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Tendermint based Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB) now live

Tendermint based Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB) now live 🟀 CryptoNinjas Zebi, a full-stack core-blockchain company, today announced the official launch of the Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB). Zebi’s independent blockchain platform allows users to secure and tamper-proof their digital assets. The ZPB provides the network structure that will allow anyone to manage and authenticate their data. ZPB is built on the COSMOS SDK which in-turn is […] Tendermint based Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB) now live 🟀 CryptoNinjas

New Study Reveals the Most Overhyped Cryptos on Twitter, and its Not Tron…

Cryptocurrency analysis and data platform, The TIE, recently did an investigation into crypto-hype on Twitter. Which tokens are being manipulated the most, through bot accounts and inflated engagement? To compare, it looked at hype-to-activity ratio, or number of tweets per $1 million of trade volume. Let’s Start With A Look At The Wallflowers Across the 450 cryptocurrencies considered in the investigation, there was an average hype-to-activity ratio of 1.02 tweets per $1 million of trade volume. So any token rated under this value would seem to be eschewing hype as a marketing tool and not really caring whether it was noticed or not. Either that or it’s flying under the radar The least overhyped cryptocurrency turned out to be Tether, scoring just 0.003. Whilst this may come as a bit of a surprise to some, as Tether is subject to a disproportionate amount of (mostly negative) hype, we must remember that it is used extensively in crypto-trading – not to mention it regularly hits daily volumes of over $20 billion. Other low scorers included EOS (0.008), Ethereum Classic (0.158), Cosmos (0.230), and NEO (0.231). Balanced Crypto Performers Cryptocurrencies scoring values in the rough area of the average appear to be quietly confident in their own abilities. Having no need to blow their own trumpets, they can just concentrate on doing the job in hand. The majority of the top five tokens by market cap fall into this group. Bitcoin gets a 1.72, Ethereum slightly lower on 1.17, Bitcoin Cash slips below the average with 0.72, and Litecoin sits in the middle with 1.08. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed one notable omission. It will come as no surprise to find XRP bucking the trend of high market-cap coins. It scored an impressive 4.07 hype-to-activity score. This actually spikes even higher to an ominous 6.66 when including popular hashtags like #XRPArmy and #XRPCommunity. Is XRP the cryptocurrency of the beast? Don’t Believe The Hype! But even XRP fades into insignificance compared to some of these over-inflated hype-beasts. The current top three comprises of TokenPay (911.1 Tweets/$1M), Electroneum (678.8), and Dragonchain (505.3). TokenPay has an astonishing 33 million percent higher hype-to-activity ratio than Tether. This level of ‘all hype, no trousers’ presents itself through tweets from hoards of bot accounts, fake followers, and manipulated engagement. For example, Electroneum has 127, 000 followers on Twitter, whereas BitMEX has only 65,000. And for those of you who only read the article to laugh at Justin Sun… I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. Tron scores a hype-to-activity rating of well below average at 0.544. Although, if we consider Facebook likes as a metric, Sun has *cough* over 6 million *cough*, whereas exchange Coinbase, with over 60 million users, has just 187K. The post New Study Reveals the Most Overhyped Cryptos on Twitter, and its Not Tron… appeared first on

5 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2019

Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects often fall apart due to a lack of interest and use cases. Thankfully, it seems a lot of projects which have been around for multiple years are finally hitting their stride. Surprisingly enough, a lot of these projects – according to ConsenSys – are using Ethereum technology in one way or another. Status has Plenty of Activity It is always difficult to gauge how popular a blockchain project really is. One way of doing so is by looking at the GitHub activity, which indicates whether or not any active development is taking place. For Status, the mobile Ethereum operating system, things are looking pretty good. Although there is still work to be done in terms of delivering mobile and desktop versions of the application, this is a project worth paying attention to as more time progresses.  High Fidelity Tackles VR The future of virtual reality technology remains uncertain. Consumers are not too convinced this technology is here to stay, whereas corporations are willingly exploring some of the opportunities in front of them. High Fidelity, a company launched by the founders of Second Life, is still actively being developed at this time. Their EOS integration and an overall increase in virtual events show there are still numerous opportunities waiting to be explored. Convincing the masses remains an uphill battle regardless.  Cosmos Remains a Dark Horse Earlier this year, the surge of Cosmos took many people by surprise. This project entered the cryptocurrency market cap top 20 with a bang and hasn’t left this position ever since. As such, many people wonder how this interoperability platform will evolve in the future. Building an internet of blockchains sounds fancy, but pulling it off will be a lot more difficult than one might think. Building more native applications is one way of ensuring that idea can become a reality.  Origin Protocol Peeks its Head Although not too many people are aware Origin protocol is even around today, the project is trying to make its presence felt. Their combination of Ethereum technology and IPFS should eventually lead to the creation of decentralized marketplaces. It is expected more validator nodes will come online in the future, as a recent Reddit post shows there could be a growing need for such nodes. Additionally, its GitHub repository remains remarkably active, which shows the team still has plenty of features to work on moving forward. Santiment Provides all the Metrics Cryptocurrency metrics are crucial in this nascent industry. Finding the correct information regarding specific currencies and assets is not as straightforward, as not all sites are transparent or correct, for that matter. Santiment now tracks several hundred assets over several dozen metrics. It is a platform which continues to grow every single month. Only time will tell if it can become a go-to data dashboard for the average cryptocurrency user…  Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency. Image(s): The post 5 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2019 appeared first on NullTX.

Tron: CEO Justin Sun promises US-focused expansion of TRX in 2019

Tron CEO Justin Sun expected that Binance US and Coinbase would consider his projects, TRX, BTT, and WIN, but neither Coinbase nor Binance US have included any of his projects in their recent token listing announcements. Following the updates from the two exchanges, the community urged Sun to get his projects listed on US exchanges. Coinbase and Binance US Ignore TRON and BitTorrent  Recently, Coinbase announced that it is exploring 8 crypto tokens, including Algorand, Cosmos, Dash, Decred, Ontology, Waves, Matic Network, and Harmony. Binance US also unveiled its plans of listing 30 potential crypto tokens on the US arm of its crypto exchange. It’s worth noting that neither of the two US-based exchanges have considered Justin Sun’s projects.  However, the Tron community thinks that their #1 priority is to make TRX trading available for US citizens. Source: Twitter Sun responded to the tweet and promised that 2019 will see “huge progress” for TRON. He tweeted – Sorry for the delay. We should have more US-based exchanges for sure. Let me work on that. We promise within 2019 the community will see huge progress on that. In agreement with the community’s sentiments, Sun published another tweet on the subject saying “we will get all these things done with TRON speed”. Source: Twitter Besides making promises on TRX, Sun is quite bullish on his effort to on-board BTT and WIN on US exchanges. He says that US exchanges should include TRX, BTT, and WIN. While TRON is Sun’s own project, he acquired BitTorrent(BTT) in late July 2018. WIN token is the TRON based dApp which was backed by Binance launchpad (Binance IEO) in July this year. Despite TRX’s dipping value, Sun bets big on TRON this year. At press time, TRX is the 12th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap whereas BTT slid down to 45th position with a falling market graph on Coinmarketcap. Sun Network’s release of version 1.0 as one of Tron’s 100X scalability solutions is also slated for today, i.e August 10. Source: Twitter However, the development has not shown a positive effect on TRX’s price so far. At press time, Tron is trading at $0.02, 6% down from its previous position. The post Tron: CEO Justin Sun promises US-focused expansion of TRX in 2019 appeared first on Coingape.

Binance Reveals Potential U.S. Listings

Binance is back in action for U.S. investors. On August 9th, the exchange revealed several details concerning on listings for the upcoming American exchange. The announcement, written by Binance U.S. CEO Catherine Coley, lists several coins that are under examination and outlines the framework that the exchange will use to add new coins. Binance U.S. plans to use a Digital Asset Risk Framework to ensure that its listings comply with American regulations. This means that the exchange will take each token’s qualities, including its securities status, into consideration. Several other factors will additionally allow Binance U.S. to select “bona fide blockchain projects” that deserve a listing. Right now, the exchange has 30 cryptocurrencies under consideration, including leading coins like Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Litecoin. The exchange is also inspecting other major coins, such as Stellar Lumens, Ethereum Classic, Cardano (ADA), Dash, Nano, NEO, IOTA, VeChainThor, Waves, Zilliqa, Cosmos (ATOM), and Holochain (HOT). Four stablecoins are also under examination: Tether, Paxos, TrueUSD, and USD Coin. A few project-specific tokens are also on the list, including Decentraland’s MANA token, Augur’s REP token, Brave’s BAT token, and Chainlink’s LINK token. Finally, they are also considering a few tokens that are closely associated with Binance, such as Loom, Ravencoin, and, of course, Binance Coin (BNB). Binance U.S.’s announcement doesn’t confirm that these tokens will be listed – only that they are under consideration. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao wrote on Twitter: “while I hear this list is not definitive, it is the most up-to-date current work in progress.” Still, this is much-needed news for American investors, who have been told very little about the transition until now. Binance announced its decision to bar American investors from the main platform in June. At roughly the same time, it also revealed its plans to open a U.S. version of its exchange in partnership with BAM Trading Assets. It seems likely that more information will be revealed over the next few weeks – American users will not be able to trade on Binance’s main exchange after September 12, 2019. The post Binance Reveals Potential U.S. Listings appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Breaking: Binance US Reveals its Plan To List 30 Crypto Tokens; Here’s The List

A new trading arm of Binance crypto exchange, Binance US has recently shared a detailed plan of its trading operation. The platform had said that it is considering to list 30 new crypto tokens. Binance US To List 30 Crypto Tokens In a blog post, published on August 09, 2019, Binance US explains that it is yet to determine the launch date of trading operation in the United States. Moreover, it is exploring 30 crypto tokens to list at the Binance US exchange. Per the blog post, it will list Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), XRP,  Stellar Lumens (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), Cosmos (ATOM), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin Cash ABC  (BCHABC), DASH, EOS, Ethereum Classic (ETC), HOT, IOTA, LINK, Loom Network (LOOM), MANA, NANO, NEO, PAX, REP, RVN, TUSD, USDC, USDT, VET, WAVES, ZIL, ZRX. Ahead of the listing, the platform is examining these tokens to ensure they meet Binance’s listing criteria for Binance US. It’s worth to note that Binance stopped serving US customers back in September due to unclear crypto regulatory frameworks but it had rolled out an exclusive US-based fiat-to-crypto exchange during June 2019. The Binance US will be operated by BAM trading firm which is a FinCen-registered firm in the United States. The branch will spearhead by former Ripple’s employee, Catherine Coley who had recently joined BAM trading as CEO. Notably, the announcement of launch was outlined by Coley via Binance US’s medium blog. She wrote that; The team and I are eager to share more on what’s ahead for this exciting journey together. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and feedback, which are crucial in this early development. Since the launch in 2017, has already captured significant trading volume and the market observer examines that Binance’s entry in the US could be a direct threat to country’s existing crypto exchanges such as Coinbase. While Binance announces its plan of exploring 30 crypto assets, Coinbase earlier shared an update of considering 8 new crypto assets which include two assets backed by Binance IEO. Moreover, Coinbase hasn’t added Binance’s native token BNB yet whereas it is set to support 2 Binance launchpad projects. With similar note, Binance CEO trolls Coinbase saying; they may have missed one jem, BNB. Glad to see @Coinbase supporting 2 of the @Binance LaunchPad projects here. West or east, exchanges working together to grow the industry. They may have missed one jem, $BNB, lol! — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 6, 2019 Image Source – Binance US Blog The post Breaking: Binance US Reveals its Plan To List 30 Crypto Tokens; Here’s The List appeared first on Coingape.

Coinbase Trolls Binance by Considering Support for Launchpad Projects But Not BNB

Coinbase recently made an official announcement41 that it was exploring support for waves and 7 other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies in the review included Waves, Ontology (ONT), Matic Network (MATIC), Harmony (ONE), DASH, Cosmos (ATOM), Algorand (ALGO) and Decred (DCR). Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao responded to the update by saying that it had not included BNB in its list. Zhao Shows Mixed Feelings Zhao, has reacted to this new development by commenting on his Twitter handle, saying that while Coinbase has made a good choice by including two of Binance Launchpad projects’ cryptocurrencies in the list, but it seems to have to miss out on a “jem” – Binance’s native cryptocurrency, BNB. BNB is a utility token that has several uses in the Binance ecosystem including availing discounts on the trading fees. Source: Twitter What’s amusing in this situation is that Binance and Coinbase are two of the biggest exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, and Coinbase is considering offering support for two coins that are tied with its competitor’s project, but it is ignoring the native cryptocurrency of the competing platform. The two Binance Launchpad cryptocurrencies which have made it to the list of the 8 tokens being considered by Coinbase are Matic network (Matic) and Harmony (ONE). Matic and ONE which were launched on the Binance LaunchPad around April and May respectively had seen considerable gains after their launch. Matic had grown over 700% while Harmony had seen an increase of 800% from IEO price as at 1st of June. Although Coinbase clearly listed the coins up for support at this time, it also indicated that more cryptocurrencies which would correspond to regulatory scrutiny and achieve jurisdictional compliance were still in their long term list. Considering this, it is possible that BNB might as also make Coinbase’s list in the future. The post Coinbase Trolls Binance by Considering Support for Launchpad Projects But Not BNB appeared first on Coingape.

Matic and Harmony Skyrocketed as Coinbase Announces that It May Add Them to Its Platform

Coinspeaker Matic and Harmony Skyrocketed as Coinbase Announces that It May Add Them to Its PlatformWhen it comes to the crypto industry, it is clear that many aspects and issues are highly vulnerable to the influence of others. Today’s case with Matic, Harmony and some other promising coins is just the brightest example of such mutual influence of various factors.While in general the situation on the market stays relatively stable, the crypto community couldn’t but notice an unusual price growth of some coins. At the time of writing, according to the data provided by Coinmarketcap, Matic is trading at $0,017 having added almost 70% just over the last 24 hours. Some similar changes can be observed in the case with Harmony (ONE). While its price has reached a level of $0,013, currently, the price growth is over 40%. Is it a pure coincidence? Definitely not.Reasons for These Price ChangesThe above-mentioned coins started to gain their value after the California-based trading platform Coinbase published a new post on its official blog. As Coinspeaker has already reported, at the moment Coinbase is considering an option of adding new coins to its platform in order to satisfy the needs of its clients all around the world. andLet us remind you that the list of coins that have rather high chances to be added by Coinbase in the nearest future includes the following ones: Waves, Cosmos, Ontology, Algorand, Dash, Decred and, as you may have already guessed. Matic and Harmony.Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that not all the coins in this list have managed to show the green light, at least by this very moment. For example, Ontology and Dash have lost 2% and 4% over the previous 24 hours, respectively.But there is one more thing that unites Matic and Harmony. They both are the tokens launched on Binance Launchpad earlier this year. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (or just “CZ”), has also pointed out this fact in his tweet after Coinbase revealed its plans to expand its offerings by adding new coins.Glad to see @Coinbase supporting 2 of the @Binance LaunchPad projects here. West or east, exchanges working together to grow the industry.They may have missed one jem, $BNB, lol!— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 6, 2019The support of such giants as Binance and Coinbase is an enormous booster for the growth. And Matic has already experienced even a higher price surge this year. In May its price surged by more than 75%. That month it gained over 610%. One of the reasons for it was the fact that the community expected to see the coin listed by Coinbase after it received finding from Coinbase Ventures. Though it still hasn’t been added to the Coinbase platform, according to the recently revealed information it may happen rather soon.Matic and Harmony Skyrocketed as Coinbase Announces that It May Add Them to Its Platform

No Room for Monero, IOTA, Nano As Coinbase Explores New Digital Assets

Coinbase has announced its 2019 new digital assets support shortlist. The listed eight lucky tokens might get onto one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges. Curiously missing and to the disappointment of many a crypto enthusiast are IOTA, Nano, and Monero. Dash, Cosmos, Decred, Harmony, Algorand, Waves, Matic and Ontology are however in the running for a Coinbase listing. The announcement made on the Coinbase blog, says: “Coinbase’s goal is to offer support for all assets that meet our technical standards and which comply with applicable laws. Over time we expect our customers around the world will have access through Coinbase to at least 90 percent of the aggregate market cap of all digital assets in circulation”. The exchange further adds that their evaluation is done against their Digital Asset Framework. The major considerations for listing include compliance and security. Besides, the exchange also considers a token’s alignment with the exchange’s mission of “creating an open financial system for the world.“ Monero’s Rampant Crypto Jacking Woes Monero’s privacy-focused cryptocurrency enables blockchain transactions that are both untraceable and anonymous. The proof-of-work consensus platform has, however, been accused of cloaking the identity of criminals. Monero has become the choice token for criminal activities. The cryptocurrency has been increasingly blamed for crypto-jacking, whereby criminals access private devices and remotely mine crypto without the owner’s knowledge. In a report, Palo Alto Networks, an enterprise security company attributes 5 percent of all XMR in circulation to crypto jacking mining. The report further adds that Monero derives at least 2 percent of its hash power from crypto jacking scripts. The digital currency and its ilk are currently banned from exchanges by Japan’s Financial Services Agency. Privacy coins are often at the forefront of the crypto regulatory discussion. It is highly probable that Coinbase has steered from listing XMR to avoid the regulatory hurdles. Privacy tokens have received a lot of heat from law enforcement authorities, being blamed for facilitating international money laundering. A Norwegian real estate multi millionaire’s wife kidnappers have for instance demanded a $10.3 million ransom in Monero. The investigators claim that if Monero was not part of the payment plan, they would have less difficulty tracing the criminals. The US Department of Homeland Security has its eyes set on these privacy coins. Should the crime levels rise, Monero may be banned in other regions around the globe. IOTA’s Coordinator Trouble and Nano’s Controversy While the problem of scalability hampers most blockchains, IOTA has found an innovative way around it. Through The Tangle, the blockchain can handle low-cost micro-transactions, unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains. Nevertheless, as innovative a blockchain as IOTA is, it has had some eyebrow-raising systemic flaws and scandals as well. It has had a range of technical errors, and episodes of poor PR management. In 2017, for instance, a team from Boston University and MIT investigated the IOTA hash function and found it vulnerable to attacks. Nano’s first taste of infamy started with the hacking of the somewhat obscure Italian exchange BitGrail. At least 17 million units of Nano were lost, a $170 million loss for the exchange. The investigations pointed to unauthorized XRB transactions. The situation soured further when the Nano developer team and the exchange tussled and laid blame on each other on social media. It is possible that such poor press and accusations of insecure protocols could have made Coinbase wary of these tokens too.
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TriveAcademy Awarded the Bloconomic Excellence Award at the Bloconomic Expo 2019

TriveAcademy, a player in building the blockchain technology infrastructure which also conducts training classes and consultation processes was awarded for the “Bloconomic Excellence Award – Best Blockchain Technology Developer Award” at the  Bloconomic Expo 2019. The Bloconomic Expo 2019 is organized by the Malaysian Blockchain Association and Alphacap Sdn. Bhd. As a sponsor partner for Bloconomic event, TriveAcademy has presented their latest technology and applications of Trivechain 2.0 to the public at the expo. Trivechain just launched TRVC App which all the speakers’ and volunteers’ certificates is been blockchain in their TRVC app. After a successful fork on April 22, 2019, the new version of Trivechain 2.0 has been successfully forked, deployed and is running steadily. Trivechain 2.0 has include major changes such as adjustments to their Proof-of-Work algorithm from X11 to X16R and Proof-of-Stake collateral from 1,000 TRVC to 10,000 TRVC. The mining hash rate and the number of masternode needs to catch up slowly and be supported by a new community. The hash power and number of masternodes is increasing gradually every day indicating a significant increase from the date it was forked. In an interview with Tan, he said that “Trivechain 2.0, as a blockchain platform, will create a highly compatible community to attract developers and entrepreneurs around the world to become part of the Trivechain community. This community along with a number of open source products will offer and create a more conducive ecosystem for developers. This allows the chain to provide the most favorable conditions for its users to develop its application.” Trivechain 2.0 is offering another alternative open source platform for developers to develop their new blockchain base business ventures. The platform is ready for deployment and for those who are interested to catch new mining trend. Come and join the Trivechain community! You are invited to apply for the development fund through the DAO governance system to build a friendly and efficient development ecosystem in the blockchain environment. Visit the official website at for more details. About Trivechain (TRVC): Trivechain (TRVC) is a games and entertainment public blockchain protocol managed by Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which focuses on games and entertainment to enter the new era digital age with implementation of blockchain-based technology and DApps (decentralized applications). Facebook: The post TriveAcademy Awarded the Bloconomic Excellence Award at the Bloconomic Expo 2019 appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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Wanchain, Civic, Aion and Tael Top All Cryptos; Coins in Aggregate Up 3.13% Overall, 34 Coins Cross Key Moving Average

The Big Winners From Yesterday Over the past day, the top performing coin out of the 133 coins we are tracking was Wanchain, which offered a day-over-day return 90.53%. Rounding out the top four currencies for the day were Civic, Aion, and Tael, which provided holders with returns of 27.02%, 26.53%, and 22.7% for the day. These moves were quite significant, in the sense that they were well outside of the volatility each of the respective coins had seen for the past two weeks. Crypto brokers to trade the currencies mentioned here: Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex The Crypto Big Picture Overall, the average change in coin price for the coins we’re tracking was up 3.1253%. On a more granular level, 65% of the coins we’re tracking were up while 35% of the coins were down. Below we can see the average daily change for the coins we are tracking our index over time. 34 coins are especially close to their 20 day moving average, and thus may be worth watching for technical traders who view the 20 day moving average as a key support/resistance level. Crypto brokers to trade the currencies mentioned here: Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex Currencies With Significant Price Moves Here’s a list of the specific coins that crossed their key moving average level: Status, district0x, Loopring, 0x, SingularDTV, SONM, IOTA, Verge, AirSwap, Request, Viberate, Power Ledger, Ripio Credit Network, Agrello, BlockMason Credit Protocol, Aeron, Genesis Vision,, Tierion, Tael, Time New Bank, Waves, OST, NavCoin, Lunyr, AppCoins, VIBE, Nucleus Vision, POA Network, Groestlcoin, Skycoin, Civic, Streamr DATAcoin, Dock. Also of note is that 66 of the 133 we track have contracting volatility. Volatility contraction often precedes a breakout, so this may be something to watch. Below is a chart that zooms in a bit more, showing 4 coins trading below their 20 day moving average and exhibiting contracting volatility. Are these coins ready for a rally? Crypto brokers to trade the currencies mentioned here: Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex Article by SixJupiter The post Wanchain, Civic, Aion and Tael Top All Cryptos; Coins in Aggregate Up 3.13% Overall, 34 Coins Cross Key Moving Average appeared first on DecentralPost.

Futures trading platform Digitex prepares for public testnet, announces release date

Digitex, a trading platform for crypto futures contracts, announced today that it will be launching its public testnet on Nov. 30, 2019. The exchange plans to open their market starting with BTC/USD perpetual swap contracts. According to the exchange website, contracts for additional coins will be added based on user demand. For market makers and takers, Digitex won’t charge for any transactions. The project plans to cover all operational costs by creating value/demand around the Digitex Futures (DGTX) token. It will do this by minting a small number of tokens each year. The exchange will launch as a centralized exchange first but will continue to work on providing users with non-custodial (decentralized) accounts. This will allow users to have 100% ownership of their funds at all times while still able to make real-time trades and lightning speed. You know that Adam has been busy behind the scenes preparing to launch the game-changing, robust & rapid-fire #DigitexFutures #Exchange. But, our marketing efforts have been ramping up too & we’re pleased to announce that our community is growing globally! — Digitex (@DigitexFutures) August 21, 2019 Trading On The Testnet SmartDec, the development firm working with Digitex, is developing and vigorously testing the platform, preparing it for production. On the testnet, the firm says the exchange will be able to handle over 10,000 users trading concurrently and up to 50,000 transactions per second. A date has not been set for the Digitex platform’s mainnet launch yet, but the project team has said that testnet trading is anticipated to last for two months. After the testnet stage wraps up, Digitex plans to launch on the Ethereum mainnet. At that time, users can trade futures contracts in real-time using DGTX tokens. 2019: The Year of Crypto Futures Trading As it stands, 2019 is shaping up to be an important year for emerging futures trading platforms in crypto. The launch of Bakkt, another highly-anticipated trading platform, is scheduled for Sept. 23, 2019. Bakkt has garnered a lot of media attention thanks to the establishment of major partnerships and its focus on support for institutional investors. Digitex is aiming to appeal to a broader range of users and traders. According to the Digitex homepage, the platform has over 1.54 million signups on its waitlist. The post Futures trading platform Digitex prepares for public testnet, announces release date appeared first on CryptoSlate.
Cryptoslate integrates BitPay into its wallet

Blockchain, a cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform, has partnered with cryptocurrency payments processor, BitPay. According to a blog post by Blockchain, the firm has integrated BitPay into the Blockchain Wallet so users "can pay for products and services from an extensive network of merchants without ever giving up control of your private keys."  Blockchain is one of the largest cryptocurrency wallet providers in the world with approximately 41 million users to date. The firm recently announced the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange focused with a focus on fast trade execution.
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