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Bitcoin (BTC) Remains the Crypto King, Both in Marketcap and Twitter Hype

A recent DataLight report found that BTC has considerably increased its popularity after the price rally it experienced a few weeks ago. According to the data analysis firm, BTC continues to be the “Crypto King” not only in terms of marketcap but also by the number of interactions it generates in social networks. Economics is a social science, and whoever understands the dynamics of society may have an approximate knowledge of the causes behind price movements and the possible consequences of a given stimulus. While this is not a strange thing, sometimes this type of information tends to be omitted by some analysts who prefer to perform technical analysis exclusively focusing on prices. The Twitter Hype Index is a statistic developed by the DataLight team to measure how excited the community feels about a given Token. The more tweets, the greater the interest. At the time of writing this article, BTC surpasses all crypto currencies, with an advantage of almost 3x over its nearest competitor (Ethereum). The report shows that the first three tokens have a hype proportional to the position they occupy by marketcap, however from the fourth place the situation changes. Tron (TRX) competes with XRP and XLM despite being outside the Top 10 of the global marketcap, but no one can doubt the marketing skills that Justin Sun (project leader) has demonstrated over time. DataLight explains that they design this index for those traders who rely more on fundamental analysis. Since Twitter is one of the most popular social networks among crypto currency enthusiasts, a correct twitter hype measurement allows us to know how attractive a token is and how much expectation it generates not only in the community but also in other investors. This index helps you to conduct price analysis. For example, soaring prices which are not accompanied by positive dynamics in Hype Index can make an investor cautious, but a fall in the Hype Index accompanied by a stable price might be a reason to fix profits/losses on an asset. BTC has never lost its position, but certainly its popularity had decreased, however, the results obtained by DataLight show that it is not only growing in marketcap but also in the level of confidence and interest it generates in the community. This is not only because of the prices, but likewise because of the number of new projects that are being developed around Bitcoin. The post Bitcoin (BTC) Remains the Crypto King, Both in Marketcap and Twitter Hype appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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‘Twitter Hype Index’ Mirrors Cryptocurrency Market Cap, New Data Shows

The DataLight Hype Index shows Bitcoin leads the way in terms of popularity on Twitter with the results of the ranking closely mirroring the position of cryptocurrencies based on market cap. Bitcoin is King of ‘Crypto Twitter’ According to a recent report by DataLight, Bitcoin occupies the top position in the Twitter Hype Index – a measure of the degree of popularity of a cryptocurrency on the social media platform. This data is yet another indication of Bitcoin’s dominance over the rest of the cryptocurrency market. It holds the lion’s share of the attention of investors and critics alike. Whether positive or negative news, stories relating to Bitcoin tend to dominate the “Cryptocurrency Twitterverse.” Case in point, the hashtag #Bitcoin had more than 800 tweets within the hour as at the time of writing this article. Of the top 15 cryptos listed in the index, the top three mirror the positions of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP occupy the first, second, and third position, respectively. Don’t Believe The Hype However, the perceived hype isn’t everything. Especially on Twitter, a platform rife with phony accounts operated for certain agendas. Twitter bots don’t only push fraudulent investment schemes but can also be used to prop up cryptocurrency projects. For example, the report highlights how proponents of Ripple and XRP – the “XRP Army,” use Twitter to put the company and the token in the spotlight of crypto discourse. At least 8,000 outright fake XRP-related accounts were identified by analyst Geoff Goldberg. DataLight notes: He highlights how a set of accounts creates content which is replicated by a network of other accounts, generating more retweets and likes and so registers a ripple effect (no pun intended) of false enthusiasm for XRP. Furthermore, he identifies a trend where apparent bots follow each other, using XRP or Ripple-based hashtags in their bios to make use of algorithms that disseminate the message. astroturfing = the deceptive tactic of simulating grassroots support for a product, cause, etc., undertaken by people or organizations with an interest in shaping public opinion #xrparmy #xrpthestandard #xrpcommmunity #xrpthebase #xrp cc: @yoyoel @vijaya @JoelKatz @CoryTV — geoff golberg (@geoffgolberg) December 4, 2018 Twitter Hype and Herd Mentality At the same time, Twitter hype can play a significant role in gauging investor sentiment, which is a fundamental analysis tool for investors. This position relies on the assumption that Twitter constitutes a fair representation of the collective mood of investors. An excerpt from the report reads: Other than inferring general bullish or bearish trends, the Hype Index can help an investor more specifically. If for example, surging prices are not accompanied by positive movements on the Hype Index, investors might be wary of buying in. While a rising Twitter Hype Index that is not accompanied by a rising price could help investors identify undervalued cryptoassets. As previously reported by Bitcoinist, herd mentality remains a significant influencer of investor sentiment. With retail investors dominating the cryptocurrency market, there are bound to be sharp reactions to market trends usually signaled by social media commentary. Meanwhile, Google data shows that the public interest in Bitcoin lags behind price moves suggesting that we are still not out of the early speculative stages of tech adoption. Do you think social media hype plays a significant part in shaping the market sentiment for cryptocurrencies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Images via DataLight, Shutterstock The post ‘Twitter Hype Index’ Mirrors Cryptocurrency Market Cap, New Data Shows appeared first on

Microsoft Reports Amazing Q3 Earnings, Joins $1 Trillion Market Cap League

Coinspeaker Microsoft Reports Amazing Q3 Earnings, Joins $1 Trillion Market Cap LeagueMicrosoft reported earnings for its third fiscal quarter of 2019, including revenue of $30.6 billion, net income of $8.8 billion, and earnings per share of $1.14 (compared to revenue of $26.8 billion, net income of $7.4 billion, and earnings per share of $0.95 in Q3 2018). All three of the company’s operating groups saw year-over-year growth.Even though analysts had expected Microsoft to earn $29.8 billion in revenue and report earnings per share of $1.00, the company easily beat expectations. The company’s stock was down 0.34% in regular trading, but up some 3% in after-hours trading.Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said:“Leading organizations of every size in every industry trust the Microsoft cloud. We are accelerating our innovation across the cloud and edge so our customers can build the digital capability increasingly required to compete and grow.”Cloud and Office continued to push Microsoft’s revenue in the right direction, but Xbox, Surface, and Windows have held their own this quarter to help drive some solid results.Azure’s revenue surged 73%. Microsoft’s commercial cloud business, which includes Azure, grew 41% in the quarter to $9.6 billion. And while Azure is still being much smaller than its rival Amazon Web Service, Stifel analysts say it’s growing faster than AWS was at a similar size.Stifel’s Brad Reback, who has a buy rating on the stock said:“We continue to believe the shift to the cloud will be additive to Microsoft given a broader portfolio of products with deeper functionality as well as Microsoft’s ability to enter new categories where it did not compete previously.”Christopher Eberle, a senior equity analyst with Nomura, said that with Azure, “one should assume a slower rate of growth as we move forward, simply due to the law of large numbers.”Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Microsoft said:“Demand for our cloud offerings drove commercial cloud revenue to $9.6 billion this quarter, up 41% year-over-year. We continue to drive growth in revenue and operating income with consistent execution from our sales teams and partners and targeted strategic investments.”Microsoft revealed in its fiscal Q1 that Surface Book 2 and Surface Go were pushing sales, but the company launched its Surface Pro 6and Surface Laptop 2 late last year, alongside the new Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones.Microsoft’s gaming business continues to be a highlight of the company’s earnings. Gaming revenue is up 5 percent this quarter, although this was offset by Xbox software making up for lower Xbox hardware revenue.Microsoft has also successfully monetized its LinkedIn acquisition, which closed in December 2016. Various divisions at the company are still figuring out how they can integrate with the platform.It’s not clear whether Microsoft can do the same with its $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub, which closed in October.This boost makes Microsoft the third US company to hit that market-cap mark, as well as the most valuable US company, based on the trading price of all of a company’s shares added together. The first company to hit that mark was Apple in August, even though its current market cap is now $976 billion. Amazon later joined Apple a month later but now has a value of $935 billion.Microsoft Reports Amazing Q3 Earnings, Joins $1 Trillion Market Cap League

Understanding Market Capitalization in Crypto

And why it matters…If you’re dealing in cryptocurrencies, one of the terms you’re going to hear quite often is “capitalization” or “market cap”. In today’s blog post, I’ll walk you through an easy explanation of what market cap means, and why it matters.If you go to, you can see all the different crypto assets and what their market caps are. The market cap of a crypto asset is basically the market value of all circulating supply — added up. The circulating supply in the market, is simply the number of coins held by the buyers in the market at a given time. So to sum it up:Market Cap = Price x Circulating SupplyFrom the above function, we can therefore derive the price function which is:Price = Market Cap / Circulating SupplyTo prove this is the case, let’s take for example, the SunContract SNC token:If we take the total circulating 122,707,503 SNC tokens, and multiply it by the price which is at the time of this writing $0.040396, we will arrive at the capitalisation value shown above — $4,956,917:Current MC = 122,707,503 x $0.040396 = $4,956,917.Concurrently, we will arrive at the price:Current P = $4,956,917 /122,707,503 =$0.040396Relationship between Price, Circulating Supply and Market Cap:We’ll run through the interconnectedness of the 3 using the following examples:SNC TokenImagine that you purchased 10,000 SNC token at the current price of $0.040396. Your cost for the purchase will be:Cost = 10,000 SNC x 0.040396 = $403.96Assume that new money enters the project and the market cap rises to $10,000,000. Since SNC total supply = SNC circulating supply, the supply will never change. The new value of your 10,000 SNC will therefore be:New Price = New Market Cap / SupplyN.P = 10,000,000 / 122,707,503 = $0.08149New Investment Value = 10,000 SNC x 0.08149 = $814.9Token X (example)Now, imagine another token X whose circulating supply is different from the total supply. Let’s say the current circulating supply = 122,707,503. Token X costs exactly the same as SNC token — $0.040396. You purchase the same amount of Token X as you did SNC tokens : 10,000 Token X. Your purchase cost will be the same:Cost = 10,000 SNC x 0.040396 = $403.96Assume that new money enters the project and the market cap rises to $10,000,000 like in the example above. Also, assume, that the new circulating supply increases to 250,000,000 of Token X. The new value of your 10,000 Token X investment will now be:New Price = New Market Cap / New Circulating SupplyN.P = 10,000,000 / 250,000,000 = $0.04New Value = 10,000 SNC x $0.04 = $400Summary of Market Cap and its Importance in Crypto:Market Cap gives the whole picture as it combines both supply and price factors2. Price is dependent on circulating supply and money entering the project (market cap)3. Price becomes unaffected by circulating supply once circulating supply = total supply. At this point, only changes in market cap affect the price4. Market Cap > Price :) Market Capitalization in Crypto was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Total Market Cap Excluding Bitcoin

I've been doing some digging on the total crypto market cap charts (excluding BTC) and noticed this is the first time we've actually had volume that exceeded the volume of the bull run back in Dec 2017. I think we might be at the beginning of a turning point here, especially with consensus right around the corner it seems like there's a recipe for success brewing. I've been also taking a look at many alt coins, while I think we'll get one more alt coin rally before we start heading back down I don't think all of them will go up. There's one specific alt coin setup that I really like, it goes by the name of Aeron (ARN). For those of you who are interested in hearing my thoughts feel free to click the link below ​
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Bitfinex goes insolvent around the time of the April bubble, coincidence? No.

This is Willybot all over again. CryptoTrading claims 850mil is "seized" by officials. Bitfinex/Tether co obtain a 900mil line of credit with a 6.5% interest rate. Markets see unprecedented buying action, with Bitfinex as the leading exchange, leading to the 20k USD bubble. You can't tell me that the timing of this is all coincidence. This is the exact same thing that happened with MtGox and it's market manipulation effort to pay back its losses. On March 29, after further discussions, the representatives disclosed in a letter to the AG that the credit line had been closed and “during November 2018, Tether transferred $625 million held in its account at Deltec to Bitfinex’s account at Deltec. Ergo, Tether is not currently backed by a reserve (unless they have access to another credit line we aren't aware of, seems unlikely though). In other words a portion of this market is currently propped up by money that does not exist. So people can stop saying that this news "shouldn't impact Bitcoin", because it clearly should and will.

XRP/USD and Stellar Lumens [XLM/USD] Price Analysis: Bear reigns as prices stagnate

The cryptocurrency market saw a roller-coaster ride over the past couple of months, and that was reflected in the prices and market caps of top cryptocurrencies. XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency, was stuck in the bear trap with no room for any bullish movement, while Stellar Lumens [XLM], which performed well at the start of the bull run, shared a similar fate to that of XRP. XRP 1 day Source: TradingView The one-day chart for XRP showed a downtrend that pulled the price from $0.517 to $0.371, while the long term support held at $0.291. The Bollinger bands moved parallelly due to the continuous sideways movement of the market. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator was below the zero line, as the capital leaving the market was much more than the capital coming into the market. The Awesome Oscillator recorded low amplitudes due to the lack of market momentum in the XRP ecosystem. XLM 1 day Source: TradingView XLM’s one day graph saw a drop in price from $0,278 to $0.138, while the long term support was at $0.074. The Parabolic SAR was above the price candles which signified that the cryptocurrency was going through a bearish atmosphere. The Relative Strength Index was closer to the oversold zone, a sign of the selling pressure being more than the buying pressure. The MACD indicator underwent a bearish crossover that caused the signal line and the MACD line to converge below. The MACD histogram was a mix of bearish and bullish signals. Conclusion The above-mentioned indicators clearly indicated that the cryptocurrency market was still in a bearish trudge and that there was no bull run in sight. This was evidenced by the significant drop in market momentum. The post XRP/USD and Stellar Lumens [XLM/USD] Price Analysis: Bear reigns as prices stagnate appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Bitfinex Allegedly Covers $850 Million Loss With Tether Funds

Bitfinex Allegedly Covers $850 Million Loss With Tether Funds The New York Attorney General’s office has alleged that crypto exchange Bitfinex lost $850 million and subsequently used funds from affiliated stablecoin operator Tether to secretly cover the shortfall, according to an announcement published on April 25. Attorney General Letitia James revealed that her office obtained […] Cet article Bitfinex Allegedly Covers $850 Million Loss With Tether Funds est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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