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Samsung Could Integrate Crypto Wallet To S10 Smartphone

You’ve probably heard of a few blockchain phones, but a new cryptocurrency-enabled smartphone could leave the XPhone and Finney in the dust. Samsung’s latest model could integrate a wallet for the Cosmos blockchain, Crypto Briefing has learned. Sources close to the Korea-based project have confided that the Samsung Galaxy S10, which launched today, will have built-in functionality for the Cosmos blockchain, effectively providing new owners an easy on-ramp to the blockchain with minimal frictions. Rumors that the phone would also integrate Ethereum and Bitcoin functionality remained unconfirmed as of press time. As one of the leading names in high-end smart phones, the integration could put blockchain technology within arms’ reach of millions of Samsung users–and prompt a competitive push from Apple and other smartphone brands as well. The author is invested in Ethereum and Bitcoin, which is mentioned in this article.  Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter!   The post Samsung Could Integrate Crypto Wallet To S10 Smartphone appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Cosmos Mainnett Launch Closer Than Ever

Cosmos, a blockchain project seeking to increase interoperability, is preparing for Mainnet launch.Read More. The post by Neil Matthew appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
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Binance DEX Ready to Hit the Testing Phase while Betting on the 2nd Round of ICOs

The decentralized exchange of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is soon going to hit the public testing phase. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao took to Twitter to share the announcement of Binance Chain’s public testing on February 20. Recently, Zhao had shared that the decentralized exchange would be not so decentralized in the beginning and Binance would have much influence on it. He had also shared that they would be charging a hefty amount that is $100k as a listing fee for new coins. Though it will be adjusted over time, it is a deliberate move on the company's part in order to tackle the scam projects. According to the latest Diar research, “The $100K listing fee, however, might be a drop in the bucket after seeing BitTorrent raise in excess of $7Mn in a bear market and selling out in minutes on Binance who hosted the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) just weeks ago.” Betting on Initial Coin Offerings Second Coming The Diar research further states, with its upcoming DEX that has an “inbuilt initial coin offering mechanism” it would raise the demand for its native coin Binance Coin (BNB). “With less than 1% of Binance volume trading into pairs with the exchange's coin, BNB, the popular trading venue has announced the imminent release of their Decentralized platform that would by design amp up demand for their native coin. And with an inbuilt Initial Coin Offering mechanism raising capital in the exchange’s native currency, Binance could be aiming to see liquidity shift over to their Decentralized Exchange should traders wish access to early investment opportunities.” After forking the Cosmos Tendermint blockchain, Binance sacrificed the smart contracts in order to offer seamless and high frequency trading. The research notes that the choice to not built on Ethereum is the second major crypto operation after Aragon in recent weeks. Binance has addressed the main concerns plaguing the current DEX adoption through a well integrated user experience and tackling speed with blocks being confirmed ever second. However, it points out, making people shift to DEX is certainly a big concern as more than 80 percent of transaction flow to third-party custodians that highlights, “not your keys, not your Bitcoin.” Currently, the native coin BNB is accounting for only 0.8 percent of the total traded volume from pairs. Last year, Zhao has stated, “BNB will be native gas,” on the Binance DEX. Moreover, it is going in the opposite direction of Security Token Offerings (STO), by “making it ever-so-simple to quickly create tokens and raise funds in the exchanges native coin,” that will make BNB far more valuable. Just had a productive meeting for #Binance #DEX (decentralized exchange), where $BNB will be native gas, and the exchange don't control user funds. Aiming for a public beta end of the year/early next year. Yes, we work on Saturdays, non stop! — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) September 29, 2018 Diar concludes the research with the fact that though Binance is one of the selective exchanges when it comes to listing tokens, it is ultimately the traders who hold the bags and “for Binance, whether markets up or down, it’s business as usual.”
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5 Sentences That Tick Off Any Crypto Hodler

Hodl: In the Bitcoin community it is Meme No. 1. The mantra is stoic expression for the deep conviction about Bitcoin’s strength. Because being Hodler is an obligation; selling the crypto positions is out of the question. The only thing allowed is to buy back. At least this is how it is written in the famous Hodler Manifesto. This term was once coined by Senior Member on “GameKyuubi”, who, after “some whisky”, was apparently no longer able to hit the “hold” right into the keys. In the semi-coherent post, he writes trading off because the market is not to be timed anyway. The rest is history. It’s about time to dedicate an article to Bitcoin-Meme No. 1. “Shit, Bitcoin is crashing!” For Hodler, falling prices mean one thing in particular: shopping time! Instead of falling into panic, the world”s Hodler is happy to receive discounts on Bitcoin. Because Hodlers are not here for the quick profits, they hodl because they know: winter follows spring. “You should hesitate to sell” Hodlers don’t sell. Never, never ever. They wait stoically for the time when they can do their daily shopping with Bitcoin. In short: Hodlers think long term. They don’t trade, they hold. Hodling makes life easy, because even experienced crypto-analysts often overestimate market timing. “Maybe Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin after all.” Hodlers are loyal to their currency. FOMO buying emerging stars from the crypto cosmos is taboo. Only re-buying your favourite currency is allowed. Hodling is a way of life, not an investment strategy. Once decided, Hodler no longer deviates from ” their ” coin. Exorbitant price gains of Rising Stars are demonstratively ignored, because the mean Hodler is confident: In the long run “my” coin wins. Hodl, I must! from Bitcoin “I just leave my Bitcoin on the Exchange. Nothing will happen.” According to article four of the Hodl constitution, that’s a no-go. Exchanges can be hacked. We don’t like to remember the Mt.Gox hack that threw the crypto community into an ice age that lasted almost two years. Many investors lost their entire crypto possessions and assets as a result of the hack. Therefore, the only person to whom Hodler would entrust her private key is himself. Ideally, the coins are stored in cold storage, so nothing can happen. So-called paper wallets are also considered cold storage. How you create your own paper wallet can be seen here in the video: Create, fill & use a Bitcoin paper wallet – secure against forks Watch this video on YouTube. If you don’t have your own hardware wallet yet, you are welcome to visit the BTC-ECHO shop. “Bitcoin is a bubble.” Hodlers don’t incur losses. If the crypto currency no. 1 should go to zero, then that’s the way it is. In no case they sell before and take losses with them. ” All or not at all” is the motto. By the way: The crypto ETP, which investors can trade on the SIX Swiss Exchange, is listed under the winking ticker HODL. Good things come to those who HODL.H/T @thecryptopher — Jameson Lopp (@lopp) December 21, 2017 The post 5 Sentences That Tick Off Any Crypto Hodler appeared first on DecentralPost.

New Binance CEO AMA Touches on Bitcoin ETF, Ripple/XRP, Binance Chain and Blockchain’s Future

A few hours back, Binance CEO ‘Changpeng Zhao’ conducted an all-new AMA-type session on Periscope during which he answered a host of questions related to: Binance Chain Binance DEX Bitcoin ETFs XRP and much more. — Binance (@binance) February 7, 2019 A Closer Look at the Matter Starting off the Q&A event, CZ mentioned that there would be a total of 11 operational nodes that would be made available for use with the Binance Chain testnet. Additionally, he also mentioned that the number of validators within the network would be small— so as to keep the platform’s performance at optimal levels. Following this, Zhao was questioned about his decision to use Cosmos as the base framework for his upcoming project. On the matter, he was quoted as saying: “They had a solid product. The Cosmos architecture was closest to what we wanted… We took Tendermint and made a fork of it. We didn't use the standard SDK. We forked it and chopped a lot of things out. So, in the Binance Chan, there are no smart contracts. We just have an interface for you to issue a token, and then you can trade it. Binance Chain is a very simple in terms of application, but it can handle very large loads.” Other Key Points Worth Bearing in Mind: Only a select few partners will be granted early access to the Binance DEX platform. While the listing fees on Binance DEX will be adjustable over time, the initial amount that projects will have to pay will be somewhere close to the $100K mark. The popular Ledger Nano S wallet will provide full integration support for ‘Binance Chain’. CZ Speaks About Decentralization On the subject of decentralization, Changpeng said that while most people viewed the issue as being ‘black or white’, the matter was much more complex. Further elaborating on his stance, he went on to add: “There's a degree of decentralization you can achieve. Some blockchains are more decentralized, some blockchains are more centralized. Any blockchain that has a clear development leader or team, they are more or less centralized in some way. So, Binance Chain is a going to be a little more centralized initially in that way.” Another subject that CZ broached during his recent Periscope chat was that of Bitcoin ETFs and whether or not they would ever see the light of day. On the issue, he stated that as and when such an offering would be made available to the masses, a lot of new investors would flock to this burgeoning industry. Last but not least, he also added that Binance was looking to partner with Ripple and make use of its xRapid protocol in the near future. “There's nothing going on right now, but in the coming few months, we definitely want to add them as a partner.”
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Satoshi•Pie Liquidation

As stated in this document (, on January 31, 2019, we are liquidating Satoshi Pie fund. This means that until January 31, 2019, all the assets of Satoshi Pie will be converted into bitcoins.The current state of the Satoshi Pie portfolio valuation of assets will be carried out and fixed for February 1, 2019.If Dfinity, Cosmos, and Airalab projects are not liquid until January 31, 2019, the tokens of these networks will be transferred to Satoshi Fund to redeem its SPIES tokens according to the valuation made on February 1, 2019. (The illiquid tokens are valued at the price of their purchase).From February 1, 2019, only bitcoins will remain in Satoshi Pie fund portfolio.Standard Tokens Redemption ProcedureIn order to receive the corresponding share of bitcoins all the SPIES token holders (BitShares id 1.3.1010 — could use the standard token redemption procedure until March 31, 2021. Additional redemption requirements will be applied after March 31, 2019, they can be found below.Description of the procedureIn order to receive the bitcoins, the SPIES token holders should send them (SPIES) to the satoshi-pie-redeem account (BitShares id 1.2.113611 — and specify the bitcoin address, to which they want to get their bitcoins, in MEMO. Managers will burn incoming SPIES tokens and send bitcoins to the specified btc address.In order to make this transaction the SPIES token holders can use the service or the standard BitShares client https://wallet.bitshares.orgSPIES tokens redemption schedule until March 31, 2021January 17, 2019, January 24, 2019, January 31, 2019, February 15, 2019, March 1, 2019, March 15, 2019, March 31, 2019, June 30, 2019, September 30, 2019, December 25, 2019, March 31, 2020, June 30, 2020, September 30 2020, December 25, 2020, March 31, 2021.Fund commission for the redemption of tokens is 5% until March 31, 2019, then the commission will be increased to 10%.Non-standard casesThe users who lost access to their Satoshi Pie accounts should try to restore the access on their own. has never had access to data that allow to get access to accounts of the SPIES token holders. All possible recovery methods can be found here questions for non-standard cases could be sent to till March 31, 2019.Safe custodyOn April 1, 2019 Satoshi Pie liquidation balance will be recorded and a liquidation decision will be prepared. All remaining funds will be transferred to the new liquidation multisignature address managed by fund managers. All Satoshi Pie fund documents (history of SPIES token prices, asset valuation history, balance history, the registry operations for issuing SPIES tokens, the registry operations for burning SPIES tokens) will be held in custody by the Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association.In the period from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021, the SPIES token holders can address all their questions regarding the redemption to the Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association at 293022 Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, office 14 (email — the user has access to his own SPIES tokens, he or she should notify the Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association (e-mail mentioned above) about the number of SPIES he or she wants to redeem. At the same time, the SPIES token holder should send them to the satoshi-pie-redeem account (BitShares id 1.2.113611 — and specify the bitcoin address in MEMO to which he or she wants to get the bitcoins. In order to make this transaction the SPIES token holders can use the service or the standard BitShares client https://wallet.bitshares.orgOnce the transfer of the SPIES tokens to the satoshi-pie-redeem account is completed, they will be burned on the dates mentioned above (tokens redemption schedule) and the holders will receive bitcoins to the address mentioned in the MEMO.If the user has lost access to his own SPIES tokens, he or she should notify the Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association (e-mail mentioned above) about the number of SPIES he wants to redeem. For identification purpose the user should provide the following information:Account email (specified during the registration, if available)Account phone number (specified during the registration, if available)Copies of complaints, questions to the Satoshi Fund and answers sent to the email associated with the account (if available)Proof of ownership of the btc address from which bitcoins were sent to the Satoshi Fund accountIn the case of loss of the access, redemption is possible only if the mentioned SPIES tokens are not redeemed by the time when the application is received.The custodian has the right to call the applicant to meet in person in order to confirm the identification of the applicant or to sign tokens redemption documents in the case of a positive decision on the bitcoin payout.In the case of a positive decision, the bitcoins will be sent with a 10% commission.Unclaimed fundsAll the funds that will not be unclaimed until March 31, 2021, shall become the property of the owners of the Satoshi Fund who could spend them at their discretion on causes including charity (transfer to the organizations like White Hats), excluding expenditures on administrative and liquidation procedures.After March 31, 2021, no claims or complaints will be considered due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.Satoshi•Pie Liquidation was originally published in cyberblog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Blockchain Supply Project Partners With JPMorgan And Alibaba-Backed Tech Firm

A project using blockchain to increase efficiency and transparency on the supply chain has formed a partnership with one of the world’s leading developers of electronic tagging and IoT-based solutions. Blockchain-based logistics company Citizens Reserve announced on Tuesday it had partnered with Smartrac, which develops hardware for monitoring goods in transit. Smartrac supplies electromagnetic tags, known as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), that can store information about physical goods, facilitating easy identification and tracking throughout the supply chain. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Smartrac is one of JPMorgan’s portfolio companies. Chinese conglomerate Alibaba has also taken a minority stake, with an interest in using the technology to develop brand protection solutions. The new collaboration will enable Citizens Reserve to use Smartrac’s RFID tags and its Smart Cosmos IoT solution to track physical items on its own ‘supply-chain-as-a-service’ platform – SUKU. Expected to launch in Q1 2018, SUKU will provide companies with the technological foundation to build supply-chain orientated applications and services. Eric Piscini, Citizens Reserve’s CEO, highlighted that a solution using multiple complementary technologies would create a powerful logistics solution for business. He said: “Blockchain technology helps lay the foundation to build a more transparent supply chain solution, and now, with the integration of other technologies such as IoT, RFID, and NFC through Smartrac, we are able to deliver on our mission of being the most effective supply chain solution for businesses moving product from supplier to retailer.” Citizens Reserve The case for blockchain in logistics is compelling. Long and complex supply chains stretching around the world can include multiple suppliers and agents. The paperwork can be siloed and imperfect; details of an exact shipment can quickly be distorted, almost like a game of Chinese whispers. An immutable and decentralized ledger creates a shared record for all involved parties, one that cannot easily be tampered with. Yonathan Lapchik, Citizen’s Reserve’s Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), explained to Crypto Briefing that blockchain could not only improve efficiencies and transparencies on the supply chain, it also enabled suppliers to better meet the needs of their customers. For example, the Chinese soybean market – which consumes about a third of the world’s annual crop – is shifting towards buying soybeans from sustainable sources. Soybean suppliers, Lapchik says, could use a SUKU and Smatrac-based solution to quickly identify specific crops and ensure they met market requirements. Blockchain logistics VeChain (VET) began exploring blockchain integration on the supply chain in 2017. But it isn’t the only one. Danish shipping and American computer giants, Maersk and IBM, have collaborated on their own blockchain-based solution. Known as TradeLens, parties can access and add relevant information as physical items travel through the supply chain. More than 154M shipping events were captured and added to TradeLens during its 12-month trial. Lapchik isn’t worried: Citizens Reserve offers something different. Whereas Maersk and IBM own the IP address for TradeLens, SUKU is decentralized. He believes Maersk and IBM will find it difficult to convince major players to join a network they control completely. With a pivot to North America, LapChick also doesn’t foresee a clash with VeChain, which is primarily focused on the APAC region. “With [SUKU] we create a place for other companies to have the benefits of the blockchain”, he says. “They can use blockchain without having to do it themselves”. Amazon and Alibaba became wealthier than countries just by developing reliable supply networks for goods to be shipped around the world. The World Shipping Council estimates that around $4trn worth of goods – two thirds the total of global trade – is transported as cargo by merchant ships. Despite efforts to the contrary, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Blockchain makes this process transparent and efficient. Considering the scale of global trade, blockchain’s integration into the world’s supply chains could save the global economy billions. The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article.   Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Blockchain Supply Project Partners With JPMorgan And Alibaba-Backed Tech Firm appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain dApp Domination Likely to be Challenged, Says Multicoin Capital Co-Founder

Ethereum has enjoyed market domination as the go-to platform for development and deployment of smart contracts. However, the managing partner and co-founder of Multicoin Capital, Kayle Samani, believe that the platform’s unquestionable market control is likely to be challenged by other contenders. Samani was speaking with Business Insider in an interview when he made the remarks. He said that Cosmos and 16z crypto-backed Definity as two suitable platforms that pose the biggest threat to Ethereum. He further noted that new blockchain being developed are also looking to dethrone Ethereum, which according to him, could happen by the end of 2020. Samani said that: “All of the new blockchains are aiming to challenge Ethereum,” Samani said. “I expect by the end of the year the percentage of total developers building on Ethereum will be lower than it's right now, simply because of the competition,” he said. “At the end of 2019, I still expect Ethereum to be the market leader among smart contract platforms. But there is a real probability that by the end of 2020, this is no longer the case.” Tron (TRX) A More Serious Contender Among the top blockchain for smart contracts, Tron has shown some serious competition to Ethereum. Tron’s Virtual Machine has recorded impressive adoption numbers in recent months, proving that it has the potential to overtake Ethereum over time. According to the chief executive of Tron, Justin Sun, the project boasts 133 blockchain-based applications, and this number is expected to rise by either two or three every day. Could The Oncoming Ethereum Hard Fork Rescue It? The problems that Ethereum has been facing, which include scalability and speed issues, are expected to be solved by the oncoming hard fork scheduled later this month. If it works as its developers expect, then we might finally see the number of Ethereum-based applications as well as transactions increase considerably. The coming months will reveal the true potential of smart-contract-based projects. As new similar blockchains are released, the battlefield is set, with everyone waiting to see the blockchain that will pose the biggest challenge to Ethereum.
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Ethereum (ETH) Hegemony Will Be Challenged, Says Crypto Investor

Multicoin Capital Expects Ethereum To Meet Competition  Business Insider recently sat down with Kyle Samani, the co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital, a Texas-headquartered crypto-specific fund backed by pro-Bitcoin investor Marc Andreessen, along with David Sacks. In the interview, Samani drew attention to his predictions for 2019’s crypto industry trends, making mention of Ethereum (ETH). He explained that a handful of well-funded, high-potential blockchain platforms, like the a16z crypto-backed Dfinity and Cosmos, could challenge Ethereum head-on in the near future. The Multicoin representative noted that the aforementioned two ventures, which have yet to go live, could make a move on Ethereum’s nearly unquestioned hegemony as the go-to platform for smart contract development and deployment. Samani explained that as it stands, the blockchains in the works are “aiming to challenge Ethereum.” He added that he expects for the percentage of total blockchain developers working on the aforementioned platform to shrink, especially as 2019 elapses. However, in spite of Samani’s somewhat harrowing comments, he then explained that by December, the third most valuable crypto by market capitalization is still going to de-facto rule the smart contract sector. Then again, he did note that during 2020, this could drastically shift, as blockchain improvement protocols go live. Samani’s recent comments come just weeks after Fred Wilson, one of the founders of Union Square Ventures, made a similar comment via his world-renowned blog, AVC, which covers traditional and emerging markets alike. Per previous reports from Ethereum World News, Wilson drew attention to Cosmos and projects of similar caliber in a blog post, titled “What Is Going To Happen In 2019.” In the post, the investor noted that he expects for “next-gen” smart contract platforms, such as Cosmos, to eventually challenge the hegemony that Ethereum has established over decentralized computation. Wilson noted that this competition will push Ethereum to ship improvement protocols, like Constantinople in the weeks to come, along with potential early iterations of Serenity. Is Tron (TRX) A Potential Threat To Ethereum? Although Samani and Wilson mentioned projects like Dfinity and Cosmos, which raised dozens of millions amid 2017’s crypto market boom, positive sentiment surrounding the Tron (TRX) project is quickly mounting. Earlier today, we reported that Tron’s Virtual Machine has seen monumental levels of adoption in recent months. Via Twitter, Justin Sun, the chief executive at the project, claimed that statistics from DApp Review indicates that his brainchild now supports 133 blockchain-based applications. With this number expected to swell by two or three each day, Sun noted that with the impending niTRON conference and a company incubator/accelerator, the blockchain will support 200 active DApps in due time. And interestingly, while there are far more DApps on Ethereum, Tron’s leading applications have more than Ether’s. Optimists have claimed that Tron could also see monumental adoption with the activation of BitTorrent token (BTT), a TRC-10 token centered around the torrent service. BTT has been touted as a way to “empower” content creators, as BitTorrent allows common Joes to gain access to content distribution tools and other key features. A BitTorrent whitepaper, rife with buzzwords, read that BTT would “create a token-based economy around the usage of networking, bandwidth, and storage.” However, not everyone is convinced that BTT, nor Tron itself will succeed. In an interview with Breakermag, which we covered, a former BitTorrent c-suite member revealed that the Tron implementation might not go too well. Simon Morris, who spent a decade at the company as its chief of strategy, explained that BitTorrent’s crypto industry foray was a byproduct of the bubble. However, Morris explaining that the idea tokenize BitTorrent was first seen in an optimistic light, adding that such a system would allow for automated auctions and prioritized download queues — making the network 40% faster overall. Yet, Morris, who tasked with leading BitTorrent’s crypto and blockchain branches, explaining that the Tron activation is likely to fail, noting that the network’s technology is a “very thin veneer layer.” Title Image Courtesy of on Flickr The post Ethereum (ETH) Hegemony Will Be Challenged, Says Crypto Investor appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Coinbase’s Q4 accomplishments hints staking feature; possible listing of Tezos [XTZ]

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase wrote a blog about Q4 accomplishments of 2018 and briefly mentioned the tasks they will be focussing on in the future. This blog mentions clearly that Coinbase is looking at a feature of staking to be made available in the near future and more proofs to substantiate it. Coinbase recently partnered with TokenSoft Global Markets, a broker-dealer registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. In addition to the above, Coinbase Custody has also partnered with Electronic Transaction Clearing [ETC], which is also an SEC-registered broker-dealer and FINRA member. Moreover, Coinbase reflected upon its custody service in the blog, it stated: “We established Coinbase Custody as a limited purpose trust company under New York State Banking Law to operate as an independent Qualified Custodian, allowing us to compliantly store more assets and potentially add new features like staking.” Further into the blog, Armstrong mentions Coinbase’s successful partnerships/investments which conveniently includes “”. is already running test nets of Ethereum [ETH]’s Casper, EOS and Cosmos. The website also stated that it has plans to add Tezos, Dfinity, NuCypher, Livepeer, Keep, Factom and Ark nodes in the coming months. The cryptocurrency community already started this speculation on Reddit taking into consideration the above-mentioned facts. Redditors in the post speculate that Tezos could very well be the next cryptocurrency that will be added to Coinbase’s list. Mikeroyale, a Redditor commented: “Looks like Tezos is imminent Coinbase, have noticed their server answering to XTZ requests… “ Furthermore, has already indicated that Tezos is live and users can delegate XZT for staking. The website also shows an annual staking yield of 9.7% for Tezos. Another Redditor, aeaf123 commented: “Sooner or later it seems plausible. Unless you are in the know this is all just a hypothetical anyway. Everyone would be pretty stoked about it im sure. Tezos does keep a low profile. What I think is good about that is its speaks more on its legitimacy opposed to other things that are more hype and less actual substance.” The post Coinbase’s Q4 accomplishments hints staking feature; possible listing of Tezos [XTZ] appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - Industry News (02.15.19 - 02.22.19)

Total Market Cap, as of 02.21.19 at 5:30pm (PST): $133,778,212,242 (+11.11% from last week) Missed last weeks update? Click here STORY OF THE WEEK •A developer in the community released, a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that enables Bitcoin (BTC) tipping on Twitter via the Lightning Network. CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES •Binance launches the test-net of its allegedly decentralized exchange, Binance DEX. Users can now manage their own private keys and the associated wallet. •Binance de-lists 5 projects – CloakCoin (CLOAK), Modum (MOD), Salt (SALT), Substratum (SUB) and Wings (WINGS). • lists 3 projects – Stellar Lumens (XLM), Monero (XMR) and Steem (STEEM). •Coinmama, a Slovakian based exchange suffers a security breach which leaked 450,000 user email and passwords. •KuCoin releases version 2.0 of its platform. The update introduces new interfaces across the web and mobile applications, additional 2FA options and order types for users. REGULATION •The U.S. state of Wyoming passed 3 bills that involve digital assets. Digital assets owned by consumers are now categorized as intangible personal property. Banks can now issue digital custodial services and issue securities in tokenized forms, provided they comply with accounting, control and other standards. •The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) settles unregistered securities charges against Gladius Network, whom have conducted an ICO near the end of 2017. There is no penalty as a result of self-reporting. •$430,000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies seized by Belgian law enforcement will be auctioned off on Feb.28 at 12:00pm GMT by Wilsons Auctions – the largest auction company in the UK and Ireland. •The Central Bank of Bahrain’s (CBB) is launching a regulatory sandbox for blockchain and crypto companies. This will allow firms to test solutions and expedite new companies entrance into the market. •2 Bitcoin ETF’s registered by financial firms VanEck/SolidX and Bitwise await approval from the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This kicks off a 45 day countdown to an initial decision. TECHNOLOGY •Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 will introduce “Samsung Knox”, a hardware security feature to store private keys for blockchain applications. •Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg considers utilizing a blockchain to allow users to login to other sites without going through an intermediary on its existing “sign-in with Facebook” feature, dubbed Facebook Connect. INSTITUTIONALIZATION •Eurex, a derivatives exchange operated by German financial giant Deutsche Boerse is looking to launch futures contracts tied to digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). •Latin America’s largest investment bank Banco BTG Pactual SA is releasing its own blockchain-based security token dubbed “ReitBZ”. The token’s value is backed by real estate assets within Brazil. PEOPLE •Ethereum loses Afri Schoedon, a core developer for the open-sourced project since 2015. •TrueDigital, a provider of institutional products for digital assets hires Thomas Kim – previously COO of Bridgewater Associates. Bridgewater is a U.S based asset management firm with currently $124.7 billion USD under management. •Digital Asset, a distributed ledger company for financial services loses head of business for Europe, Oliver Hugh-Jones. Key executives continue to depart from the firm. TWITTER •@jack – “I hooked [] up and already got tipped some satoshi’s.” •@alecziupsnys – “Taxi reform didn't come from taxis, but from Uber. Hotel reform didn't come from hotels, but from AirBnB. Finance reform didn't come from banks, but from Bitcoin.“ •@cryptoshillnye – “We are either really early or really stupid. $crypto” •@jackdwagner – “If your boyfriend needs to be taken down a notch just start casually asking him how his bitcoin is doing.”

Dogecoin / USD Technical Analysis: Failing To Capitalize

Dogecoin is neutral in the short-term after the recent rally in the pair failed to break above a former key swing-high DOGE / USD is bearish in the medium-term with price still trading below the neckline of a sizeable head and shoulders pattern Large amounts of bullish MACD divergence seen on the daily time frame Dogecoin / USD Short-term price analysis   In the short-term, Dogecoin is neutral due to the pair failing to move above a former key swing-high during its most recent upside rally. The cryptocurrency is starting to turn lower in the near-term, although price is still above the pair’s 200-period moving average on the four-hour time frame. Technical indicators on the mentioned time frame are turning lower with further scope to push the DOGE / USD even pair lower.     DOGE / USD H4 Chart                                                                         (Source: TradingView)     Pattern Watch The recent rally has created a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern on the four-hour time frame, which should be monitored closely over the short-term.   MACD Indicator The MACD indicator is trending lower on the four-hour time frame with a bearish crossover underway.   Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator has turned bearish, with push bears taking control below the neutral line. Dogecoin / USD Medium-term price analysis   Dogecoin remains bearish over the medium-term, with buyers unable to move price above the neckline of a large head and shoulders pattern on the daily time frame. A long-term technical bottom has yet to be confirmed in the cryptocurrency, as price remains relatively close to the pair’s multi-year trading lows, despite the broader market rally. Interestingly, Dogecoin is showing bullish MACD divergence on the daily time frame from November of last year.     DOGE / USD Daily Chart                                                                         (Source: TradingView)     Pattern Watch The bearish head and shoulders pattern is the major theme to watch on the daily time frame.   MACD Indicator The MACD indicator remains neutral and is currently failing to generate a clear trading signal.   Relative Strength Index The Relative Strength Index has recently started to recover after an extended period of downward pressure. The indicator is showing that bullish momentum is growing across the daily time frame. Conclusion   Dogecoin is likely to remain under slight downside pressure over the short-term, while its medium-term outlook is decidedly bearish as buyers continually struggle to stage a rally above the neckline of the head and shoulder pattern. Some caution is advised in the medium-term, especially if the broader cryptocurrency market continues to trade higher, as Dogecoin shows a sizeable amount of bullish MACD price divergence that has yet to be reversed on the daily time frame.   [{"date":1519250641000,"value":0.00642131,"volume":39800500},{"date":1519337641000,"value":0.00621481,"volume":21214800},{"date":1519426441000,"value":0.00655035,"volume":19078300},{"date":1519512841000,"value":0.00625445,"volume":15675100},{"date":1519599242000,"value":0.00622731,"volume":11767200},{"date":1519685641000,"value":0.00640203,"volume":12400500},{"date":1519772041000,"value":0.00636053,"volume":11954800},{"date":1519859041000,"value":0.00606537,"volume":13504300},{"date":1519945441000,"value":0.00621479,"volume":15500800},{"date":1520032141000,"value":0.0055882,"volume":21048100},{"date":1520118541000,"value":0.00528799,"volume":23033800},{"date":1520204941000,"value":0.00543448,"volume":11999600},{"date":1520294341000,"value":0.00521754,"volume":13627700},{"date":1520380741000,"value":0.0046102,"volume":14766900},{"date":1520467141000,"value":0.00402424,"volume":17585500},{"date":1520553543000,"value":0.00402491,"volume":15499400},{"date":1520639942000,"value":0.00414573,"volume":13624400},{"date":1520726341000,"value":0.00397279,"volume":9880540},{"date":1520812743000,"value":0.00420956,"volume":9251440},{"date":1520899141000,"value":0.00403156,"volume":7601500},{"date":1520985541000,"value":0.0039602,"volume":6006560},{"date":1521071941000,"value":0.00352358,"volume":7532350},{"date":1521158341000,"value":0.00353589,"volume":9316740},{"date":1521244741000,"value":0.00351046,"volume":6407110},{"date":1521331141000,"value":0.00329869,"volume":6231110},{"date":1521417541000,"value":0.00319022,"volume":9029610},{"date":1521503641000,"value":0.00345316,"volume":8269140},{"date":1521590041000,"value":0.00362279,"volume":6626960},{"date":1521676441000,"value":0.00365315,"volume":6699300},{"date":1521762841000,"value":0.00353758,"volume":5209240},{"date":1521849541000,"value":0.00355964,"volume":6178530},{"date":1521935941000,"value":0.00359024,"volume":4461220},{"date":1522022341000,"value":0.0035052,"volume":3476340},{"date":1522108141000,"value":0.00328213,"volume":6063530},{"date":1522193041000,"value":0.00316872,"volume":5263290},{"date":1522279441000,"value":0.0031525,"volume":4972420},{"date":1522364941000,"value":0.00286969,"volume":5689400},{"date":1522451641000,"value":0.0027141,"volume":5303920},{"date":1522538041000,"value":0.00282749,"volume":3583350},{"date":1522624441000,"value":0.00271622,"volume":3292100},{"date":1522710843000,"value":0.00278532,"volume":4566590},{"date":1522797241000,"value":0.00297974,"volume":6607270},{"date":1522883641000,"value":0.00276001,"volume":5264000},{"date":1522970041000,"value":0.00271684,"volume":4930540},{"date":1523056442000,"value":0.00266981,"volume":2866150},{"date":1523142842000,"value":0.00279582,"volume":3031700},{"date":1523229841000,"value":0.00287113,"volume":3672640},{"date":1523316242000,"value":0.00273305,"volume":4759220},{"date":1523402641000,"value":0.00301247,"volume":9898570},{"date":1523489041000,"value":0.0033615,"volume":25148600},{"date":1523575442000,"value":0.00373614,"volume":13890800},{"date":1523661843000,"value":0.0040369,"volume":18470100},{"date":1523748241000,"value":0.00417018,"volume":13721300},{"date":1523834641000,"value":0.00456021,"volume":11732100},{"date":1523921041000,"value":0.00461094,"volume":22306100},{"date":1524007441000,"value":0.0047664,"volume":17149900},{"date":1524093841000,"value":0.00540117,"volume":21720200},{"date":1524180241000,"value":0.005754,"volume":26872200},{"date":1524266641000,"value":0.0058761,"volume":22912700},{"date":1524353041000,"value":0.0053873,"volume":24901800},{"date":1524439442000,"value":0.00553575,"volume":18453000},{"date":1524525842000,"value":0.00554003,"volume":33612700},{"date":1524612256000,"value":0.00582155,"volume":36390000},{"date":1524698642000,"value":0.00515776,"volume":38865500},{"date":1524785042000,"value":0.00560963,"volume":41193500},{"date":1524871442000,"value":0.00543701,"volume":38671500},{"date":1524957842000,"value":0.00538562,"volume":36580200},{"date":1525044242000,"value":0.00552727,"volume":37723600},{"date":1525130645000,"value":0.0051415,"volume":36399100},{"date":1525217042000,"value":0.00510599,"volume":11945300},{"date":1525303446000,"value":0.00534681,"volume":49188200},{"date":1525389842000,"value":0.00553333,"volume":51405300},{"date":1525476242000,"value":0.00528271,"volume":14416700},{"date":1525562642000,"value":0.0051823,"volume":29760600},{"date":1525649042000,"value":0.00496136,"volume":33616600},{"date":1525736042000,"value":0.00480958,"volume":25819700},{"date":1525822441000,"value":0.00533426,"volume":40927500},{"date":1525908841000,"value":0.00492049,"volume":32508100},{"date":1525995241000,"value":0.00468831,"volume":32684900},{"date":1526081642000,"value":0.00413376,"volume":26897100},{"date":1526168042000,"value":0.00438422,"volume":26725800},{"date":1526254442000,"value":0.00423376,"volume":19554200},{"date":1526340842000,"value":0.00443516,"volume":12464000},{"date":1526427242000,"value":0.00452063,"volume":20816100},{"date":1526513647000,"value":0.0043812,"volume":9925640},{"date":1526600042000,"value":0.00420819,"volume":16877000},{"date":1526686447000,"value":0.00421244,"volume":14800400},{"date":1526772847000,"value":0.00400534,"volume":13876600},{"date":1526859251000,"value":0.00430579,"volume":15539900},{"date":1526945648000,"value":0.00421548,"volume":18384900},{"date":1527032042000,"value":0.00387216,"volume":10183100},{"date":1527118447000,"value":0.00353557,"volume":14753000},{"date":1527204842000,"value":0.00348244,"volume":10581100},{"date":1527291844000,"value":0.00349525,"volume":10498100},{"date":1527378242000,"value":0.00345933,"volume":6386250},{"date":1527464647000,"value":0.00341718,"volume":3503920},{"date":1527551048000,"value":0.0032228,"volume":7489960},{"date":1527637448000,"value":0.00343469,"volume":9198200},{"date":1527723850000,"value":0.00338119,"volume":7857420},{"date":1527810248000,"value":0.00341965,"volume":9091600},{"date":1527896648000,"value":0.00342353,"volume":5445620},{"date":1527983048000,"value":0.00357178,"volume":5930320},{"date":1528071252000,"value":0.00369584,"volume":20149500},{"date":1528157642000,"value":0.00359368,"volume":22346200},{"date":1528244048000,"value":0.0037094,"volume":19400200},{"date":1528330442000,"value":0.003794,"volume":20819300},{"date":1528416843000,"value":0.0037335,"volume":6038900},{"date":1528503245000,"value":0.00365665,"volume":6877420},{"date":1528589643000,"value":0.00356159,"volume":4729770},{"date":1528676048000,"value":0.00317982,"volume":7462520},{"date":1528762480000,"value":0.00324797,"volume":4597450},{"date":1528848843000,"value":0.00307646,"volume":4921660},{"date":1528935242000,"value":0.00281914,"volume":11135200},{"date":1529021643000,"value":0.00294306,"volume":9861580},{"date":1529108053000,"value":0.00285482,"volume":11847400},{"date":1529194448000,"value":0.00292365,"volume":6588190},{"date":1529280848000,"value":0.00290104,"volume":6251490},{"date":1529367243000,"value":0.00303094,"volume":8163020},{"date":1529453643000,"value":0.00303116,"volume":4359500},{"date":1529540048000,"value":0.00300311,"volume":3183480},{"date":1529626454000,"value":0.00300379,"volume":3910200},{"date":1529712842000,"value":0.00263823,"volume":9264980},{"date":1529799242000,"value":0.00267124,"volume":10021500},{"date":1529885648000,"value":0.00253081,"volume":9898530},{"date":1529972049000,"value":0.00248575,"volume":5611490},{"date":1530058442000,"value":0.00246898,"volume":4048950},{"date":1530144842000,"value":0.00246313,"volume":5722480},{"date":1530231240000,"value":0.0023632,"volume":3665620},{"date":1530317640000,"value":0.00243694,"volume":3818340},{"date":1530404040000,"value":0.00252107,"volume":6104600},{"date":1530490440000,"value":0.00248425,"volume":8409290},{"date":1530576840000,"value":0.0027241,"volume":5729950},{"date":1530663240000,"value":0.00263931,"volume":5672020},{"date":1530749640000,"value":0.00267647,"volume":4699030},{"date":1530836040000,"value":0.0026076,"volume":3732400},{"date":1530922440000,"value":0.00260329,"volume":4288450},{"date":1531008840000,"value":0.00264524,"volume":4177040},{"date":1531095240000,"value":0.0026154,"volume":4928800},{"date":1531181641000,"value":0.00260585,"volume":4189750},{"date":1531268040000,"value":0.00238225,"volume":6635980},{"date":1531354440000,"value":0.00236266,"volume":9670640},{"date":1531440843000,"value":0.00232606,"volume":4201770},{"date":1531527242000,"value":0.00232954,"volume":6152900},{"date":1531613640000,"value":0.00236163,"volume":4120280},{"date":1531700040000,"value":0.00240237,"volume":3898930},{"date":1531786440000,"value":0.0028706,"volume":15818700},{"date":1531872846000,"value":0.0032061,"volume":15139200},{"date":1531959242000,"value":0.00364463,"volume":39156200},{"date":1532045940000,"value":0.00374864,"volume":24807500},{"date":1532132344000,"value":0.00342979,"volume":18065500},{"date":1532218740000,"value":0.00342753,"volume":13932200},{"date":1532305141000,"value":0.00347541,"volume":11321700},{"date":1532391541000,"value":0.00342672,"volume":8321630},{"date":1532477940000,"value":0.00363247,"volume":10849700},{"date":1532564340000,"value":0.00352839,"volume":13093200},{"date":1532650745000,"value":0.00339688,"volume":6854720},{"date":1532737145000,"value":0.00343547,"volume":4973300},{"date":1532823549000,"value":0.0034533,"volume":3368390},{"date":1532909945000,"value":0.00327411,"volume":5843800},{"date":1532996640000,"value":0.00326428,"volume":13786700},{"date":1533083040000,"value":0.00298295,"volume":14305400},{"date":1533169440000,"value":0.00305275,"volume":14219000},{"date":1533255840000,"value":0.00296717,"volume":6928430},{"date":1533345242000,"value":0.00292545,"volume":9543970},{"date":1533431640000,"value":0.00275226,"volume":8050090},{"date":1533518042000,"value":0.00284719,"volume":11427300},{"date":1533604440000,"value":0.00278441,"volume":5494990},{"date":1533690840000,"value":0.00263961,"volume":5766690},{"date":1533777242000,"value":0.00241769,"volume":5391580},{"date":1533863641000,"value":0.00255879,"volume":6919620},{"date":1533949742000,"value":0.00238729,"volume":4971810},{"date":1534036144000,"value":0.00239761,"volume":4534630},{"date":1534122553000,"value":0.0024052,"volume":3329850},{"date":1534208949000,"value":0.00228725,"volume":4996380},{"date":1534295351000,"value":0.00227365,"volume":7698460},{"date":1534381751000,"value":0.00230023,"volume":5261680},{"date":1534468153000,"value":0.00232151,"volume":5709350},{"date":1534554556000,"value":0.00249854,"volume":5527040},{"date":1534640958000,"value":0.00238386,"volume":6487300},{"date":1534727358000,"value":0.00248388,"volume":2668970},{"date":1534813740000,"value":0.00237591,"volume":2402700},{"date":1534900140000,"value":0.00246801,"volume":2113640},{"date":1534986540000,"value":0.00237082,"volume":5995400},{"date":1535072940000,"value":0.00237817,"volume":2584680},{"date":1535159340000,"value":0.00242566,"volume":3280850},{"date":1535245740000,"value":0.00236627,"volume":4047510},{"date":1535332140000,"value":0.00240197,"volume":2798220},{"date":1535418540000,"value":0.00248207,"volume":3597480},{"date":1535504941000,"value":0.0026025,"volume":5169890},{"date":1535591340000,"value":0.0026204,"volume":4536330},{"date":1535677740000,"value":0.00326847,"volume":35674200},{"date":1535764140000,"value":0.00433683,"volume":84995400},{"date":1535850541000,"value":0.0064298,"volume":187224000},{"date":1535936940000,"value":0.00508145,"volume":137446000},{"date":1536023340000,"value":0.00528392,"volume":55736800},{"date":1536109740000,"value":0.00528822,"volume":32874200},{"date":1536196140000,"value":0.00479431,"volume":52447000},{"date":1536282540000,"value":0.00503361,"volume":29162900},{"date":1536368941000,"value":0.00535367,"volume":37675800},{"date":1536455340000,"value":0.00577776,"volume":48995500},{"date":1536541740000,"value":0.00596398,"volume":34747600},{"date":1536629042000,"value":0.00681416,"volume":77322400},{"date":1536715440000,"value":0.00633961,"volume":86303900},{"date":1536801840000,"value":0.00657317,"volume":60691300},{"date":1536888240000,"value":0.00660716,"volume":44713200},{"date":1536978540000,"value":0.00625248,"volume":35144100},{"date":1537064940000,"value":0.00617915,"volume":16205400},{"date":1537151340000,"value":0.00651201,"volume":22936600},{"date":1537237740000,"value":0.00625775,"volume":25343900},{"date":1537324140000,"value":0.00599406,"volume":40291700},{"date":1537410540000,"value":0.00580722,"volume":40776700},{"date":1537496940000,"value":0.00570873,"volume":22850900},{"date":1537583340000,"value":0.00573045,"volume":23259400},{"date":1537669744000,"value":0.00575049,"volume":13548900},{"date":1537756140000,"value":0.00603794,"volume":15381200},{"date":1537842541000,"value":0.00563689,"volume":14097800},{"date":1537928955000,"value":0.00570409,"volume":17759800},{"date":1538015340000,"value":0.00571965,"volume":11552200},{"date":1538101740000,"value":0.00590546,"volume":15626000},{"date":1538188145000,"value":0.00578824,"volume":14878100},{"date":1538274540000,"value":0.00584945,"volume":14183300},{"date":1538360940000,"value":0.00593221,"volume":14346100},{"date":1538447341000,"value":0.00595129,"volume":20387600},{"date":1538534340000,"value":0.00579288,"volume":14043700},{"date":1538620740000,"value":0.00572532,"volume":15299300},{"date":1538707140000,"value":0.00566479,"volume":14407300},{"date":1538794140000,"value":0.0057029,"volume":12347300},{"date":1538880556000,"value":0.00556079,"volume":12401000},{"date":1538966941000,"value":0.00557375,"volume":8249970},{"date":1539053340000,"value":0.005588,"volume":12319700},{"date":1539139740000,"value":0.00562719,"volume":8651360},{"date":1539226140000,"value":0.00540243,"volume":12432500},{"date":1539312540000,"value":0.00516508,"volume":17723600},{"date":1539398940000,"value":0.00526396,"volume":8742330},{"date":1539485340000,"value":0.00514999,"volume":7940070},{"date":1539571740000,"value":0.0051572,"volume":8608570},{"date":1539658140000,"value":0.00518644,"volume":17653900},{"date":1539744557000,"value":0.00494105,"volume":11873200},{"date":1539830940000,"value":0.00471947,"volume":24616800},{"date":1539917340000,"value":0.00446062,"volume":23095100},{"date":1540003741000,"value":0.00452202,"volume":17123800},{"date":1540090140000,"value":0.0045662,"volume":6768790},{"date":1540176541000,"value":0.0045286,"volume":8195390},{"date":1540262940000,"value":0.00436243,"volume":10222100},{"date":1540349641000,"value":0.00412574,"volume":13234400},{"date":1540436040000,"value":0.00389791,"volume":17137000},{"date":1540522440000,"value":0.00375003,"volume":13377000},{"date":1540608841000,"value":0.00415657,"volume":22424400},{"date":1540695240000,"value":0.00412678,"volume":17463800},{"date":1540781640000,"value":0.00403302,"volume":11509300},{"date":1540868040000,"value":0.00387499,"volume":13573800},{"date":1540954441000,"value":0.00386567,"volume":11520900},{"date":1541040843000,"value":0.00376914,"volume":14074600},{"date":1541127244000,"value":0.00379097,"volume":10257000},{"date":1541213648000,"value":0.00375986,"volume":10971700},{"date":1541300058000,"value":0.00375142,"volume":7730410},{"date":1541386449000,"value":0.00374389,"volume":9025520},{"date":1541472840000,"value":0.00369558,"volume":15149400},{"date":1541559240000,"value":0.00369155,"volume":13278700},{"date":1541645641000,"value":0.00363453,"volume":9809490},{"date":1541732040000,"value":0.00331682,"volume":15107800},{"date":1541818440000,"value":0.00310217,"volume":17315900},{"date":1541904840000,"value":0.00321848,"volume":16001300},{"date":1541991240000,"value":0.00315396,"volume":7499600},{"date":1542077641000,"value":0.00305463,"volume":10163100},{"date":1542164041000,"value":0.00285155,"volume":8424010},{"date":1542250440000,"value":0.00262606,"volume":14545300},{"date":1542336849000,"value":0.00278919,"volume":24408900},{"date":1542423242000,"value":0.00272583,"volume":22577700},{"date":1542509642000,"value":0.00261778,"volume":19182300},{"date":1542596040000,"value":0.00267184,"volume":13076700},{"date":1542682441000,"value":0.0023896,"volume":16792400},{"date":1542768871000,"value":0.00219434,"volume":20600200},{"date":1542855240000,"value":0.00244771,"volume":26870800},{"date":1542941640000,"value":0.00229677,"volume":13047400},{"date":1543028040000,"value":0.00237068,"volume":10536800},{"date":1543114440000,"value":0.0021903,"volume":11072700},{"date":1543200840000,"value":0.00220328,"volume":12046400},{"date":1543287240000,"value":0.00205393,"volume":12069200},{"date":1543373641000,"value":0.00210385,"volume":11066600},{"date":1543460040000,"value":0.00220409,"volume":14822600},{"date":1543546441000,"value":0.00224368713624,"volume":12695005},{"date":1543632840000,"value":0.00217590905583,"volume":10904886},{"date":1543719242000,"value":0.00226738747098,"volume":9724889},{"date":1543805641000,"value":0.00219669313394,"volume":9342536},{"date":1543892040000,"value":0.00235260307999,"volume":12712661},{"date":1543978440000,"value":0.00219570400378,"volume":17583756},{"date":1544064840000,"value":0.00218875892943,"volume":21493573},{"date":1544151241000,"value":0.0020499084966,"volume":27373222},{"date":1544237642000,"value":0.00212696251673,"volume":25033722},{"date":1544324042000,"value":0.00212923929102,"volume":17483304},{"date":1544410441000,"value":0.00210952238858,"volume":17493229},{"date":1544496842000,"value":0.00208920458501,"volume":15180315},{"date":1544583240000,"value":0.00208599112702,"volume":16474930},{"date":1544669641000,"value":0.00210681297479,"volume":18485718},{"date":1544756045000,"value":0.00206816973621,"volume":17761767},{"date":1544846641000,"value":0.00207589032804,"volume":15430560},{"date":1544933040000,"value":0.00211956445714,"volume":14686924},{"date":1545019741000,"value":0.00212853314825,"volume":15824734},{"date":1545106141000,"value":0.00256225447275,"volume":45281785},{"date":1545192542000,"value":0.00261543802499,"volume":36937202},{"date":1545278941000,"value":0.0026399781656,"volume":27456747},{"date":1545365340000,"value":0.00270246562806,"volume":23925272},{"date":1545451741000,"value":0.00248350087548,"volume":21025249},{"date":1545538141000,"value":0.002546985139,"volume":19061680},{"date":1545624541000,"value":0.00259621035394,"volume":22060611},{"date":1545710943000,"value":0.00242186013446,"volume":22993369},{"date":1545797341000,"value":0.00243725609153,"volume":19101840},{"date":1545883741000,"value":0.0024360203828,"volume":16275960},{"date":1545970140000,"value":0.00234466003374,"volume":18484726},{"date":1546056541000,"value":0.00242104790622,"volume":19376190},{"date":1546142940000,"value":0.00236376512404,"volume":17154943},{"date":1546229340000,"value":0.00239460666709,"volume":16379749},{"date":1546315740000,"value":0.00234628359837,"volume":18802819},{"date":1546402140000,"value":0.00238495433648,"volume":16176158},{"date":1546488540000,"value":0.00238530692903,"volume":17366490},{"date":1546574941000,"value":0.00237929009892,"volume":18729358},{"date":1546661340000,"value":0.00232394866381,"volume":18795616},{"date":1546747740000,"value":0.0022987171929,"volume":18691021},{"date":1546834140000,"value":0.00231884744157,"volume":17225086},{"date":1546920540000,"value":0.00231353940421,"volume":16212317},{"date":1547006943000,"value":0.0022838610417,"volume":21909863},{"date":1547093340000,"value":0.00226439798658,"volume":16251917},{"date":1547179741000,"value":0.00212208897652,"volume":21257381},{"date":1547266141000,"value":0.00212650380311,"volume":17052466},{"date":1547352543000,"value":0.0021622474127,"volume":13893184},{"date":1547438940000,"value":0.00212791987548,"volume":18335228},{"date":1547525341000,"value":0.00217559841443,"volume":18275764},{"date":1547611741000,"value":0.0021177169343,"volume":15411750},{"date":1547698142000,"value":0.00212727963053,"volume":14133330},{"date":1547784541000,"value":0.00211617286364,"volume":13103534},{"date":1547870940000,"value":0.00212240703071,"volume":13328684},{"date":1547957340000,"value":0.00215164443512,"volume":16072508},{"date":1548043740000,"value":0.00210870278126,"volume":16280411},{"date":1548130140000,"value":0.00208817370485,"volume":18315583},{"date":1548216540000,"value":0.00204871724413,"volume":17860580},{"date":1548302940000,"value":0.00203862001265,"volume":15100478},{"date":1548389340000,"value":0.00204417654727,"volume":16645663},{"date":1548475743000,"value":0.00210493190848,"volume":15448184},{"date":1548562141000,"value":0.0020501386637,"volume":15475895},{"date":1548648541000,"value":0.00200076755304,"volume":16204696},{"date":1548734941000,"value":0.00194351418642,"volume":16423339},{"date":1548821340000,"value":0.00192825308095,"volume":14188437},{"date":1548907740000,"value":0.00195410762424,"volume":12629496},{"date":1548994140000,"value":0.0019120854222,"volume":14280812},{"date":1549080540000,"value":0.0019123671755,"volume":15922857},{"date":1549166940000,"value":0.00194489292718,"volume":13846493},{"date":1549253340000,"value":0.00190629377019,"volume":15927509},{"date":1549339740000,"value":0.00189087115865,"volume":12368204},{"date":1549426140000,"value":0.00186136810175,"volume":14632157},{"date":1549512541000,"value":0.00187914235301,"volume":14805743},{"date":1549598941000,"value":0.00184569234537,"volume":13543017},{"date":1549685340000,"value":0.00194129650139,"volume":18342629},{"date":1549771740000,"value":0.00193972280946,"volume":14613779},{"date":1549858140000,"value":0.00193054423073,"volume":15729146},{"date":1549944541000,"value":0.00190234148791,"volume":16165945},{"date":1550030940000,"value":0.00189575153419,"volume":15860644},{"date":1550117340000,"value":0.00189183370232,"volume":16104215},{"date":1550203740000,"value":0.00189401681439,"volume":16221348},{"date":1550290141000,"value":0.00191610998682,"volume":14776352},{"date":1550376541000,"value":0.00195528383092,"volume":15453228},{"date":1550462940000,"value":0.0020386723402,"volume":19526077},{"date":1550549341000,"value":0.0020723140603,"volume":28141285},{"date":1550635741000,"value":0.0020632580537,"volume":25273153},{"date":1550722142000,"value":0.00207190503048,"volume":20355521},{"date":1550786341000,"value":0.00202882994848,"volume":18594359},{"date":1550841067914,"value":0.00204742376098,"volume":18557092.5604}] 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Latin America’s Biggest Investment Bank Launches Security Token

Banks once refused to work with blockchain companies in Brazil. Now, BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest standalone investment bank, is launching a security token of its own. A Wave of Change in Brazil There seems to be a wave of change happening in Brazil. Bitcoinist reported just a few days ago that Santander Bank was ordered by a Court to keep open Bitcoin Max’ checking account. Banks that were once hesitant to work with cryptocurrency exchanges are being forced to eat humble pie. That marked a small victory for the cryptocurrency space in this part of the world. And now, it seems that financial institutions here are realizing the worth of digital assets within their own portfolios. Banco BTG Pactual SA Is Leading the Way Brazil’s Banco BTG Pactual, the largest standalone investment bank in the region, has announced that it will be entering the cryptocurrency space with its own security token, the ReitBZ. With a plan to raise up to $15 million in its token sale, STO, initial offering, or whatever terminology you prefer, the bank will launch a security token backed by distressed real estate assets in Brazil. The ReitBZ token will use blockchain technology. And investors will be able to buy it using the Winklevoss twins’ Gemini Dollar or ETH. The token is indisputably a security token since investors will receive dividends periodically from the recovery of the distressed assets. Hold Up, What Are Distressed Assets? A distressed asset is one that is put on sale at a reduced price because its owner has been forced to sell it. This may be due to excessive debt, bankruptcy, or regulatory constraints. And it’s especially common when it comes to real estate, a market in which during times of financial crises, people often fail to make their mortgage payments. Distressed assets are an excellent opportunity to buy into a devalued asset and make gains as the market recovers. They’re not so awesome for the person forced to sell, of course, but this is capitalism, after all. The BTG distressed real estate assets will be managed by a BTG subsidiary called Enforce. The ReitBZ token will be available worldwide. With the notable exception of the U.S. (surprise, surprise), and Brazil. Wait, so investors around the world will be able to profit from the rising housing crisis in Brazil–but not the Brazilian people themselves? Right. How’s that for messed up? BTG, however, assures that once the regulatory landscape clears up in Brazil, the ReitBZ will be open to its country’s citizens and maybe even the United States as well. The Opportunity for High Yearly Returns According to the bank, investors can expect yearly returns from these assets between 15-20 percent. Moreover, BTG will be providing market-making services for its token to ensure that investors have sufficient liquidity to sell when they want to. CTO Gustavo Roxo told Bloomberg: BTG is deploying its own capital to provide liquidity because it really believes in the crypto business… We came up with this structure because we think investors in the digital world have a higher risk-taking appetite. By using a crypto asset, BTG can maximize returns from its distressed assets and allow investors to enter the market in a cheaper way. The initial sale period of ReitBZ will last for approximately 90 days and proceeds will be reinvested into the portfolio. Banks and Cryptocurrencies Starting to Gain Momentum The announcement comes off the back of the news last week that JPMorgan became the first U.S. bank to launch its own ‘cryptocurrency.’ With CEO Jamie Dimon well-known for ‘Bitcoin bashing’, JPMorgan introducing its own digital coin to accelerate payments was a shock to many in the industry. However, JPMorgan and BTG are not the only horses in this race. It seems that the banks haven’t been falling asleep at the wheel when it comes to cryptocurrency after all. Japanese Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group started working on plans for their own token back in 2016. And now Brazil has stepped up to the plate. BTG’s partner and initiative head of the ReitBZ Andre Portilho said: We knew we needed to dominate this technology, so we started experimenting with it a few years back… We thought Bitcoin and other currencies were turning too volatile, but we saw an opportunity with this token to try something new–but also with our skin in the game. The question now isn’t whether other banks will launch their own digital currencies, but rather which ones? Will more banks follow with their own virtual currency? Share your thoughts below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post Latin America’s Biggest Investment Bank Launches Security Token appeared first on

Korea Exchange Official: US Decision on Bitcoin ETF Will Set Tone for Local Crypto Market

Korea Exchange Official: US Decision on Bitcoin ETF Will Set Tone for Local Crypto Market An official at South Korea’s sole securities exchange operator, the Korea Exchange (KRX), says the bourse is closely eyeing developments from United States regulators in regard to Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The official, reportedly speaking on condition of anonymity, […] Cet article Korea Exchange Official: US Decision on Bitcoin ETF Will Set Tone for Local Crypto Market est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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