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Kraken Is Valued At $4 Billion, And Bitcoin Tops Google Search In 2018

The State of The Market — December 13, 2018BTC: $3,440.26 (-1.17%)XRP: $0.304427 (-1.03%)ETH: $90.52 (-0.44%)After a few action-packed days, the market is relatively calm today. Bitcoin is trading above $3,400 and is not expected to crash below $3,000 anytime soon. With a few more days left for 2018, a short-term rally is possible as institutional platforms launch. The market changed by just $1 Billion today. Dentacoin (DCN) is up by nearly 18%, making it the top gainer in the last 24 hours.In other news, Basis, a stablecoin which raised $133 million from Alphabet’s venture capital arm GV, Baincapital Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and others, is closing its doors due to regulatory issues, according to The Block. Basis plans to return most of the funds it raised. Also, Allianz Global Investments (Allianz GI) CEO Andreas Utermann has called for a ban on Cryptocurrencies. He said regulators should outlaw cryptocurrencies because it has wiped out people’s savings.1) According to a recent report from Finance Magnates, American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is considering a private offering. It has already sent out emails to its high-value customers about the investment opportunity. The exchange is seeing a valuation of $4 Billion, with the minimum investment size being $100,000. Kraken has employed a 3rd party service to take care of running accredited investor checks, execute transaction documents and funding of investments. Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange. (Read More)2) Data from Google Trends shows that “What is Bitcoin” and “How to buy Bitcoin” ranked among the top questions people asked Google in 2018. Both phrases ranked highly in global and U.S. Google searches and it appears that more people were interested to learn more about Bitcoin than searches for Donald Trump and Barack Obama. To date, people in the U.S. remain more intrigued by Bitcoin than the Russian collusion investigation of the Trump administration and this comes even as Bitcoin price has dropped by more than 80 percent this year. Market analysts have attempted to correlate Bitcoin search activity to the digital assets price action and previous studies concluded that spikes in Bitcoin activity corresponded with Bitcoin price rallies. (Read More)3) A new report issued by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance suggests that the number of “newbies” entering the crypto space in 2018 practically doubled from the numbers listed for 2017 despite bitcoin’s record drops. Though some analysts predict the Bitcoin to fall further, the data shows that Bitcoin is potentially in line for another rally. However, the study confirms that bitcoin is still largely being used for investment purposes rather than for commerce or making purchases. Besides, volatility still remains an issue for Bitcoin, among others. (Read More)Subscribe to the Berminal Brief NewsletterDownload Berminal App for FreeThe Berminal WebsiteBerminal Official TelegramBerminal TwitterKraken Is Valued At $4 Billion, And Bitcoin Tops Google Search In 2018 was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Kraken Is Seeking ‘War Chest’ Investment at a $4 Billion Valuation

Kraken Is Seeking ‘War Chest’ Investment at a $4 Billion Valuation Crypto exchange Kraken is on a fundraising drive, offering “select” investors a chance to purchase stakes in the firm. The firm’s CEO, Jesse Powell, confirmed to CoinDesk that his company is looking to tap a small number of clients for a fundraising round valuing… The post Kraken Is Seeking ‘War Chest’ Investment at a $4 Billion Valuation appeared first on Altcoin Today.
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Coinbase vs Kraken | Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison

Coinbase vs Kraken Coinbase and Kraken are two of the most commonly recommended options for buying cryptocurrencies. In this Coinbase vs Kraken comparison, we’ll show you the key differences between both options so that you can choose the right one for you. Coinbase vs Kraken: Key Information Reviews Coinbase Review Kraken Review Site Type Easy Buy/Sell Methods Cryptocurrency Exchange Beginner Friendly Mobile App Buy/Deposit Methods Debit Card, Bank Transfer Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency Sell/Withdrawal Methods PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency Available Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 6+ More Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 15+ More Company Launch 2012 2011 Location San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco, CA, USA Community Trust Great Great Security Great Good Customer Support Good Good Verification Required Yes Yes Fees Medium Low Site Visit Coinbase Visit Kraken jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $("#table-2906").stacktable({ myClass:"stacktable small-only" }); }); Coinbase vs Kraken: Instant Buy or Crypto Exchange? When looking at the key information table above, you probably noticed Coinbase is listed as beginner friendly. However, Kraken is not. Though both sites allow users to buy cryptocurrency, they provide this service in different ways.   Kraken operates as a cryptocurrency exchange. To explain, you’re able to trade currency pairs with each other, similar to a forex or stock exchange. This design leaves more room for human error than Coinbase does, especially if you have no previous trading experience. Assuming you’re wanting to trade with fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.), it will most likely take you longer to purchase your cryptocurrency on Kraken. In order to buy cryptocurrency with fiat on Kraken, you must complete the following steps: First, verify your account. After that, deposit fiat currency through bank transfer. Next, wait for your deposit to hit your account, which usually takes 1-5 business days. Finally, trade your fiat currency for cryptocurrency. As you’ll see below, Coinbase allows you to lock in your price more quickly. Kraken uses order books making the buying process slightly more complicated than Coinbase. Alternatively, Coinbase simplifies buying cryptocurrency by removing many of the more complex aspects found at exchanges. Even more, it allows you to buy cryptocurrency with both bank transfers (ACH) and debit cards. Below, we’ll show you what the Coinbase buying process is like for each payment method. Debit Card Purchases First, verify your account and debit card. Next, instantly buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, or several other coins at the set price. Note: Coinbase debit card and bank transfer purchasing limits vary by user. For example, debit card limits are determined by account age, buying history, and verification status. If you’re hoping to purchase larger amounts, bank transfer purchases are a great option, as you can immediately have access to higher limits after verification. Coinbase Instant Buy Interface Bank Transfer Purchases First, verify your account. After that, buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, or several other coins at the set price. Then, you’ll receive the agreed upon amount of cryptocurrency that you purchased after a few days of processing time. When using a debit card, it’s easy to see the benefits of Coinbase. Not only are you able to use an often-preferred payment method, but you also receive your cryptocurrency instantly. If you’re looking to lock in a price as soon as possible, you can also benefit when using a bank transfer. Unlike on Kraken, Coinbase allows you to lock in your purchase price before your bank transfer is processed. This can be useful if you’re expecting prices to rise quickly. Note that you cannot transfer cryptocurrency from your account while your bank transfer is being processed. Regardless of which payment method you use, the price and fees will be clearly shown at the time of your purchase. The price is based on exchange rates, so you can be sure it’s a fair price. Coinbase does charge fees for their service, which you can see in the Fees section below. Coinbase vs Kraken: Customer Support Although both platforms struggled with customer support in the past, they’ve made numerous improvements in the past year. So, you shouldn’t have trouble with support on either Coinbase or Kraken. Coinbase offers customer support through email and phone. While not flawless, Coinbase seems to respond to customer support issues in a reasonable time frame. In our personal experience, Coinbase has responded within 24-48 hours for support tickets. This experience is mostly echoed across online forums, although 24-72 hours may be a more accurate overall mark. Kraken has typically been known for having good customer service, although there appear to be some complaints surrounding account verification times. Around online forums, users have said they’re struggling to get new accounts verified as well as being unable to get ahold of customer support in a reasonable time frame.   Both Companies Are Trusted by the Community When observing the community trust of Coinbase vs Kraken, you won’t find much difference. Both have been pioneers in servicing the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, beginning in 2012 and 2011, respectively. Both companies are located in San Francisco, California. As U.S. based companies, both sites are fully committed to complying with all U.S. laws and regulations. Safe and Secure With millions of dollars being held on these sites, security of funds should be one of their top concerns. Both Kraken and Coinbase adhere to industry best practices for storing both cryptocurrency and fiat currency funds. They keep company and user funds segregated, meaning they don’t use your funds for company operational purposes. Most importantly, the vast majority of cryptocurrency funds are stored in secure offline cold storage wallets. This type of storage protects these funds from a potential hack or other security breaches. Also, both sites offer a variety of methods to secure your personal accounts, including 2-factor authentication. Additionally, Coinbase provides a few extra precautions. Cryptocurrency funds held online are insured by a syndicate of Lloyd’s of London. On top of that, U.S. customer’s USD wallet balances are covered up to $250,000 by FDIC insurance. However, if your personal account is directly compromised due to you improperly securing it, neither site will be held responsible for any lost funds. Coinbase vs Kraken: Fees If saving on fees is your primary concern, Kraken comes out ahead in this comparison. That being said, you should keep in mind that these two companies offer different services and payment methods. Kraken’s trading fees are generally below 0.36%, varying by currency pair. For more information, you can view the fee schedule here. Coinbase understandably has higher fees when you consider: They provide additional services that Kraken does not. And, they accept debit cards, which naturally carry higher fees. These fees are due to the fees charged by card companies and the risks of fraudulent chargebacks. On Coinbase, bank transfer purchases typically carry 1.49% fees while debit card purchases carry 3.99% fees. Coinbase vs Kraken: Available Cryptocurrencies If you’re hoping to purchase a variety of altcoins, Kraken is likely the better option for you. Coinbase only offers users the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, 0x, USD Coin, Basic Attention Token, and Zcash. Although, they’ve begun adding more cryptocurrencies at a fairly rapid pace. On the other hand, Kraken allows you to trade the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cardano Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision Dash EOS Ethereum Classic Ethereum Gnosis Litecoin Melon QTUM Augur Tether Stellar Lumens Monero XRP Zcash Coinbase vs Kraken: Final Thoughts In the battle of Coinbase vs Kraken, there’s no clear winner. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. In fact, both sites are good options for buying cryptocurrencies. If simplicity and time are concerns of yours, Coinbase is the better option for you. Of the two, it’s also the only option that accepts debit cards. If low fees and a large number of available cryptocurrencies are important to you, then Kraken is a better option.  Reviews Coinbase Review Kraken Review Site Visit Coinbase Visit Kraken jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $("#table-2914").stacktable({ myClass:"stacktable small-only" }); });   Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 12.12.2018 to reflect the changes of the exchanges. More Coinbase Comparisons Gemini vs Coinbase GDAX vs Coinbase Bittrex vs Coinbase XAPO vs Coinbase CEX.IO vs Coinbase Changelly vs Coinbase More Kraken Comparisons GDAX vs Kraken Gemini vs Kraken Bittrex vs Kraken Poloniex vs Kraken The post Coinbase vs Kraken | Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison appeared first on CoinCentral.
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Crypto Markets Stabilize in Low-Volume Trading; Kraken Value at $4 Billion

Cryptocurrency prices stabilized on Wednesday, stemming early-week volatility that pushed the majors toward new yearly lows. Kraken, one of the largest U.S.-based exchanges, has reached out to traders about a potential private offering. No End to the Downtrend The cryptocurrency market capitalization recovered around $111 billion early Wednesday after coming within striking distance of new […] The post Crypto Markets Stabilize in Low-Volume Trading; Kraken Value at $4 Billion appeared first on Hacked: Hacking Finance.

Reports: Crypto Exchange Kraken to Plan Private Offering After ‘$4 Billion’ Valuation

Reports: Crypto Exchange Kraken to Plan Private Offering After ‘$4 Billion’ Valuation United States cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is considering a private offering to high net worth investors, Finance Magnates reported Dec. 12, quoting emails sent by the company. Kraken, which is currently the subject of a lawsuit over its support of the competing forks of […] Cet article Reports: Crypto Exchange Kraken to Plan Private Offering After ‘$4 Billion’ Valuation est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Group-IB, a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm, has developed a ranking system to grade cryptocurrency exchanges by the level of safety they offer clients. It ranks Kraken as the safest exchange. Then there go Bittrex and Coinbase Pro. Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitmex, Localbitcoins, Myetherwallet and Poloniex are on the list of safe exchanges as well. OKEx, Huobi Pro, and Coincheck are among the least safe exchanges


Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Turkish stock exchange applies blockchain, Belgium offers ICO regulation, new deadline for Visa crypto cards issue, Greek's big plans for BTC-ATMs, an opinion of representative from the Royal Bank of Canada on Goldman Sachs's policy, and Kraken's assurances on its stability

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Under Attack

Attacks concerning on wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming the standard of the industry. Everything is vulnerable — from huge market-monsters to new projects, and sometimes it seems that it is better not to trust anyone at all.

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Prosecutors Call for Ten Year Jail Term for Karpeles Over Mt. Gox Embezzlement

Mark Karpeles, the CEO of Mt Gox, is currently being accused of embezzlement by Japanese authorities. The prosecutors of the court case are seeking a 10-year sentence for the ex-CEO, which commanded the now-defunct Mt Gox exchange. This comes in the midst of the extension announced for civil rehabilitation claims. Japanese prosecutors say as much by alleging that Mark Karpeles's actions "played a great role in totally destroying the confidence of Bitcoin users. The actions in question are that he allegedly embezzled a total of 341 million yen (US$3 million) of customer funds from the Mt Gox account, moving it to his personal account between September and December 2013, while padding the numbers on his company's trading system to cover up the loss. Karpeles has sworn his innocence and says the money, moved in the last four months of 2013, was meant to serve as only a temporary loan. He also argued, earlier in the trial, that the funds in question did not belong to clients but were his now-defunct company’s revenue. In response to the former CEO’s statement, the prosecutors at the court said: There was no documentation of loans, and there was no intention of paying back the money. The prosecutors went further to demand a harsh sentence for Karpelès. According to the Japanese prosecutors, the Mt. Gox Chief betrayed his clients’ confidence and misused most of their funds. The ex-CEO is currently confined to Japan as a condition of his bail and has been answering in freedom. He has often protested his innocence and publicly appealed to the industry. It remains unknown when the trail will conclude, the publication added.

Tezos [XTZ] Story – XTZ and Waves Highest Gainers

As many crypto enthusiasts have started to notice, there is a slight attempt by the bulls to get Bitcoin – BTC against the US Dollar up back on its feet. Read: Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Are Bulls Back on Their Feet? Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz insists that bitcoin won’t fall to the $80 level despite signs that the bear market could persist. In an interview with Bloomberg, he reiterated that bitcoin will become digital gold and that revolutions don’t happen overnight. If the supportive trend line starts to gain momentum and hold-off any waves of bears that tend to tank the value downward, a ripple-effect could present itself impacting all following altcoins as the pioneer cryptocoin always does. Among the top 20, the highest gainer in the last 24-hours without a doubt is Tezos [XTS]. Per time of writing, the pair XTS/USD is changing hands at $0.4197 – marking an increase of 13.23%. Source: coinmarketcap Tezos for starters – During one of the most successful and largest ICOs ever held – Tezos Foundation raised over $232 mil bringing a new cryptocurrency in the market. During a contact made by Reuters to the president of the foundation it was confirmed that its MainNet was set to launch on the 14th of Sep, 2018. #Breaking @millervalue #ValueInvesting #Crypto #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency project #Tezos to launch main #network next week:… — John M. Spallanzani (@JohnSpall247) September 14, 2018 What is Tezos (XTZ)? Tezos is a decentralized computing platform for Turing-complete smart contracts. Tezos has three key features. (1) “Liquid Proof-of-Stake” consensus – there is a relatively low barrier to consensus participation and delegation is not required. (2) Smart contract verification – Tezos invented the Michelson programming language that allows formal proofs of contract properties for better contract security. (3) On-chain governance – all aspects of governance are contained in the platform: voting on proposed protocol upgrades, paying developers and implementing the upgrades. – Via Kraken’s blog post – Kraken Listing XTZ Blog Post Right on its tail is Waves which is welcoming a daily price hoist of 10.01% against the US Dollar reaching the mark of $1.85. Its beginning of December price surge as it seems is still continuing. The reason for this trend was the recent announcement of the release of a significant update to the mobile wallet. We are excited to announce a long-awaited update of the #Waves Mobile app! Deposit, store and withdraw your #crypto securely, trade your assets on DEX, lease your $WAVES — everything is now available right on your smartphone! Read more about it here: — Waves Platform (@wavesplatform) December 3, 2018 The post Tezos [XTZ] Story – XTZ and Waves Highest Gainers appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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