear attacks on the market. Tokens such as Holo and Ravencoin maintained their value equivalent to 50% of their ATH as they were initiated after the 2017 bull run. It came as a surprise for crypto users after tokens like Binance Coin and ChainLink underwent resurgence to achieve their ATH, that was higher than the previous ATH mark. Source: LONG HASH As per the graph, tokens achieved their ATHs from December 2017 to January 2018 and then plummeted. Many of the investors missed out on this bull rush in the crypto market. As the market conditions did not remain the same for a longer duration, tokens slipped into the phase, commonly known as the crypto winter, among the digital asset enthusiasts. LONG HASH shared growth rate of ChainLink and tweeted, “Chainlink (LINK) is having a pretty good day”. Some tokens like BNB and LINK have been performing well and the community can take comfort from this. The post Digital tokens resurrect with value addition after crypto winter appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Stellerro is set to issue tokenized equity through Spanish-regulated Security Token Offering (STO); Public sale opens June 17th

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 17th, 2019– Stellerro, an alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era will launch its STO on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at noon ET. Stellerro, a Spanish-Israeli based alternative investment banking platform is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering public sale. Self-founded in mid-2018 by an experienced group of entrepreneurs from the Israeli capital markets & fintech industries, all are Blockchain veterans: Aviad Gindi – CEO, Dror Medalion – GM, Elad Kofman -CSO, Noam Barnea -CTO & Liron Rose – Advisory lead. Stellerro was created to assist asset owners, funds, entrepreneurs & startups in taking part in an alternative method of fundraising. Stellerro believes that as the blockchain ecosystem matures, digital offerings will become easier to access and invest in. The ever-advancing secured technology, transparent approach, the inclusion of new financial titans and a strong blockchain congregation are all unified to create the most important thing Investors seek for — Liquidation & Tradability. Stellerro’s funding goal is €5 Million which it plans to utilize for R&D and business development expansion. The company is expected to generate revenue for investors starting Q4 2019, based on its financial projections. The public offering starts on June 17th, 2019 and will last for 2 months until August 16th, 2019. STRO tokens will grant the investors economic rights and dividend from the firm quarterly revenues. To ensure a fully regulated environment, investors will go through KYC & AML procedures in order to acquire STRO security tokens.  Join the public sale today at or contact the team for any inquiry at:   Stay tuned for more: Site · Facebook · Twitter · Linkedin · Instagram · Reddit · Telegram The post Stellerro is set to issue tokenized equity through Spanish-regulated Security Token Offering (STO); Public sale opens June 17th appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Facebook to Unveil ‘Libra Association’ and Launch Testnet Next Week: Report Social media giant Facebook will unveil the Libra Association, which will operate its bespoke cryptocurrency Libra, on June 18, cryptocurrency news outlet The Block reported on June 14. Per the report, Facebook and dozens of its partners will unveil the Libra Association — which […] Cet article Facebook to Unveil ‘Libra Association’ and Launch Testnet Next Week: Report est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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