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CryptoKitties is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and cartoon cats.

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Japan’s First Blockchain Game Crypt-Oink Expands To English-Speaking Markets; Partners With CryptoKitties

Crypt-Oink, Japan’s first blockchain game, is expanding its breedable, collectible and tradable racing pigs to English-language markets with an exclusive collaboration with CryptoKitties, the company said on Thursday. Created by Japan-based developer Good Luck 3, Crypt-Oink is a decentralized application (DApp) running on the Ethereum network. The game lets users breed, collect and trade digital […] The post Japan’s First Blockchain Game Crypt-Oink Expands To English-Speaking Markets; Partners With CryptoKitties appeared first on Coinjournal.

WrappedKitties Trading Sees CryptoKitty Base Price Jump by 50%

With more CryptoKitties being converted into WrappedKitties (WCK), the base price of those digital kitties is reportedly up by more than 50 percent. Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange currently allows trading of WCK tokens which unlike CryptoKitties, are fungible ERC-20 tokens. Wrapped Kitties Now Trading on Uniswap Cryptocurrency Exchange In a tweet published by Twitter handle @Poopie_cat,Read MoreRead More. The post by Osato Avan-Nomayo appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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Rise of Gaming: Blockchain, NFTs, MMORPG & MUD

Introduction to Blockchain Based Gaming & ERC-721AxiomZen the company behind CryptoKitties, designed a game based on Ethereum and the ERC-721 token. The Ethereum Foundation stated that “ERC721, is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal introduced by Dieter Shirley in late 2017. It’s a proposed standard that would allow smart contracts to operate as tradeable tokens similar to ERC20. ERC721 tokens are unique in that the tokens are non-fungible” Based on this token standard, Crypto Kitties allowed individuals to breed, create, buy, and sell digital cats on the blockchain. It was one of the first online games that was built on the blockchain utilizing the ERC-721 standard. The Diar analytics showed daily trading volume peaked at $2M and is now down to $20K since December 2017. It was responsible for 12% of Ethereum transactions and created pressure on the network. Eventually, due to fad, and scalability issues, there was a dramatic drop in usage.The sudden rise and fall showed us the potential of dApps but also highlighted its challenges.History Tends to RhymeTo understand where we are in the blockchain gaming world, let’s take a look at the PDP-10 Mainframe computer which was created by DEC Systems in the 70’s. It was the first mainframe computer that popularized a feature called time sharing. The time-sharing feature allowed users to share computing resources with those that are connected virtually. For the PDP-10, the maximum was about 63 users at a given time. The PDP-10 ran a proprietary OS known as TOPS-20/Tenex which was also used to build out the early ARPANET. The system used a 36-bit CPU, a typical configuration would weigh in at about 12,000 Lbs. At the time, this system was being utilized at top-tier universities such as Harvard, MIT, Essex, ETH Zurich, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.Now think of the PDP-10 as the Blockchain that is being used to host and run games for the “connected users”. Do you see similarities?Creation of Multi-Unit Dungeons (First Online-Based Game)Now that PDP-10’s time-sharing feature is deployed and utilized, what are some of the first real-world use cases?It turns out that gaming was one of the first use cases that utilized time sharing which led to the creation of Multi-User Dungeon games. Multi-User Dungeon is an online based, multiplayer game which started as a text-only game. The first popularized MUD was created by Roy Trubshaw in 1984, he used the University of Essex’s PDP-10 Mainframe and hosted the game between 2AM-8AM weekdays. Once launched, this game became extremely popular, and started to get media attention. For a typical user to connect, they would need a dumb terminal, 1200 Baud modem, and an account with British Telecom which gave access to the packet switching system. The University would only allow 36 users on during those hours so that the system wouldn’t overload and disrupt students that are working on projects. Although his game was a success, due to scalability issues, Roy ended up releasing the code and encouraged others to host and create their own MUD. This created many networks and spin-off MUD games throughout the world.Scalability IssuesWhy did Roy end up open sourcing his code and allowed users to deploy its own MUD within their own networks?It turns out the University can only handle 36 users at a given time and the game was becoming quite popular. They ran into technical limitations that deterred them from scaling and capturing new users.MUD/PDP-10 was plagued with scalability issues such as:Users having to connect through telecom providers that offered packet exchange services. (High cost & infrastructure)2. PDP- 10’s allowed 63 users to be online at the same time and was geared towards local users due to telephone infrastructure. (Low usage)3. The internet speed was transferring 1200 b/s and hence only text based games would work at the time. (Latency)4. The PDP-10 Mainframe itself was expensive, over 12,000 pounds and required subject matter experts to help maintain the units. (Lack of expertise)Roy ended up creating a MUD library and allowed others to recreate the game. To be efficient, they utilized one database, became lean with code and eventually shifted to different programming languages. Furthermore, by open sourcing, the game flourished and was eventually licensed by Compuserve. Eventually, MUD like games evolved to MMORPGs or better known as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (e.g) Warcraft (1994).Gaming TodayWorld of Warcraft now generates $8B per year and has since introduced a WoW token (2015) that can be exchanged for additional game time. Games today have already cemented the idea of in-game scarcity and in game-economics that gamers are deeply familiar with. As humans, we are used to some medium of exchange when dealing with gamification. Finally, most games already provide a well-established ground for tokenization. With the creation of ERC-721, this can create the scarcity needed to add value to the gaming networks. You can check the daily price of WoW token here: TakeawaysWe can draw similarities between the creation of MUD and the current state of dApps. For example, technical limitations of the infrastructure, computing resources, and a new market for developers.MUD was launched online in 1984 but due to lack of internet connectivity, only the “hackers” were able to get access to the mainframes. This added friction and deterred an everyday user from signing up and playing. However, the gaming industry started to flourish with the general availability of the internet in 1991, the launch of Warcraft in 1994, new developers, and commercialization of a new industry. Newly formed companies such as Blizzard was able to focus on sales, marketing, and distribution of products.I agree with Kyle Samani’s tweet, that the rate of innovation will be faster due to hardware proliferation, information dissemination and a number of developers. The reason why online gaming took ten years before it was a commercially viable option, was due to this. When looking at the current state of dApps, I believe that the rate of innovation will be faster. we have the trifecta in technology, not only decentralized applications will scale, but will on board new users at an extremely high rate. We are truly in the early stages of dApps and will need to wait for the ecosystem to mature.DECENTRALIZED APPLICATIONS ARE NOT DEAD. of Gaming: Blockchain, NFTs, MMORPG & MUD was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Analytics Of Gaming Smart Contracts By Examining The CryptoKitties Game

  CryptoKitties  is one of the most popular games in the Blockchain network. It is based on the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain network. An example of […] The post Analytics Of Gaming Smart Contracts By Examining The CryptoKitties Game appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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SuperRare Is Bringing in a New Wave of “Dank” Meme Economists

While $100,000 CryptoKitties and digital race cars have earned non-fungible tokens (NFTs) a special place in the speculator’s heart, artists and designers are getting excited about the space for much different reasons. The crypto aesthetic, “dankness” as a metric of quality, and multi-media art experiments all paint a much more original picture. Still, and accordingRead MoreRead More. The post by Liam J Kelly appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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Blockchain gets its First Ever Dedicated Stage at E3 Gaming Expo

Blockchain to Make Historic Debut at E3DGA (Digital Games + Assets) Summit announced last week that blockchain gaming will be getting its first-ever stage at the annual E3 Gaming Expo held in Los Angeles. Considered to be the world’s largest and most renowned gaming expo, E3 reached a record-breaking attendance level of almost 70,000 gamers, journalists, fans, and industry insiders in 2018. Hosted and organized by DGA Summit / CoinState, the blockchain gaming stage at E3 signifies a huge milestone for the blockchain space as countless projects race for mainstream adoption.One Small Step for Gaming, One Giant Leap for BlockchainBlockchain and gaming are two industries more closely related than most think, and their audiences often intersect. In fact, many of crypto’s brightest minds drew inspiration from the gaming industry, as the concept of digital (or virtual) economies was first realized in games such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft. The concept of virtual economies — although not decentralized — undoubtedly influenced some of the fundamental principles of the blockchain industry.The Blockchain Gaming Stage at E3 comes at an interesting time, as more financial & academic institutions, multinational corporations, government agencies, look to blockchain for solutions spanning countless use cases. Many industry leaders and developers predict the gaming segment to be one of the first adopters of blockchain technology, ushering the next wave of mass adoption of blockchain technologies.NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, will play a fundamental role in the development of the blockchain gaming industry. NFTs show great potential as a way to “mine” in-game assets such as trophies, rare items, weapons, player skins, land, and so forth simply by playing. CryptoKitties, one of the blockchain stage sponsors, was the first to gain mass exposure in the NFT space back in 2017. The popularity of the game forced the Ethereum network to a grinding halt and propelled the value of early-generation kitties into the stratosphere. The value derives from several characteristics of NFTs:Rarity / Scarcity: an item that is limited to only one or a very small number of players within the virtual world.Persistence: the item exists throughout the virtual world and can be seen publicly outside the virtual world, on the blockchain.Interconnectivity: the item’s influence or value can be affected by other mechanisms in the game, as long as it is within the games’ rules and boundaries. The item can also be traded between users with completeness as NFTs are typically not divisible.Secondary markets: demand for unique items create a secondary market outside of the virtual world, and can be traded and recorded on the blockchainEven though CryptoKitties’ implementation of NFTs was very simple, it was the first of its kind.The game was slow and expensive (although much better today) — revealing some of the drawbacks of a truly decentralized system. Had the game launched today, the developers would have much more flexibility and choice in dealing with scalability issues.Matic Network, another Blockchain Gaming Stage sponsor, is an example of a second-layer protocol that solves scalability issues within the Ethereum network. Matic lists games in its whitepaper as one of its biggest use-cases; it’s already attracted projects like Decentraland, an Ethereum-based virtual reality platform, to build on its plasma-based protocol. When asked about the future of blockchain in gaming, Sandeep Naiwal, COO of Matic, commented:“Gaming is long expected to be one of the primary use cases to catapult Blockchains towards mass adoption. We at Matic consider gaming as one of our core focus areas. Matic provides smooth developer experience as well as easy onboarding and usage for existing Ethereum users which has by far the biggest mind share within crypto community. This has resulted in some of the biggest names in Blockchain gaming space like Decentraland gravitating towards Matic Network”The brutal crypto winter was not enough to stop the blockchain pioneers. Despite the vast majority of projects failing to gain a stronghold in price, developers continued their work in laying the foundations and infrastructure to prepare for mass adoption. Although there is still much work to be done, the future of blockchain gaming is looking bright and promising.The Lineup: 2019’s Speakers & SponsorsSpeakers: Randy Saaf (MLB Champions), James Ferguson (Gods Unchained), Mickey Maher (Dapper Labs / CryptoKitties), Fred Krueger (EOS Lynx), John Jeng (Annu Gear), Greg Zinone (Klout Blockchain), Ivan Soto (MoonPay), Austin Davis (Blockchain Beach), Caterina Zhang (Cocos-BCX), Justin Wu (CoinState), Justin Mavandi (FaZe Clan), Nolan Bushnell (Atari & Chuck E Cheeses)Sponsors & Media Partners: Altcoin Buzz, Blockchain Beach, Blockchain Game Alliance, Chromia, Cocos BCX, CoinState, CryptoKitties, EOS Lynx, Fuel Games, Global Gaming Tech Corp, Gods Unchained, Ikigai Asset Management, Klout Blockchain, Lucid Sight (MLB Champions), Lunar Digital Assets, Matic Network, MoonPay, The Rabbit Hole, Wave FinancialAbout CoinState: CoinState is a Blockchain community & media team based in Los Angeles. Focused on building communities & events around Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco. CoinState launched BlockchainNW, the first Blockchain Conference in Seattle on June 2018. The conference had 700+ attendees and speakers from Bittrex, T-Mobile, MyCrypto, New Alchemy, Caesars Entertainment and more.“The Video Games industry always leads the way for lot of innovation and mass adoption of disruptive technologies. The true will be the same for blockchain where it’s been a perfect use case to bring true ownership of digital assets. We decided to build this stage to generate conversations and connections with the games industry directly. If we want to achieve adoption, we have to escape the blockchain industry bubble and go directly to industry leaders to bring adoption and education.” — Justin Wu, founder of CoinState and DGAOriginally published at Lunar Digital Assets. gets its First Ever Dedicated Stage at E3 Gaming Expo was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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You may have noticed that is looking a little different. We’re excited to unveil our new look after six months of hard work. Our domain has a long history, and as a company we’ve grown a great deal. After consideration of the crypto future ahead of us all, we decided to reshape’s design to present a greater image of things to come. Also read: How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash’s Revamped Design Is Here Operating the domain has been a wonderful experience and we’re pleased to give our visitors the very best services when it comes to the growing crypto industry. is a very unique website and most people don’t know but the domain was registered in January 2008, a whole year before Satoshi unleashed his invention on the world.’s home page. Since then, Bitcoin’s first angel investor, Roger Ver, took over the website in 2014 after it passed through many hands. Ver began to mold the web portal into a site that offers educational resources, news, and unique tools that help people use bitcoin. When we first created the brand, our website was much simpler. Over time, however, we added a plethora of tools, services, and resources that provide our visitors with everything they need to jump into the crypto ecosystem. In order to match the consistency of the powerful resources offers, we refined our design with a new logo, colors, and themes. Check out, the private, peer-to-peer BCH marketplace. You will probably notice our logo is missing the Bitcoin symbol. When redesigning the website, we decided it was best to distinguish from the various Bitcoin cryptocurrency networks out there today. The intention of the new logo is to prevent users from any potential confusion from the domain name mixed with the old logo. Moreover, after five years and the craziness of 2017, we felt it was time to update our appearance and express ourselves as a company that fosters innovation. You will notice that the new color scheme is more contemporary and reflective of the evolving industry we’re in. Every section of the website has been revamped to highlight our services such as the Wallet,, cloud mining,, daily news,, bitcoin cash games, BCH developer SDKs, and our block explorer. Learn the basics of Bitcoin. With our growing number of bitcoin cash resources, tools, and services it made sense for our branding to change too. During the design launch, CEO Roger Ver stated: The rebrand is a bold new chapter for It’s an invitation to everyone out there: let our products show you how economic freedom can empower you. Keep up to date with the latest crypto market price action at with the top 500 cryptocurrency market caps. Improving the Overall Visual Experience of For six months we’ve tirelessly worked on our brand and website design in order to present a cohesive visual interpretation of our company and its crypto evolution. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our new brand and show off all the hard work we’ve put into every facet of the web portal. When you visit our landing page you will see the fresh new look accompanied with great resources on getting started with bitcoin basics. Mine bitcoin without having to buy equipment. The homepage also includes guides on learning how to accept borderless BCH payments, access to our local BCH marketplace, a merchant directory so you can spend BCH online and in-store, and learn to mine bitcoin without technical knowledge or owning machinery. The new design gives us a better visual identity so we can continue to provide awesome looking charts, crypto market valuations, the latest news stories, podcasts, and videos. Look up bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) transactions using our block explorer. “Bitcoin is designed to be usable and accessible for all — Our new color palette, in addition to our products and tools, reflects that principle,” Head of Design Andrew Todd remarked during the launch. “Reimagining our brand, we took a step back and identified our values. With universal accessibility being our most important value, we set out to create a color palette that would not only resonate with people and help create a lasting identity, but would work seamlessly across devices, in different environments, and for people with visual impairments.” Todd continued: Our new logo also exemplifies accessibility. It consists of bold and legible ‘’ logotype paired with a clean grid of blocks, which is representative of the intended scalable nature of Bitcoin blocks themselves. Color-wise, we have the brightest green moving in an upward-right trajectory, showing constant growth — This is finished by tight kerning of the lettering, reinforcing the solidity of our brand. Start accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) today and get help getting started with our merchant solutions. It was important for us to update our brand to make it easier for you, the visitor, and we think the new design improves the overall experience and usability of the site. While the aesthetics of the brand were a large factor, we are still molding to be the perfect place to gain information and resources on all things bitcoin-related. We plan to continue to adding to the features of our web portal and we think the new style fits perfectly with the bright future ahead. So if you are just noticing the new changes, take a look around and explore in a whole new light. What do you think about’s revamped brand and image? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below. Image credits: Want to create your own secure cold storage paper wallet? Check our tools section. You can also enjoy the easiest way to buy Bitcoin online with us. Download your free Bitcoin wallet and head to our Purchase Bitcoin page where you can buy BCH and BTC securely. The post Just Rebranded – Check out Our New Look appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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Libra/Globalcoin: Facebook Stock Price Target; eBay, Vodafone and Coinbase in List of Validators

Project Libra, the cryptocurrency initiative of Facebook has also led to the formation of an Association to facilitate the decentralization of the cryptocurrency. These are called nodes or validators; the validators are made to pay a hefty fee and promised returns on it. Moreover, it works on distributed consensus, i.e., numerous validators working on a single ledger. Hence, confirming malicious transactions can also incur punishment to the nodes. The partners or validators of the cryptocurrency includes some of the most prominent industry leaders from around the world. Reported previously, Visa, MasterCard, Uber, and PayPal included the lost of backers. Some of the other names which have come up are Vodafone, Coinbase, Spotify, eBay and so on. Partners of the Libra Association (Source) Facebook’s Projected Growth According to a leading market Global investment bank, RBC, Facebook’s Globalcoin will generate new revenues for the company. RBC analysts Mark Mahaney and Zachary Schwartzman said in a note to investors, “We believe this may prove to be one of the most important initiatives in the history of the company to unlock new engagement and revenue streams,” The price target of Facebook’s stock, according to them, is $250. Anderson Horowitz is also a member of the association who has invested $10 million. Mahaney and Schwartzman also said, “We believe Facebook will use crypto to facilitate a platform for: 1) Payments; 2) Commerce; and 3) Applications & Gaming,” Also Read: Facebook’s Cryptocurrency: A Friendly Bet and Immunization from Privacy Laws Payments Facebook has over $2.3 billion users, not including users in its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram.  The introduction of a new cryptocurrency will initiate payments among all these users. Moreover, the associate members also include eBay and Vodafone, which will enable more users to use to cryptocurrency in any amounts. Commerce Facebook’s primary source of income is through advertisements. According to estimates, the company might expect a $19 billion rise in revenue by cutting the cost paid to handle online payments through third-party sources. Facebook also plans to give out employee salaries in the form of the new currency. The cryptocurrency promises stability, fungibility, and cross-border transactions. Moreover, eBay, which is one of the largest online marketplaces globally, could also implement it as a mode of payment. Applications and Gaming The sources have revealed that Spotify, Zapo, Uber, and other apps and online gaming giants are also looking to integrate with Project Libra. Facebook supported Log-ins in favorite games like poker, PUBG, and numerous others could also extend support for the new cryptocurrency wallets. Furthermore, Coinbase’s interest also increases the possibility of it getting listed on the Exchange. This is a good piece of news of cryptocurrency investors. Nevertheless, the new regulations and the market share of the new cryptocurrency can also adversely affect some altcoins. What will the estimated market capitalization of the new cryptocurrency? Please share your views with us.  The post Libra/Globalcoin: Facebook Stock Price Target; eBay, Vodafone and Coinbase in List of Validators appeared first on Coingape.

Crypto CEO: Launch of Facebook Libra Could Boost Bitcoin (BTC) Past $10,000

June 18th is nearing, and that means that Facebook’s crypto asset, expected to be nothing like Bitcoin (BTC), is on the verge of becoming full public knowledge. For those who missed the memo, reports released by TechCrunch and other mainstream outlets revealed that the social media giant was planning on releasing a white paper for “Libra” or “Globalcoin”, as the project is known as, on the 18th. Related Reading: Family Offices Pour Billions Into eSports, Can Crypto be Next? With this, industry commentators have come out of the woodwork to express their thoughts on the subject matter. And interestingly, some are divided on whether the release of this cryptocurrency will be bullish or bearish for the industry. Most, however, are sure that Libra’s foray into the mainstream will be unequivocally positive for Bitcoin and its altcoin brethren. Facebook’s Crypto to Boost Bitcoin Sky-High According to a recent tweet from Jeremy Allaire, the chief executive of Circle, the launch of Libra (whitepaper) will be a “massive inflection point in [the] global adoption of cryptocurrency.” Infusing the space with a nice dose of FOMO, the prominent entrepreneur adds that by June 21st, he fully expects for Bitcoin to be valued at $10,000, “marking [the] start of Crypto Summer.” Crypto market rallying (again) ahead of Libra launch, marking a massive inflection point in global adoption of cryptocurrency. BTC > $10k by June 21st, marking start of Crypto Summer. — Jeremy Allaire (@jerallaire) June 15, 2019 While $10,000 may seem like just a nice round number, many see it as a key level to watch. According to Fundstrat Global Advisors, once Bitcoin reaches $10,000, “Level 10” FOMO will grace this market, which last occurred when BTC blipped above $4,500 in late-2017. If history is any guide, the cryptocurrency market will shoot even higher once $10,000 is breached. As Lee wrote on Twitter earlier this month, “[$10,000] will see FOMO from those who gloated about the 90% crash in BTC… and those who saw Bitcoin dead as forever.” While Fundstrat has long had its eye on the $10,000 price point, its analysts never indicated a price target — until now anyway. In a recent podcast with Binance’s chief financial officer, Wei Zhou, Lee explained that once $10,000 is breached, all hell will break loose for the cryptocurrency market. This corroborates the aforementioned analysis of this nascent market’s “FOMO levels”. Per CCN, which reported on this first, the Wall Street analyst stated that once $10,000 is breached, there will be a “fast and furious” move to $20,000. And from there, Bitcoin will double in the next five months, reaching $40,000 in a jaw-dropping move. Some Beg To Differ There are some that rebut this cheery sentiment about Libra, however. Peter Schiff, a prominent gold investor and libertarian-leaning economist, ventured that Facebook’s latest project will be “bad news” for Bitcoin. Schiff, who has debated crypto pundits like Erik Voorhees and Barry Silbert previously, adds that Facebook will be targeting the unbanked in “nations with high inflation (Venezuela, for instance)”, thus threatening the biggest medium of potential BTC adoption. The prominent cryptocurrency critic, who sides with the belief that BTC has no intrinsic value as is not better than hard gold, adds that Libra will likely be much stabler, cheaper, and more easy-to-use than Bitcoin. Indeed, there are reports and individuals stating that the Facebook play will involve very low fees, fast transfer times, and a level of stability not seen with Bitcoin, in that this new cryptocurrency will be pegged to a basket of traditional currencies and maybe other ‘stable’ assets. Featured Image from Shutterstock Crypto CEO: Launch of Facebook Libra Could Boost Bitcoin (BTC) Past $10,000 was last modified: June 16th, 2019 by Nick ChongThe post Crypto CEO: Launch of Facebook Libra Could Boost Bitcoin (BTC) Past $10,000 appeared first on NewsBTC.
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