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Bitcoin Hackers Take Tactics to a New Level, Threatening Sextortion for Crypto Payments

Hackers in the cryptocurrency world are willing to go to great lengths to get their funds, especially when hidden attacks are not their preference. There have been many ransomware attacks, but recent actions against a small Kansas town are taking a much more personal approach. According to reports from The Next Web’s Hard Fork, these […]
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Silver Miller Aggressively Pursues Arbitrations Against AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for Cell Phone Hacks

Coral Springs, Fla., April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 22, 2019, Joel Ortiz became the first person in the country convicted of stealing cryptocurrency by hacking a victim's cellphone; and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing more than $7.5 million from at least 40 victims. According to published reports, authorities were only able to recover $400,000 from him.  Since 2018, though, Silver Miller (www.SilverMillerLaw.com) -- the leading cryptocurrency investor law firm in America -- has been aggressively investigating, prosecuting, and resolving cases against AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon related to "SIM hacks" and holding the cellphone carriers accountable for their role in this emerging identity theft crisis. As part of ...Full story available on Benzinga.com

Wait, Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat is Users, Not Regulation or Hackers

What many consider to be the biggest strength of Bitcoin could also turn out to be its biggest threat. In the end, and as a public network, users, an observer argue, would either drive the coin to mainstream or worse, to oblivion. Users Are Bitcoin’s Most Significant Threat Governments all over the globe continue to find ways of regulating cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, in some instances, prohibit citizens from using the coin as a means of exchange even subject to capital gain taxation like in the case in the US or Japan for example. In India and China, trading cryptocurrencies is banned as regulators view the world’s leading digital asset a threat to their controlled fiat. Read: Bitcoin To Rally Past $6,000? Crypto Analysts Weigh In Besides regulation, software vulnerabilities and attacks as witnessed in Bitcoin Gold is what some networks continue to grapple with. Although Bitcoin remains immune, it’s valuation and concentration now that centralized exchanges are dominant make these hubs a soft spot for sophisticated hackers.As a result, developers are working overtime ensuring that these on-ramps are free from attacks of any form neither are there flaws within the source code exposing users to losses. All the same and when observers analyze Bitcoin in detail, it is neither regulation nor hackers that pose a threat to the very existence of the network. According to CobraBitcoin, a popular figure within the crypto space and co-owner of Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org, governments and software flaws are not the biggest threats to Bitcoin. Instead, the famous character says that it is the coin’s users CobraBitcoin in his tweet says “People think the biggest threat to Bitcoin is from governments or software vulnerabilities. It’s not. The biggest threat is also its biggest strength: its users. Human beings are predisposed to division, tribalism and splintering apart. A fractured community can destroy Bitcoin.” People think the biggest threat to Bitcoin is from governments or software vulnerabilities. It’s not. The biggest threat is also its biggest strength: it’s users. Human beings are predisposed to division, tribalism and splintering apart. A fractured community can destroy Bitcoin.— Cøbra (@CobraBitcoin) April 22, 2019 While there are some who don’t believe in this statement, CobraBitcoin does have a valid point. A look at the recent case of Bitcoin SV and its followers, mainly Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre shows that the people to cause harm to the community. Craig Wright’s long protracted claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto continues to cause harm to the Bitcoin space. The case continues to create friction between Bitcoin SV supporters and the other crypto communities, ultimately leading to Binance and others eliminating Bitcoin SV from their platforms. Famous figures in the community are at war with each other regarding the real Satoshi claims. The energy used in fueling infighting could better be channeled towards getting favorable regulations from governments across the globe. Also, the community could use the power towards developing products that would be useful in the real world. Each Hodler Has Different Ideas And Values From CobraBitcoin’s tweet, it is clear to see that each investor and trader or groups have different ideologies and values. Thus, this makes it very difficult to regard Bitcoin as having one community. As I see it, Bitcoin is just a network that connects individuals. The concept of community is born from an intellectual relational mind. "Community" is descriptive of the human relationships/social contracts between/among individuals interacting w/ others on the Bitcoin network.— Jesse (@jessedain) April 22, 2019 According to some comments on the threat, most of them believe that Bitcoin is just a network that connects individuals. Also Read: Now You Can Pay With BTC in Amazon via Lightning Network Thanks to Moon Thus, the concept of a Bitcoin community was born from an intellectual, relational mind since it represents a relationship between people using the cryptocurrency. While the interaction amongst the community members continues to yield positive results, the negative impact it causes is also apparent. The human factor in the equation would continue to affect Bitcoin in both positive and negative ways. There's no user community, just a bunch of strangers using Bitcoin or bitcoin in various ways. Hopefully the more influential ones have some principles in common.— Nick Szabo 🔑 (@NickSzabo4) August 10, 2018 However, if the Bitcoin community and the general cryptocurrency space is to move forward, then there is a need to pay attention to improving the blockchains and their products. Name calling, and other slanderous acts against each other would only slow down Bitcoin’s progression towards becoming the global currency it should be. The post Wait, Bitcoin’s Biggest Threat is Users, Not Regulation or Hackers appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Use of ML and AI in BlackHat Hacking.

Algorithms, Attack Vectors, Possibilities, and Caffeine.Source: SophosNews.De-Briefing Artificial Intelligence.Computers are only smart enough to carry out whatever the task programmed to be functioned. Scalable computing power like Quantum computers or TeraFlop computers are rather faster than compared to the other machines but they still are the same. They make faster calculations, they run millions of permutations just the way they are programmed to be done. It’s rather fast than compared to the regular human’s brain usage. It’s said only 10% of the Human Brain is used in our daily lives but still, systems like Azure or IBM Watson make smoother and quicker calculations to be more precise. Artificial Intelligence is just a complex math progression with too many If/Else Statements coupled with some exceptions and handling. The whole key concept is the Artificial Neural Networks which does the handling and Genetic algorithms which do the learning. Defined as an ability here, this Artificial Intelligence could be explicitly programmed.Superficial Learning in Cyber Security.In the league of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and such algorithms are being widely used to Simulate attacks against an Eco-System, Potentially helping the analysts to Check, Attack, Defend and Secure a vulnerability with no Physical brain-storming required. From simple malware analysis to the most complex vulnerability analysis, AI is being used to Improve protection, Perform repetitive analysis scans and generate log reports.“It’s still a nascent field, but it is clearly the way to go in the future. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will dramatically change how security is done,” said Jack Gold, president and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates, when speaking recently to CSO Online.Machine Learning has become the first step of defence against cyber attacks. Alternatively, you can have a vulnerability scanning tool for web applications. One of its modules is testing files for unauthorized access. These tests are able to mutate existing filenames to identify the new ones. If a crawler detected a file named “index.php”, it’s better to check the existence of any backup or test its copies by trying names like index_1.php, index1.php,index.php.2017. AI and ML Predict, Detect, Prevent, Respond and Monitor.Source: ChemistryWorld.The Super Cool Bitter Pill.An AI or ML, as they’ve been programmed to be in a good sense in Cyber Security, They could also be programmed to perform Cyber attacks and never get caught, Could replicate into clusters and could be undetectable. For Cyber Punks, to develop their own AI and launch attacks is the same. With the fast-moving explosion of data and apps, there are really numerous ways to attack an Endpoint. Some Bad cases, the AI being constructed for defending purposes, could be turned over by hackers and with their malicious knowledge, the AI could be used as an attack vector too.As cybercriminals begin exploring the possibilities of AI-enhanced malware, “cyber defenders must understand the mechanisms and implications of the malicious use of AI in order to stay ahead of these threats and deploy appropriate defenses.”It’s all Algorithms and statements which makes an AI and as of now, we don’t have Artificial Intelligence, yet. Algorithms are assumptions made to data. There are many algorithms. TensorFlow, AWS, Torch are dedicated to that collection of algorithms. At the 2017 DEFCON conference, security company Endgame revealed how it created customized malware using Elon Musk’s OpenAI framework to create malware that security engines were unable to detect. Meanwhile, other researchers have predicted machine learning could ultimately be used to “modify code on the fly based on how and what has been detected in the lab,” an extension on polymorphic malware.Smart and IoT based BotnetsSmart botnets, cluster-based attacks, Swarmbots, i.e., making them Intelligent by making them IoT Devices, making them communicate, Decide and launch a cluster-based yet more powerful attack, has been addressed by the Fortinet. These could vulnerable systems at a Large scale at once. Each of the zombies become more Intelligent with local knowledge sharing, WITHOUT A BOTNET instructing them.Source: CloudflareThese swarm technologies use hive nets which promotes learning from its past behaviour. Swarm Technology is said to be a collective behaviour of decentralized and self-organized systems, creating an IoT Botnet.Though futuristic fiction, some can draw conclusions from the criminal possibilities of swarm technology from Black Mirror’s Hated in The Nation, where thousands of automated bees are compromised for surveillance and physical attacks. — CSOonline.Social Engineering / Phishing attacks.One of the more clear utilization of AI is utilizing calculations like Text To Speech, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing(NLP) for more brilliant social engineering techniques. All things considered, through repeating neural systems, It would already be able to train such programming Algorithms, in the League of phishing, messages could turn out to be progressively refined and acceptable. In precise, particularly programmed Neural Net could accomplish this task in compromising High-Profile targets on a really large scale at once. The System could be trained to maintain the major acuteness to the Genuinity and to be convincing at the same time.Source: PCMag.Subsequently, the system was remarkably effective. In tests involving 90 users, the framework delivered a success rate varying between 30 and 60 per cent, a considerable improvement on manual spear phishing and bulk phishing results.AI vs AI / ML vs ML.With AI now part of the cutting edge programmer’s toolbox, safeguards are thinking of novel methods for guarding frameworks. Fortunately, security experts have a somewhat powerful and clear countermeasure available to them, in particular, man-made brainpower itself. Inconvenience is, this will undoubtedly deliver a weapons contest between them. Neither side truly has a decision, as the best way to counter the other is to progressively depend on programmed frameworks.“For security experts, this is Big Data problem — we’re dealing with tons of data — more than a single human could possibly produce,” said Wallace. “Once you’ve started to deal with an adversary, you have no choice but to use weaponized AI yourself.” — GizmodoSo our brave new world of AI-enabled hacking awaits, with criminals becoming increasingly capable of targeting vulnerable users and systems. Computer security firms will likewise lean on an AI in a never-ending effort to keep up. Eventually, these tools will escape human comprehension and control, working at lightning fast speeds in an emerging digital ecosystem. It’ll get to a point where both hackers and infosec professionals have no choice but to hit the “go” button on their respective systems, and simply hope for the best. A consequence of AI is that humans are increasingly being kept out of the loop.Sources: Gizmodo, CSOOnline, Various Google Searches, and My Research.Use of ML and AI in BlackHat Hacking. was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Formjacking: Hackers’ New Favorite Way to Steal Credit Card Information (And How to Avoid it)

You’ve added your favorite products to the shopping cart. Now, it’s time to take your credit card out of your wallet and make the payment. As the site is secure and you have already done shopping on this e-commerce website in the past, you don’t think much before entering your credit/debit card details during the checkout.But have you ever imagined that your card details can be stolen when you are making the payment to your favorite online store?Yes, my friend, hackers can steal your card details and make you broke. In fact, stealing card details have become hackers’ new tool to swipe online shoppers’ money. And the term used for this unethical, malicious technique is Formjacking.What exactly is formjacking?Formjacking is almost the same as ATM skimming, the only difference is it happens online. After entering credit or debit card details, when a user of an e-commerce website clicks on submit or its equivalent button, a malicious javascript code injected by a hacker to the e-store collects the credit card details of the user and send this information to the hacker’s server.Once the hacker has the credit card details of users, he/she can use the details to do credit card frauds or sell the details to other cybercriminals on the dark web.Symantec has created an infographic to explain the process.Fromjacking is not a small threat. According to Symantec, formjacking attacks soared with an average of 4,800 websites compromised each month.Popular brands like British Airways, Ticketmaster, Newegg, and Feedify publically reported formjacking reported by the hacker group Magecart.Who is Magecart?Magecart is a common name given to a group of seven major card-skimming cybercriminals. Magecart threat group was responsible for the recent attack against Ticketmaster, Feedify, British Airways, Everlast, the National Republican Senate Committee, Newegg, Oxo, and Groopdealz. All these seven use the same toolset version, but their tactics and techniques differ.RiskIQ and Flashpoint created a detailed document on different groups of Magecart. You can access the PDF from here. From this report, you can learn about each group’s tactics, targets, and victims and what makes these groups different from each other. You will also know about growing criminal underworld that helps these groups work and monetize their campaigns.How to avoid formjackingMagecart formjacking cybercriminals use malicious JavaScript to steal customers’ credit card information. As they exploit customer payment forms, a web browser-based script blocker can provide protection against formjacking attack.Following are some effective script blockers for popular browsers:ScriptSafe is good for blocking script for Google Chrome and Chrome-based browser like VivaldiNoScript is effective for blocking intrusive script for FirefoxSafari users can use JS blockerAs smaller online shopping sites might not have high protection level as the bigger sites have, avoiding shopping from small players can be a proactive way to stay safe online. But attacks on leading brands like British Airways proves that none is safe. But still, any small site is more likely to get attacked than a bigger site.Many times attackers go through the third-party tools and applications. If you’re a site owner, you should test any software update before installing it.Also, you should look for tools that check your website realtime and inform you if there is any change.https://medium.com/media/3c851dac986ab6dbb2d1aaa91205a8eb/hrefFormjacking: Hackers’ New Favorite Way to Steal Credit Card Information (And How to Avoid it) was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Zaif Crypto Exchange to Restart Trading Services After Over Half a Year After Being Hacked

The virtual currency exchange Zaif will be transferring the business from Tech Bureau to Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG). The Japanese exchange was hacked last year and stopped its operations in the market. As Cointelegraph Japan explains, the transfer will become effective on April 22 and users will be able to start trading on April […]
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New Adamant Capital Study: One in Every Five Crypto-Exchanges Will be Hacked by 2020

As many of our regular readers are probably well aware of, 2018 saw the price of Bitcoin [BTC] — the world's largest digital asset by total market capitalization — plummet by a staggering 80%. In this regard, a new report released by Adamant Capital recently claims that there are a number of new catalysts that […]
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BTC and ADA Are Showing Positive Signs With Strong Bullruns and Weaker Corrections

The cryptomarket is going through some good times, recovering from the sharp fall it had during 2018. The recovery of the global marketcap, and the high number of developments around cryptos and blockchain technologies has led many analysts to claim that we are close to witnessing not only a stabilization of the markets but also a bullish trend in the short term. Of all the crypto currencies on the ecosystem, BTC has always been the reference token, not only for holding the most powerful position in the top 10 but also for having the highest number of users and software developments. BTC is Having a Great Week BTC has experienced a significant price increase. After a period of constant “Bart Simpsons”, it finally seems that the most important cryptocurrency in the world broke the 5k resistance. This marks an a crucial milestone as it is a a value that could not be reached for months. However, during the last few hours BTC was curiously bullish. The token easily broke the 5.4K to flirt with the 5.6K band. If this trend continues, it could be said that BTC has been bullish for the entire past week, winning between 500 to 600 Dollars per token. BTC. 30 minute candles. After the big green candle, 5580 has become a new support Bitcoin (BTC) 1day candles. courtesy Tradingview Cardano (ADA) Also Shows Some Positive Signs Another token that has been specially bullish is Cardano (ADA) The project that promises to solve the “blockchain trilemma” experienced a a surge of about 10% in less than 24h, standing at one point almost at $0.08 per token. One of the reasons for this rise is the positive reaction of the market to the announcement by Charles Hoskinson (head of the project) saying that IOHK managed to close a an association with the Ethiopian government to popularize the use of Cardano in that region. According to Mr. Hoskinson, thanks to this partnership the Ethiopian authorities, the government will allow its citizens to use ADA to make payments as if it were fiat. Also, residents of Addis Ababa, the capital of the country, will be able to use ADA to pay for public transport services in the city. Right now, Cardano (ADA) experienced a correction that placed the token back to the support at 0.074 USD. The token then went up again to 0.075 with signs of another possible bullish trend in the short term Currently the bullish trend seems to be solid in most of the markets. The signs of a trend reversal are not strong enough to be frightened, however it is important to follow the charts, remembering that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. The post BTC and ADA Are Showing Positive Signs With Strong Bullruns and Weaker Corrections appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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USDX Wallet Announces Integration with First Crypto Exchange, ExMarkets

April 23rd, 2019, Frankfurt, Germany – USDX Wallet is a mobile-first instant transfers solution powered by blockchain technology. It targets crypto holders, allowing individuals to send and receive funds quickly and fee-free. It also covers the needs of an unbanked audience, and those who don’t want to pay commissions within traditional money transfer mobile apps. The USDX Wallet app guarantees multi-level security for all transactions and instant transfers of assets by username, phone number or QR code. The native blockchain used by the USDX Wallet is based on the BitShares protocol and allows 100,000 transactions per second. USDX and LHT Tokenomics The payment system has two cryptocurrencies at its core: USDX token and LHT coin. The USDX token is a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar at a 1:1 ratio via a smart contract. USDX is collateralized by the system’s core cryptocurrency, LHT. The total supply of LHT is 1 billion coins. LHT coins will be released gradually to the market; only 10% of the LHT supply will be issued each year, of which 5% will be freely tradeable and 5% will be locked on the blockchain to provide 200% collateralization. Recent Developments USDX Wallet has not held any private sales or presales, as it has received a sufficiently large venture investment. Future profits of the project will come from business account fees. From December 2018 to January 2019, there was an airdrop that attracted tens of thousands of participants. At the moment, USDX Wallet has surpassed 50,000 verified accounts. For the last several months the team behind the app have been implementing integration with crypto exchanges. The first platform to list LHT will be ExMarkets exchange, with two more exchanges to come. On Exmarkets, LHT will be available in trading pairs with Bitcoin (LHT/BTC) and Ethereum (LHT/ETH). About Exmarkets ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art trading engine developed in-house. On the exchange, ExMarkets users can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as gain the chance to participate in the token sales of the most promising blockchain and crypto projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad. Recently, ExMarkets was granted two operational licenses for crypto-fiat gateway and custodian service provision by the Estonian regulator making it one of the few certified players in the market. Also, ExMarkets supports EUR (SEPA transfers) deposits to the cryptocurrency exchange and is a part of the CoinStruction liquidity framework which is aggregating order-books from the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges guaranteeing 24/7 crypto liquidity. It takes only a few minutes to set up an account; users are allowed to make deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, other supported cryptocurrencies, and tokens. ________________________________ For more information on USDX Wallet, visit https://usdx.cash. The free USDX Wallet app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Follow USDX Wallet on Medium, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. ExMarkets platform https://www.exmarkets.com/. Media Contact Details Contact Name: Maria Lobanova Contact Email: mlobanova@usdx.cash Partnership Request Details Contact Email: partners@usdx.cash USDX Wallet is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of stable value, or of any value at all. Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. The post USDX Wallet Announces Integration with First Crypto Exchange, ExMarkets appeared first on NullTX.
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