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Established in 2011, USA. No. of pairs - 56. Fiat - Euro, Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. Centralized exchange.

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3 Ways of Improving Profit Margins on Kraken Futures with Trade Automation

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- HaasOnline, the oldest and most trusted automated trading platforms, today officially announced the integration of Kraken Futures, formerly known as Crypto Facilities. This potent combination of cryptocurrency trade automation and futures trading with up to 50x leverage on Kraken Futures allows qualified traders the freedom to trade at all hours of the day with the ability to adapt to market movements in real-time. Use less capital to open positions with futures than with spot or margin trading Mitigate losses by shorting future positions on several cryptocurrencies automatically Speculate on crypto markets with leverage and more efficiently with automation HaasOnline's inclusion of various digital asset ...Full story available on

Jesse Powell Says When Tether Supply Increases US Dollars Enter To Kraken

Jesse Powell, the CEO of the recognized cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, considers that there could be a large inflow of US dollars to the cryptocurrency market. During an interview […] The post Jesse Powell Says When Tether Supply Increases US Dollars Enter To Kraken appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Kraken might delist Tether if it turns out to be a scam, says CEO Jesse Powell

Listing of digital assets and tokens can be quiet tricky and the CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, believes that cryptocurrency exchanges should maintain a “neutral stance” while listing one. This allows traders to have greater accessibility across the coins they choose from, he said. Amidst speculations of Tether manipulating Bitcoin’s price and whether Kraken would […] The post Kraken might delist Tether if it turns out to be a scam, says CEO Jesse Powell appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Is Bitcoin’s Price Surge Legitimate? Kraken CEO says It’s “Huge Retail Demand”

Tether is not driving the Bitcoin price says Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell in an interview with TD Ameritrade Network. Speaking about Tether's involvement in Bitcoin price surge, Powell explained how historically when we see growth in the supply of Tether, we have seen growth in the supply of US dollars coming in on Kraken and […]
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Zcash unveiled an already fixed vulnerability, US presidential candidate McAfee the debtor, QuadrigaCX seeking protection and justice, Kraken's new partnership, evidence of BTC decentralization improvements, rumors as for Bakkt, a bunch of news from Ripple and Telegram TON updates

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Group-IB, a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm, has developed a ranking system to grade cryptocurrency exchanges by the level of safety they offer clients. It ranks Kraken as the safest exchange. Then there go Bittrex and Coinbase Pro. Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitmex, Localbitcoins, Myetherwallet and Poloniex are on the list of safe exchanges as well. OKEx, Huobi Pro, and Coincheck are among the least safe exchanges


Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Turkish stock exchange applies blockchain, Belgium offers ICO regulation, new deadline for Visa crypto cards issue, Greek's big plans for BTC-ATMs, an opinion of representative from the Royal Bank of Canada on Goldman Sachs's policy, and Kraken's assurances on its stability

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Under Attack

Attacks concerning on wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming the standard of the industry. Everything is vulnerable — from huge market-monsters to new projects, and sometimes it seems that it is better not to trust anyone at all.

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UK Finance Chief Ready to Engage with ‘Potentially Transformative’ Libra

The UK is studying the properties of Libra in-depth to prevent the digital currency from damaging the economy. This is what Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, said in a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box. Hammond explained that regulators must fully understand how Libra works to counter the risks associated […] The post UK Finance Chief Ready to Engage with ‘Potentially Transformative’ Libra appeared first on CCN Markets

Tether (USDT) Accidentally Creates $5 Billion in Crypto

Stable coins, which are backed by fiat currency, have become an integral part of the crypto ecosystem over the past couple of years, and in that regard, Tether (USDT) is possibly the most well known. However, the very fact that it is backed by fiat makes it possible for it to be prone to certain errors, and that is exactly what happened yesterday when the team behind USDT made a mistake that had an effect on the wider crypto market for some time. Administrative Error In an astonishing development, the members at Tether transferred $5 billion ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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ZILLIQA Price Prediction Today: Daily (ZIL) Value Forecast – July 15

• The short-term and medium-term outlook is in a downtrend. • Selling opportunities at the broken demand area may be considered. ZIL/USD Medium-term Trend: Bearish Supply zone: $0.02500, $0.02600, $0.027000 Demand zone: $0.01000, $0.00500, $0.00300 ZILUSD is in a downtrend in the medium-term. The bears' strong pressure broke the lower demand area of the rant […]
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Royal Mint In UK Enters Crypto Realm Offering Custodial Services for Temtum (TEM) Cryptocurrency

The Royal Mint in the UK, a 1,100 financial institution tasked with minting coins for the United Kingdom announced their plans to become a cryptocurrency custodian in the coming days. This becomes the first time the financial institution is entering into the cryptocurrency world following previous unsuccessful attempts. The Royal Mint released an official press […]
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