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Zcash (ZEC) aka Electric Coin Company Gets Binance-Owned Trust Wallet Integration

The Trust Wallet is a platform that has been owned by Binance a mobile crypto wallet that has been designed to support Ethereum, Bitcoin and more than 20,000 different tokens that are Ethereum based across the ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-223 standards. The company has gone ahead to reveal that in the past week it had […]
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New ‘Token Task Force’ Being Formed by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

The recognized Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is planning to create a new “token task force” in 2019. The information was released by Ron Resnick, the executive director of the company, during a conversation with CoinDesk. The main intention behind this token task force is to work on a specification for tokens running on top of Ethereum. However, it will be developed thinking about businesses. According to Resnick, the task force will not only be focusing on assets such as shares in a corporation or tokenized assets, but it will also be working for tokens with individuals properties. That means that fungible ERC-20 and non-fungible ERC-721 tokens will be supported. Resnick commented about the plans that they have: “We want to create a token specification standard for enterprise tokenization so basically [assets] can be managed in a much better way with more assurance than what’s happening today.” WIth this toke task force, the EEA wants to make it easier for companies and businesses to deploy and use Ethereum-based tokens and assets. This is the first time that the agency is focusing on tokens, which experienced an exponential grow during 2017 and the beginning of 2018 with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Now, Security Token Offerings (STOs) are also being launched. John Whelan, the blockchain lab director at Santander and head of the EEA board, explained that since ICOs started to grow in the crypto and blockchain space, there has been an incredible technology development in the community. He makes also reference to different standards such as ERC-20, ERC-223, and ERC-721, among others. This new task, that could be launched during the first half of this year, will not only be helping companies, but it will also be helping the public to increase its confidence in the crypto world. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (Ripple), and BCH Price Analysis Watch (Feb 13th)
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UK Financial LTD. Announces the Creation of its New Gold and Silver- Backed ERC-23 Token, Maya Preferred 223, and Plans to Use its New Precious Metal-Backed Token to Back Other Major Cryptocurrencies

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- U. K. Financial LTD. is proud to announce the arrival of its new gold and silver backed, Ethereum Classic-based token, Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR). The new token enjoys the elite distinction of being the first advanced ERC-223 token to be backed with approximately $18,500 USD worth of gold and silver per token, and is anticipated to become the cheapest, and ultimately most efficient and preferred, method of executing money transfers, and more importantly, payments worldwide once its marketing plan is fully implemented. U. K. Financial LTD. has signed contracts with the following gold and silver mines in Mexico: Mina Del Oro, Mina CR Y Mina Amplicacion Del Oro, Guadalupe, La Guadalupe 2, Gramos De Oro, La Fortuna and Santiago Apostol, to provide the gold and silver backing for all 250 million existing Maya Preferred 223 tokens. The opening price of the token is expected to match its backing value of approximately $18,500 USD, once the token is listed on a top-rated exchange. The company also plans to purchase additional precious metal mines using its token, which with each new mine purchase will increase the already enormous supply of tangible backing assets, and thus enhancing Maya Preferred 223's value. In a unprecedented move, U. K. Financial LTD. plans to use its precious metal- backed token to back other major cryptocurrencies and usher in game-changing price stabilization in a market that has ...Full story available on

Eidoo Hybrid Exchange Comes Into the Eidoo Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet App

The Eidoo Hybrid Exchange will now be accessible to users of the Eidoo app across desktop, Android and iOS platforms. Previously, the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange was available as its own app, albeit in a beta version. After successfully going through the testing phase, developers have integrated the service into the Eidoo app. This will enable clients to conveniently trade and store their digital assets using from one place. Because it operates from Lithuania, users don’t have to comply with KYC on the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange. However, if the tokens being traded originate from Switzerland, KYC procedures apply. Features Of The Eidoo Hybrid Exchange Trading wallet – this is designated wallet that is only used during transactions. Once the trades are over, the funds are sent to the Eidoo wallet. Multicurrency support – the exchange supports Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, Eidoo and Sgame Pro. The wallet can store Bitcoin and all tokens based on Ethereum’s ERC20 and ERC223 protocols. Transactions are validated using smart contracts. KYC process is not a requirement. Eidoo ensures that users have autonomy over their accounts by abasing from storing private keys.
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Trust Wallet to Serve as Binance Chain and DEX’s Official Native Wallet

Weeks after a sneak peek of their new Binance DEX, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume is at it again, this time teaming up with Trust Wallet. According to a disclosure made by the giant wallet, it will be the native wallet for Binance Chain and DEX. Trust Wallet is indeed a giant mobile wallet in crypto space as it supports BTC, ETH and over 20,000 different tokens on the ERC-20, ERC-223 and ERC-721 standards. And teaming up with the community-driven decentralized exchange is a plus for both parties given the publicity that Trust Wallet has been looking for. The integration will be credited to the wallet’s able team who’ve called the latest version of it Trust 2.0, the mobile wallet’s 2nd iteration. According to the team, the collaboration means that the wallet’s users will enjoy Binance Chain’s fast confirmation time. Users will not have to worry about the need for a different interface since this one will be the exchange’s native wallet. The new cold storage functionality available through the platform’s hardware wallets will ensure user safety and convenience while on the exchange. It will be an easy user-friendly environment. Part of the wallet’s upgrade will include a desktop version that will enhance the accessibility of Binance Coin (BNB). Trust Wallet recently started supporting DASH, an addition to its blossoming list of cryptocurrencies that includes TRON, VeChain, CoChain, POA Network, Ethereum Classic and Wanchain.
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COIN.Space Crypto Wallet: Safe ERC20 and ERC223 Token Storage App

Coin is a digital blockchain-based platform designed to synchronize a user’s wallet across all his or her devices. The platform does not require any kind of onboarding, information, or verification. More importantly, users control the keys created on their local device and not sent to any servers. Essentially, the platform is a secure wallet for crypto ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. It is available for both Android and iOS compatible devices. Why Coin? Universal The platform supports all kinds of popular crypto blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, and Ethereum. Currently, more than 20,000 tokens that are built on crypto are accessible through the Coin Wallet app. Simple And Intuitive The platform provides its users with a consolidated wallet address that can be used to manage all crypto. Therefore, it means that it is possible for users to utilize the same address to participate in ICOs or airdrops. The same address can also be used to send and receive crypto. The platform is intuitive and simple for users to understand. Safe And Secure The platform’s main agenda is to secure and make its users anonymous. To ensure this, Coin has gone a long way to audit its system to ensure complete data integrity. The platform operates under the following key principles: Operates under server-free environment, which fully localizes each installed application Has a client based environment, which ensures that keys are locally stored on the user’s device Has tight security that safeguards user’s digital assets from potential threats Has an application-level authentication system, which prevents unauthorized access through an unblocked device How To Properly Save And Back Up A Wallet Go to the platform’s website Key in a strong and easy to recall the password click “create new wallet” Download UTC file and save it to a USB drive for future use or to make it easily accessible in case of loss Read and understand the warning then click “I understand. Continue” button. Print the paper wallet backup and carefully hand-write the private key on a separate piece of paper Copy and paste the address safely into a text document somewhere. Send 0.0001 ETH the previous wallet you created or simply exchange to your wallet Unlock the new wallet from the UTC file on the USB drive or through the private key (the print out). Make sure it is able to unlock the wallet you are sent to and it is exactly like the bookmark you have Send 0.00001 ETH from the new wallet to a different address Ensure all the necessary bits of information are recorded and the addresses look alike Safe Storage Of Backups Users are advised to store the backups of both forms of their key in a physically separate and offline environment. Mecto This geo-location feature allows users to listen and broadcast their positions to other CoinSpace users in their areas. How It Works When a user enables Mecto in the ‘receive’ tab of their wallet, it sends their device’s latitude and longitude together with their wallet details to a secure server. This makes the user’s latitude and longitude discoverable to all those who search via Mecto in their CoinSpace wallet.
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Ethereum Token Standards

The world of Ethereum exists beyond just its native asset, Ether. Indeed, many of the major public blockchain projects with their own token run atop the Ethereum network. However, the vast majority of these still use just one standard, the ERC-20. There are actually many other token standards, each with their own unique characteristics. Some are extensions or improvements upon the existing ERC-20, while others have completely distinct features and applications. In this guide, we take a look at many different token standards, including some very new and cutting-edge ones. ERC-20 The ERC-20 standard dominates the Ethereum ecosystem. It consists of six functions: Allowance: This checks that the user’s account has enough tokens to cover the cost of the transaction. In short, it prevents users from defrauding one another. Approve: This checks the balance of tokens in the transaction against the total supply of the token. This ensures that no one can counterfeit tokens. BalanceOf: An extremely basic function that simply tells you how many tokens exist in an account. TotalSupply: This function is run only once, at the very start of a token’s existence. It determines the total number of tokens that exist. You cannot alter this. Transfer: As the name implies, this allows tokens to be sent from the initial supply of tokens to a user’s wallet. It specifies the recipient’s address and the number of tokens to be transferred. TransferFrom: This is like the Transfer function but for any transfers after the initial token distribution, such as users exchanging tokens amongst themselves. For a more in-depth review of ERC-20’s, please see our other guide here. ERC-223 This is principally an upgrade to the ERC-20 standard. Right now, ERC-20 tokens can be sent to addresses that do not support ERC-20. This has and continues to result in a huge amount of lost tokens. Not all Ethereum contracts accept ERC-20. However, the problem is that there is no preventative mechanism to stop users from sending ERC-20 tokens to those addresses. The network will confirm the transaction and the tokens will reach the address, but because they are not compatible, they become permanently frozen. ERC-223 is meant to prevent this, as well as provide other improvements. It merges the Transfer and TransferFrom function into one and introduces a new function, called TokenFallBack. This can only be used by receiving contracts that lay out exactly how to deal with the token being sent. Both of these new functions add a layer of auditing that prevents the loss of funds. In addition, by merging the two transfer functions, there is a significant saving in gas on the Ethereum network, savings costs for all users. Please see our other guide for a deeper technical guide to ERC-223. ERC-721 This is a completely separate standard to the previous two. ERC-721 opens up the potential for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), i.e. tokens that are not all the same. In contrast, all ERC-20 tokens are and have to be identical. The most notable use case of ERC-721 to date is CryptoKitties. ERC-721 opens up the potential for NFTs and in-game items. There are huge benefits to this non-fungibility. Previously, all crypto assets had been identical or fungible. This was vital in the case of money such as Bitcoin, where you need it all to be interchangeable and appear identical. However, for applying blockchain technology to other assets such as rare coins, fine art or in-game virtual items, non-fungibility is an essential feature. ERC-777 This is an improvement upon both the ERC-20 and ERC-223. Just like ERC-223, it helps prevent the loss of funds that has happened so many times with ERC-20. Instead of merging the transfer functions, it offers one new function called Send, which reduces the two transactions used with ERC-20 to one, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Beyond this, it also allows transaction data to be sent alongside the token. This, in turn, increases the degree to which these tokens can be customized and sent with unique orders. Through something called hooks, you will now be able to receive notifications before receiving an ERC-777 token. More than this, hooks can enforce certain conditions on the transactions, such as forcing the receiver to spend a certain amount on a certain product or service. Perhaps most significantly, it allows for users to designate operators. This allows you to designate an address that can send and burn tokens at will and can be turned off at any stage. This could lead the way to automated payments and a host of other applications. In short, ERC-777, helps prevent you from losing funds, as well as providing exciting new conditions and flexibility. ERC-1400 This is a library that consists of multiple standards designed for security tokens. The tokenization of existing securities, whether that be stocks, bonds or options is something that has been hotly anticipated for several years now. More than just displacing existing forms of money and currency, blockchains could potentially help to record and transact with any security anywhere in the world. Developers have been working on the following standards to make that a reality with Ethereum. We could soon see Ethereum tokens representing traditional securities. ERC-1410 This allows for tokens that all represent the same security, but with different conditions. Such conditions could include lock-up periods or voting rights among other things. In effect, these are semi-fungible tokens, as the asset it represents is identical but different metadata is attached. ERC-1594 This standard offers the basic model that any security token would need. Since there are several reasons why the transfer of a security token might fail, this standard introduces new functions. For instance, say that someone tries to send a security token that they are not legally allowed to. Then you need a function that not only prevents this from happening but also ideally provides a reason for why the transaction failed. ERC-1594 introduces the canTransfer and canTransferByPartition functions that offer this functionality. This feature is very important if security tokens are to be successful. If users receive failed notices without any explanation and given the multitude of reasons for a possible transaction failure, the experience will be tiresome and unattractive. ERC-1643 This standard allows for the attaching of documents to transactions. Many securities will have documents partnering them and keeping them attached to the token is imperative. Not only does this standard allow this attachment but it also means users can be notified of any changes to the documents. The standard utilizes the hash method of document storage. It stores a hash of the signed document on the blockchain along with a link pointing out to the off-chain storage site of the whole document. ERC-1644 On account of regulatory oversights, it is essential to make security tokens subject to the commands of regulators on the account of malpractice. This is achieved by implementing a controller function, whereby the controller address can interact with the tokens where appropriate. Conclusion Development within the Ethereum ecosystem has been and continues to move at an impressive rate. These emerging token standards while commonly used as of yet could certainly prove incredibly useful in the fulfillment of ambitions around non-fungible and security tokens. The ERC-20 standard sparked the first wave of tokenization and innovation. However, it is more than likely that these new standards could initiate a wave dwarfing the previous one in terms of economic disruption. The post A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Ethereum Token Standards appeared first on CoinCentral.
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Switcheo Network Set to Invest in Integrating Trust Wallet’s Technologies

Switcheo Network, the non-custodian exchange facilitating P2P transactions, is delighted to announce the integration of Trust Wallet's Decentralized Application browser. Trust Wallet provides cryptocurrency solutions that support Ethereum, ERC20, and ERC223 tokens. In the announcement made through their official Twitter handle, Switcheo Network explicitly confirms the new integration with additional information on how it will work. We are delighted to announce @trustwalletapp is now integrated with #Switcheo Exchange! Find out more on how to access Switcheo Exchange from @trustwalletapp: #SwitchtoSwitcheo #SwitcheoGreetings $SWTH $ETH We are delighted to announce @trustwalletapp is now integrated with #Switcheo Exchange! Find out more on how to access Switcheo Exchange from @trustwalletapp: #SwitcheoGreetings $SWTH $ETH — Switcheo (@SwitcheoNetwork) December 19, 2018 Alongside the integration, Switcheo will allow users to trade on the exchange directly while using the TrustWallet's dApp browser. Cryptocurrency traders with access to Switcheo can now access the service with their in-built DApp Browser. “For users who have already have Trust Wallet installed, you can now access the Switcheo Exchange directly through their built-in DApp Browser. If you visit our website from a regular mobile browser, you can open it directly by clicking on the ‘Open Trust Wallet' button.” The Trust DApp Browser comprises of a fully functioning browser that allows interaction with any decentralized applications. The browser is meticulously crafted to offer users a simple, secure, and seamless connection between individuals, the Ethereum network and any DApp. The integration with Switcheo Network will integrate the Trust Wallet interface to fully optimize and deliver a world-class trading experience for the traders on the exchange. The end-game is to enable a trustless transfer system for tokens. Currently, the functionality within Switcheo's Network exchange is expanding to consolidate Support for more tokens, digital wallets, and decentralized application. Only last November, the Switcheo Network went live on Ethereum with its Callisto update. Together with this, Switcheo Network also added 19 new tokens including, Kyber Network (KNC), Holochain (HOT) Morpheus Network (MRPH) and more. The rollout signified an important milestone for Switcheo, and the move was vital in activating cross-chain trading. With no predecessors in the industry, Switcheo's innovation will be a one-of-a-kind integration built to facilitate secure and trustless cross-chain transactions in the future. Currently, the company's evolution in cross-chain combination through its blockchain will ultimately ensure the Switcheo exchange is head-to-head with the more extensive and more competitive centralized exchanges. Overall, the integration of Trust Wallet and Switcheo has the potential to compete with the conventional financial institutions, with its ability to list tokens across the multiple blockchains yet still on a single non-custodian exchange. About Switcheo Network Switcheo Network is a pioneer NEO-based non-custodial exchange that allows for a seamless trading experience for both NEO and Ethereum tokens. The exchange seeks to deliver trustless and secure transfers between blockchains in a decentralized environment. About Trust Wallet The Trust Wallet service was created in November 2017 with the goal to offer a secure mobile wallet solution with decentralized and anonymity features. Wallets users can manage multiple Ethereum-based tokens, Bitcoin, Tron, and other popular cryptos. In July, Cryptocurrency exchange giant, Binance, acquired Trust Wallet to make it part of the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX) infrastructure.
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Binance’s Ethereum-Based Trust Wallet Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Support

Trust wallet is a mobile crypto wallet, which supports ETH and more than 20,000 Ethereum tokens including those of the ERC223, ERC20, and ERC721 standards. It recently revealed that it would now support BTC. #bitcoin $BTC (#SegWit included) is now supported by our iOS Multi-coin wallet — Trust – Ethereum Wallet (@TrustWalletApp) December 9, 2018 Details Of The Announcement In the announcement, the iOS Trust Wallet will now offer segwit supports and will allow deposits of BTC via the Bech32 addresses. The company said that the capability would later come to Android devices in about 2-3 weeks. The news comes just a few after the wallets added TRON (TRX) support. Trust Wallet also supports POA Network, GoChain, EThereum Classic, VeChain, and Wanchain. Binance Acquisition Of Trust Wallet Binance acquired the Trust Wallet in July, by acquiring the wallet, the exchange wanted to offer better services and enhance the safety of Binance users. The Trust Wallet is an open source, secure and decentralized wallet. It has seen its user base grow significantly since it launched in December 2017. The company has a reputation for being a secure wallet. It has a policy of never accessing the wallets of users, holding their private keys, or asking for personal details from the users. With this acquisition, Binance added an on-chain mobile wallet to its list of services. At the time, it promised farther integration; a promise, which it has kept. Binance promised that the Trust Wallet team would continue to enjoy the same freedom and autonomy to develop the wallet. At the same time, they would benefit from the synergy that Binance has to offer including the large user base. Binance is a technology-driven company. By buying the Trust Wallet, it showed secure wallet tech has an important role to play in the crypto world. The purchase marked the first public acquisition that Binance has made. Since then, the wallet has continued to be quite reliable. How Binance Acquisition Helped Trust Wallet Binance said they would boost the business development of wallet. Besides that, they would make it part of the Binance decentralized exchange. The founder of Trust Wallet was quite pleased by the purchase. He said the purchase would help them continue to grow and have a positive impact on the industry. For one, it would mean that they were no longer pressed for resources. As a result, they could focus more on growth and development instead of worrying about the scarcity of development resources. It would also allow Trust Wallet to focus on adoption of the wallet by those who do not use it. In the past, Trust Wallet had tried to raise funds by holding a token sale. However, they had to cancel it due to regulatory woes. Thus, it was hard for them to compete with the big boys without safety compromises due to lack of resources. However, the purchase changed everything for them. About Binance Binance is the second biggest crypto exchange by trade volumes. By the end of 2018, the company expects that it will have earned revenue of $1 billion. It is currently registered in the Malta jurisdiction.
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What is The Relationship Between Coin Distribution and Network Security? Economic Implications of Severing this Tie?

Right now, the Bitcoin model uses mining to secure the network and to distribute new mintage. This mining is "useful" since it helps stave off 51% attacks, and miners are also receiving new mintage as a reward for their Proof of Work. Thus, these tokens are scarce and difficult to obtain. With the advent of mineable tokens on Ethereum, for instance, through the EIP918 standard, it is possible to mine ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 tokens. These tokens, however, are secured by the Ethereum consensus model (whether that be PoW or PoS based). The mining of these ERC918 tokens does not secure the network that the mined asset resides on. This is a curious situation, since these tokens essentially sever the tie between distribution and security. An argument can be made that token mining is "useless" since it does not serve a purpose in the network. The counterargument can be made that mining is useful either way since it enforces the scarcity of the mined asset. The most prominent example of a mineable token, 0xBitcoin, has been both praised and criticized for these reasons. Supporters claim that 0xBTC is useful as a currency precisely because it uses PoW for distribution, enforcing scarcity and trending towards some economic stability through mining. Also, by co-opting Ethereum network security, 0xBTC is death spiral and 51% attack immune. Critics will say that since the work doesn't actually secure a network, it renders the currency useless. What do you all think is the intersection of distribution, network security, and asset value/utility?

Tron (TRX) and NeoWorld to Create Exclusive 3D Virtual World Island on the Blockchain

Tron shows that there are many companies interested in working with the decentralized network that it is creating. According to Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO, the Trou Foundation partnered with NeoWorld to plan a new blockchain city. #TRON has established a partnership with NeoWorld. The cooperation between both parties will revolve around entering NeoWorld, planning the NeoWorld Exclusive Island, strengthening the cooperation within the community ecosystem, etc. #TRX $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) November 8, 2018   The main intention is to create and plan the NeoWorld Exclusive Island and strengthen the cooperation within the community ecosystem. Indeed, Tron has already entered the NeoWorld building a new skyscraper that ranks top in height and working rewards. NeoWorld is an online and multiplayer virtual reality world that is based on blockchain technology. NeoWorld was able to create a 3-dimensional world that offers players the possibility to explore new worlds and create skylines. Users are also able to communicate through the game and have fun. It is also possible for players to establish professional and personal networks. At the moment, 100,000 land parcels were sold, there are 7.5 million buildings already built and 1.3 million jobs done per day. The NeoWorld Cash (NASH) cryptocurrency is used at the NeoWorld platform. The virtual currency is an Ethereum-based token on the ERC223 standards. At the same time, the token is also compatible with the ERC20 standard. The virtual currency can also be used to purchase and sell land in the virtual world. In the future, the TRX cryptocurrency could be embraced by the platform and be used side by side with the NASH virtual currency. This is just one of the many examples of what Tron and its blockchain platform are able to do in the cryptocurrency world.
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Global Token Review – Top 5 Upcoming ICOs: ICOVO

ICOVO is a new addition to the field of Distributed Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings (DAICOs). A DAICO is a version of an ICO, which incorporates a few aspects of Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). The ICOVO platform intends to prevent the scams that have flooded the ICO market by utilising KYC/AML, whitepaper versioning, and smart contracts. The whitepaper versioning will make the use of blockchain and IPFS to ensure that whitepapers cannot be retrospectively altered. Only ICO projects which are approved and comply with the DAICO model will be allowed on this platform. The ecosystem includes an ICOVO App and ICOVO Web, which have been developed to reduce the high barriers to entry in the ICO marketplace. The platform’s wallets also conform to ERC20 and ERC223 standards. The platform will ensure that it has a refunding process if an ICO is claimed to be a scam or is faulty, based on the voting done by the network. Development of the project started in early 2018 and is still in progress – the ICO will begin in November 2018, and will be active for 30 days. Project founders, as well as investors, are very keen to start using the ICOVO platform. This enthusiasm has helped ICOVO to develop a healthy social media presence, and it is likely to be a popular choice for investors when the ICO launches next month. Also check out what other Top 5 Upcoming ICOs, and Vertex have to offer… The post Global Token Review – Top 5 Upcoming ICOs: ICOVO appeared first on The Fintech Times.
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Ruling on XRP’s status as a security unlikely until late 2020

Disclaimer: These summaries are provided for educational purposes only by Stephen Palley. They are not legal advice. These are our opinions only, aren’t authorized by any past, present or future client or employer. Also we might change our minds. We contain multitudes. A consolidated class action in federal court in Oakland may one day lead a court to rule on (1) whether Ripple violated U.S. Securities laws by creating the XRP token and (2) whether XRP is a security. That day will not be in 2019, judging from a scheduling order entered by the Court on March 18. The Order sets forth a schedule for roughly the next twelve months. Here's what's going to happen: By March 20, Plaintiffs will publish a notice under federal law that verifies that they read the complaint, authorized its filing, didn't buy XRP in oder to become plaintiffs, and a number of other things that are set forth in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (a law that was passed purportedly to prevent abuses class action practice. [related id=1]In 60 days, any member of the "purported class" can ask the court to be appointed as lead plaintiff and to approve selection of their counsel. This is a big deal from a financial standpoint for the lawyers, because the class lead will almost certainly earn more if there's a favorable result. As a result, you will see some litigation over this in about two months (we had a taste of that in the Tezos class action litigation, if you've followed that case). 45 days after the Court chooses the lead plaintiff, they will file a new complaint, which will replace all of the other complaints that the different plaintiffs filed. (As a reminder, this particular lawsuit consolidates or brings together a bunch of separately filed suits against Ripple). 45 days after the new complaint is filed, Defendants have to respond. Instead of answering, it is a virtual guarantee that they will file motions to dismiss. The parties will have 30 days to reply to the motion. All of the cases are ordered consolidated for pretrial purposes, which means that depositions, written discovery and motions will all be handled in this one case by this particular judge. If we build in time for the Court to rule and for some potential delay in the class rep designation process, it's possible that the Court will rule on Motions to Dismiss by the end of this year. It's also possible that this will role into next year. It's a dicey proposition to speculate on motions that haven't been filed yet, but if we assume that the motion to dismiss is denied -- which is usually the case if a Complaint is reasonably well pleaded -- we'd probably see an answer on file in early 2020. Discovery, class certification motions, and dispositive motions will likely take place in 2020 and 2021. It's possible that when the Court rules on the likely Motion to Dismiss we will see an indication as to whether or not the Court thinks a security is at issue, but Motions to Dismiss generally speaking don't address the merits of a case -- they assume that the facts stated are true for purposes of ruling, and will only look at whether or not a viable claim was pleaded. In short, I wouldn't expect to see a ruling on XRP's status as a security until late 2020 at the earliest.
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IOTA / USD Technical Analysis: Game Changer

IOTA is bullish in the short-term, with the cryptocurrency trading well above its 200-period moving average The medium-term outlook remains bearish for the IOTA / USD pair, with the cryptocurrency still trading below its 200-day moving average Both time frames show potential inverted head and shoulders patterns building IOTA / USD Short-term price analysis In the short-term, IOTA has a bullish trading bias, with the cryptocurrency trading well above its 200-period moving average of the four-hour time frame. The four-hour time frame shows multiple inverted head and shoulders patterns, with price trading close to the neckline of the bullish patterns. If an upside breakout does occur, the larger bullish pattern’s overall bullish objective will likely be the November 15th trading high from last year.     IOTA / USD H4 Chart                                                                         (Source: TradingvView)     Pattern Watch Traders should note the target of the smaller bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern on the four-hour time frame will likely be the current 2019 trading high. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the four-hour time frame remains bullish, with the MACD signal line crossing higher. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator on the four-hour time frame is bullish, although downside pressures are building. IOTA / USD Medium-term price analysis IOTA remains bearish in the medium-term, with the cryptocurrency still unable to move above its key 200-day moving average. The daily time frame clearly shows two potential inverted head and shoulders patterns that could start to take shape over the medium-term. The upside projection of the smaller inverted head and shoulders pattern would take the IOTA / USD pair towards levels not seen since October 2018. Technical indicators on the daily time frame remain bullish and continue to signal further gains ahead.     IOTA / USD Daily Chart                                                 (Source: TradingView)     Pattern Watch It is worth noting that the IOTA / USD pair’s 200-day moving average is located just below the neckline of the smaller inverted head and shoulders pattern. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the daily time frame is bullish and generating a buy signal. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator is bullish on the daily time frame, although it is starting to correct lower. Conclusion The presence of multiple inverted head and shoulders patterns on the four-hour time frame highlights that the IOTA / USD pair has scope to trade much higher over the short-term. A sustained technical breakout above IOTA’s 200-day moving average would be a game changer for the cryptocurrency over the medium-term, although caution is advised until a bullish breakout is confirmed.   [{"date":1521669850000,"value":1.39674,"volume":60891000},{"date":1521756250000,"value":1.316,"volume":36541200},{"date":1521842950000,"value":1.30767,"volume":29807100},{"date":1521929350000,"value":1.32992,"volume":29794100},{"date":1522015750000,"value":1.34665,"volume":26606700},{"date":1522101550000,"value":1.18407,"volume":30946200},{"date":1522186150000,"value":1.19471,"volume":31479100},{"date":1522272551000,"value":1.20225,"volume":23647600},{"date":1522358051000,"value":1.08,"volume":35005100},{"date":1522444750000,"value":1.11583,"volume":40681400},{"date":1522531151000,"value":1.07962,"volume":28418200},{"date":1522617550000,"value":1.00879,"volume":36298700},{"date":1522703951000,"value":1.01932,"volume":26359500},{"date":1522790350000,"value":1.09209,"volume":28335200},{"date":1522876750000,"value":0.999185,"volume":23105700},{"date":1522963150000,"value":0.971942,"volume":18929300},{"date":1523049551000,"value":0.938119,"volume":14324400},{"date":1523136252000,"value":1.00345,"volume":13229400},{"date":1523223250000,"value":1.00462,"volume":22439500},{"date":1523309652000,"value":0.972692,"volume":24818100},{"date":1523396051000,"value":1.01154,"volume":21158200},{"date":1523482453000,"value":1.05023,"volume":22442300},{"date":1523568853000,"value":1.33934,"volume":71604400},{"date":1523655253000,"value":1.3352,"volume":94414400},{"date":1523741653000,"value":1.41997,"volume":49126500},{"date":1523828052000,"value":1.61756,"volume":128858000},{"date":1523914452000,"value":1.60078,"volume":88208200},{"date":1524000853000,"value":1.57085,"volume":55475900},{"date":1524087252000,"value":1.67492,"volume":55538400},{"date":1524173652000,"value":1.75221,"volume":69534700},{"date":1524260053000,"value":1.98102,"volume":99799000},{"date":1524346453000,"value":1.89329,"volume":90120400},{"date":1524432851000,"value":2.05306,"volume":91964800},{"date":1524519252000,"value":2.11689,"volume":96463800},{"date":1524605655000,"value":2.16844,"volume":94334800},{"date":1524692054000,"value":1.93072,"volume":161415000},{"date":1524778453000,"value":2.0193,"volume":87151200},{"date":1524864854000,"value":1.91328,"volume":72021400},{"date":1524951253000,"value":2.01563,"volume":70953000},{"date":1525037653000,"value":2.01456,"volume":79634600},{"date":1525124052000,"value":1.98248,"volume":63547600},{"date":1525210452000,"value":1.90527,"volume":60472700},{"date":1525296852000,"value":2.2798,"volume":159248000},{"date":1525383252000,"value":2.56441,"volume":323192000},{"date":1525469652000,"value":2.48832,"volume":160370000},{"date":1525556052000,"value":2.37949,"volume":102225000},{"date":1525642452000,"value":2.29473,"volume":116702000},{"date":1525728852000,"value":2.29774,"volume":105458000},{"date":1525815253000,"value":2.41352,"volume":328150000},{"date":1525901651000,"value":2.28961,"volume":117372000},{"date":1525988052000,"value":2.18713,"volume":81023400},{"date":1526074452000,"value":1.82276,"volume":142294000},{"date":1526160852000,"value":1.86821,"volume":101886000},{"date":1526247252000,"value":2.02165,"volume":90822000},{"date":1526333652000,"value":2.00352,"volume":84939000},{"date":1526420052000,"value":2.00179,"volume":99750500},{"date":1526506451000,"value":1.88721,"volume":82088700},{"date":1526592851000,"value":1.81436,"volume":63949700},{"date":1526679251000,"value":1.75975,"volume":74768900},{"date":1526765652000,"value":1.76731,"volume":48696700},{"date":1526852052000,"value":1.83179,"volume":48224400},{"date":1526938457000,"value":1.73759,"volume":49320000},{"date":1527024852000,"value":1.66642,"volume":47789800},{"date":1527111252000,"value":1.49345,"volume":84500700},{"date":1527197652000,"value":1.48725,"volume":68532400},{"date":1527284052000,"value":1.49587,"volume":57624000},{"date":1527370452000,"value":1.52361,"volume":50282500},{"date":1527456852000,"value":1.45491,"volume":54636800},{"date":1527543258000,"value":1.38389,"volume":53128200},{"date":1527629659000,"value":1.60428,"volume":112661000},{"date":1527716058000,"value":1.55477,"volume":85540000},{"date":1527802461000,"value":1.76928,"volume":124817000},{"date":1527888858000,"value":1.87084,"volume":137652000},{"date":1527975258000,"value":1.88901,"volume":122661000},{"date":1528061658000,"value":1.80478,"volume":156203000},{"date":1528149861000,"value":1.73478,"volume":108770000},{"date":1528236263000,"value":1.74024,"volume":85658400},{"date":1528322661000,"value":1.71105,"volume":76347800},{"date":1528409062000,"value":1.68648,"volume":68168800},{"date":1528495461000,"value":1.72026,"volume":62030900},{"date":1528581861000,"value":1.65255,"volume":70544500},{"date":1528668261000,"value":1.38449,"volume":122742000},{"date":1528754661000,"value":1.37754,"volume":77023600},{"date":1528841062000,"value":1.26456,"volume":82000600},{"date":1528927461000,"value":1.1928,"volume":91730200},{"date":1529013861000,"value":1.29471,"volume":91467800},{"date":1529100260000,"value":1.18917,"volume":67086800},{"date":1529186662000,"value":1.21075,"volume":53017500},{"date":1529273061000,"value":1.18247,"volume":51570400},{"date":1529359462000,"value":1.18932,"volume":80898100},{"date":1529445860000,"value":1.17239,"volume":67514600},{"date":1529532261000,"value":1.16044,"volume":63213600},{"date":1529618661000,"value":1.1511,"volume":47574600},{"date":1529705060000,"value":0.966297,"volume":79781600},{"date":1529791461000,"value":1.06433,"volume":58402000},{"date":1529877860000,"value":0.976295,"volume":71240000},{"date":1529964260000,"value":1.01657,"volume":57617900},{"date":1530050653000,"value":0.977605,"volume":39778000},{"date":1530137356000,"value":0.968568,"volume":43842600},{"date":1530223741000,"value":0.935006,"volume":40236900},{"date":1530310141000,"value":0.928328,"volume":49558300},{"date":1530396540000,"value":0.987092,"volume":50127700},{"date":1530482940000,"value":1.05394,"volume":53148900},{"date":1530569341000,"value":1.15723,"volume":70964700},{"date":1530655741000,"value":1.1618,"volume":71053700},{"date":1530742141000,"value":1.23991,"volume":63702900},{"date":1530828540000,"value":1.1281,"volume":65693600},{"date":1530914940000,"value":1.06846,"volume":63216400},{"date":1531001340000,"value":1.04137,"volume":41865000},{"date":1531087742000,"value":1.10441,"volume":49573000},{"date":1531174147000,"value":1.07637,"volume":41310700},{"date":1531260554000,"value":0.983407,"volume":51014100},{"date":1531346946000,"value":0.986215,"volume":39422900},{"date":1531433351000,"value":0.946421,"volume":34696500},{"date":1531519747000,"value":0.962163,"volume":34834000},{"date":1531606149000,"value":0.97868,"volume":23101100},{"date":1531692551000,"value":1.01013,"volume":27996200},{"date":1531778952000,"value":1.0746,"volume":48419300},{"date":1531865344000,"value":1.14831,"volume":55489300},{"date":1531951743000,"value":1.08424,"volume":65192900},{"date":1532038448000,"value":1.03962,"volume":40817900},{"date":1532124850000,"value":0.955454,"volume":45934100},{"date":1532211245000,"value":1.01135,"volume":33057100},{"date":1532297644000,"value":0.978678,"volume":29439900},{"date":1532384348000,"value":0.954617,"volume":35365700},{"date":1532470749000,"value":0.975033,"volume":44978500},{"date":1532557149000,"value":0.995427,"volume":35583800},{"date":1532643553000,"value":1.02009,"volume":46996500},{"date":1532729955000,"value":1.01991,"volume":45791200},{"date":1532816356000,"value":1.0188,"volume":36251100},{"date":1532902757000,"value":1.00673,"volume":30890400},{"date":1532989447000,"value":0.977962,"volume":32936600},{"date":1533075848000,"value":0.936681,"volume":34167400},{"date":1533162246000,"value":0.919339,"volume":33671000},{"date":1533248646000,"value":0.886989,"volume":31859800},{"date":1533338049000,"value":0.951635,"volume":120789000},{"date":1533424447000,"value":0.860338,"volume":57573200},{"date":1533510848000,"value":0.910067,"volume":64623200},{"date":1533597251000,"value":0.814904,"volume":61425000},{"date":1533683649000,"value":0.72929,"volume":110857000},{"date":1533770049000,"value":0.607057,"volume":68641600},{"date":1533856449000,"value":0.652062,"volume":51361700},{"date":1533942550000,"value":0.563216,"volume":53871500},{"date":1534028954000,"value":0.547848,"volume":48988600},{"date":1534115355000,"value":0.54008,"volume":32199900},{"date":1534201755000,"value":0.462883,"volume":38254200},{"date":1534288153000,"value":0.427691,"volume":39844300},{"date":1534374562000,"value":0.452253,"volume":42470300},{"date":1534460968000,"value":0.459238,"volume":31793400},{"date":1534547363000,"value":0.558928,"volume":55596200},{"date":1534633763000,"value":0.491024,"volume":45294000},{"date":1534720162000,"value":0.544115,"volume":47296700},{"date":1534806550000,"value":0.499593,"volume":36276800},{"date":1534892950000,"value":0.521492,"volume":31269200},{"date":1534979349000,"value":0.482487,"volume":42486200},{"date":1535065751000,"value":0.50443,"volume":31174200},{"date":1535152146000,"value":0.517048,"volume":29258900},{"date":1535238545000,"value":0.540497,"volume":31013500},{"date":1535324946000,"value":0.545051,"volume":30295300},{"date":1535411349000,"value":0.640711,"volume":82484900},{"date":1535497747000,"value":0.776709,"volume":139433000},{"date":1535584149000,"value":0.748931,"volume":91750100},{"date":1535670545000,"value":0.70225,"volume":77834700},{"date":1535756942000,"value":0.71066,"volume":55950100},{"date":1535843344000,"value":0.739763,"volume":52366000},{"date":1535929744000,"value":0.711831,"volume":41644700},{"date":1536016144000,"value":0.695983,"volume":39917200},{"date":1536102546000,"value":0.71395,"volume":43480900},{"date":1536188949000,"value":0.619011,"volume":56035000},{"date":1536275348000,"value":0.589252,"volume":51574100},{"date":1536361745000,"value":0.572029,"volume":38489000},{"date":1536448143000,"value":0.532395,"volume":33464300},{"date":1536534545000,"value":0.55865,"volume":35335700},{"date":1536621844000,"value":0.562461,"volume":35477300},{"date":1536708248000,"value":0.549788,"volume":35528500},{"date":1536794642000,"value":0.551834,"volume":34333000},{"date":1536881047000,"value":0.584737,"volume":33633300},{"date":1536971348000,"value":0.577888,"volume":28996600},{"date":1537057746000,"value":0.574462,"volume":22414200},{"date":1537144149000,"value":0.581852,"volume":21487400},{"date":1537230546000,"value":0.531442,"volume":26823000},{"date":1537316953000,"value":0.530839,"volume":37629700},{"date":1537403347000,"value":0.532564,"volume":28612200},{"date":1537489745000,"value":0.569092,"volume":30982900},{"date":1537576143000,"value":0.632871,"volume":51265400},{"date":1537662548000,"value":0.60686,"volume":30118300},{"date":1537748951000,"value":0.609884,"volume":26567100},{"date":1537835346000,"value":0.549078,"volume":56787900},{"date":1537921754000,"value":0.561022,"volume":29620600},{"date":1538008148000,"value":0.555376,"volume":21389100},{"date":1538094547000,"value":0.585101,"volume":30170400},{"date":1538180944000,"value":0.568985,"volume":24128700},{"date":1538267345000,"value":0.563611,"volume":16825800},{"date":1538353748000,"value":0.57641,"volume":19409800},{"date":1538440150000,"value":0.559608,"volume":20951200},{"date":1538527745000,"value":0.557856,"volume":19633300},{"date":1538614144000,"value":0.554877,"volume":17690400},{"date":1538700545000,"value":0.560339,"volume":21869800},{"date":1538787548000,"value":0.575729,"volume":19989100},{"date":1538873949000,"value":0.565473,"volume":17045600},{"date":1538960350000,"value":0.574836,"volume":16291300},{"date":1539046748000,"value":0.605069,"volume":28323300},{"date":1539133144000,"value":0.58771,"volume":23069900},{"date":1539219543000,"value":0.568547,"volume":22585000},{"date":1539305946000,"value":0.482564,"volume":43002000},{"date":1539392351000,"value":0.495663,"volume":18358600},{"date":1539478746000,"value":0.48483,"volume":15998400},{"date":1539565152000,"value":0.481171,"volume":15914400},{"date":1539651543000,"value":0.502556,"volume":36375800},{"date":1539737953000,"value":0.502692,"volume":15223700},{"date":1539824350000,"value":0.516775,"volume":21266100},{"date":1539910745000,"value":0.494844,"volume":21668100},{"date":1539997148000,"value":0.488614,"volume":15976500},{"date":1540083845000,"value":0.49634,"volume":18620600},{"date":1540170246000,"value":0.489908,"volume":17742300},{"date":1540256650000,"value":0.494103,"volume":11918400},{"date":1540344546000,"value":0.491172,"volume":9344390},{"date":1540430946000,"value":0.491213,"volume":5787990},{"date":1540518250000,"value":0.493102,"volume":7158280},{"date":1540604651000,"value":0.489593,"volume":7240900},{"date":1540691043000,"value":0.47532,"volume":7283500},{"date":1540777447000,"value":0.478977,"volume":5236830},{"date":1540863843000,"value":0.449398,"volume":11114900},{"date":1540950248000,"value":0.451429,"volume":6362080},{"date":1541036644000,"value":0.462181,"volume":8996680},{"date":1541123044000,"value":0.474538,"volume":6732070},{"date":1541209452000,"value":0.48142,"volume":10427300},{"date":1541295893000,"value":0.478772,"volume":4977940},{"date":1541382254000,"value":0.495001,"volume":12551200},{"date":1541468647000,"value":0.502029,"volume":8343280},{"date":1541555048000,"value":0.513534,"volume":12690600},{"date":1541641443000,"value":0.502028,"volume":10895900},{"date":1541727851000,"value":0.481243,"volume":12397500},{"date":1541814245000,"value":0.474874,"volume":8323670},{"date":1541900645000,"value":0.485751,"volume":6426000},{"date":1541987044000,"value":0.484503,"volume":4033640},{"date":1542073444000,"value":0.494447,"volume":12474000},{"date":1542159846000,"value":0.491753,"volume":10687800},{"date":1542246286000,"value":0.436646,"volume":31050900},{"date":1542332641000,"value":0.418335,"volume":21432700},{"date":1542419056000,"value":0.415666,"volume":8034490},{"date":1542505448000,"value":0.413016,"volume":5104930},{"date":1542591844000,"value":0.408236,"volume":5808530},{"date":1542678245000,"value":0.358571,"volume":18455400},{"date":1542764644000,"value":0.302269,"volume":27757200},{"date":1542851045000,"value":0.333832,"volume":13236700},{"date":1542937446000,"value":0.303628,"volume":10113300},{"date":1543023841000,"value":0.323977,"volume":10339100},{"date":1543110548000,"value":0.276751,"volume":12513200},{"date":1543196946000,"value":0.290099,"volume":18228200},{"date":1543283352000,"value":0.268763,"volume":14333000},{"date":1543369749000,"value":0.273243,"volume":9418900},{"date":1543456147000,"value":0.293017,"volume":15161900},{"date":1543542548000,"value":0.30102074572,"volume":11261376},{"date":1543628954000,"value":0.285830520207,"volume":9514933},{"date":1543715349000,"value":0.305817134532,"volume":6963806},{"date":1543801749000,"value":0.296571666594,"volume":7493538},{"date":1543888149000,"value":0.276430256989,"volume":9708142},{"date":1543974550000,"value":0.274817236312,"volume":8215083},{"date":1544060949000,"value":0.260965767346,"volume":8541792},{"date":1544147348000,"value":0.228507577527,"volume":10520154},{"date":1544233750000,"value":0.239513016826,"volume":13752873},{"date":1544320148000,"value":0.234056838216,"volume":7936809},{"date":1544406548000,"value":0.246096581298,"volume":7486656},{"date":1544493251000,"value":0.230209457924,"volume":6160946},{"date":1544579647000,"value":0.224741831689,"volume":4278528},{"date":1544666049000,"value":0.230966583093,"volume":3321643},{"date":1544752451000,"value":0.231564108401,"volume":5613677},{"date":1544843053000,"value":0.21431100492,"volume":6127230},{"date":1544929450000,"value":0.224209935018,"volume":7916559},{"date":1545016161000,"value":0.223549768382,"volume":5638887},{"date":1545102547000,"value":0.256084504512,"volume":12946110},{"date":1545188951000,"value":0.294334640442,"volume":15866215},{"date":1545275347000,"value":0.28362081574,"volume":19863811},{"date":1545361747000,"value":0.344148329072,"volume":28675979},{"date":1545448147000,"value":0.324729262893,"volume":19755505},{"date":1545534551000,"value":0.358243593082,"volume":16817065},{"date":1545620947000,"value":0.378523124649,"volume":20241475},{"date":1545707351000,"value":0.335743699368,"volume":18613701},{"date":1545793749000,"value":0.344260037706,"volume":13416898},{"date":1545880148000,"value":0.328985643323,"volume":8873926},{"date":1545966549000,"value":0.318017169015,"volume":10404460},{"date":1546052944000,"value":0.362835672248,"volume":15760676},{"date":1546139343000,"value":0.350282404555,"volume":11064789},{"date":1546225745000,"value":0.353949275557,"volume":7749723},{"date":1546312148000,"value":0.353204151102,"volume":10684242},{"date":1546398552000,"value":0.367200340812,"volume":7997593},{"date":1546484948000,"value":0.392582591864,"volume":15018541},{"date":1546571349000,"value":0.377317772523,"volume":9789829},{"date":1546657749000,"value":0.379629227747,"volume":10723391},{"date":1546744153000,"value":0.369287569276,"volume":6769167},{"date":1546830550000,"value":0.377752855787,"volume":11249394},{"date":1546916949000,"value":0.363318280205,"volume":7100051},{"date":1547003348000,"value":0.36705094791,"volume":9086748},{"date":1547089751000,"value":0.371540583205,"volume":6723925},{"date":1547176151000,"value":0.311499281318,"volume":16880582},{"date":1547262550000,"value":0.313521989235,"volume":7838332},{"date":1547348954000,"value":0.312050430557,"volume":6413541},{"date":1547435351000,"value":0.289841140743,"volume":9911531},{"date":1547521753000,"value":0.310810923454,"volume":9670491},{"date":1547608150000,"value":0.303191434632,"volume":9856964},{"date":1547694550000,"value":0.295293373665,"volume":6463570},{"date":1547780950000,"value":0.316263080865,"volume":10200245},{"date":1547867342000,"value":0.318384204688,"volume":7345324},{"date":1547953741000,"value":0.31928643386,"volume":7606063},{"date":1548040147000,"value":0.30744157112,"volume":8524973},{"date":1548126544000,"value":0.301530928054,"volume":5559793},{"date":1548212943000,"value":0.306587358513,"volume":8422614},{"date":1548299341000,"value":0.29712794773,"volume":8013242},{"date":1548385743000,"value":0.296232363219,"volume":7553021},{"date":1548472143000,"value":0.289057092206,"volume":6953472},{"date":1548558541000,"value":0.287556483276,"volume":7258020},{"date":1548644943000,"value":0.263432405357,"volume":10770478},{"date":1548731343000,"value":0.257476803401,"volume":11217546},{"date":1548817742000,"value":0.255329506169,"volume":7187564},{"date":1548904142000,"value":0.270367470974,"volume":9826414},{"date":1548990542000,"value":0.253095121573,"volume":8641534},{"date":1549076941000,"value":0.257518070939,"volume":7895649},{"date":1549163342000,"value":0.257714115588,"volume":8027749},{"date":1549249743000,"value":0.248737155606,"volume":5692521},{"date":1549336141000,"value":0.252029467857,"volume":6795431},{"date":1549422541000,"value":0.243285133371,"volume":6198544},{"date":1549508941000,"value":0.248209401877,"volume":6342211},{"date":1549595342000,"value":0.250796003189,"volume":11769266},{"date":1549681742000,"value":0.277644374533,"volume":15949650},{"date":1549768142000,"value":0.277955993312,"volume":9970302},{"date":1549854541000,"value":0.276052172118,"volume":10349896},{"date":1549940943000,"value":0.265957246451,"volume":8670340},{"date":1550027342000,"value":0.2756567896,"volume":6960554},{"date":1550113741000,"value":0.2695792359,"volume":6056483},{"date":1550200142000,"value":0.268414684583,"volume":4265899},{"date":1550286543000,"value":0.272259701796,"volume":7253029},{"date":1550372942000,"value":0.275576844061,"volume":6321769},{"date":1550459340000,"value":0.280294058139,"volume":10119701},{"date":1550545743000,"value":0.299186850286,"volume":16427484},{"date":1550632143000,"value":0.304489862946,"volume":19166297},{"date":1550718542000,"value":0.311649222093,"volume":8785478},{"date":1550804942000,"value":0.30493351411,"volume":8558632},{"date":1550891342000,"value":0.304695040732,"volume":7507784},{"date":1550977742000,"value":0.327720080636,"volume":11895161},{"date":1551064142000,"value":0.287964557545,"volume":15970007},{"date":1551150543000,"value":0.288721746872,"volume":8651649},{"date":1551236943000,"value":0.28613539801,"volume":6984980},{"date":1551323342000,"value":0.289032820914,"volume":7183847},{"date":1551409741000,"value":0.287797970965,"volume":6415827},{"date":1551496142000,"value":0.296329154501,"volume":9355766},{"date":1551582542000,"value":0.295275758777,"volume":6343608},{"date":1551668943000,"value":0.283103657201,"volume":5373467},{"date":1551755341000,"value":0.274844018523,"volume":6603080},{"date":1551841741000,"value":0.279327495778,"volume":7893761},{"date":1551928141000,"value":0.272693650617,"volume":9923173},{"date":1552014542000,"value":0.280428288716,"volume":8846030},{"date":1552100943000,"value":0.281347479447,"volume":12391319},{"date":1552187343000,"value":0.284265926434,"volume":9855638},{"date":1552273743000,"value":0.28439865181,"volume":7367639},{"date":1552360142000,"value":0.277222364366,"volume":9002206},{"date":1552446543000,"value":0.285708948376,"volume":9481230},{"date":1552532943000,"value":0.288170759198,"volume":12204788},{"date":1552619342000,"value":0.297699151446,"volume":18217418},{"date":1552705742000,"value":0.304252423571,"volume":12247148},{"date":1552792141000,"value":0.303753362327,"volume":23282480},{"date":1552878543000,"value":0.301008936852,"volume":19698387},{"date":1552964940000,"value":0.296753419011,"volume":20550216},{"date":1553051342000,"value":0.295678879578,"volume":10457373},{"date":1553137742000,"value":0.299334253628,"volume":12769053},{"date":1553205543000,"value":0.309264173801,"volume":26576624},{"date":1553265489802,"value":0.312188203483,"volume":36559465.8976}] IOTA(IOT) Price $0.310 Market Cap$862,262,752.00 #ccpw-ticker-24524 .ccc-chart-header { background: #1c71ff} #ccpw-ticker-24524 #ccc-chart-block .exportBtnTop, #ccpw-ticker-24524 a.tabperiods.tabperiods_active, #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin_details { color: #1c71ff; background: rgba(28,113,255,0.15); } #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin_details { border: 1px solid rgba(28,113,255,0.16); } .ccpw-container_chart #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin-container:after, .ccpw-container_four #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin-container:after {border-color:#ccc !Important;} Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter!   Decentral Media, Inc., the publisher of Crypto Briefing, is not an investment advisor and does not offer or provide investment advice or other financial advice. 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During Second Half of 2018, Vitalik Buterin Cashed Out $40 Million in Ethereum (ETH)

With so many prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world, it should come as no surprise that a deep dive into the history of these influencers arises every now and then. Alex Sunnarborg, who is a founding partner of the Tetra Capital crypto hedge fund, decided to dig into the historical account data of Vitalik Buterin. […]
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Adoption: Customers can now pay with IOTA in Stores that Accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay following Zeux Integration

As a means of encouraging wider use, Payments and banking services app Zeux has integrated IOTA (MIOTA) for crypto payments in stores for retailers in a collaboration with IOTA Foundation. This is to be fully available in a few weeks time according to an announcement by the Zeux team on Medium. According to founder and co-chairman of IOTA Foundation David Sønstebø, this partnership is a major step for the company that will make IOTA use more convenient. “This partnership with Zeux will provide a significant convenience benefit for IOTA ecosystem. We are very excited about this. Now IOTA digital currency can be used as payment with merchants that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. By combining existing technology with another form of currency, this is a big step forward towards the adoption of crypto for the masses.’’ Speaking on the partnership, Founder and CEO of Zeux Frank Zhou said it is an avenue to increase the adoption of the digital asset and is just the first step to giving IOTA users more financial freedom. Meanwhile, IOTA has gained over 5% since the announcement of its integration with Zeux. this is an indication of the potential adoption this cryptocurrency stands to gain as a result of the integration which will bring it to thousands if not millions of users worldwide. Zeux is an app of the UK origin that provides payment services. The app is to be launched in April and made available in Europe within the year and America in 2020. Its integration of IOTA is a win-win as the CEO described IOTA’s Tangle as an ideal platform for them to build their customer data Dapp. Tangle is a specialized distributed ledger technology that is specifically meant for the internet of things, which the IOTA Foundation’s primary mission is to support. Apart from fee-less real-time payments, the Tangle is also an open-source protocol that facilitates secure data transfer and the collection and dissemination of sensor-based and other data. Zeux mission is to bring crypto as well as fiat micropayments to retail stores around the world through facilitating fee-less real-time payment as well as enabling integration of banking and investment services with it in one, making it a convenient way to do everything with funds without going out of the app. The post Adoption: Customers can now pay with IOTA in Stores that Accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay following Zeux Integration appeared first on ZyCrypto.
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