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Hackers Congress 2019: Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy and save freedom

The 6th Hackers Congress welcomed 50+ speakers and hundreds of artists, bitcoin developers, hackers, freedom lovers, artists, perpetual travelers, activists, and crypto-anarchists, some wearing masks to hamper identification. The unique event was devoted to the topic OPT OUT covering how to fix a broken system, escape censorship and attain freedom with the help of technology. “A nasty dehumanization, carefully marking all people by their governments, stealing their biometrics, strengthening the power of territorial states and suppressing the liberty of individuals,” the organisers said. “Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy, to save freedom, to step up from the first constrained realm and to build the second one. Achieve new freedom using globality and flexibility,” they added. Opt-out of the system! This year, the speakers focused on the constraints of global political and economic systems, while offering alternatives that can greatly help achieve opt-out. Organizers were proud to welcome one of the most innovative thinkers of the 21st century – Robin Hanson, the author of futarchy, the concept of a future society based on prediction markets. Nick Middleton, the expert in micronations and small territories, talked about his unique Atlas of Countries that do not exist. Hackers Congress team managed to put together people from multiple relevant European crypto liberation communities (Barcelona’s Polis Parallela, Praha/Bratislava/Košice Parallel Polis, Berlin’s Room 77 and Anarplex, Blockchainhotel and Vienna’s RIAT) to a unique panel discussion. Participants had the opportunity to listen to representatives of unfree nations – Reinaldo Escobar Casas (Cubanian dissident), Yisi Liu (Chinese crypto anarchist) or Travin Keith (The Philippines). Hackers Congress has gained worldwide supporters throughout its existence. The intersection of technology, art and activism for freedom is a great mix in which everyone can find their own. The post Hackers Congress 2019: Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy and save freedom appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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Spanish City Battles Ransomware Attack as Hackers Demand for Bitcoin

The online processes of Jerez de la Frontera, a city of more than 200k inhabitants located in southern Spain, have been crippled by a severe ransomware attack. The hackers are demanding an undisclosed amount in bitcoin and Spanish authorities are yet to pay the ransom and have instead deployed three cybersecurity experts to the area,Read MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News\
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US Hospitals are Paying into Hackers Ransomware Demands to Remove Ryuk Attacks

A group of hackers is threatening hospitals from all over the world with a malware called Ryuk. Now, some hospitals from the United States have decided to pay up the ransomware to get rid of this problem, the Next Web’s Hard Fork reported. In the state of Alabama, three hospitals were attacked, the DCH Regional […]
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LIVE from Hackers Congress to talk BTC & Maybe Interviews

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Iran hackers targeted presidential campaign, journalists

A threat group, dubbed Phosphorus, that Microsoft believes to be linked to Iran’s government targeted email accounts associated with a presidential campaign as well as government officials, journalists and prominent Iranians living outside the country. “In a 30-day period between August and September, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) observed Phosphorus making more than 2,700 attempts to identify consumer email accounts belonging to specific Microsoft customers and then attack 241 of those accounts,” Tom Burt, Microsoft corporate vice president of customer security and trust, wrote in a blog post, noting that four accounts – not those of journalists or associated with the presidential campaign – were compromised. “In many ways, this is an unsurprising report given that this particular Iranian cyber threat group has been operating since 2004 and targeting human rights activists, journalists and others,” said Jamil Jaffer, vice president of strategy and partnerships at IronNet Cybersecurity. “What is interesting in this report is the renewed focus, as part of a broader campaign, on American political and campaign officials.” Phosphorus (aka Charming Kitten, Ajax Security Team and APT35) researched targets or used “other means to game password reset or account recovery features and attempt to take over some targeted accounts,” Burt wrote. “For example, they would seek access to a secondary email account linked to a user’s Microsoft account, then attempt to gain access to a user’s Microsoft account through verification sent to the secondary account.” The threat group, in some cases, collected targets’ phone numbers and “used them to assist in authenticating password resets,” according to the blog post. Burt said that while the attacks weren’t particularly sophisticated, the volume of personal information used to identify and attack targets “suggests Phosphorus is highly motivated and willing to invest significant time and resources engaging in research and other means of information gathering.” Noting the internet has long been a hotbed for the “collection of intelligence by governments,” Jared Phipps, vice president at SentinelOne, stressed that “prior evidence of Russian [activity] using social media methods to alter public perception show the dangers of allowing these types of cyberattacks to continue.” The Phosphorus “attacks highlight the risks of public officials using cyber assets not protected by the U.S. government, even during campaigns,” said Phipps. “This is a policy that should be re-evaluated. U.S. government is able to provide adequate protections against nation-state attacks and campaigns. Privately managed email accounts cannot do this.” The latest campaign takes on particular importance as the U.S. 2020 primary and general elections approach and tensions with Iran have ratcheted up. “Such a cyber campaign against Americans, our political system, and other key infrastructures is perhaps not surprising given that we have not been able to effectively deter Iran,” said Jaffer. “It is critical that Iran understand that a sustained effort targeting political campaigns will elicit an American response and that we actually undertake a response if these activities continue, or as is likely, worsen in coming weeks and months.” Peter Goldstein, CTO and co-founder of Valimail, contended that “as phishing becomes harder and harder to detect, it’s critical to prevent these malicious emails from ever entering inboxes in the first place.” He recommended focusing on authenticating the identity of the sender, which can stop “almost 90 percent of malicious emails” in their tracks. Microsoft has alerted its customers who were targeted by the threat group and urged them to employ security measures like two-step verification and remain vigilant. The post Iran hackers targeted presidential campaign, journalists appeared first on SC Media.
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PayFair Cold Wallet Hacked, Escrow Closed

The PayFair project, an Ethereum-based startup that has been around for about three years, closed its site temporarily due to a compromised private key on its chief cold wallet. The funds were moved from the hacked wallet into a still unrevealed new cold storage. PayFair Site Closed to Prevent Further Attacks PayFair caused panic as its site closed, generating rumors of an exit scam, especially as one of its chief cold wallets was emptied. But the project’s communication manager, John Pomelov, calmed the fears. “I don’t think that it makes sense to “exit scam”, after 3 years of the platform’s operation, we suddenly decided to give it up, it’s pointless,” Pomelov said in an exclusive statement for Bitcoinist. For now, PayFair is running an internal investigation, stating that the actual losses of ETH were quite small, without disclosing the exact sum. PayFair announced it would disclose more information on the size of the heist and the schedule to return funds during the coming weekend. PayFair disclosed that the attack happened this September 29, as a result of hacking activity against its escrow platform. The exact way that the private key was compromised is yet unknown. The team’s explanation is that hacks are becoming more sophisticated. Private Keys Targeted by Hackers Stealing private keys has happened on several occasions, including the hack against Coincheck, as well as the Cryptopia exchange. In the case of Cryptopia, the hacker not only used the key, but erased all copies of the exchange’s keys. Cryptopia was then unable to recover even a fraction of the funds. The PayFair (PFR) market price remains relatively unchanged at $0.000854, despite the news of the closed site and the compromised wallet. PFR has traded above $0.45 as of December 2018, before wiping out most of its value. The PFR token was distributed in an ICO in September 2017, where it managed to raise $182,919. What do you think about the PayFair hack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Images via Payfair.io The post PayFair Cold Wallet Hacked, Escrow Closed appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.
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Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary!

Litecoin (LTC) is celebrating its 8th anniversary.  Eight years ago, the Litecoin Network was launched the day in which Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, died at 56. The firs […] The post Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary! appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Banks are Feeling Threatened of Bitcoin and for Good Reason, Tim Draper

A new opportunity for a new currency Governments have to adapt to not control through currency Venture capital investor and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper currently in an interview shared how currencies today are based on faith in the government. But Bitcoin is a currency that isn’t backed by the government rather frees us from that […]
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Bitfinex and Tether Lawsuit Analysis: The Severity of Roche Freedman’s Case

Stablecoin firm Tether and its associate exchange Bitfinex have received a suit filed by a New York-based legal firm Roche Freedman against Tether token (USDT, stating that it is engaged with market manipulation as the consequence of an unpublished paper. The case encloses that the above-mentioned firms were involved in a “sophisticated scheme” on account […]
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Ripple Consolidates its xRapid, xCurrent and xVia Features Under One Network; RippleNet

Ripple recently announced the consolidation of its services within RippleNet offering. The blockchain-oriented firm known for its convenient transfer features in the blockchain ecosystem made these changes to enhance service delivery to clients. The New Ripple Network Outlook A spokesman from Ripple noted that besides the change of name, the firm had sought to make […]
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