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Stolen GateHub and EpicBot credentials spotted on hacking forum

Millions of credentials stolen from the GateHub cryptocurrency wallet service and gaming bot provider EpicBot were reportedly posted on popular hacking forum site RaidForums last month, along with other personal information. Roughly 2.2 million accounts were affected – 1,408,078 of which belong GateHub users, while 816,662 were created by EpicBot users, according to security researcher Troy Hunt, who has added the dumped data sets to his Have I Been Pwned? website. London-based GateHub, whose service allows users to store, send and exchange Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Augur cryptocurrencies, acknowledged last June in a company blog post that it had suffered a data breach in which a malicious actor infiltrated a database holding valid access tokens. However, the company said that only 18,473 accounts were potentially affected and only 103 XRP (Ripple) Ledger wallets suffered losses. These numbers pale in comparison to the 1.4 million accounts found posted on the hacking forum, which suggests a possible discrepancy. On his website, Hunt said the compromised data set includes email addresses, mnemonic phrases, wallet hashes and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes. GateHub, however, reportedly disputes the existence of wallet hashes. “We are aware of a database posted on RaidForums whose author claims that it belongs to GateHub. The alleged GateHub database is being thoroughly examined by our team; therefore, we are unable to confirm its authenticity at this time. We will make sure to keep you posted of any updates,” said member of the GateHub security team via email, according to a report by Ars Technica. “From what we have gathered so far, it does not contain wallet hashes. As mentioned before, we are still verifying its authenticity.” GateHub added that in response to the attack, the company in July 2019 re-encrypted all of its users’ accounts and customers were forced to change their passwords. Ars Technica reports that the stolen GateHub data was posted on RaidForums on Oct. 25, the very same day the lifted EpicBot data was posted on the same forum. EpicBot, which offers bot programs that automate various player functions in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game RuneScape, suffered its breach in September. Hunt said the exposed data in this case included usernames, email and IP addresses, and passwords stored as either salted MD5 or bcrypt hashes. “EpicBot did not respond when contacted about the incident,” said Hunt. The post Stolen GateHub and EpicBot credentials spotted on hacking forum appeared first on SC Media.
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1.4 Million User’s Emails, Keys And Passwords From Crypto Wallet Gatehub Leaked In Latest Hack

A security researcher from the data breach index site “Have I Been Pwned” recently reported that personal data and passwords belonging to GateHub wallet users had been dumped in a hacking community website. The security breach compromised two cryptocurrency wallets, GateHub and RuneScape bot provider Epicbot. This was first reported on the 19th of November […]
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Gatehub Crypto Wallet Data Breach Compromises Passwords of 1.4M Users

Gatehub Crypto Wallet Data Breach Compromises Passwords of 1.4M Users A security researcher behind the data breach index site “Have I Been Pwned” said that password data and personal information of 2.2 million users of two websites have been dumped online. On Nov. 19, Ars Technica reported that security researcher Troy Hunt confirmed that the […] Cet article Gatehub Crypto Wallet Data Breach Compromises Passwords of 1.4M Users est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Coil’s New Partnership With GateHub Allows its Users to be Paid in XRP

An XRP Ledger wallet and gateway, GateHub has announced its partnership with Coil. With this partnership, users of Coil, that enables content creators to monetize their websites and get paid in real-time, can now be paid in XRP digital asset. Coil creators can now use GitHub to receive funds in XRP and convert them to […]
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Gatehub announces partnership with Coil to facilitate Interledger-based deposits

The prominent XRP Ledger wallet and gateway, Gatehub, has recently announced a partnership with content monetization platform, Coil, to provide a new Interledger-based deposit method. According to the official post, Gatehub has recognized the importance and value of cooperation to support web monetization by improving ways of rewarding creators with the help of digital currencies. […] The post Gatehub announces partnership with Coil to facilitate Interledger-based deposits appeared first on AMBCrypto.

GateHub to provide Coil new Interledger-based deposit method

GateHub to provide Coil new Interledger-based deposit method - CryptoNinjas GateHub, an XRP Ledger wallet and gateway, announced today a partnership with Coil that enables content creators to monetize their websites and get paid in real-time. Coil creators can now use GateHub to receive funds in XRP, convert them to EUR, USD, BTC, ETH and also withdraw them to their bank account, Bitcoin or other […] GateHub to provide Coil new Interledger-based deposit method - CryptoNinjas

XRP Ledger Gateway, GateHub Hack Update: The Wait Continues for Stolen Fund Compensation

On Friday, July 19, European-based gateway for the XRP ledger, GateHub released a statement that shared the details regarding a hack that took place in June 2019 along with its ongoing investigation. As per the initial investigation, the hacker was able to access dozens of XRP Ledger wallets in which traders’ crypto assets were compromised. […]
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UK-based GateHub releases final investigation update; fails to address compensatory concerns

June saw major security breaches on two XRP trading platforms. While Bitrue’s final official statement stated that 100% of the stolen funds would be recovered, the same cannot be same for GateHub. GateHub’s hack accounted for 18,473 compromised accounts, of which 5,045 XRP Ledger wallets had active balances. In the initial statement, the UK-based service provider […] The post UK-based GateHub releases final investigation update; fails to address compensatory concerns appeared first on AMBCrypto.

XRP/GateHub: Hacker continues to prowl the market as part of stolen XRP transferred to Digifinex

XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was the highlight of the cryptocurrency space after a hacker stole a significant amount of coins from GateHub, a wallet that supports the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Nearly 23 million XRP were stolen from the platform via an attack by the hacker earlier this month. The service provider stated that this could have been the cause of “suspicious API calls” in its initial statement, adding that they did not find any loopholes on the platform that would have enabled the hacker in carrying out the attack. Further, in a recent Twitter post, GateHub also alerted its users about phishing emails, asking them to transfer their funds with the subject “Critical Security Warning/ Action Required – New Secured Wallets.” The platform advised users not to transfer their funds to the address mentioned in the phishing email. Keeping this aside, the hacker has been moving around the stolen funds to several exchange platforms. Earlier today, according to Whale Alert, the hacker moved 30,000 XRP equivalent to $13,055 to DigiFinex, an exchange platform headquartered in Singapore. The transfer was made from rDBneo78RVCfMdAbvPo4v2sf8uk3RKKe1b address to DigiFinex’s rnG2XVwdULE5mfWA5EFxnyTkUGgg2K39AP address at 09:05:41 UTC on June 17, 2019. Notably, this was not the only transaction made by the hacker to DigiFinex. On June 16, two transfers were made to DigiFinex at 17:01:51 UTC and 17:27:31 UTC from rfrnAC417ewiPbRqRzvJCgnBSgMJRMzSuv address. The XRPs that were transferred were worth $28,590 at the time of transfer. Apart from this, Whale Alert also recorded transactions made to different addresses yesterday. Source: Twitter DigiFinex was not the only exchange platform the stolen funds were transferred to. According to previous transactions recorded by Whale Alert, the hacker has sent some funds to Bitfinex and OkEx over the past few days. Another cryptocurrency exchange, ChangeNOW, recently released a statement surrounding the hack, stating that the attacker had sent some funds to their exchange platform as well. The exchange added that it was able to secure some of the stolen funds, which would be later sent back to GateHub. The post XRP/GateHub: Hacker continues to prowl the market as part of stolen XRP transferred to Digifinex appeared first on AMBCrypto.

GateHub: Stolen XRP funds transferred to prominent exchanges

The GateHub hack that took place earlier this month resulted in the exchange losing nearly 23 million XRP worth approximately $9 million. However, Whale Alert, a tracker of large crypto transactions, alerted the community of these stolen funds being moved to various different exchanges. One of these exchanges was identified to be Bitfinex, which received 400,025 XRP on June 16 at 10:57:22 UTC. The sender’s address was r4hyDYXv7iV3oCahxQzqYYfgxwyBx3AyMN and was identified to be from the GateHub hack 2019. The receiver’s address was identified to be Bitfinex’s- r9o9MerrS7d2GAEs6JPj4v4JcvZAJNtLUY. The hash rate of the transaction was 21124F7818A2903E9750456D603CC9AACC9DBE6CE2EF0AA191C734339B4CA682 and the transaction details were as follows: Source: Whale Alert Another transaction was noted to take place to the Bitfinex wallet address where 100,000 XRP was transferred from another identified GateHub hack address. The identified Bitfinex’s wallet address was rDcz7P9YMpffLKhRBovTzhUr3wKtk3y9q7. This wallet address was quick to transfer the funds immediately to another exchange, OKEx. OKEx previously received 3,000 XRP from the stolen funds to an identified OKEx address- rUzWJkXyEtT8ekSSxkBYPqCvHpngcy6Fks. The hash rate of the transaction was noted to be BE97F68A20E996A2E1A37228DCBD45A1F26E8E2B3A842E9FCFFF7721157C1C37 and following were the transaction details: Source: Whale Alert The stolen funds were moved to another prominent exchange, Binance, and CZ was swift to inform Whale Alert that he would look into it. However, the crypto users did not find any relief about these funds going to other exchanges as the exchanges did not respond to the large transactions. The post GateHub: Stolen XRP funds transferred to prominent exchanges appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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Brave Browser (BAT) Now Has over 10 Million Monthly Active Users

Brave Browser (BAT), a privacy-protecting internet browser that’s focused on giving the masses absolute control over online activities, while also rewarding them with Basic Attention Token (BAT), has announced that the browser has seen more than 10 million monthly active users (MAU) since launching Brave 1.0 in November 2019, according to a blog post onRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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Deutsche Bank Says Crypto Could Usurp Fiat Money And ‘Soar’ By 2030

With each passing day, there is a little increase in cryptocurrency adoption with more people being informed and special efforts dedicated to education. If a recent Deutsche Bank report is to be believed, the next decade beginning from next year will most likely record significant leaps and bounds as far as the cryptocurrency sector is concerned, ending with fiat currency being regulated. According to the “Imagine 2030” publication from the German multinational financial services giant, fiat money is slowly getting closer to the brink of complete instability because all of the factors that have been holding it in place have created an imbalance which is already beginning to tell on the system. In the section of the report dubbed “The end of fiat money?” written by Jim Reid, the analyst suggests that the 2020s will be significant because there will be an increased need for fiat alternatives. “The forces that have held the current fiat system together now look fragile and they could unravel in the 2020s. If so, that will start to lead to a backlash against fiat money and demand for alternative currencies, such as gold or crypto could soar.” As unlikely as the end of fiat might seem, Reid argues that back in the 1970s, money was always backed by commodities such as gold or silver. One of the most noteworthy things that happened to fiat after its dependence on such commodities was that inflation sometimes increased “dramatically.” Reid also argues that a major flaw with fiat currency is that it’s usually a little too tempting to produce money willy-nilly when there is nothing backing it. This is something Reid suggests that alternative currencies will solve because no one can wake up and decide to just create Bitcoin and other digital currencies, out of the blue. While it might be a little too bullish to expect that fiat will completely fall, it surely is interesting to think about all of the weaknesses fiat has and how alternative offerings like cryptocurrency, could easily step in and save the day. The post Deutsche Bank Says Crypto Could Usurp Fiat Money And ‘Soar’ By 2030 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Coinbase’s Visa debit card adds support for DAI stablecoin

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s Visa debit card offering has added support for ethereum-based DAI stablecoin. Announcing the news Friday, Coinbase Card said DAI is the first stablecoin added to its offering. The debit card, launched this April, allows customers in the UK and EU to spend their cryptocurrencies directly from their Coinbase accounts. Just last month, Coinbase Card added support for four crypto assets - Brave browser’s basic attention token (BAT), Augur (REP), Stellar (XLM) and 0x (ZRX). It also supports bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH) and litecoin (LTC). JD Millwood, head of marketing at Coinbase UK, recently said that the debit card offering “has helped tens of thousands of users spend their crypto as easily as the money in their bank accounts. With Christmas approaching, the demand for Coinbase Card will be will higher than ever.” Last month, Coinbase Card also expanded its reach to ten new countries in Europe, bringing the total to 29. The newly supported countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden.
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