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Cryptocurrency exchange BitBay launches OTC service

CryptoNinjas BitBay, a bitcoin and crypto exchange based out of Poland, and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, today introduced a crypto-to-fiat over-the-counter trading desk. BitBay’s OTC provides a platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in large amounts (blocks) at a... Cryptocurrency exchange BitBay launches OTC service

Interest in OTC Trading May Become the Springboard for the New Cryptocurrency Market Boom

Over-the-counter trading in digital assets is rapidly gaining popularity with the crypto market players. ICOBox experts believe that the current excitement about OTC trading can be compared to the hype surrounding ICOs in late 2017 – first six months of 2018 and that it may easily trigger the new wave of investors’ interest in the crypto market. To arrive at this conclusion, ICOBox researchers analyzed the current market situation. According to data collected by Digital Asset Research, the global daily bitcoin OTC trading value is about $250 million. Analysts from Tabb Group, however, put it at much more ambitious mark: around $12 billion[1]. This is 2-3 times more than the total trade volume of regular crypto exchanges. “Even though these numbers are only estimates, they look quite plausible,” says Nick Evdokimov, prominent blockchain visionary, an expert in launching new IT startups, and founder of ICOBox. “The high demand for this service can also be seen from how actively this type of solution is being launched by the largest global crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, etc. – despite the fact that OTC trading essentially takes business away from them.” Evdokimov believes that this trend can be attributed to a couple of key factors. First, the users regularly have to deal with problems depositing or withdrawing fiat funds from their accounts. Second, crypto exchanges often do not have the necessary funds available, especially when the transaction involves a large amount of cryptocurrency. Over-the-counter trading allows a buyer to find a seller who has the entire desired amount at his disposal, negotiate in advance the minute details of the sale, including the final amount, and close the deal. Evdokimov continues, “as the rates of main cryptocurrencies are starting to stabilize and the demand for them is going through the roof, the market is seeing the influx of major institutional investors, medium-sized businesses, and private, retail investors who have savings in various fiat currencies and are looking to diversify their holdings. And the first thing that interests them is OTC trading as an instrument of quick and secure cryptocurrency trading.” He sees a lot of similarities between today’s keen interest in OTC cryptocurrency trading and the industry landscape in late 2017 – early 2018, when the market was burning with fever about Initial Coin Offerings. Only this time the situation is not so much about random companies dropping in on the crypto party on the wave of hype to make a quick buck, but about the involvement of serious players from other industries who are attracted to the crypto market both as a venue that can provide new sources of funding for their development and serve as an alternative means to preserve and grow their savings. [1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/astanley/2018/10/23/uncharted-bitcoin-otc-markets-gear-up-for-institutional-inflows/#3e7a2a517bac The post Interest in OTC Trading May Become the Springboard for the New Cryptocurrency Market Boom appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
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Coinbase Custody Integrates with Coinbase OTC for “Easy Crypto Trading”

Coinbase, a U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange, announced in a blog post on March 13, 2019, that its crypto custodial service has been directly integrated with the Coinbase Over The Counter (OTC) desk to enable clients to transfer funds easily and quickly from cold storage. Coinbase Custody Gets Even Better Per the blog post, the CoinbaseRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
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Tron Based ‘Stable Coin’ to Start Trading At Huobi and Okex Exchange

Okex and Huobi Global have added support for USD Tether pegged to the US Dollar built on Tron. Tron Foundation built the ‘stable coin’ collaboration with Tether. Currently, the two Exchanges support three stable coins markets USDT-Tron (TRC20), USDT-OMNI, USDT-ERC20 (Ethereum). The token will be launched on 30th April 2019 on the Okex and Huobi Global Exchanges. According to the press release by Okex: In order to meet users’ demand for stablecoin trading, OKEx will support USDT-TRON, the TRC-20 based USDT token co-developed by TRON and Tether, as well as the airdrop for USDT-TRON holders. …It has a TRON deposit address and uses the TRON network for depositing and withdrawal. Rewards for Early Adopters and Tron’s Growth The annual percentage return (APR) of the USDT-TRON token has been designed to give out rewards for its early adopters. The initial APR is 20% which will, however, reduce with time. Nevertheless, the program is supposed to roll out investments for a total of 100 days. The total amount of incentives will be $20 million. The incentives will be rewarded in USDT-TRON only. Justin Sun has implored the users of the Exchanges to adapt to swap from USDT-OMNI – USDT-TRON. #Hodl USDT-TRON to earn initial 20% APR in USDT-TRON. 100 day campaign. $20M initial budget no hard cap. Just sayin'. 😎 $TRX $BTT pic.twitter.com/jyo7QcrtbE — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 21, 2019 The Stable coin will be available on major exchanges, and the reward programs are lucrative. Therefore, the number of transactions on the Tron Network would increase significantly. Tron has built a vibrant ecosystem for Dapps and issuing digital asset. The move will foster the growth of Tron. It will also help the exchanges take advantage of the transaction capabilities of Tron which is considerably cheaper than Ethereum currently. The returns proposed by ARP are highly lucrative. Will you swap your stable coins to earn the rewards?  The post Tron Based ‘Stable Coin’ to Start Trading At Huobi and Okex Exchange appeared first on Coingape.

Get EOS Airdrop Token Every Hour Is Now Possible on Infinito App Square with PRA CandyBox!

SINGAPORE, Mar 22, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Infinito Wallet's crucial partnership with global leading EOS block producers and block producer candidates comes along with valuable benefits for users. This March 13th, support for EOS DApps will officially be available on Infinito Wallet's newly launched App Square and the well-known EOS token distribution DApp - PRA CandyBox will be at Infinitors' service along with a great deal of airdrops everyday.Developed by ProChain based on the EOS main network, PRA CandyBox is the top 1 EOS DApp listed on DappRadar and the only airdrop-related dApp among the top 100 dApps as of 19 February 2019. With the join of this DApp, Infinito Wallet's users are now gifted with EOS candies everyday or even every hour. To be specific, the amount of EOS airdrops users can get daily varies in accordance with their account's level. To heighten level, wallet owners can deposit EPRA token - PRA CandyBox's proprietary token - into their account. This means the more EPRA token users deposit, the more EOS candies and the shorter duration for them. Level 1 accounts are those with less than 1,000 EPRAs, can repeatedly claim tokens every four hours. While top accounts like level 12 are rewarded with up to 12 airdrops every hour. Users can find this DApp inside Infinito App Square, displayed as "Browser" in the Universal Wallet. Convenience is one highlight of this EOS token distribution as PRA CandyBox keeps their airdrop "game" extremely simple. To receive candies, Infinito Wallet's users simply need to click on the airdrop project, input password and tap "confirm". That's it!*Please note that you must own an EOS account ...Full story available on Benzinga.com

Why Square’s Bitcoin Hiring Spree is Crucial for Crypto Adoption

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square, the $32.7 billion mobile payment giant based in the U.S., revealed that Square would fund three to four developers and a designer to work on the open-source protocol of Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem. Independent of the core business strategies of Square, the team of developers and a designer will work to contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a variety of ways, potentially by contributing to the open-source codebase of the Bitcoin network. #BitcoinTwitter and #CryptoTwitter! Square is hiring 3-4 crypto engineers and 1 designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the The post Why Square’s Bitcoin Hiring Spree is Crucial for Crypto Adoption appeared first on CCN

Square is Hiring: You Can Be Paid in Bitcoin if You Want

Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey has always been bullish in his Bitcoin views. So it’s no surprise that his payments startup Square is now offering new employees the chance to be paid in Bitcoin. According to tweets from the CEO, the company is on the hunt for skilled labor to add to the team. Square Bitcoin Payments If Dorsey’s tweets are anything to go by, then the company is hiring engineers and a designer to “work full-time on open source contributions to the bitcoin/crypto ecosystem.”  The Square cash app already supports Bitcoin purchases ... ﾿ Read The Full Article On CryptoCurrencyNews.com Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. All content provided by Crypto Currency News is subject to our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer.
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