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Are Bitcoin And Ethereum As Secure As You Think?

Written by Dr. Vincent Gramoli (Data61-CSIRO, University of Sydney)Consensus is a fundamental problem of distributed computing. While this problem has been known to be unsolvable, existing protocols were designed to solve consensus under various assumptions. Today, with the recent advent of blockchains, various consensus implementations were proposed to make replicas reach an agreement on the order of transactions that update the distributed ledger. However, very little work has been devoted to assessing their security level. As a result, existing protocols are sometimes misunderstood and it is often unclear whether the problems arising during their executions are due to implementation bugs or more fundamental design issues.The proof-of-work blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been shown both theoretically and empirically vulnerable to double spending attacks. In one my research papers “From Blockchain Consensus Back to Byzantine Consensus” I already discussed the mainstream blockchain consensus algorithms and warned about the dangers of using these blockchains without understanding precisely the guarantees their consensus algorithm offers.Ethereum is one of the most popular open blockchain systems thanks to the large ecosystem of distributed applications that it executes. But unfortunately, the default Ethereum protocol, called proof-of-work (PoW), is forkable because it allows distinct blocks to be appended at the same index of the chain. A fork can lead to security vulnerabilities, like double spending, when growing without being noticed.As a result, the trend seems to reuse Byzantine fault tolerance in a new class of protocols called proof-of-authority (PoA), that aims at avoiding double spending , that has recently been integrated into the most deployed Ethereum clients, parity and geth, and is used by industries.These Ethereum consensus algorithms, called Aura and Clique, are said to implement PoA because they restrict the creation of a block to a fixed set of authority nodes, called sealers. They aim at solving the well-known Byzantine consensus problem, where a fixed set of nodes agree on a unique block despite the presence of Byzantine nodes. PoA gives the sealers the authority to seal a block, which consists of signing cryptographically the block. This set of sealers can possibly change over time if a subset of the participants allows it, similarly to what is known as community blockchains. This PoA is an appealing alternative to PoW for industries that are not interested in spending a large amount of CPU resources in exchange of a reward expressed in a cryptocurrency but are more interested in avoiding forks to increase security.For these reasons, PoA recently got traction in the industry. Amazon Web Services offers PoA through the Clique protocol built in geth to its customers. Industrials, like Lavaa, propose a tracking service to prevent fraud counterfeiting, that was experimented on Ethereum/Aura. They implemented a service that aims at maintaining data privacy and integrity in a multi-tenant scenario. Microsoft describes how to deploy Ethereum/Aura “in production”. They suggest Azure customers to deploy the Aura protocol across different regions to improve the availability of the service.However, the level of security offered by PoA protocols has not been assessed yet and it has been unclear whether an attacker could violate data integrity. As the industry is building upon these protocols to use Ethereum in a consortium of institutions, it has become crucial to assess their vulnerability.In a new paper “The Attack of the Clones Against Proof-of-Authority”, written in collaboration with colleague researchers from University of Sydney and CSIRO, we explored vulnerabilities and countermeasures of the PoA consensus protocol.In the paper, we showed that, under specific conditions, PoA is not secure. We designed, implemented and experimented an attack, called the Cloning Attack, against both Ethereum/Aura and the Ethereum/Clique protocols that allowed to steal digital assets and proposed ways to alleviate the vulnerability.We deployed both versions of PoA Ethereum on our private testnet and performed the Cloning Attack on both protocols. On the one hand, we found that Aura required lesser topological knowledge for a malicious sealer to achieve double spending with 100% success rate when compared to Clique. On the other hand, the attack against Clique is about twice faster but its success rate ranges from 60% to 100% depending on the topology knowledge of malicious sealers. As, a result it appears that, despite its recently introduced Byzantine fault tolerance, Ethereum remains highly vulnerable to networking attacks when used in a consortium.In order to remedy this vulnerability, we proposed to modify these two consensus algorithms and preserve their safety guarantees. However, as a drawback, our counter-measures introduce some potential limitation to the liveness of the Clique algorithm.As a counter-measure we propose a particularly promising protocol — the Red Belly Blockchain. It relies on the Democratic BFT that solves the Blockchain Byzantine Consensus problem. Because it does not rely on an off-the-shelf classic Byzantine consensus algorithm, the Red Belly Blockchain already scales to more than 100 consensus participants and handles a workload of more than 600 thousand transactions per second, hence tolerating a potentially much larger number of blockchain participants issuing transactions and requesting balances than other blockchains. In contrast with other large-scale blockchains, the Red Belly Blockchain achieves fast settlement (typically within 3 seconds) because it does not need any proof-of-work.The paper “The Attack of the Clones Against Proof-of-Authority” was written by Dr. Vincent Gramoli (University of Sydney), Parinya Ekparinya (University of Sydney) and Guillaume Jourjon (Data61-CSIRO) and can be found under the following link: Vincent Gramoli is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney where he leads the Concurrent Systems Research Group. He is also a senior researcher at Data61-CSIRO. Prior to this, he was affiliated with INRIA, Cornell and EPFL. Vincent is the Chair of the Blockchain Technical Committee at the Australian Computer Society and a Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council.Are Bitcoin And Ethereum As Secure As You Think? was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Bitcoin and Cryptourrency Exchanges’ Reported Trading Volumes Found Fake

Independent research conducted by TIE, developed in partnership with Social Market Analytics suggests that 59% of the exchanges have falsified their trading volume data by more than 90%. The Research Parameters and Technique Implemented 5/ The chart below shows reported trading volumes per exchange vs. monthly web visitors. While exchanges like #Kraken, #Binance, and #Coinbase show similarities between viewership and trading volume, others like Coinbene and ZBG have suspiciously high reported volume vs. views. — The TIE (@TheTIEIO) March 18, 2019 The organization made a comparison between the website viewership metric and the reported trading volume on exchanges. Furthermore, when they calculated the amount of money per user in the Exchanges, they found considerable discrepancies in the records. For Example, while Binance reported $750 traded per visit, DOBI reported a whopping $356,625 Furthermore, an average of $591 per visit was estimated on websites like Binance, Coinbase, and Bitfinex. We selected these exchanges because of large usage among institutions, reputation within the market, and because their web viewership appeared consistent with their reported trading volumes. This estimated formed the benchmark for test on other exchanges as well. Surprisingly, more than 75% of the Exchanges reported trading volumes double of what is expected. The total estimated suspicious volume on the exchanges is 87%. 13/ If each exchange averaged the volume per visit of CoinbasePro, Gemini, Poloniex, Binance, and Kraken, we would expect the real trading volume among the largest 100 exchanges to equal $2.1B per day. Currently that number is being reported as $15.9B. — The TIE (@TheTIEIO) March 18, 2019 Exchanges to trust According to the report Exchange which maintained parity with the reported trading volume and expected trading volume are Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp,, Bittrex, Gemini Poloniex, Coindeal, and so on. The research was conducted on over 100 exchanges. Since 75% of them were found of falsifying data, the trust and support for these exchanges are sure to grow in the future. Exchanges not to be trusted While Okex is currently ranked one on‘s list of exchanges according to trade volume, the report suggests that more than 90% of the data on Okex might be suspicious. Other popular Exchanges that made the red or caution list were Bit-z, Coinbene HitBTC,, Coineal, LBank, Bibox, and so on. Need for Regulation The report by TIE not only brings ominous news to the crypto-community but also revisits the need for regulation of Exchanges. While the largest economies of the world have cracked down on some cryptocurrency based platforms, some exchanges continue to gain limelight by falsifying volume data; an unethical practice. A revelation of this kind can hurt the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies adversely. However, the unreported volumes of OTC trade around the world buffer the effect of false amounts reported on Exchanges. The post Bitcoin and Cryptourrency Exchanges’ Reported Trading Volumes Found Fake appeared first on Coingape.

Ethereum (ETH) Disputations, Code Isn’t Law Insists Vlad

Ethereum prices stable but bullish Code is Law a misnomer insists Vlad Zamfir of Casper Labs Transaction volumes low but poised to expand as prices expand After penning an article critiquing Szabo’s law, Vlad is clearly of the opinion that there ought to be an element of human participation within the Ethereum governance model. Nonetheless, Ethereum (ETH) prices are stable, and after three days of consolidation, it is likely that prices will edge higher with targets at $170. Ethereum Price Analysis Fundamentals Public blockchains are inherently fractious and often factions sprout disagreeing on improvements, upgrades or even a fruitful push for equal representation. We saw that happen with Bitcoin Cash when contentious led to a split creating two chains in SV and ABC. However, it is the current flame-throwing and uncomfortable topic of how best to deal with Parity Funds that is reviving the discussion on which governance model best suits Ethereum. As fractious and heated the atmosphere, well-articulated arguments from Vlad Zamfir is shedding light on the apparent lack of effective controls and human participation within Ethereum and the tendency towards adherence of Szabo’s law. Drumming for pro-governance, Vlad is against the idea of protocol improvements or changes on the ground of technical maintenance as stipulated by Szabo. He argues that the perception that code is law is a misnomer and “too radically anti-legal to be part of a sensible crypto legal system.” All the same, his beliefs are against what blockchain represents—autonomy. As a network, it should operate free from third parties—in this case, government, even if solutions riding on these networks seem to go against the incumbent and disrupt the status quo. Candlestick Arrangement Up 3.5 percent from last week’s close and stable in the past 24 hours, Ethereum (ETH) is trading within a tight trade range. With clear supports at $135 and trading within a clear bullish breakout pattern set in motion by Mar 4-5 double bar bullish breakout, the path of least resistance is clear. Already, increasing demand and positive fundamentals—especially Joseph Lubin’s comments—indicate there is an undervaluation. However, before conservative traders flow in, prices must first close above $170. It is likely that prices will rally in the short-term now that BB bands are spreading and prices appear to be banding along the upper BB pointing to increasing demand. Technical Indicator Since Ethereum (ETH) prices are trading inside Mar 15-16 bull bars, then is imperative that prices close above $150 or dip below $135 as price action confirm bulls of Mar 5 or bears flow affirming those of Feb 24. In any case, accompanying transaction volumes must be above averages of 230k or above 300k of Mar 5. Ethereum (ETH) Disputations, Code Isn’t Law Insists Vlad was last modified: March 20th, 2019 by Dalmas NgetichThe post Ethereum (ETH) Disputations, Code Isn’t Law Insists Vlad appeared first on NewsBTC.

Zcash Foundation And Parity Technologies To Develop A New Alternative ZEC Blockchain Client Node

Z Cash Foundation And Parity Technologies Partner To Develop A New Alternative Client Node For Z Cash Blockchain Back in October, the blockchain infrastructure company, Parity technologies, announced their plans to partner with ZCash (ZEC), a privacy-based blockchain. The partnership is finally here as announced on the official blog of the company which further stated […]
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Jibrel Network’s Jwallet Review

featured – Ethereum wallets are not known for their reputation. One major reason for that is the ongoing security issues of the most popular solutions. Ethereum wallet services have been actively targeted by attackers who have successfully stolen user funds in multiple hacks (such as the Parity and MyEtherWallet breaches) as well as other schemes involving phishing. Therefore, a good solution for Ethereum fans is to choose a multi-coin wallet that offers a high-security level for their cryptocurrencies. However, such wallet services end in coin transactions and storage, nothing more. Now, we’ve come across Jibrel Network’s wallet solution, the Jwallet that takes some extra steps to offer more to its users. So, in this article, we’ll be reviewing this relatively new Ethereum wallet. Let’s dive in What does the Jwallet offer? Let’s start with the basics: The wallet offers a web-based solution for desktop – along with mobile apps for iOS and Android – where users can send, receive, and store Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. If you can’t find the ERC-20 token you want to store in your Jwallet, you can add it manually via the service’s Bring Your Own Token (BYOT) feature. To do that, you need to provide the ERC-20 contract address, name, symbol, and decimals of the token, just like MyEtherWallet. What’s different in Jwallet, compared to the other wallet solutions, is that it supports stablecoins (like the Jibrel USD) that are pegged to fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, and KRW. Therefore, you can hold Jibrel’s stablecoins in your Jwallet in case you want to hedge against the bear market and/or you don’t want to store your fiat on your bank account or exchanges before (re) investing it in coins. Our impressions Before sharing our thoughts on the Jwallet, let’s discuss the main aspects that make a great cryptocurrency wallet. Firstly, an excellent crypto wallet has to be secure, so your funds can’t easily be stolen while they’re held in your wallet. Secondly, the wallet has to be accessible, providing support for multiple devices. Thirdly, it has to be fast, offering a flawless service to the users. And finally, it needs ease of use, which we don’t think we have to explain. On their website, the team behind the Jwallet states that they are offering an “institutional-grade” wallet that is private and secure. According to the organization, all user data, including private keys generated via the service or imported from another, are stored locally. Therefore, user data remains private. While we couldn’t verify the truth of the statement, we’ve found that users are in control of their private keys (unlike most exchange wallets). While this is good for the security of your funds, Jibrel only has a web-based wallet solution for desktop, which is a risk factor due to the increasing number of phishing attacks targeting web wallets and crypto exchanges. For more security, we’d recommend using the mobile apps, as you don’t have to navigate to an URL to access your wallet. It would be great if Jibrel could create an app for desktop wallets. Your Jwallet is protected by a password that you have to set before creating your wallet. While we couldn’t find 2FA security settings for the web-based wallet, the mobile wallet does have FaceID. We’ve found the Jwallet accessible as it has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and users can use the web version to access their wallets from the desktop. As mentioned before, a desktop wallet would be a great addition to the Jwallet apps. What we liked the most about the Jwallet is its speed and user-friendly design. The sleek user-interface provides a flawless service for everyone interested in holding ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and fiat-pegged stablecoins. A bonus point for the team for adding information about estimated transaction times, which is shown when sending outgoing coins. The Pros An easy-to-use wallet with a nice, sleek user-interface High-speed wallet Multi-coin storage, including ETH, ERC-20 tokens, and fiat-pegged stablecoins Mobile apps for iOS and Android Decentralized exchange integration The Cons The wallet lacks advanced security settings No desktop app You have to go through strict KYC & AML before you can use the Jcash Conclusion The Jwallet is an Ethereum wallet that offers multi-coin support and a fast and user-friendly service that can be accessed via the web and mobile apps. If you are willing to go through the organization’s KYC & AML requirements, you can even convert your coins to fiat-pegged stablecoins. The post Jibrel Network’s Jwallet Review appeared first on CryptoPotato.

Parity to build the first alternative client for Zcash

CryptoNinjas Parity Technologies, a core blockchain infrastructure company, today announced it has partnered with the Zcash Foundation to build the first alternative client for Zcash. The new Zcash node will be written in the Rust programming language and will be the first alternative client... Parity to build the first alternative client for Zcash
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Ruling on XRP’s status as a security unlikely until late 2020

Disclaimer: These summaries are provided for educational purposes only by Stephen Palley. They are not legal advice. These are our opinions only, aren’t authorized by any past, present or future client or employer. Also we might change our minds. We contain multitudes. A consolidated class action in federal court in Oakland may one day lead a court to rule on (1) whether Ripple violated U.S. Securities laws by creating the XRP token and (2) whether XRP is a security. That day will not be in 2019, judging from a scheduling order entered by the Court on March 18. The Order sets forth a schedule for roughly the next twelve months. Here's what's going to happen: By March 20, Plaintiffs will publish a notice under federal law that verifies that they read the complaint, authorized its filing, didn't buy XRP in oder to become plaintiffs, and a number of other things that are set forth in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (a law that was passed purportedly to prevent abuses class action practice. [related id=1]In 60 days, any member of the "purported class" can ask the court to be appointed as lead plaintiff and to approve selection of their counsel. This is a big deal from a financial standpoint for the lawyers, because the class lead will almost certainly earn more if there's a favorable result. As a result, you will see some litigation over this in about two months (we had a taste of that in the Tezos class action litigation, if you've followed that case). 45 days after the Court chooses the lead plaintiff, they will file a new complaint, which will replace all of the other complaints that the different plaintiffs filed. (As a reminder, this particular lawsuit consolidates or brings together a bunch of separately filed suits against Ripple). 45 days after the new complaint is filed, Defendants have to respond. Instead of answering, it is a virtual guarantee that they will file motions to dismiss. The parties will have 30 days to reply to the motion. All of the cases are ordered consolidated for pretrial purposes, which means that depositions, written discovery and motions will all be handled in this one case by this particular judge. If we build in time for the Court to rule and for some potential delay in the class rep designation process, it's possible that the Court will rule on Motions to Dismiss by the end of this year. It's also possible that this will role into next year. It's a dicey proposition to speculate on motions that haven't been filed yet, but if we assume that the motion to dismiss is denied -- which is usually the case if a Complaint is reasonably well pleaded -- we'd probably see an answer on file in early 2020. Discovery, class certification motions, and dispositive motions will likely take place in 2020 and 2021. It's possible that when the Court rules on the likely Motion to Dismiss we will see an indication as to whether or not the Court thinks a security is at issue, but Motions to Dismiss generally speaking don't address the merits of a case -- they assume that the facts stated are true for purposes of ruling, and will only look at whether or not a viable claim was pleaded. In short, I wouldn't expect to see a ruling on XRP's status as a security until late 2020 at the earliest.
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IOTA / USD Technical Analysis: Game Changer

IOTA is bullish in the short-term, with the cryptocurrency trading well above its 200-period moving average The medium-term outlook remains bearish for the IOTA / USD pair, with the cryptocurrency still trading below its 200-day moving average Both time frames show potential inverted head and shoulders patterns building IOTA / USD Short-term price analysis In the short-term, IOTA has a bullish trading bias, with the cryptocurrency trading well above its 200-period moving average of the four-hour time frame. The four-hour time frame shows multiple inverted head and shoulders patterns, with price trading close to the neckline of the bullish patterns. If an upside breakout does occur, the larger bullish pattern’s overall bullish objective will likely be the November 15th trading high from last year.     IOTA / USD H4 Chart                                                                         (Source: TradingvView)     Pattern Watch Traders should note the target of the smaller bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern on the four-hour time frame will likely be the current 2019 trading high. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the four-hour time frame remains bullish, with the MACD signal line crossing higher. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator on the four-hour time frame is bullish, although downside pressures are building. IOTA / USD Medium-term price analysis IOTA remains bearish in the medium-term, with the cryptocurrency still unable to move above its key 200-day moving average. The daily time frame clearly shows two potential inverted head and shoulders patterns that could start to take shape over the medium-term. The upside projection of the smaller inverted head and shoulders pattern would take the IOTA / USD pair towards levels not seen since October 2018. Technical indicators on the daily time frame remain bullish and continue to signal further gains ahead.     IOTA / USD Daily Chart                                                 (Source: TradingView)     Pattern Watch It is worth noting that the IOTA / USD pair’s 200-day moving average is located just below the neckline of the smaller inverted head and shoulders pattern. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the daily time frame is bullish and generating a buy signal. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator is bullish on the daily time frame, although it is starting to correct lower. Conclusion The presence of multiple inverted head and shoulders patterns on the four-hour time frame highlights that the IOTA / USD pair has scope to trade much higher over the short-term. A sustained technical breakout above IOTA’s 200-day moving average would be a game changer for the cryptocurrency over the medium-term, although caution is advised until a bullish breakout is confirmed.   [{"date":1521669850000,"value":1.39674,"volume":60891000},{"date":1521756250000,"value":1.316,"volume":36541200},{"date":1521842950000,"value":1.30767,"volume":29807100},{"date":1521929350000,"value":1.32992,"volume":29794100},{"date":1522015750000,"value":1.34665,"volume":26606700},{"date":1522101550000,"value":1.18407,"volume":30946200},{"date":1522186150000,"value":1.19471,"volume":31479100},{"date":1522272551000,"value":1.20225,"volume":23647600},{"date":1522358051000,"value":1.08,"volume":35005100},{"date":1522444750000,"value":1.11583,"volume":40681400},{"date":1522531151000,"value":1.07962,"volume":28418200},{"date":1522617550000,"value":1.00879,"volume":36298700},{"date":1522703951000,"value":1.01932,"volume":26359500},{"date":1522790350000,"value":1.09209,"volume":28335200},{"date":1522876750000,"value":0.999185,"volume":23105700},{"date":1522963150000,"value":0.971942,"volume":18929300},{"date":1523049551000,"value":0.938119,"volume":14324400},{"date":1523136252000,"value":1.00345,"volume":13229400},{"date":1523223250000,"value":1.00462,"volume":22439500},{"date":1523309652000,"value":0.972692,"volume":24818100},{"date":1523396051000,"value":1.01154,"volume":21158200},{"date":1523482453000,"value":1.05023,"volume":22442300},{"date":1523568853000,"value":1.33934,"volume":71604400},{"date":1523655253000,"value":1.3352,"volume":94414400},{"date":1523741653000,"value":1.41997,"volume":49126500},{"date":1523828052000,"value":1.61756,"volume":128858000},{"date":1523914452000,"value":1.60078,"volume":88208200},{"date":1524000853000,"value":1.57085,"volume":55475900},{"date":1524087252000,"value":1.67492,"volume":55538400},{"date":1524173652000,"value":1.75221,"volume":69534700},{"date":1524260053000,"value":1.98102,"volume":99799000},{"date":1524346453000,"value":1.89329,"volume":90120400},{"date":1524432851000,"value":2.05306,"volume":91964800},{"date":1524519252000,"value":2.11689,"volume":96463800},{"date":1524605655000,"value":2.16844,"volume":94334800},{"date":1524692054000,"value":1.93072,"volume":161415000},{"date":1524778453000,"value":2.0193,"volume":87151200},{"date":1524864854000,"value":1.91328,"volume":72021400},{"date":1524951253000,"value":2.01563,"volume":70953000},{"date":1525037653000,"value":2.01456,"volume":79634600},{"date":1525124052000,"value":1.98248,"volume":63547600},{"date":1525210452000,"value":1.90527,"volume":60472700},{"date":1525296852000,"value":2.2798,"volume":159248000},{"date":1525383252000,"value":2.56441,"volume":323192000},{"date":1525469652000,"value":2.48832,"volume":160370000},{"date":1525556052000,"value":2.37949,"volume":102225000},{"date":1525642452000,"value":2.29473,"volume":116702000},{"date":1525728852000,"value":2.29774,"volume":105458000},{"date":1525815253000,"value":2.41352,"volume":328150000},{"date":1525901651000,"value":2.28961,"volume":117372000},{"date":1525988052000,"value":2.18713,"volume":81023400},{"date":1526074452000,"value":1.82276,"volume":142294000},{"date":1526160852000,"value":1.86821,"volume":101886000},{"date":1526247252000,"value":2.02165,"volume":90822000},{"date":1526333652000,"value":2.00352,"volume":84939000},{"date":1526420052000,"value":2.00179,"volume":99750500},{"date":1526506451000,"value":1.88721,"volume":82088700},{"date":1526592851000,"value":1.81436,"volume":63949700},{"date":1526679251000,"value":1.75975,"volume":74768900},{"date":1526765652000,"value":1.76731,"volume":48696700},{"date":1526852052000,"value":1.83179,"volume":48224400},{"date":1526938457000,"value":1.73759,"volume":49320000},{"date":1527024852000,"value":1.66642,"volume":47789800},{"date":1527111252000,"value":1.49345,"volume":84500700},{"date":1527197652000,"value":1.48725,"volume":68532400},{"date":1527284052000,"value":1.49587,"volume":57624000},{"date":1527370452000,"value":1.52361,"volume":50282500},{"date":1527456852000,"value":1.45491,"volume":54636800},{"date":1527543258000,"value":1.38389,"volume":53128200},{"date":1527629659000,"value":1.60428,"volume":112661000},{"date":1527716058000,"value":1.55477,"volume":85540000},{"date":1527802461000,"value":1.76928,"volume":124817000},{"date":1527888858000,"value":1.87084,"volume":137652000},{"date":1527975258000,"value":1.88901,"volume":122661000},{"date":1528061658000,"value":1.80478,"volume":156203000},{"date":1528149861000,"value":1.73478,"volume":108770000},{"date":1528236263000,"value":1.74024,"volume":85658400},{"date":1528322661000,"value":1.71105,"volume":76347800},{"date":1528409062000,"value":1.68648,"volume":68168800},{"date":1528495461000,"value":1.72026,"volume":62030900},{"date":1528581861000,"value":1.65255,"volume":70544500},{"date":1528668261000,"value":1.38449,"volume":122742000},{"date":1528754661000,"value":1.37754,"volume":77023600},{"date":1528841062000,"value":1.26456,"volume":82000600},{"date":1528927461000,"value":1.1928,"volume":91730200},{"date":1529013861000,"value":1.29471,"volume":91467800},{"date":1529100260000,"value":1.18917,"volume":67086800},{"date":1529186662000,"value":1.21075,"volume":53017500},{"date":1529273061000,"value":1.18247,"volume":51570400},{"date":1529359462000,"value":1.18932,"volume":80898100},{"date":1529445860000,"value":1.17239,"volume":67514600},{"date":1529532261000,"value":1.16044,"volume":63213600},{"date":1529618661000,"value":1.1511,"volume":47574600},{"date":1529705060000,"value":0.966297,"volume":79781600},{"date":1529791461000,"value":1.06433,"volume":58402000},{"date":1529877860000,"value":0.976295,"volume":71240000},{"date":1529964260000,"value":1.01657,"volume":57617900},{"date":1530050653000,"value":0.977605,"volume":39778000},{"date":1530137356000,"value":0.968568,"volume":43842600},{"date":1530223741000,"value":0.935006,"volume":40236900},{"date":1530310141000,"value":0.928328,"volume":49558300},{"date":1530396540000,"value":0.987092,"volume":50127700},{"date":1530482940000,"value":1.05394,"volume":53148900},{"date":1530569341000,"value":1.15723,"volume":70964700},{"date":1530655741000,"value":1.1618,"volume":71053700},{"date":1530742141000,"value":1.23991,"volume":63702900},{"date":1530828540000,"value":1.1281,"volume":65693600},{"date":1530914940000,"value":1.06846,"volume":63216400},{"date":1531001340000,"value":1.04137,"volume":41865000},{"date":1531087742000,"value":1.10441,"volume":49573000},{"date":1531174147000,"value":1.07637,"volume":41310700},{"date":1531260554000,"value":0.983407,"volume":51014100},{"date":1531346946000,"value":0.986215,"volume":39422900},{"date":1531433351000,"value":0.946421,"volume":34696500},{"date":1531519747000,"value":0.962163,"volume":34834000},{"date":1531606149000,"value":0.97868,"volume":23101100},{"date":1531692551000,"value":1.01013,"volume":27996200},{"date":1531778952000,"value":1.0746,"volume":48419300},{"date":1531865344000,"value":1.14831,"volume":55489300},{"date":1531951743000,"value":1.08424,"volume":65192900},{"date":1532038448000,"value":1.03962,"volume":40817900},{"date":1532124850000,"value":0.955454,"volume":45934100},{"date":1532211245000,"value":1.01135,"volume":33057100},{"date":1532297644000,"value":0.978678,"volume":29439900},{"date":1532384348000,"value":0.954617,"volume":35365700},{"date":1532470749000,"value":0.975033,"volume":44978500},{"date":1532557149000,"value":0.995427,"volume":35583800},{"date":1532643553000,"value":1.02009,"volume":46996500},{"date":1532729955000,"value":1.01991,"volume":45791200},{"date":1532816356000,"value":1.0188,"volume":36251100},{"date":1532902757000,"value":1.00673,"volume":30890400},{"date":1532989447000,"value":0.977962,"volume":32936600},{"date":1533075848000,"value":0.936681,"volume":34167400},{"date":1533162246000,"value":0.919339,"volume":33671000},{"date":1533248646000,"value":0.886989,"volume":31859800},{"date":1533338049000,"value":0.951635,"volume":120789000},{"date":1533424447000,"value":0.860338,"volume":57573200},{"date":1533510848000,"value":0.910067,"volume":64623200},{"date":1533597251000,"value":0.814904,"volume":61425000},{"date":1533683649000,"value":0.72929,"volume":110857000},{"date":1533770049000,"value":0.607057,"volume":68641600},{"date":1533856449000,"value":0.652062,"volume":51361700},{"date":1533942550000,"value":0.563216,"volume":53871500},{"date":1534028954000,"value":0.547848,"volume":48988600},{"date":1534115355000,"value":0.54008,"volume":32199900},{"date":1534201755000,"value":0.462883,"volume":38254200},{"date":1534288153000,"value":0.427691,"volume":39844300},{"date":1534374562000,"value":0.452253,"volume":42470300},{"date":1534460968000,"value":0.459238,"volume":31793400},{"date":1534547363000,"value":0.558928,"volume":55596200},{"date":1534633763000,"value":0.491024,"volume":45294000},{"date":1534720162000,"value":0.544115,"volume":47296700},{"date":1534806550000,"value":0.499593,"volume":36276800},{"date":1534892950000,"value":0.521492,"volume":31269200},{"date":1534979349000,"value":0.482487,"volume":42486200},{"date":1535065751000,"value":0.50443,"volume":31174200},{"date":1535152146000,"value":0.517048,"volume":29258900},{"date":1535238545000,"value":0.540497,"volume":31013500},{"date":1535324946000,"value":0.545051,"volume":30295300},{"date":1535411349000,"value":0.640711,"volume":82484900},{"date":1535497747000,"value":0.776709,"volume":139433000},{"date":1535584149000,"value":0.748931,"volume":91750100},{"date":1535670545000,"value":0.70225,"volume":77834700},{"date":1535756942000,"value":0.71066,"volume":55950100},{"date":1535843344000,"value":0.739763,"volume":52366000},{"date":1535929744000,"value":0.711831,"volume":41644700},{"date":1536016144000,"value":0.695983,"volume":39917200},{"date":1536102546000,"value":0.71395,"volume":43480900},{"date":1536188949000,"value":0.619011,"volume":56035000},{"date":1536275348000,"value":0.589252,"volume":51574100},{"date":1536361745000,"value":0.572029,"volume":38489000},{"date":1536448143000,"value":0.532395,"volume":33464300},{"date":1536534545000,"value":0.55865,"volume":35335700},{"date":1536621844000,"value":0.562461,"volume":35477300},{"date":1536708248000,"value":0.549788,"volume":35528500},{"date":1536794642000,"value":0.551834,"volume":34333000},{"date":1536881047000,"value":0.584737,"volume":33633300},{"date":1536971348000,"value":0.577888,"volume":28996600},{"date":1537057746000,"value":0.574462,"volume":22414200},{"date":1537144149000,"value":0.581852,"volume":21487400},{"date":1537230546000,"value":0.531442,"volume":26823000},{"date":1537316953000,"value":0.530839,"volume":37629700},{"date":1537403347000,"value":0.532564,"volume":28612200},{"date":1537489745000,"value":0.569092,"volume":30982900},{"date":1537576143000,"value":0.632871,"volume":51265400},{"date":1537662548000,"value":0.60686,"volume":30118300},{"date":1537748951000,"value":0.609884,"volume":26567100},{"date":1537835346000,"value":0.549078,"volume":56787900},{"date":1537921754000,"value":0.561022,"volume":29620600},{"date":1538008148000,"value":0.555376,"volume":21389100},{"date":1538094547000,"value":0.585101,"volume":30170400},{"date":1538180944000,"value":0.568985,"volume":24128700},{"date":1538267345000,"value":0.563611,"volume":16825800},{"date":1538353748000,"value":0.57641,"volume":19409800},{"date":1538440150000,"value":0.559608,"volume":20951200},{"date":1538527745000,"value":0.557856,"volume":19633300},{"date":1538614144000,"value":0.554877,"volume":17690400},{"date":1538700545000,"value":0.560339,"volume":21869800},{"date":1538787548000,"value":0.575729,"volume":19989100},{"date":1538873949000,"value":0.565473,"volume":17045600},{"date":1538960350000,"value":0.574836,"volume":16291300},{"date":1539046748000,"value":0.605069,"volume":28323300},{"date":1539133144000,"value":0.58771,"volume":23069900},{"date":1539219543000,"value":0.568547,"volume":22585000},{"date":1539305946000,"value":0.482564,"volume":43002000},{"date":1539392351000,"value":0.495663,"volume":18358600},{"date":1539478746000,"value":0.48483,"volume":15998400},{"date":1539565152000,"value":0.481171,"volume":15914400},{"date":1539651543000,"value":0.502556,"volume":36375800},{"date":1539737953000,"value":0.502692,"volume":15223700},{"date":1539824350000,"value":0.516775,"volume":21266100},{"date":1539910745000,"value":0.494844,"volume":21668100},{"date":1539997148000,"value":0.488614,"volume":15976500},{"date":1540083845000,"value":0.49634,"volume":18620600},{"date":1540170246000,"value":0.489908,"volume":17742300},{"date":1540256650000,"value":0.494103,"volume":11918400},{"date":1540344546000,"value":0.491172,"volume":9344390},{"date":1540430946000,"value":0.491213,"volume":5787990},{"date":1540518250000,"value":0.493102,"volume":7158280},{"date":1540604651000,"value":0.489593,"volume":7240900},{"date":1540691043000,"value":0.47532,"volume":7283500},{"date":1540777447000,"value":0.478977,"volume":5236830},{"date":1540863843000,"value":0.449398,"volume":11114900},{"date":1540950248000,"value":0.451429,"volume":6362080},{"date":1541036644000,"value":0.462181,"volume":8996680},{"date":1541123044000,"value":0.474538,"volume":6732070},{"date":1541209452000,"value":0.48142,"volume":10427300},{"date":1541295893000,"value":0.478772,"volume":4977940},{"date":1541382254000,"value":0.495001,"volume":12551200},{"date":1541468647000,"value":0.502029,"volume":8343280},{"date":1541555048000,"value":0.513534,"volume":12690600},{"date":1541641443000,"value":0.502028,"volume":10895900},{"date":1541727851000,"value":0.481243,"volume":12397500},{"date":1541814245000,"value":0.474874,"volume":8323670},{"date":1541900645000,"value":0.485751,"volume":6426000},{"date":1541987044000,"value":0.484503,"volume":4033640},{"date":1542073444000,"value":0.494447,"volume":12474000},{"date":1542159846000,"value":0.491753,"volume":10687800},{"date":1542246286000,"value":0.436646,"volume":31050900},{"date":1542332641000,"value":0.418335,"volume":21432700},{"date":1542419056000,"value":0.415666,"volume":8034490},{"date":1542505448000,"value":0.413016,"volume":5104930},{"date":1542591844000,"value":0.408236,"volume":5808530},{"date":1542678245000,"value":0.358571,"volume":18455400},{"date":1542764644000,"value":0.302269,"volume":27757200},{"date":1542851045000,"value":0.333832,"volume":13236700},{"date":1542937446000,"value":0.303628,"volume":10113300},{"date":1543023841000,"value":0.323977,"volume":10339100},{"date":1543110548000,"value":0.276751,"volume":12513200},{"date":1543196946000,"value":0.290099,"volume":18228200},{"date":1543283352000,"value":0.268763,"volume":14333000},{"date":1543369749000,"value":0.273243,"volume":9418900},{"date":1543456147000,"value":0.293017,"volume":15161900},{"date":1543542548000,"value":0.30102074572,"volume":11261376},{"date":1543628954000,"value":0.285830520207,"volume":9514933},{"date":1543715349000,"value":0.305817134532,"volume":6963806},{"date":1543801749000,"value":0.296571666594,"volume":7493538},{"date":1543888149000,"value":0.276430256989,"volume":9708142},{"date":1543974550000,"value":0.274817236312,"volume":8215083},{"date":1544060949000,"value":0.260965767346,"volume":8541792},{"date":1544147348000,"value":0.228507577527,"volume":10520154},{"date":1544233750000,"value":0.239513016826,"volume":13752873},{"date":1544320148000,"value":0.234056838216,"volume":7936809},{"date":1544406548000,"value":0.246096581298,"volume":7486656},{"date":1544493251000,"value":0.230209457924,"volume":6160946},{"date":1544579647000,"value":0.224741831689,"volume":4278528},{"date":1544666049000,"value":0.230966583093,"volume":3321643},{"date":1544752451000,"value":0.231564108401,"volume":5613677},{"date":1544843053000,"value":0.21431100492,"volume":6127230},{"date":1544929450000,"value":0.224209935018,"volume":7916559},{"date":1545016161000,"value":0.223549768382,"volume":5638887},{"date":1545102547000,"value":0.256084504512,"volume":12946110},{"date":1545188951000,"value":0.294334640442,"volume":15866215},{"date":1545275347000,"value":0.28362081574,"volume":19863811},{"date":1545361747000,"value":0.344148329072,"volume":28675979},{"date":1545448147000,"value":0.324729262893,"volume":19755505},{"date":1545534551000,"value":0.358243593082,"volume":16817065},{"date":1545620947000,"value":0.378523124649,"volume":20241475},{"date":1545707351000,"value":0.335743699368,"volume":18613701},{"date":1545793749000,"value":0.344260037706,"volume":13416898},{"date":1545880148000,"value":0.328985643323,"volume":8873926},{"date":1545966549000,"value":0.318017169015,"volume":10404460},{"date":1546052944000,"value":0.362835672248,"volume":15760676},{"date":1546139343000,"value":0.350282404555,"volume":11064789},{"date":1546225745000,"value":0.353949275557,"volume":7749723},{"date":1546312148000,"value":0.353204151102,"volume":10684242},{"date":1546398552000,"value":0.367200340812,"volume":7997593},{"date":1546484948000,"value":0.392582591864,"volume":15018541},{"date":1546571349000,"value":0.377317772523,"volume":9789829},{"date":1546657749000,"value":0.379629227747,"volume":10723391},{"date":1546744153000,"value":0.369287569276,"volume":6769167},{"date":1546830550000,"value":0.377752855787,"volume":11249394},{"date":1546916949000,"value":0.363318280205,"volume":7100051},{"date":1547003348000,"value":0.36705094791,"volume":9086748},{"date":1547089751000,"value":0.371540583205,"volume":6723925},{"date":1547176151000,"value":0.311499281318,"volume":16880582},{"date":1547262550000,"value":0.313521989235,"volume":7838332},{"date":1547348954000,"value":0.312050430557,"volume":6413541},{"date":1547435351000,"value":0.289841140743,"volume":9911531},{"date":1547521753000,"value":0.310810923454,"volume":9670491},{"date":1547608150000,"value":0.303191434632,"volume":9856964},{"date":1547694550000,"value":0.295293373665,"volume":6463570},{"date":1547780950000,"value":0.316263080865,"volume":10200245},{"date":1547867342000,"value":0.318384204688,"volume":7345324},{"date":1547953741000,"value":0.31928643386,"volume":7606063},{"date":1548040147000,"value":0.30744157112,"volume":8524973},{"date":1548126544000,"value":0.301530928054,"volume":5559793},{"date":1548212943000,"value":0.306587358513,"volume":8422614},{"date":1548299341000,"value":0.29712794773,"volume":8013242},{"date":1548385743000,"value":0.296232363219,"volume":7553021},{"date":1548472143000,"value":0.289057092206,"volume":6953472},{"date":1548558541000,"value":0.287556483276,"volume":7258020},{"date":1548644943000,"value":0.263432405357,"volume":10770478},{"date":1548731343000,"value":0.257476803401,"volume":11217546},{"date":1548817742000,"value":0.255329506169,"volume":7187564},{"date":1548904142000,"value":0.270367470974,"volume":9826414},{"date":1548990542000,"value":0.253095121573,"volume":8641534},{"date":1549076941000,"value":0.257518070939,"volume":7895649},{"date":1549163342000,"value":0.257714115588,"volume":8027749},{"date":1549249743000,"value":0.248737155606,"volume":5692521},{"date":1549336141000,"value":0.252029467857,"volume":6795431},{"date":1549422541000,"value":0.243285133371,"volume":6198544},{"date":1549508941000,"value":0.248209401877,"volume":6342211},{"date":1549595342000,"value":0.250796003189,"volume":11769266},{"date":1549681742000,"value":0.277644374533,"volume":15949650},{"date":1549768142000,"value":0.277955993312,"volume":9970302},{"date":1549854541000,"value":0.276052172118,"volume":10349896},{"date":1549940943000,"value":0.265957246451,"volume":8670340},{"date":1550027342000,"value":0.2756567896,"volume":6960554},{"date":1550113741000,"value":0.2695792359,"volume":6056483},{"date":1550200142000,"value":0.268414684583,"volume":4265899},{"date":1550286543000,"value":0.272259701796,"volume":7253029},{"date":1550372942000,"value":0.275576844061,"volume":6321769},{"date":1550459340000,"value":0.280294058139,"volume":10119701},{"date":1550545743000,"value":0.299186850286,"volume":16427484},{"date":1550632143000,"value":0.304489862946,"volume":19166297},{"date":1550718542000,"value":0.311649222093,"volume":8785478},{"date":1550804942000,"value":0.30493351411,"volume":8558632},{"date":1550891342000,"value":0.304695040732,"volume":7507784},{"date":1550977742000,"value":0.327720080636,"volume":11895161},{"date":1551064142000,"value":0.287964557545,"volume":15970007},{"date":1551150543000,"value":0.288721746872,"volume":8651649},{"date":1551236943000,"value":0.28613539801,"volume":6984980},{"date":1551323342000,"value":0.289032820914,"volume":7183847},{"date":1551409741000,"value":0.287797970965,"volume":6415827},{"date":1551496142000,"value":0.296329154501,"volume":9355766},{"date":1551582542000,"value":0.295275758777,"volume":6343608},{"date":1551668943000,"value":0.283103657201,"volume":5373467},{"date":1551755341000,"value":0.274844018523,"volume":6603080},{"date":1551841741000,"value":0.279327495778,"volume":7893761},{"date":1551928141000,"value":0.272693650617,"volume":9923173},{"date":1552014542000,"value":0.280428288716,"volume":8846030},{"date":1552100943000,"value":0.281347479447,"volume":12391319},{"date":1552187343000,"value":0.284265926434,"volume":9855638},{"date":1552273743000,"value":0.28439865181,"volume":7367639},{"date":1552360142000,"value":0.277222364366,"volume":9002206},{"date":1552446543000,"value":0.285708948376,"volume":9481230},{"date":1552532943000,"value":0.288170759198,"volume":12204788},{"date":1552619342000,"value":0.297699151446,"volume":18217418},{"date":1552705742000,"value":0.304252423571,"volume":12247148},{"date":1552792141000,"value":0.303753362327,"volume":23282480},{"date":1552878543000,"value":0.301008936852,"volume":19698387},{"date":1552964940000,"value":0.296753419011,"volume":20550216},{"date":1553051342000,"value":0.295678879578,"volume":10457373},{"date":1553137742000,"value":0.299334253628,"volume":12769053},{"date":1553205543000,"value":0.309264173801,"volume":26576624},{"date":1553265489802,"value":0.312188203483,"volume":36559465.8976}] IOTA(IOT) Price $0.310 Market Cap$862,262,752.00 #ccpw-ticker-24524 .ccc-chart-header { background: #1c71ff} #ccpw-ticker-24524 #ccc-chart-block .exportBtnTop, #ccpw-ticker-24524 a.tabperiods.tabperiods_active, #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin_details { color: #1c71ff; background: rgba(28,113,255,0.15); } #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin_details { border: 1px solid rgba(28,113,255,0.16); } .ccpw-container_chart #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin-container:after, .ccpw-container_four #ccpw-ticker-24524 .coin-container:after {border-color:#ccc !Important;} Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter!   Decentral Media, Inc., the publisher of Crypto Briefing, is not an investment advisor and does not offer or provide investment advice or other financial advice. 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During Second Half of 2018, Vitalik Buterin Cashed Out $40 Million in Ethereum (ETH)

With so many prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world, it should come as no surprise that a deep dive into the history of these influencers arises every now and then. Alex Sunnarborg, who is a founding partner of the Tetra Capital crypto hedge fund, decided to dig into the historical account data of Vitalik Buterin. […]
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Adoption: Customers can now pay with IOTA in Stores that Accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay following Zeux Integration

As a means of encouraging wider use, Payments and banking services app Zeux has integrated IOTA (MIOTA) for crypto payments in stores for retailers in a collaboration with IOTA Foundation. This is to be fully available in a few weeks time according to an announcement by the Zeux team on Medium. According to founder and co-chairman of IOTA Foundation David Sønstebø, this partnership is a major step for the company that will make IOTA use more convenient. “This partnership with Zeux will provide a significant convenience benefit for IOTA ecosystem. We are very excited about this. Now IOTA digital currency can be used as payment with merchants that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. By combining existing technology with another form of currency, this is a big step forward towards the adoption of crypto for the masses.’’ Speaking on the partnership, Founder and CEO of Zeux Frank Zhou said it is an avenue to increase the adoption of the digital asset and is just the first step to giving IOTA users more financial freedom. Meanwhile, IOTA has gained over 5% since the announcement of its integration with Zeux. this is an indication of the potential adoption this cryptocurrency stands to gain as a result of the integration which will bring it to thousands if not millions of users worldwide. Zeux is an app of the UK origin that provides payment services. The app is to be launched in April and made available in Europe within the year and America in 2020. Its integration of IOTA is a win-win as the CEO described IOTA’s Tangle as an ideal platform for them to build their customer data Dapp. Tangle is a specialized distributed ledger technology that is specifically meant for the internet of things, which the IOTA Foundation’s primary mission is to support. Apart from fee-less real-time payments, the Tangle is also an open-source protocol that facilitates secure data transfer and the collection and dissemination of sensor-based and other data. Zeux mission is to bring crypto as well as fiat micropayments to retail stores around the world through facilitating fee-less real-time payment as well as enabling integration of banking and investment services with it in one, making it a convenient way to do everything with funds without going out of the app. The post Adoption: Customers can now pay with IOTA in Stores that Accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay following Zeux Integration appeared first on ZyCrypto.
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